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Obsidian Ghost

740 - breath weapon

This mutant can spew a hazardous substance from its mouth.
Unknown energy at will (armor doesn't protect you)
795 - elemental body
Switch to liquid elemental form by performing a ritual.

768 - cosmic awareness

Can know where anything is, but you have to ask the right questions.
293 - Inflation
This mutant is able to increase the appearance of its size, either by an expandible
hood, frill, or ruff, or by puffing itself up, inflating loose, stretchy skin with
air, gas, or liquid.
614 - Clairaudience
Mutant can overhear a location, person, or topic it knows.
Range - 20miles
Requires a trance.
596 - transfer memories
This mutant can transfer its thoughts and memories to others by encoding them into
a physical substance it produces, which can be ingested or otherwise consumed. The
mutant retains its own memories, producing only copies.

362 - slow healer

This mutants ability to heal is impaired, for whatever reason. It takes twice as
long as is normal for its species to recover from injuries, fatigue, and illness.

578 - quick learner

Mathematics, learns twice as fast
649 - levitation
This mutant can levitate itself, telekinetically moving up and down, or hovering in

813 - intimidating face

Monstrous face that looks like whatever you are afraid of.
497 - tidy
This mutant instinctively takes good care of its appearance, keeps itself well-
groomed, and tends to keep its surroundings neat and tidy.

Up to 90ft
789 - divisional body segments
This mutant can remove one or more body parts, which move and function
Abdomen and legs separate.
722 - armored skin
This mutant may strengthen its skin at will, turning it into protective armour that
appears strange and unusualbone, glass, ice, metal, or plastic, for example. While
the mutants skin is armoured, it suffers from an impaired sense of touch and does
not feel pain. The mutant can switch between its normal and armoured skins at will.
696 - telepathy
This mutant can read the minds of other sentient creatures and/or send telepathic
messages composed of thoughts and emotions. Actual language is not translated
between individuals, but images, feelings, and intentions can be understood across
culture barriers.
Area effect: Everyone within range that the mutant knows personally.
Can only read minds
Can only transfer language, untranslated

505 - ADD
This mutant is unable to concentrate on a single task for long periods of time, is
easily distracted, and usually forgets what it is supposed to be doing.
300 - Long Life
This mutant, unless killed, will live about twice as long as others of its species,
and will not suffer the effects of aging until very late in its life.

80 - Horns
One big horn
782 - Summon Minion
Can summon a creature to do one task. The more difficult the task, the more likely
the creature will disobey.

373 - Structural Weakness

This mutants bones and other hard parts are structurally deficient and more prone
to breaking and fracturing than normal.

377 - Temperature Resistance

This mutant can function normally in temperatures that others of its species find
too hot or cold.
It takes longer to freeze to death or suffer heat exhaustion, but cannot withstand
temperatures that boil water or freeze flesh.
360 - Silent Movement
Due to soft pads on hands and feet, and a modified physiognomy, this mutant makes
almost no sound when it moves.

888 - Object Mimic

This mutant can reshape its body to mimic any common, mundane immobile object. The
mutant may not move in this form but retains only 1 sense and may change back at
any time.
Maximum size - same size as the mutant
Minimum - 1/3 mutants size

909 - Sacred Aura

This mutant projects the feeling that it is holy and sacred into the hearts of
those around it.
Causes people to feel innocence and purity.
Range: 10ft
Requires concentration
265 - Heightened Sense of Touch
This mutants somatosensory system is so acute it can pinpoint the sources of faint
vibrations, sense minute changes in temperature, and obtain more information about
objects by touch than other members of its species.
527 - Dual Brain
This mutant has two brains, but not necessarily two heads. Each brain has different
mental mutations (determine randomly which brain has which mutation), and psychic
attacks against this mutant must succeed against both brains to succeed at all.
There is a 1 in 3 chance that this second brain will impair the first brain and
cause the mutant to occasionally exhibit different personalities, suffer from
insomnia, and fall into fits of insanity.
83 - Huge Head
This mutants head is about twice as big as normal for its species.

873 - Metal Skin

This mutant has metal skin that can move just as well as normal skin, but is
heavily armoured. This does not affect the mutants senses in any way.
361 - Silk Production
This mutant can produce strands of very strong silk, like that of a spider or
silkworm. These can be smooth or sticky, and can be used to climb, form a web, or
bind prey.

615 - Clairaudience
Mutant can overhear a location, person, or topic it knows.
Mutant can overhear a location it knows.
Range: A couple miles (3km).
Requires trance state.
172 - Tail
Scorpion tail with venom

5 - Animal Feet
Bird Feet

397 - Water-Soluble Skin

This mutants skin lacks cohesion and will dissolve if immersed in water.

829 - Heal Others

This mutant can cause wounds to close and injuries to heal.
Several minutes to heal.
497 - Tidy
This mutant instinctively takes good care of its appearance, keeps itself well-
groomed, and
tends to keep its surroundings neat and tidy.

88 - Internal Weapon
This mutant can produce a weapon from its own body, or transform part of its body
into a weapon. The mutant can produce a single weapon, or one weapon per limb.
These weapons can be hidden when not in use.
Ranged weapon

This mutant can separate into two identical beings, both with the same mind. These
two bodies may act independently, but always retain the same sentience and share
the same knowledge and sensory information. These two bodies can become one again
at any time. If either one is killed, roll 1d100 for minutes the mutant will be
incapacitated. On a roll of 100, mutant recovers instantly.

Feathers -
This mutant has feathers on part or all of its body.
Sonar -
This mutant emits high-frequency sound and listens to the reflections in order to
navigate its surroundings. It can operate normally in darkness, and knows the shape
of its surroundings within a hundred feet (30m). Creatures and devices able to
detect high frequencies will be alerted to the mutants presence when it uses
Omnivore -
This mutants digestive system is so hardy it can eat any organic material without
ill effects, including spoiled meat, contaminated water, and the waste products of
other creatures.
Linguistic Aptitude -
This mutant has a flair for languages, finding it easy to learn and remember new
languages and dialects, spoken and written, without a lot of practice.
Aura Reading -
With an inmate understanding of body language, facial features and even subtle
pheromones, this mutant can perceive a rough and vague picture of a persons
temperament, mental state, physical and mental capabilities, psychic abilities, and
connections with other people. The mutant can turn this ability on and off at will.
Nightmare Portal -
This mutant possesses, inside its mind, a doorway to a world full of horror. It
suffers from nightmares, but no other ill effects. Others are not as safe, however,
and those using any sort of mentally invasive psychic powers on the mutant risk
being consumed by nightmares.