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Measure temperature

Characters and roles

1. Lantang Maulana Patients

2. Lalu Muchtar Abdussamad Father Patients
3. Suriyanah Doctor
4. Vira Hafizatul Qurani Nurse
5. Zena Elya Mother Patiens

Mr. Lantang treated at Hospital Poltekkes Mataram. With a Dengue fever diagnosis, for
two days. And this morning will be checked by a doctor.

Doctor : Exuce me, Asslamualaikum wr.wb

Mr. Lantang : Waalaikumsalam wr.wb doc.

Doctor : How are you Mr. Lantang?

Mr. Lantang : Alhamdulillah, I fine doc, but my body little fever.

Doctor : have you taken medicine?

Mr. Lantang : already doc.

Doctor : okay Mr. Lantang, later Mr. Lantang will be checked by a nurse vira.

patient's mother : is my child okay?

Doctor : yes, your child okay. This symptom of Dangue fever, so mom no need
to worried.

Patient's father : when my children could rest at home?

Doctor : for now can not, mybe a day or two more, until the condition of the
father son improved.

Patients father : ooo so yes doctor, thanks you.

Doctor : your welcome sir.what been asked again?

Patients father : no doctor.

Doctor : if so excuse me, I will back to doctor room. Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Father or mother : Waalaikumsalam wr.wb.

Came nurse Vira who will chek temperature MR. Lantang

Nurse : excuse, Asslamu;alaikum wr.wb.

Mr. Lantang : Waalaikumsalam wr.wb suster.

Nurse : what is right with Mr. Lantang?

Mr. Lantang : yes, right.

Nurse : I am nurse vira from Hospital Poltekkes Mataram, I a nurse on duty at

seven oclock in the morning until two noon, I am a nurse who will chec
your temperature. Aims to determine the development of health Mr.
Lantang. Time required for 5 minutes. What Mr. Lantang willing?

Mr. Lantang :yes. I am willing.

Nurse : sir and mom, I will measure the temperature of the child sir and mom.

Patients mother : yes, Please.

Nurse : okay, I will take the tool first, excuse me.

Mr. Lantang : please.

Nurse : excuse me Mr.Lantang?

Mr. Lantang : yes

Nurse : to maintain privacy Mr. Lantang, I will close the sampiran. Excuse

Mr. Lantang : yes

Nurse : excuse, I am wash hands and wear handscoon.

Mr. Lantang : yes

Nurse : Before doing the action i will open the top two buttons of the shirt Mr.
Lantang, I can help you or Mr. Lantang can open it yourself?

Mr. Lantang : please help nuns.

Nurse : okay, excuse Mr. Lantang.

Mr. Lantang : yes, Please.

Nurse : this is termometer which will placed in the armpits Mr. Lantang.Mr.
Lantang want to do myself or I help you?

Mr. Lantang : please help me nuns.

Nurse : excuse me Mr. Lantang, (once placed). Okay Mr.Lantang we wait for
three minute.

Once three minute

Nurse excuseme MR. Lantang, I will take the thermometer back.

Mr. Lantang : oo yes nuns, Please

Nurse : okay Mr. Lantang, because my actions are done, I will tidy up clothes
Mr. Lantang, excuse me

Mr. Lantang : yes nuns

Nurse : I will tidy up the tool a moment.

Mr. Lantang : please nuns

Nurse : okay Mr. Lantang I will read results examination temperature Mr.
Lantang. Temperature Mr. Lantang normal, is 37 degrees celcius

Mr. Lantang : yes nuns

Patients Mother : my child fine, when can rest at home?

Nurse : I am sorry mom, obout that, The doctor who will determine it.

Patients Mother : oo okay nuns

Nurse : okay, because my actions are done, I will open the sampiran.

Mr. Lantang : please nuns

Nurse : because my jobe finish, I will back to nurse room. If later Mr. Lantang
needs something, Mr. Lantang Can ask for help to parents or close friends
Mr. Lantang called me in the nurse room.excuse me, I wish you get well
soon, assalamualaikum

Mr. Lantang : yes, thanks you nuns, waalaikumsalam

Father and mom : waalaikumsalam wr.wb.

The nurse left the room and worked as usual