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Constitutional Bodies Election Commission UPSC SPSC Finance Commission CAG

Article 324 315-323 315-323 280

Composition -Chief Election -Discretion of Prez -Governor dicretion -Quasi judicial -An agent of parliament
Commission -Chairman and 4 other
-Any number of other members appointed by
election commissioners Prez
Prez may fix
Appointment Prez Prez Governor -Constituted by prez every Prez warrant under his
5th year or earlier hand and seal(makes an
Service and Tenure -To be determined by - Six years or 65 -Six years or 62 - Six years or 65
Prez. whichever is earlier whichever is earlier
-Six years or 65
whichever is earlier
Subordinate/Member -election commissioners -4 other
enjoys same members(qualification)
power,salary(not 1)Judge of HC or
charged). qualified to be appointed
-appointed by prez 2)specialized knowledge
-In case of difference of of finance and accounts of
opinion solved by Govt
majority. 3)wide experience in
-Cannot be removed financial matters and
except on Admn
recommendation of Chief 4)Special knowledge of
election Commission economics
Removal Same manner as judge of -Resignation to prez -Prez -Resignation to Prez
SC(proved misbehavior or -Adjudged insolvent, -Same as UPSC - Same manner as judge of
incapacity) engages in paid SC
employment, unfit to -Not pleasure of prez
-Misbehaviour(prez to
refer to Sc SC advise
(constitution defines
Qualification Not Prescribed Not prescribed except Same as UPSC -Const authorizes
of the members should Parliament
have held office under -Chairman should be
GOI or State having experience in
Public affairs
Further appointment by Eligible -Chairman not eligible. -Chairman as chairman or -Not Eligible under GOI
Government -Member can become member of upsc or any state
chairman (only) -Chairman of SPSC or
same as chairman
Powers -Determine the territorial -assists states in -Advisory Role -Salary is equal to that of
areas of electoral recruitment etc(if judge
constituencies requested by 2 or more -No minister can represent
states) CAG in Parliament
-Any or all need of states -Audits any other
on request of Governor authority when requested
approval of Prez by Prez or Governor
*Selection by UPSC does -Compiles and maintains
not confer any right to the accounts of state
post -Legal and discretionary
*Jurisdiction can be Audit
extended by parliament -CAG can take
*Prez can exclude post, supplementary audit of
servicefrom the PSU
purview of UPSC but
shall be laid before
Reports To Prez To governor To prez 3 reports to Prez.
-Submits Audit report to
Prez or Governor
Constitutional National commission National commission Special Office for Attorney General Advocate General
bodies for SC for ST Linguistic Minorities
Article 338 338-A 350-B 76 165
Appointed Prez by warrant Prez by warrant Prez. Prez Governor
under his hand and under his hand and -Falls under Ministry
seal seal of Minority affairs
Composition -Chairperson -Chairperson Commissioner
-Vice Chairperson -Vice Chairperson assisted by deputy
-3 members -3 members Commissioner and
Asst Commissioner
Functions -Commission also -Govt required to -Right of Audience in
required to consult commission all courts
discharge similar on policy matters -Enjoys priviages and
function w.r.t OBC affectin ST immunities of MP
and Anglo Indians
-Govt required to
consult commission
on policy matters
affectin Sc
Report -Present annually or -Present annually or -Submits to Prez
other times it may other times it may through Minority
deem fit deem fit affairs ministry
-Prez forwards -Prez forwards
report pertaining to report pertaining to
states to Governor states to Governor

Qualification Qualified to be Qualified to be

appointed as SC appointed as HC
judge judge
Removal Pleasure of Prez Pleasure of Prez Pleasure of prez Pleasure of governor
-Resignation to Prez -Resignation to
Service and Tenure -Their conditions of -Their conditions of -Not mentioned
service and tenure service and tenure
determined by Prez determined by Prez
-3 years. -3 years

Extra -Has all powers of -Has all powers of Commissioner has -Remuneration
civil court while civil court while HQ at determined by Prez
trying particular suit trying particular suit Allahabad..Regional -He should not
officeBelgaum,Che defend accused
nnai,Kolkata person in criminal
prosecution without
GOI permission
-He is not a
Government servant

Types Municipal Municipality Notified Town Area Cantonment Township Port Trust Special
corporation Area Committee Board Purpose
committee Agency
Purpose Administrati Administrati To Administrati Administarti By large Port areas Undertake
-on of Big -on of towns administer on of small on of public like Mumbai designated
Cities and smaller -Fast town civilian enterprises -To manage activities
(Delhi,Mum towns developing population and protect
bai) towns in ports.
-Does not cantonment -Provide
fulfill area civic
conditions of amenities
Established By an act of By an act of Notification Separate act Under By an act of -Statutory or
State State in of legislature provisions of Parliament executive
Legislatures/ Legislatures/ government Cantonments resolution
Parliament(f Parliament(f gazette act of 2006
or UTs) or UTs)
Authorities -Council -Council Enterprise
-Standing -Standing appoints
Committee Committee town
- -CEO administratr,
Commission Assisted by
er engineers etc
Election of -Council -Councilors -Entire It can be -Partly No elected Both elected
Member consists of directly members -Entirely elected and members and
Councilors elected by and elected partly nominated
directly people chairman are -Entirely nominated(
elected by nominated nominated elected
people as -partly members
well as few elected and term 5 years,
nominated nominated nominated
members as
long as they
hold office)
Head -Council President/Ch chairman Military
Headed by airman (he officer
Mayor(orna enjoys commanding
mental executive station ex-
figure) powers officio.
unlike -Vice
Mayor) president
Election of Elected by
chairperson Majority of
states( 1 year
CEO Executive They are not
appointed by officer is subordinate
state nominated agencies
government by President
of India
Non Constitutional NHRC SHRC Central State Information CVC CBI
bodies Information Commission
Type Statutory --same as NHRC-- -Constituted --Same as CIC-- -recommended by -Not a statutory
(under Protection through an official Santhanam body,derived
of Human rights gazette committee power from Delhi
act,1993) notification under -Statutory special police act.
RTI -Santhanam
Composition Chairman + 4 Chairperson + 2 CIC + not more SIC + not more CVC + not more
Members+4 ex members than 10 IC than 10 IC than 2
officio members
Qualification -Chairman -Chairman -Should not be -- Same as CIC -- -Director of CBI
Retired chief Retired CJ of MP/MLA as IGP,Delhi
justice. HC -No office of special.
- profit or connected
Membersservin Members with political party
g/retired judges of -Serving or retired -They should be
SC, serving/retired judge of HC or person of
chief justice of district judge(min eminence in public
HC,2 persons 7 year experience) life
having practical -Person with
experience. practical
-(Sitting judge,CJ experience
can be appointed
only after
consultation with
Ex officio member HQ:New Delhi
commission for
commission for ST
commission for
commission for

Appointed President Governor President Governor Prez , warrant

Recommended by -PM (head) -CM(head) -PM -- Same as CIC -- -PM -
-Speaker of LS -Speaker -Leader of -Leader of CVC(ommisioner)
-Deputy Chairman -State Home opposition in LS opposition in LS -vigilance
of RS minister -Union cabinet -Union Home commissioners
-Leaders of -Chairman of minister minister -Secretary of GOI
opposition in both council nominated by PM incharge of MHA
houses -leader of and the secretary
-Central Home opposition of both (public
Ministry grievences)

Service and 5 years or 70 5 years or 70 5 years or 65 5 years or 65 4 years or 65 2 year

Tenure whichever is whichever is
earlier earlier
Further Not eligible Not eligible Not eligible Not eligible Not eligible
Removal -Prez -Only by prez -Prez similar to -Governor -Prez
-If adjudged similar to NHRC NHRC + -- Same as CIC-- -- Same as CIC--
insolvent, Unfit to If he has acquired
continue, engages such financial
in paid asset which will
employment,Conv effect
icted and
sentenced to
imprisonment for
an offence.
misbehavior or
referred to SC
Functions Advisory but govt -High Powered -designated
should be Independent body. agency to receive
informed of -Suo-moto written complaints
actions taken Intiate inquiry on allegation of
within one month corruption
Exception/Extras NHRC does not -Human rights -While inquiring
extend to J & K. courts can be set he has a power of
-Cannot inquire up in state civil court
matter after 1 year. government only
-limited power in with the
regard to armed concurrence of CJ
forces of HC
Working HQ: Delhi -submits report to -submits report to -state government. -Prez(report)
-Can also establish state government central -- Same as CIC--
office at other (not prez) government (not Cosist of
places prez) Secretariat
-Has its own -Chief Technical
investigation staff examiners wing
and can utilize -wing of
help of others commissioners for
dept inquiries
-submits report to
government (not
Scheduled Area(5th Schedule) Tribal Area(6th Schedule)
States Any states except Only in
Mizoram,Megahalaya,Tripura,Assam Mizoram,Megahalaya,Tripura,Assam
Declaration -Declaration president -Governor is empowered to organize,
-Decrease, increase, redesignation of reorganize Autonomous districts*.
area President consultation with -Increase or Decrease the area
Executive Power -States executive powers extend to -Tribal areas are constituted as
those areas autonomous district but falls inside
-Centers extends to giving direction states executive authority
to states
Tribes advisory council -Consist of 20 members Similar council(that of Scheduled
-3/4th are representatives of ST in area) if President directs
Legislative assembly
Applicability of Law -Governor to direct The acts of state legislature or
-Governor can make regulations for Parliament do not apply to (specified
good governance and peace after modification) Autonomous districts
consultation with Tribes advisory and regions
Council Can amend or repeal any
act of Parliament(Requires President
Autonomous districts*. 30 members ,4 are nominated by
governor rest elected.
-Nominated members pleasure of
-Elected members 5 years.

Governor can dissolve a district or

regional council on recommendation
of Commission

TRIBAL AREAS district or regional council can constitute village councils/courts for trial of suits and
cases between tribes. The jurisdiction of HC over these cases is specified by Governor.

District or regional council are empowered to assess and collect land revenue and to impose certain
specified taxes