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ORTHODOX SATANISM A public answer to the New Age and fake ‘’satanism’’ propaganda against our faith


A public answer to the New Age and fake ‘’satanism’’

propaganda against our faith

by ‘’Satanic Orthodoxy’’ (some Greek internet texts translated into English language)

ORTHODOX SATANISM A public answer to the New Age and fake ‘’satanism’’ propaganda against our faith



This writing is only a summary from a lot of internet texts by ‘’Satanic Orthodoxy’’ (translated from Greek language to English and with Google help) which refers to Orthodox Satanism, that means the following of Satan through the Bible theology, with purpose to being given

a public answer to the New Age and fake ‘’satanism’’

propaganda against our Satanic Orthodoxy faith. This propaganda presents a different ‘’satanism’’ which does not exist theologically to some different from Bible religious texts (only in personal and fantastic terms) or no Satan (atheism) or a different ‘’satan’’ who also does not exist theologically in some other religious texts (sometimes the Biblical God is presented as ‘’satan’’ misleadingly). Therefore, only if someone read what exactly says the Bible (especially the New Testament) about Satan he will not be able to fall victim to this propaganda, as a result to follow a different god or some other religion which not be Satan and Satanism. In other words, if it has never been written these Biblical texts (and some apocrypha), no one would know today the existence of Satan with that name and his specific features, so there would be no one Satanism to talk about today! It is so simple. Also, we would not know who god was Satan within the most ancient religions of the pre- Christian era (that he was Ahriman for example). But by

reading the Bible we can find out! So, the final conclusion is that those who are denied Satan in the Bible (his characteristics or his existence) they are not Satanists and if presented as such are fake and the only reason they do that, is to destroy the Satanism. For


example, the ‘’Church of Satan’’ in America (Laveyans, 1960 until today) says from personal atheistic views that Satan does not exist(!) as god but this Church appears as satanic(!), like someone says that he is a Christian but does not believe in Christ! So, it is your choice if you want to believe these lies for Satanism or if you follow the only true which is the Orthodox and to which only the religious texts of the Bible tell us what Satan wants to do and not the personal human views for reasons of economic interest or otherwise.


KERYGMA What was written by someone (who wanted to become a Christian priest) for the Satanism


What was written by someone (who wanted to become a Christian priest) for the Satanism he had known in his past:

‘’Why Orthodox Satanism? The word orthodoxy comes

from the words "Orthos" and "Glory"


we are going to

talk about the true Satanism, ie the Orthodox (true / right)

worship of the creator of evil

From 1960 onwards,

... however, with the foundation of the first "Satanist "Church from Anton Szandor LaVey the data changed a

little: The world, because he had never seen people declare" Satanists ", believed that true Satanism was the one believed by the LaVey church. However, the philosophy of this particular church was atheistic and not


Orthodox Satanism is called the worship of the


At the same time,

... creator of evil through the Bible


these people use black magic and invocations of demons, whom they worship almost Gods. Other practices may be concentration, hypnotism, psychology, etc. This explains why they managed to stay hidden for so many centuries and the evidence that exists for them to be confined to testimonies’’

‘’Here is John's wise words in Revelation (chapter 12).... And another point in the sky appeared: and behold, a great, flaming red dragon, having seven heads and ten

horns, and upon his heads seven tabernacles

And there

... was a war in heaven, Michael and his angels came to

fight with the dragon. And the dragon fought and his angels, but he did not prevail, nor was a place found for them anymore in the sky. And the great dragon was thrown down, the ancient snake, called the Devil and Satan, the one who was defiling the whole world, was thrown into the earth and his angels thrown with him.

here he speaks of angels (for the sake of demons) and a certain person who even calls it the same person


appears in the Old Testament and the New Testament

many times and we see him talking

Demons certainly

... have some stronger entity made them demons , Since they could not have been created as demons by God ...

Who then created the demons? Who made these spirits to sin? "Sin" is called an act against the rules of God. Who then did these spirits sin? Surely a spirit wiser than the



And we have a wise spirit of the Bible makes the

other spirits to sin

The Satanists who do not believe in

... good and evil and have own their different views on the

subject and do not believe in the Bible, thousands appeared years later and precisely as a fashion of the "New Atheist Age" in my opinion. The work of these


groups has nothing to do with the Satan’s intentions (if we exclude the sexual freedom and the orgies they

support). So, it is obvious that there are no "authentic" ... Even if you believe that the evil one is a symbol, it is

certainly a symbol of evil’’

‘’We can only remember that Lucifer (Satanael), who was the wiser and strongest of all angels, wants to become superior to God, and of course, then we see in Revelation to fight with the angels of God to Accomplishes this goal and "throws 1/3 of the stars of heaven on earth". "Stars", of course, are the angels who were bright as stars and fell on earth because they chose to follow the dark road of the Great Dragon. Then John tells us in the Revelation that the beast has taken the power it has from the Dragon. And right after that he

tells us that he was given the power to act for 42 months. Power was not given to him by God, but by Dragon and the Dragon is the one who decided that the beast would rule for 42 months. So we see the Devil, deciding and against God. We are not Jewish to believe that all creatures get commandments from God for each act. I hope you understand. Also, we see Christ Himself calling Satan as Assassin, Wicked, Father of Lying, etc. Would these things be said by our Christ for a creature that does

what God does for it?

And no, with all due respect,

... they "Some" do not want to show that Satan is strong; on the contrary, they want to convince us that he is totally

weak in front of God and that if we go to the church, he can not do us the slightest. Of course this is not the case

Otherwise, there would not be so bad, not only in the

Because if Satan

... whole world but also in the church

... did what he did with God permission, the "good


Christian" going to the church would not have to fear nothing. Why be afraid? Would God leave Satan to tease him? But if we understand that Satan is an entity independent of God, we understand that God's way is

difficult. But even more difficult is the way to the True (whether we are Christians or not), because no matter

what we are, the Devil one will try to make us sin



one can beat him

no one can not sin at all because is

... much stronger than any human being, the power of God in us (which we have all the people we accept - no matter

what religion we follow) can make us resist a bit but not defeat. However, we hope to be one of those who will be able to resist as much as possible. And of course, when everything is finished and judged, we will be rewarded

and we will have the joy of the man who knows he did

the right’’

Christian" going to the church would not have to fear nothing. Why be afraid? Would God


Okay with Laveyans, but some people say today that

jewish magic with King Solomon’s magic book etc. is

also Satanism. Of course, and this does not apply as

revealed to us on this issue below.

‘’The Jewish God Yaweh/Jehova, his angels and his nazarene are used in works of black magick and forcing Demons to appear. The Key of Solomon is a prime example of a Jewish written grimoire (which nearly all are). The sorcerer/operator (usually a rabbi or other Jew) in preparation goes through a preparatory period of fasting, celibacy, prayers to Yaweh/Jehova. When the operation is performed, (this can include living blood sacrifice of animals or human beings as dictated in the Old Testament of the bible: And thou shalt offer thy burnt offerings, the flesh and the blood, upon the altar of the LORD thy God: and the blood of thy sacrifices shall be poured out upon the altar of the LORD thy God, and thou shalt eat the flesh. -Deuteronomy 12:27) the operator casts a nine-foot circle and places a triangle off to the side of the enclosed circle for a Demon to be forced to appear. To clarify things for people who in truth have no idea what real Satanism is, satanists do not establish abusive relationships with Demons, nor do they pray to "Yaweh/Jehova" or his Nazarene’’:

Libellus Magicus a nineteenth-century manuscript of conjurations. The John G. White Collection transcribed and edited by Stephen J. Zietz Verus Jesuitarum Libellus,


or, The True Magical Work of the Jesuits. Containing Most powerful charges and conjurations for all Evil Spirits of whatever State-Condition or office they are And a Most powerful and approved Conjuration of the Spirit Uriel To which is added Cyprians Invocation of Angels And his Conjuration of the Spirits Guarding hidden treasure - together with a form for their dismissal. Paris 1508. Passan Anno Adventionis Christi .1571 This is the Black Book used by the Catholic Order of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus).

I (Name) Servant of God do conjure, cite, and exorcise thee, O Spirit! by the five most holy wounds of Jesus Christ by his flesh and blood, by his torments and passion, by his life and death and by the precious drops of blood which he has shed for the salvation and sanctification of the human race - by his anguish and distress, and by the most Holy and terrible words - Soter + Choma + Geno + Jehovah + Elohim + Rilach [i.e.Velaoch] + Devoch [i.e. Divoch] + Alvoch + Alrulam + Stopiel + Zophiel + Jophiel + fabriel + Elophoi [i.e. Elopha] + Alisomas [i.e. Alesomas] + Difred Mabach [i.e. Malach] + and + by + the words by which Solomon + Manasses +Agrippa+ and cyprian + called together the Spirits - and even as Jesus Christ sent from him his spirit - and delivered it up onto the hands of his heavenly Father - so do I command thee that thou appearesst without delay, and comest before me, in a most beautiful affable and human form - and bring to me


(out of the Spiritual Abyss (N + + +) without doing injury to me, without tumult - without thunder - without tempest, without fear - and without trembling and place before this circle - and this I command thee by the Deity and humanity of Jesus Christ Amen

To discharge the Spirits Now I command and charge thee Evil Spirit! that thou shalt bring to me immediately that which I commanded thee - and shalt depart from the circle- abstaining from all noise - terror - tumult - and ill savour [sic] - which if thou dost not I will punish thee both in body and in soul - abstaining from all evil to any creature or thing and depart immediately to the place which the justice of God hath set apart for you Depart from my sight thou cursed spirit This I command thee in the name and virtue, potency and power, of the most Holy Trinity + Father + and Son + and Holy Spirit + Behold the Cross of Lord + fly to the adverse parts + The Lion of the tribe of Judah + of the root of David conquers + Allelujah + Allelujah + Allelujah + Hasten now bring to me what I require, and depart from this circle, by the virtue of the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and by virtue of his words his words [sic] which caused the Earth to tremble- In his name - and by his power I command thee, that thou dost immediately, and without delay withdraw thy accursed presence from my sight - by virtue of the words Messias + Soter + Emmanuel + Zebaot + Adonai + Hagios ho + Thess [i.e. Theos] + Ischyros + athanatos + Eleison + hymas +Tetragrammaton+ our Lord Jesus Christ by that most Holy name I constrain + thee, I force + thee I


compel + thee and urge, and confine + thee, to the place to which the justice of God hath sent thee, therefore recede immediately and continually - neither return hither again unless I do call thee - this I command by the uncreated Father + by the uncreated Son + by the uncreated Holy Spirit + Behold the Cross of the Lord! + By the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ + by the virtue of the Holy Water + by the virtue and power of the most High + shalt disperse thee thou evil spirit + The word is made flesh and dwells amongst us + Amen

After all that, maybe someone asks: Okay, but is it so important the name of Satan and his existence? Yes, as a text tell us about the names and the existence of the God or the other gods that are useful for rituals:

‘’Do not care about the name of the god you love because, perhaps, it does not matter to God and the name with which you adore it is an illusion. Of course, you love a certain god and not every god. Of course, you are interested in his name when you address his face and ask for his help. To say Jesus I swear, Apollo I swear or Allah I swear with the logic that you are referring to the same god is wrong. The gods are always identified with their name and with what they are advocating. In order to achieve the "warmth" and communication with the divine and this to pay your heart, your mind (subconsciously) reproduces the image of the divine that you (also subconsciously) have given to yourself. If you try to communicate with the divine by giving it the image of, for example, Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrianism), sure is that you will not do anything because your subconscious will


deny contact and reject him as a stranger. This is true of all the gods you do not recognize subconsciously as true. Our inner world operates with different rules than those of the conscious and is full of valleys’’

Therefore, if someone use different name of Satan that

not exist or the name of a different god who is not Satan

or no name or don’t believe the existence of Satan (no

religious faith), then there is no spiritual communication or help or anything else with Satan, whatever rituals he does!

deny contact and reject him as a stranger. This is true of all the gods you

Yes, but what happens with the Messiah who are waiting to come the jewish Zionists and Freemasons with the New Age to bring us World peace and brotherhood between all people with Globalization. They said that he


wasn’t the Christ and that we are expecting another Messiah which is called also antichrist. Is that true? Of course it is not, because this Messiah does not have to do with the Beast (Antichrist) of Satan, because this Messiah (whom they are waiting for) was the Jesus Christ as we are informed from a rabbi who became Christian when he discovered this truth in the Bible texts:

By Rabbi Orthodox

Paul Fotiou Former Raven of the Israeli Artis community



The 40th chapter of Genesis verse 8-10 where the Genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ is mentioned, of the race of Judas of the son of Jacob. In these three verses you are presenting the Holy Trinity and the 10th verse, it clearly refers to Jesus having thus "Extinct Judah from the beginning, and Abbot of his thighs, until it came to him and that the expectation of the nations."

That's the 70 translators. In the Hebrew I read so, "The scepter shall not cease from Judah, nor the lawmaker from among his feet until SILO come, and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples."

Who is Silo? Of course the Messenger of Christ who to Him must obey all the peoples, as this is what Moses


says in the Deuteronomy of the Letter: "A prophet from among you will the Lord your God, the Lord your Lord, raise up from your brother, like me, You will hear it "(cf. I'15) and below, he repeats and adds" A Prophet in the midst of my brothers I will raise up to them as in, and I will put my words in his mouth, and he will always speak to them As I command him "(verse 18).

How then can I not believe in him (Prophet) given by God, Jesus, who prophesied this prophecy in nothing or whatsoever he spoke, I am the Father through it, as we read to John (Nos. 8-11 ), "He says Philip, Lord, show the father and it is enough. Is it that Jesus said to you this time, I am yours, and did not know me, Philip? My father seemed desperate to me, and how do you say to him that he is the father? Do you believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me is it? The verbs I have spoken of, from them I speak, and the father of the one who is in the same works the works. Believe me that I am the Father and the Father in Me".

And elsewhere, I read that he said, "I have not spoken of it, but you have spoken with my father, and have given

me what I say, and what I say Father, so I say" (John 49:50 )


as I have spoken to the

And I still read in the Deuteronomy: "And the man who does not obey my words, whom he will speak in my name, I will seek this out of him" (verse 19) and I discern in these words God the Father Where I will speak through Jesus and I absolutely believe in it, because I see these words of Moses that Jesus did all things, as I read in the Holy Gospel (the Gospel).


This is what Moses wrote in the Deuteronomy, and the Israelites asked them at Mount Sinai in the day when the Law was given to them, after they were failing to send the prophet God to teach them in each one, which was done through Jesus Christ , Who taught every day in the synagogues (see Matthew 23, Mark 39, Luke 44, John 20), and from a still young age in the Solomon's temple (see John II 41-52 ) Did this scripture. But they are not grasped the Scriptures and asked for His Cross of Death, which was done on Pontius Pilate and Anna and Caiaphas of the High Priests.

The seventh chapter of Isaiah, verse 14, which the Prophet speaks about the incarnation of the Divine Word, says: "He will set the mark of the Lord, and behold, the Virgin in the breastplate has begun and is baptized, and calls his name Emmanuel." So, when I read this, I saw the miracle of the economy. I have certified the realization of the words of Paul: "Great is the mystery of the mystery, God was manifested in the flesh" (1 Timothy 16) and the angels told to the Mistress Joseph, when he was disobeyed by the fugitive Maryam: Because of the spirit of the Holy Spirit "and again:" This is the whole thing that has been received by the word of the prophet, saying, "Behold, the virgin has grown up and begged a son, and called his name Emmanuel" of Isaiah, "That is God who is transfused with us" (Matthew 22-


So when I read, both Isaiah and Evangelist Matthew, I saw that Christ is the Messiah, prophesied, and in the end


of the days you have been born and born the Word of God, and have believed on Him.

I also helped to believe that indeed Christ is the Messiah, the behavior of Theodos Simeon, who was about 240 years old, because as a performer of the Bible (of the 72 interpreters) on Ptolemy and pleading with reference to the realization of this Of Isaiah's paradise (Genesis 14), he promised God that he would not die if he did not realize this: "And you are to a man in Jerusalem," says Evangelist Luke, "name Simeon, and this man righteous and pious, Of Israel, The Spirit or Holy One on this, and this is being consumed by the Spirit of the Holy One not by death before or in the sight of Christ the Lord. " Indeed, He came to the Holy Spirit when the Christ was born and his parents brought him according to Law (Lk. 2:28; Exodus 12-12) for the cleansing, and accepted to his boomers Christ and said : "Now cut off your slaves, singing in your verb, in peace, that my eyes have seen thy salvation, thou hast prepared for all the peoples, light for the revelation of nations, and the glory of the people of Israel. (Luke 2: 22-32).

This was a great help for me, and I emphasize it because if Christ was a sinful son, as the Talmud (Rabbi Law) claims, how Simeon accepted him and the Law says that it is not lawful for a son to enter the Temple until Tenth generation? Beware, therefore, that this is a shame and blasphemy.

The second psalm which mentions the apostasy of the people against God and our Savior Jesus Christ. "Why did the nations explode and the peoples study in vain?


And the kings of the earth came, and the princes were plotted against it, against the LORD, and against his CHRIST, saying, Let us break their bonds, and let us cast away their own chains. (Ps.13-3).

Which took place against Jesus on behalf of our fathers, the Pharisees and Pilates of the then governor and conqueror of the Jerusalem, who counseled and condemned him, as we hear in the week of the hymnology of the Orthodox Church. And indeed they crucified him, being delivered from Him. But the hypothesis of Christ was not up to the Cross, where they saw them, but beyond. That is why the psalmist continues: "My son, I am now, I have brought you to the land, and I give your nations your inheritance and your property the ends of the earth" (Psalm 7-8).

That is, after His resurrection His name will be believed in all the world, when "all power was given in heaven and on earth" (Matthew 18). So on this basis it was not possible not to believe that Christ was Messiah.

The crucible sacrifice of Jesus, which is a sacrificial sacrifice to the prophet Isaiah in the northern chapter.

For it will be possible to question that Christ, who is regarded as a lame lamb before Pilate, the Secretaries and Pharisees, and before the princes for our sins, and who is crucified among the blacksmiths, is not the lamb of God.

A prayer of Christ that we have done on the Cross and written 1000 years before Christ by the David in the


22nd psalm as follows: "My God, for what do you despise" (Psalm 1: 1) and (Matt. ) And then another detail written in the same psalm, "they hath poured out my hands and my feet" (verse 6) and we read that it occurred to Jesus (see Matthew 35).

And yet, "My garments have been scattered among themselves, and I have put on the garment on my garment" (verse 18), see also (Luke 34: 34) where they all became in the face of Christ. How can I not believe she is a Messiah?

And one that has a relation to the reward of God to the Son who says it and does it. That is, against all those who will do to you, I will raise you up. "For you will not forsake my soul in the heavens, nor will you let your gods see corruption" (Psalm 16: 10), and then I believe in the resurrection of Jesus, because again I read to Psalmone: "Said The LORD my God hath sat on my right hand, until I have made thy enemies thy footstool "(Psalm 1: 1).

So how can I believe in the rabbis lies that supposedly Jesus was stolen and not raised, since the Daoud prophesies, both the resurrection and the taking of Him?

And how can I not believe in Jesus' assumption but in His theft, since, after His resurrection, were the screens and the suede which were stuck in His body, with a special mixture as adhesive as the conscious ones, then they buried? So how can I not admit the resurrection, since as Almighty God left Tomb empty and the evidence of His resurrection?


So I believed him to be born, crucified, risen, taken up in the heavens, and that he would come again to be dead and dead and alive to those who did not receive him.

Another serious matter that has helped me return to Christ is the money. The money that Christ's enemies still have and still possess, so that His ascension, His crucifixion, His resurrection, beginning with the thirty pieces of silver which they have given to Judas as prophesied by the Prophet Zacharias and which Would be available for the purchase of the field of ceramics, because it was the value of innocent blood used until now as a cemetery of foreigners, Zach. K '12-13.

But also money was given to the soldiers, they covered the resurrection, and the soldiers broke it, that it was stolen by the disciples, and not raised. So money is what buys consciousnesses. What closes the eyes of wise men and distorts prudence, as we read in the Pentateur.

How many and how many today do not bribe to hide the Savior's existence, and yet Messiah Christ has come.

The myths were brought to our attention. The Samaritans, whom He has spoken to us, have confirmed to us, and the blind man, the paralyzed, and so many others have succeeded.


Contrary to all of these , in the book ‘’ the devil and the magic ’’

Contrary to all of these, in the book ‘’the devil and the magic’’ of St. John the Chrysostom (above photo), we read different things about Satan:


When the devil is rejoicing and humiliated: "Just as when we are angry and haggard in our hands and struggle between us, we rejoice and feel gratified, so when we lie and we have an uncondition and hold back our wrath, it contracts again and is humiliated because it is an enemy of the peace, the adversary of the unity, and the father of envy "(David and Saul, 2nd Epis. 7, 582. PG 54, 680). '' (Ie. Satan can therefore have absolutely no relation to the world peace and fraternity that Globalization wants to bring today and the Messiah of God because this is contrary to Satan's intentions)

His work is polytheia and idolatry: '' Demons lead people to idols and remove them from God and persuade them not to believe in the future life '' (Matthew, LV 'EPE 10, 374. PG 53, 378 ). There was a habit of nationalizing people. So when they say '' where did the idolatry originate? '', Learn the beginning. In the same way, the devil has at the outset made great efforts to introduce disrespect to men by saying, "Come as gods." (You will become like gods, Gen. 3,5 - Old Testament). And because he did not succeed, he tries to introduce it later, always trying to introduce the polytheia. (In Daniel, Chapter B 'EE 8,564, PG 56,209) (Ie. no Pan-Religion or Universal Religion desires Satan as falsely propagate, but on the contrary wants polytheism, and so many religions different from each other)


SATAN (Resistant) The spiritual creature that is the forerunner of Jehovah God and all who worship



The spiritual creature that is the forerunner of Jehovah God and all who worship the true God. The name Satan was given because he resisted Jehovah. Satan is also known as the Devil because he is the chief slander of God. Characterized as the original snake, apparently because he used a snake in Eden to cheat Eve, and that is why the word "snake" ended up meaning "scammer". In the Book of Revelation, Satan is also denoted by a wicked dragon. The Bible is the main source of evidence. There he is repeatedly named (Satan 52 times, Devil 33 times). It also refers to the certification of an eyewitness for the existence of Satan. Who was the eyewitness? Jesus


Christ, who lived in heaven before he came to earth and spoke repeatedly and namelessly about this wicked. - Look. 22:31 · 10: 18 · Matthew. 25:41 What the Bible says about Satan the Devil seems reasonable. The evil that happens to mankind can not be attributed to the evil of the people alone. The explanation given by the Bible about the origins and actions of Satan makes it clear why mankind has suffered thousands of years of hatred, violence and war, even though the majority of people want to live in peace, and why this situation Has reached such a level that it now threatens to destroy all mankind ... Job verses 1: 6-12 and 2: 1-7 describe conversations that Jehovah God had with Satan. If Satan was the evil that exists in any person, then in this case the evil should be within Jehovah. But this completely disagrees with what the Bible tells us about Jehovah, that is, in Him "there is no injustice". (Psalm 92:15; Revelation 4: 8) It is worth noting that the Hebrew text uses the expression of Satan (Satan) in the narratives of Job's book, indicating that he speaks specifically of someone who resists God with a particularly vigorous See also Zechariah 3: 1, 2 Luke 4: 1-13 mentions that the Devil tempted Jesus to make him act according to his suggestions. The narrative contains the statements of the Devil and the answers of Jesus. Did Jesus in that case be tempted by some evil that existed within him? Such a view is not in harmony with the description given by the Bible that Jesus was sinless. (Hebrews 7:26; 1 Peter 2:22) Although in verse John 6:70 the word "devil" is used in the original text to describe a bad property that had been developed in Judas the Iscariot; in Luke 4: 3 Expression the devil, thus identifying a particular person ...


Jesus Christ said to him, "He was a murderer when he began, and he did not stand firm in the truth because there is no truth in him." (John 8:44; 1 John 3: 8) Jesus shows here that Satan was once in truth, but he abandoned it. Beginning with his first outspoken energy, the removal of Adam and Eve from God, he was a murderer, because it caused the death of Adam and Eve, which brought sin and death to their offspring. (Romans 5:12). GC lists the "Satanites," the opponents that Solomon had during his reign) The Messiah, for the Jews, will be a man with excellent leadership skills that will lead the Jewish people and all mankind to the "messianic period", a time of prosperity, "world peace", and "miracles". One of the most important tasks of the Messiah is to bring peace all over the world. In the Messiah era, there will be no other wars, and the construction of the weapons will stop. The Prophet Isaiah (2.4) says, "And they will forge their swords into plows and their spears in sickle. A nation will not stand a sword against a nation, nor learn the war anymore. » - Hebrew Christian Theology (CONCLUSION: The Messiah of the Jews will do exactly the same thing as Christ because he is Christ and exactly the opposite of what the destroyer and homicidal Countess Satan want according to their writings!)


SATAN HAS NOT TO DO WITH GLOBALIZATION! (equality, World peace, democratic ‘’open’’ societies, global state and


(equality, World peace, democratic ‘’open’’ societies,

global state and government,

Jesus Christ referred to Satan as the "ruler of the world," to whom mankind generally obeys by paying attention to his incitements to disregard God's demands. (John 2: 2) The Bible also calls him the "god of this system of things", who is honored with the religious actions of the people who support this system.-2 Cor 4: 4; 1 Corinthians 10:20 When the Devil tried to tempt Jesus Christ, "He raised him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited land within a time of time." And the Devil said: "I will give you all this power and glory because has been delivered to me, and to whomsoever I will give it. If you then do a deed of worship in front of me, it will become yours ". (Luke 4: 5-7) Revelation 13: 1, 2 reveals that Satan gives "power, throne and great power" to the universal political system of government. The verses of Daniel 10:13, 20 show that Satan had put demonic rulers


in the main kingdoms of the earth. Ephesians 6:12 refers to them as "the governments, the powers, the cosmocrats of this darkness, the wicked spiritual powers in the heavenly places." It is not a matter of wonder that paragraph 1 John 5:19 says: "The whole world is in the power of the wicked."

As far as the demons who rule as gods are concerned, we read in Daniel 10: 12-13, 20-21 (Old Testament), which clearly states that the angel who brought Daniel's prophecy had to fight for 21 days with the " Lord of Persia ", and only with the help of Archangel Michael he was able to pass. And leaving, he said he had to face the "rulers of Persia and Greece". This section of Daniel is revealing of what was happening. We had two groups of angels. One, it consisted of the gods of the Nations (Olympians, Persians, Egyptians, Indians, etc.), and the other God's angels. Also, when Christ was on earth, the demons defined him as the One who would cast them into the abyss - apparently a state of constraint, which in the parallel narration is referred to as "torture." - Matt 8:29; Lu 8:30, 31 (Amazing description of how they installed the wicked Demons pagan powers, Royalist and Tyrannical, after leaving Adam and Eve from Paradise)

After Christ's Resurrection, we read in Acts, chapter C:

'14 And after we all fell to the ground, I heard a voice telling me in the Hebrew language: "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? It's hard for you to kick a vowel. " 15 Then I said, "Who are you, Lord?" And the Lord said, "I am Jesus, whom you persecute. 16 Get up, however,


and stand on your feet. For to this effect I became visible to you, to elect you as a servant and witness to both the things that you saw and the things which I shall make you see concerning me, 17 freeing you from this people and from the nations to which I send to you, 18 that thou mayest open their eyes, turn them out of darkness into light, and of the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them that are sanctified by the faith which they shew me; ''

We therefore observe that beyond that, the nations are ruled by Satan and not a Global Nation (Globalization), for this reason the Christ urges Saul or Paul to turn them from darkness into light and from the power of Satan to God, with the tyrannical political status of these demons being imprinted as follows for example:

The Great Basil in a letter from Lebanon (Livanos Publishing House, Logos No. 27) on Greek Culture:

"The Olympic Games are celebrations of the devil" M. Basil triumphs (Interpretation in Isaiah 236):

"The statues were broken down the altars fell upon the demons fled" I. Chrysostom "to the blessed Babylon":

"Do not approach the theaters because they make people plums, procession of Satan theaters. In the theaters every prostitution, deceit and insanity are born "(Cannes CC)

Torture of young people in honor of the demonic Artemis: "In the place called Limnaion there is the sanctuary of Orthias Artemis. The statue of Orthias Artemis that the Lacedaemonians have come from the


barbarians. Those who found this, Astrakakos and Alopekos sons of Irvo, when they found the statue immediately crazy. Also the inhabitants of the Spartan districts sacrificing to the goddess to solve a dispute they had, not only did not solve it but also ended up being killed among themselves and many were killed in the struggle around the altar of the goddess while those who lived died all from terrible illness. And there is a tradition that, after this, they made human sacrifices to the altar and sacrificed the one in whom the clergy fell. Lykourgos abolished this custom and replaced it with tears of teenagers around the altar and thus filled with blood when whips were made. This fulfills the goddess's will, as the altar is filled with human blood. The priestess that holds the xenoan is there at the time of the whip. The xeno is very small and light, but when whips hit a teenager lightly, because of his beauty or his office, then the xenoan becomes very heavy in the hands of joy. Then she blames the whistleblowers and shouts she is being pressed by the weight because of them. So the statue used to be happy with the people's bloods from the human sacrifices in Tauris. " (Pausanias Lakonikas, 3, 16, 10-11)

After all the above, should the Demons and Satan be accused that they were rulers and were not anarchists for example or because they allowed nations to exist with royal and tyrannical powers rather than prevailing Anarchy, Democracy and Globalization with Masonic Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood, as almost all official '' satanic '' (?) Groups or organizations today want to do in America? Obviously these should be blamed and


ruined by relentlessly because they are seducing Satanism for the benefit of his Enemy!

Yes, but in the future in a New Order of Things or New Age, Satan's Plans can change Satan's views by looking at the current social situation that prevails, maybe they will tell us. But is that the way things are? To see what the religious Scriptures once again say about this issue, as in John's Revelation for example in the End Times.

ruined by relentlessly because they are seducing Satanism for the benefit of his Enemy! Yes, but

CHAPTER IA 11-7 and when they do the testimony That is, the beast that is coming to her After the war, Defeat this and rebuild them. 11-8 And these are the things of the square Of the city of the great, that is called Sodom and Egypt, where And this Lord was crucified. 11-9 And seeing the people and the nations And tongues, and against these things


The day three and a half, and the dead bodies This is what they have in mind. 11-10 and the inhabitants of the country Rejoice in them, and take refuge And for a second time, that that Two of them have taken it Residing in the country.

We see that when the Beast kills the two Prophets who shelter Jerusalem in today's Israel, they will be happy to send gifts to each other, from peoples and races and languages and nations as the above text says. Should we blame Satan for 'anti-Semitism' 'because he sent the Beast to kill the two Prophets who shelter Jerusalem in today's Israel, as one of the same happened in Hebrew Sara:



In the Old Testament, the book of Tovia, the Jewish

Sara, the daughter of Ragul, she was married seven times, but her seven wives were killed on the first night of the wedding by the evil demon, the Asmodeus. , Met her eighteenth monk. Our friend Tobias, who is briefed by Archangel Gabriel, learned the secret of the death of Sarra's previous husbands. What was that? They should not sex, the first night of the wedding, but pray for three days and nights. Even Archangel Gabriel revealed to Tobias the magical practices of extermination of the "

demon Asmodeus. So it became


And we continue with John's Revelation:

HEADING Q, 17-11 And the beast, and the beast,


This eighth, and for the sixth and sixth He loses his burden. 17-12 And ten horns shall be ten Kingdoms, which are kingdoms I received, as a king one They take away the beast. 17-13 That is an opinion, and so Power, and to the power of that beast Teaching.

Here we see that 10 kings will share Power with the Beast. Should we again blame Satan because he continues to allow kings or heads of state, and ten in number to share Power with the Beast instead of Globalization with a World State? Obviously, those who want Globalization and a World State are not related to Satanism, as noted in the above paragraph and in the writings of Daniel in the Old Testament:

Judeo the Antichrist? And what about the widespread

view that the Antichrist will be a Jew? The prophet Daniel tells us that "the people of a foreign lord will

come and destroy the city and the sanctuary

During the

... seven years he will conclude a treaty with many. And in

the midst of the seven years he will forbid sacrifices and offerings in the temple "(Daniel 9: 26-27). The lord who comes is purely antichrist. We see that he is a descendant of the people, who at the time of Jesus of Nazareth destroyed Jerusalem. We know from history that Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman army and not by the Jews. Consequently, the antichrist can not be a Jew, but rather a national, ie descendant of the nations

controlled by Rome in the 1st century


It is possible


that a group of 10 leaders, through alliances or other agreements, would create an association that would fulfill these the eschatological facts. Daniel's prophecy shows that these leaders will maintain their cultures and languages, and will not form a uniform federation, such as the United States, but 10 individual political and cultural entities united politically and militarily for a common purpose. (Daniel 2:40-44)

One of the same above and in the verses of Ezekiel Chapter 38-39:

''Magog, Meshech, Thuwal, and Goer were all sons of Japheth (the son of Noah). They gave their names to folks who lived in the Black Sea / Caucasus region, at the northernmost boundary of the then-known world. Ezekiel depicts an invasion of these barbarian hordes from the north, which will be led by the unknown Gog, who may personify the cosmic forces of evil. In an alliance with armies from far-off and nearby countries (Persia, Sudan and North Africa, it will attempt to fight the people of the Lord.) And then God will reveal His power to all, dealing with all the forces of evil alone; Destroying them once and for all. Gog is responsible for the plan, but it is the hand of the Lord, who always controls the situation. Chapter 39 repeats and develops 38. Gog's army is so big that his weapons provide Israel with a fuel supply for seven years. And the slaughter is so terrible, it takes seven months to clean up the country. (For the Jews, the number seven symbolized perfection and completeness). The judgment of God is something terrible, and Ezekiel attributes it with horror images. The fact that these chapters precede directly the vision of Ezekiel, the new


Temple in which the god resides among His people, illustrates John's choice, which puts Gog and Magog to represent all those opposing God, in A great last battle that will be initiated by Satan in the end of the time (Revelation 20/8) (From "THE BIBLE'S EXHIBITION MANUAL", p. 426. © 1993 "PERGAMOS")

Temple in which the god resides among His people, illustrates John's choice, which puts Gog and

Coming back to John's Revelation, we read the following:

KEFALON K, 20-7 And when it was executed a thousand years, The satan of the prison is dissolved his, 20-8 and do you plan your life In the four corners of the earth, the earth And it was Magog, who brought it to them War, and this is the number Of the sea.


20-9 and they came up against the breadth of the earth, And they sacrificed the interference of the plagues And the city of the beloved, and went down From the blessing of God and from heaven These ones;

We see that the Nations are mentioned again in the above verses and then for war circling the saint's camp and the city the beloved who is of course Jerusalem of the present-day country of Israel as mentioned earlier and the above texts. May we now have to change the Satanist vocabulary of our religious writings because it speaks of Nations, Tribes, Kings, and for different languages as you read in the above-mentioned religious verses on the Beast, etc. because these terminologies are not acceptable according to the propaganda about the abolition of Nations, the destruction of Tribes with epithets to produce only a complex and so on, as expressed today by "Political Correctness"?

So obviously we should dissolve this situation and its globalization if we want to continue to exist as Satanists because we can not change the religious writings referring to Satan because they do not like their phraseology in today's Power or New Order of Destruction thus destroying Satanism! This simple propaganda, of course, naturally leaves indisputable the Demons as we see in another incident of the Contemporary Times.


The Abominable Nations: ‘’ In that year, the Lord will open the gates of the India

The Abominable Nations:

‘’In that year, the Lord will open the gates of the India which the King of the Macedonian Alexander was concealed. Then there shall come seventy two kings with their people, the so-called abominable nations, who are more miserable than any disgust or stench. These will be scattered around the world. They will eat people alive and drink their blood. They will devour also with great pleasure flies, frogs, dogs and every dirt. Worry in the areas where they will pass! If it is possible, Lord, let there be no Christians then! But I know there will be.


In those days they will be dark, as if they are mourning in the air for those abominable nations who will commit those wretched nations. The sun will be like blood, while the moon and all the stars will be darkened, as they will see them on the earth to compete in the dirt. These people will destroy the earth, make the lavatories, and put the holy vessels in dishonorable use. Then those who will dwell in Asia, let us go to the islands of the Cyclades (in other words: the valleys of the islands), for the dirty nations will not go there, and they will mourn for sixty sixty days’’ (From the prophecies for the last times, Saint Andreas for Christ the Savior)

In those days they will be dark, as if they are mourning in the air for

Finally, with regard to the issue of racism that is being condemned today, ie racism because racial hatred is called racialism, even from these official "satanic" (?) Organizations or groups we have said and the reasons for


doing so (social acceptance by the masses and for the power or monetary benefits they get from the Enemy), again apply different things:

Rabbi Maimonides writes in "More" (Book II, Chapter 30) that Sammael (Samael) took the form of a snake and seduced Eve. It is also called the Angel of Death "and" The Head of the Congregation of the Sorcerers". Debbarim Rabba (208c) called "Sammael, the wicked", the "prince of all devils. "Rabbi Bechai (in Mikkets) calls him "The Absurd Sammael, the Prince of Rome" (In the Paul Paul Romans chapter 20, chapter 20: The God who gives peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly, May the very goodness of our Lord Jesus be with you) In the chronology of the monk Georgios Kedinos, a Byzantine chronographer who lived at the end of the 11th and the beginning of the 12th century stated:

Note that in the delicate Birth is the meeting of the Moses, not the angel, other polynomials, Samaell and Mastelman, as well as Satan. Indeed, we understand that the Devil's name is Samael.

"Cain was the son of Eve with the Snake or Satan in Genesis where Eve says, "I have given birth to a man with the Lord "referring to Lord Satan-Lucifer. Abel's brother was the son of Adam and Eve, a creature of clay that became flesh, while Cain was a creature of the spirit

that became flesh

Cain's children were now called

.... "Kainites," and they were the ancestors of Aryan, while

the children of Adam "Adamis", who were the other

races. ...

So the sowing of the Ancient Dragon was Cain,

otherwise the White Race originator. As the Jews say in


their Torah, Cain, who was, as we said, the firstborn son of Satan and Eve, went to the East with his people after the curse of God to him after the slaughter of Abel's brother. Long afterwards, he returned to the land of the Mediterranean and Cain's descendants settled here.

Also on this issue are the following:

According to the biblical genealogy "Nephilim," meaning "fallen man" is an assay that concern again human descendants of fratricide Cain, meaning strong and large sized armed warriors like the Kynigos Nemrod And Filistieim (ex Philistines) Goliath who "managed "The little David. Those who translate the term Nefelim as Giants because in the Greek or Pre-Hellenic Pelasgian word "Gigas" means the gigantic, gigantic warrior. It is the main feature and the specialty of the fallen pre- incendiary people when it is rampant violence and extreme publicity and polygamy!

According to tradition (Genesis, Chapter 4, verse 17), Enoch was Cain's son and father of Jared, and according to the genealogy of Seth (Genesis, chapter 4, verse 18), he was seventh by Adam, son of Jared And Mathoussa's father. In Liber Enoch Apocalypsis Henochi Graece, Lamech, the grandson of Noah, married and when his wife acquired a child, terror caught his soul. The child's flesh was as white as snow and pink as the rose, and his hair was also white. Lamech, fearing that he was not his own child but an angel, sent his father Methuselah to Enoch, who already lived with the angels to consult him. Enoch assured him that he was his own child, told him the fall


of the Sworn Angels, and prophesied that Noah would survive the flood that would wipe out the people and the products of the unions with the exiles "

"The children of Cain were the first to build cities painted with walls to steal the land of other people and to defend themselves against the mercy of the one who murdered the children. These are the ones who invented the masters and introduced into despicable society despotism and slavery. In order to calmly devour the human prey that fell under the arrows of Nimrod. From the dawn of the world to the present day, the children of Cain are still killing the children of Abel. But the divine vengeance in turn perpetrates the murderers and marks them on the front. " (Eliphas Levi, The Book of Freedom (pages 31-32), Tetraktsy Publications)

Also Jew and Freemason Eliphas Levi is denied Satan:

"We completed our research on Hades and breathed the free air returning to the light, after we crossed the men of black magic. Get out of us Satan! We refuse to you in your faith, in your procession, in your works, but even more in ugliness, in your wretchedness, in your idleness and lying! The great mystagogue saw you as a batter from the sky as lightning. The Christian tradition places you under the foot of God's mother. You are for us the symbol of incomprehension and mystery, you are absurdity and fanaticism, you are the joy and joy, you are the God of the Turk and the Alexander of VI, you brought down the play of our children. "


(Eliphas Levi, Typical of High Magick, Dimelis, p. 231)

After what we read, should we blame Satan for racism? We think so!

(Eliphas Levi, Typical of High Magick, Dimelis, p. 231) After what we read, should we blame


In spite of all this, the philosophy of Globalization (One World) is the same as that of Christianity and Communism Ideology:

‘’The Jew, the Christian, the liberal democrat, the Bolshevik and the anarchist have the same mentality and therefore psychology. They want to circumvent the laws of nature. That's why their differences are only superficial. The way they perceive the world and society is alike and that's why they are very close and with a good will, the "atheist" Communists can find them with joy with the most fervent Christians. Because their ultimate purpose is an inherently unrealistic consciousness that is expressed in practice as an effort to level the physical order of things. That is, the natural law that implies the national order, inequality, hierarchy and the war of contradictions. Christians believe in the famous Christian paradise where all people will live in peace and complete harmony. It is enough to live on earth Christian life. Like all believers of equal value. Leftists believe in an ideal "non-class society" that all people will rightly enjoy the same goods, like they are of equal value. It is enough to become Bolsheviks or anarchists, etc. Liberal democrats believe that the democratic state is the ultimate achievement of mankind, namely paradise on earth and the safeguarding of individual rights as a primary pursuit. Because all people are here as equals. Naturally, apart from the undemocrats. The inferior can either exalt his superior and seek to overthrow him or accept him as superior and place him


as a model of life. This is the common belief of Jewishness - Christianity and left. Christianity in particular proclaims that all people can participate in the kingdom of heaven if they are faithful Christians. The others on fire the other way. The left ones say all the people with left-wing ideas are companions and brothers who will share all the goods that will produce the Communist paradise except for those who do not agree. These are waiting for the gulag and the executive quote. So we have two stages of action in the face of worldviews. The first Christians, leftists and other democratic forces are being persecuted and asking for rights because supposedly all of them are the same and they are not right. These slogans become dear to naive people who face life with fear. These people, when they expel the heroes and patterns of their traditional-natural- religion, are part of the organization of a cosmopolitan religion and strengthen it. Then begins the second stage of action. The movement, once strengthened, clarifies the situation with the naturally superior defenders of the natural order through relentless totalitarian war until their prevalence. The left, like Christianity, has as its foundation the stone- by-metaphysical assumption of absolute equality of people and the vision of an ideal peaceful world. This metaphysics conceals the everlasting desire of the inferior man to reach his superior by flattening it to his level. He gains many fans because the ignorant and cowardly of fear are moved by the false vision of an absolutely peaceful world. A world unreasonable and inactive. A world outside the unique real world characterized by the constant struggle for survival and progress. This is their common paradise. The vision of


the garden of Eden, where there is never anything done, because there is no need to do, and all believers praise god and day whether or not they call him Christ or Marx. Christians believe that evil comes from Satan. Leftists come from "fascism". Satan and fascism are represented by all those who have the opposite view of them. That is, all those who are not Christians or anarcho-communists. Christianity envisions a world where all people will be equal and beloved among themselves. Leftistry likewise a society of angels where everyone will work for the good of humanity in a spirit of absolute agreement. Unreal and unnatural situations that we have never experienced and obviously will not experience our planet because they are against the rhythm of the world. That is, the two theories with their extra-godic gods believe that violation of the laws of nature is feasible, and that another world other than the real is possible if we all become faithful to their theory. All people and tribes are equal to us. It is enough to be true Christians, Bolsheviks, anarchists, etc. on a case-by- case basis. Historic nations and homelands are of no importance and value because people are only divided between believers and unbelievers. Good and bad. For the same reason, the church baptizes the alloys and integrates them into their bodies, as do their left-wing converts to their own religion. For the same reason, they hate the traditional reason, class, hierarchy, justice and national order. Despite nature, both Christianity and the so-called left seek the abolition of the natural way of organizing people in nations through the establishment of an internationalist-cosmopolitan state dominated by the prophets of the leveling of the physical order. The


abusers of the universal law instead of the natural aristocracy of the nations. I believe the same mindset’’

abusers of the universal law instead of the natural aristocracy of the nation s. I believe

Note: The differences between humans are not only in the color of the skin (as propaganda of Globalization says) but natural and psychological according to the science of racial anthropology.

‘’The brotherhood between different tribes is only possible when one ignores the other. Complementing the peoples simply by eliminating distances is just a matter of condemning them to get better acquainted and consequently to tolerate less of each other’’ - Gustave Le Bon, "Political Psychology"


In his 1895 book, Gustave Le Bon describes how the peoples evolve. Primary role in shaping

In his 1895 book, Gustave Le Bon describes how the peoples evolve. Primary role in shaping the culture of every people is the race. Every race, in addition to physical characteristics, possesses inherited mental characteristics, equally unchanged with the physical. It may be in a single person that the mental characteristics of the race are not obvious,


but they become clear when people are being studied. Education only changes some superficial behaviors. A scientist may have a lot of knowledge, but his character is similar to the average person of the race. The different races are at a different level of culture and the ability to assimilate cultures. The only way to change the soul of a people is through tribal mixing with allopaths. The culture of each race is an expression of its mental characteristics. Any foreign influences are assimilated only after they have changed to a degree that adapts to the soul of the race. Often new cultural influences or institutions are only superficially accepted, while the old behaviors continue. Cultures are changing at a very slow pace, as opposed to the historical narrative that often gives the impression that religions or cultures have changed with one event. Changes are gradual. For example, the US and the Latin American countries have an identical way of government. However, they have great physical and scientific development while they are underdeveloped. In the US, at least when Le Bon wrote, there were mainly descendants of northern Europeans, while Latin America was a strong mixer and mostly indigenous. Institutions can not change the race, which regardless of superficial institutions behaves in the same way. Other examples have to do with the decline of the Romans when the legions were replaced by foreign mercenaries, the German races were already peacefully settled within it and still ruled several provinces under the Roman flag. The final blow in 470 AD Is only the culmination of a gradual peaceful racial invasion.


Ideas, religions and political theories that direct the peoples to the creation of history are based solely on the soul and not on the logic. Ideas completely absurd were able to create fanatical believers and create history and entire cultures as they were able to touch the tribal soul of the people. Wise men with their discoveries change culture, but fanatics create history. The fall of cultures is the result of a reduction in will and capacity. This process can be accelerated by the tribal mix that changes the soul of the people. The final blow gives a new belief or an intruder, who, with more energy and fanaticism, will be imposed in the place of the old state.

‘’It is easy to understand how homogenous a race is, the more it will have common ideas and feelings. Therefore, it will be more active and able to move quickly on the path of progress. On the other hand, where ideas, traditions, beliefs and interests remain distinct, disagreements will be more frequent, and progress will always be slow if not completely obstructed’’ - Gustave Le Bon, The influence of race in history


So the conclusion after all of, should be only one: ‘’ The dark streets of Satanism,

So the conclusion after all of, should be only one:

‘’The dark streets of Satanism, surrounded by loneliness and social alienation, embraces ideas socially reprehensible and persecuted by the rules, for the same or

prostitute human society established to ensure the safety, smoothness and acceptability of each existing system ... The mob, that the "all-out people," unable to compete in demagogy and in the manipulation of the powers, is created for service, and that is why it deserves a few when is found in the Divine Work of Satan, and violently

in accordance with His laws

Of course, this is true in a

... fair and dreamlike society, which is very much of

today's, as today's people are not governed

as is the

... consequence of the liberation of Antichrist in these worlds, the churches are told to keep their sheep in the pit. However, they now turn their heads to another sidewalk of the same path, namely that their people use their animal instincts, even if they are inconsistent with the moral and theological extensions.


Satanism aimed at purging, namely the demonization of self and further to society the Lord has chosen him,

through enforcement and fear

The true purpose of

... Satanists is none other than understanding its position in the universe and His ministry now knows that it is beyond his own and that he lives only to fulfill his will in the world, while contemplating the post-mortem abstinence of his deeds. Thus, the ultimate and inspired purpose of the true Satanistic and Fascist society is the presence of the

Divine in every domain and the service of this kind by

any means


in the name of the religion and the nation,

by the spirit of the reader and His people and The weapon of blind faith in the nation's most religion, such

as Satanism’’


So we can understand now that the New Age or the Golden Age of the Gods

So we can understand now that the New Age or the Golden Age of the Gods does not have to do with Satan as falsely propaganda of globalization saying that Satan is the god Saturn or Shiva, because this does not apply religiously and historically:

"In the book of Hesiodus, ‘’Works and a Day’’, Saturn is presented as a righteous king who has taken care of the existence of the Golden Genesis of men and of the absence of evil in his world. This golden gentile did not know the war, nor was it the painful death. This dialogue between Athens and the Cretan, Kleinia, in the "Laws" of Plato, confirms the well-intentioned intention of Saturn during his sovereignty over the world. Notewhile, Saturn is not presented in a Reptilian form’’


Satan is not Saturn or Shiva nor Bhairav or the All- Devouring Form of God As Time Posted on April 6, 2013 by Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami

NARA-HARI as KALAH / TIME in His Cosmic Lion- Headed Bhagavad-Gita Theophany was worshiped by all

of civilized humanity in the ‘Golden’ HARI Age. The

Persians called Him ZERVAN. Greeks called Him Chronus. Romans called Him Saturnus. Egyptians called Him Heru-Ausu Amun-Ra. He was the Jew’s Yahu- Tzaboath and AREYAH, ARIEL their LION of JUDAH! In Meroe Africa He was called APADEMAK. Shaivites called Him, HARA, Kalah Bairava. Buddhists called Him, HARI, Kalah Bairab. He was the Lion-Headed JAG-WERE God of the Americas / Western Hemisphere. His Feathered-Serpent was His Seraphic Alter-Form. Please, Dear Friends, view these Icons / Murtis and ponder deeply Their import for the future unity of humanity!

This deserves a detailed explanation. God-willing I will

be able to find the one that I did years ago, to post here.

To start, please note the ‘Caduceus’ which is really a

NAGAKAL, and the Cock of Asclepios that Identifies the Lion Headed Lord of Time (Krishna-Vishnu KALAH in the Gita). Remember the Cock that crowed 3 times, when Peter denied Knowing Jesus! The last religious act of Socrates was to ask his disciple to make a offering of a Cock to Asclepios!

Satan is NOT Saturn. The Gnostics and their followers made the terrible error of equating Satan and Saturn, and


their Neo-Gnostic descendents are still doing it today! This is the profound confusion that comes from following the puffed-up u…nrealized know-nothing jnanis / gnostics of the past and present.

Do you want to see the Original SATURNUS? The Romans called Him Saturnus and He was the Lord of Time (Krishna-Kalah) Whose Incarnation Ruled the Earth in the previous Golden Age! In His Lion-Headed Wrathful Form as Kalah Nara Hari Purusha, He saved the Mixed Multitude fleeing slavery in Egypt. His Day was Saturday. From India to Nepal the Vaishnava Worshipers of NaraHari STILL KEEP SATURDAY SABBATH AS SACRED TO THE LION HEADED FORM OF KRISHNA-VISHNU!!!

The Greeks called Him Chronus. He was AREYAH, ARIEL and YahuTzabaoth to the Hebrews, Israelites and Jews. In Egypt He was Heru-Ausar as AMUN-RA. In the NAGA Kingdom of Kush south of Egypt He was called Amun-Ra Apademak. The Zoroastrians and pre- Zoroastrians called Him ZERVAN. He was the Ancient Protector of the Tibetan BON as ZA. To the Vaishnavas He was HAREYAH as NARA HARI KALAH in His Bhagavad-Gita. To the Shaivites He was HARA KALAH BAIRAVA. To the Pure Land Buddhist He was the Kalah Bairab Wrathful Form of Avalokiteshvara. Satan / SETU rahu-KETU was the Adversary of Saturnus / Yahu Tzabaoth !!

The ancient Gnostics were totally wrong and misidentified the Lion Headed Wrathful Form of the Lord Vishnu-Siva Kalah of His Gita and Exodus and


Saddharmapudarika Revelation with the pure-evil Satan

(KETU=SETU) ‘Father of Lies’! Thus they confused

Zervan with Arihman, and Saturnus with Setu etc. From that point on everything that has come from this Anti- Kalah ‘Gnostic’ Tradition has been hopelessly corrupted and confused. Thus the Gnostics have remained the actual adversaries of the Biblical Vishnu and Siva ever since! The Bible is NOT “a plagiarized book”! It is the authentic testimony of a specific Sampradaya or Tradition of HARI-HARA / HERU-HOR / ELI-EL


Please All of my Dear Friends, purge yourselves from the lies that you have been poisoned with by your consumption of so much Neo-Gnostic rot. Face your GOD SATURNUS and ask Him to forgive you for

calling Him ‘Satan’. Satan is the very antithesis of Lord

Hari-Hara, and the enemy of all of the Devas. God Frees

Souls and Satan enslaves souls!

The Story of the casting-down of Satan from the company of the devas is found in the Srimad Bhagavatam in the story of Rahu-Ketu. Master Bom Zen has just posted about a meteor shower. Such were identified with CATA-STROPHE and CATA-CLYSM. CATA-BOLISM etc. and CHAT ‘SIN’ in Hebrew are all linguistically related to KETU / SETU / SATAN. When Meteors pummeled the Earth throwing-up massive amounts of particulate, toxins and pathogens into the air, often massive die-offs and plagues occurred. Thus the Rahus of Rahu-Ketu Satan, when cast down into the Earth caused disease, madness / possession and death.


The satanists and neo-gnostics are WRONG when they teach that Satan is Saturn. Their Gnostic and Satanist Sources are WRONG. They were WRONG to confuse Satan with Siva and the Wrathful Forms of Vishnu! All of their late nonsense has caused endless misery in the World, dividing-up the whole human family! They told people that the God of the Old Testament was a malevolent demiurgos. They equated Saturn and SET / KETU / SATAN.


OLD TESTAMENT! I have pictures of Him in my facebook Albums. In my research I have seen scores of Jewish, Mediiterranean, Egyptian and African Murtis of Him. He is KALAH BAIRAVA SIVA and KALAH NARA HARI KRISHNA-VISHNU. HE IS the Buddhist KALAH BAIRAB LOKESHVAR too! God as the Finisher or Destroyer Vishnu-Siva Kalah as TIME is

NOT the ‘Devil’ or Satan.

Google Images Search Saturnus, Chronus, Kalah Bairava, Nara Hari, Nrisimhadeva, Zervan, Apademak, Amun-Ra Metternich Stela, Lion-headed Time etc. from my Notes.

Dear Friends, please stop dividing the human family and assassinating the Character of God with Neo-Gnostic New Age Western Occult Tradition W.E.T. / New Age mal-education dis-information ‘knowledge’ ! Consider your Sources! Use Real World reliable Sources if you want to learn from the Ancients. Gnosticism is a general term for many different ancint groups, but these groups


had certain things in common. This profound error mistaking the Lord HERU-WASU-ATUM / ELI-YAHU- ADON, HARI-VASU-ATMAN for His Own Adversary KETU/ SETU SATAN is only one of the commonly shared pathological mistakes of the ancient Gnostics and the Neo-Gnostics.

Jesus Christ is Lord of All! The very late polytheistic astrological and gnostic teachings about Saturn are wrong. The Original Saturnus was YAHU TZABAOTH the Biblical Jewish Savior-God of the Exodus. He was and IS the LION-Headed Form of ELI-YAHU/HARI- VASU as TIME/KALAH in the Bhagavad-Gita.

The Cock was sacred to IASAS/JESUS ASCLEPIUS the ONLY SON of ELI/HARI, and thus the Cock’s crowing

was so important in the Biblical Story of Saint Peter’s

Denial of Christ. Many have been badly educated and attack other Christians like myself, out of proud and hateful fanaticism.

Is anyone looking at these Murtis? The entire Tradition of Lion-Headed Time is related to the Central Theophany of Krishna as Kalah in His Bhagavad-Gita!!! Dosen’t anyone understand the profound significance of this

FACT? How many ways c…an I say it? What am I doing

that is so wrong that the Vaishnavas will not even look at this evidence? This is Lord Narasimha-Kalah (TIME),

also known as Siva Kalah Bairava, Who is the Wrathful Form of Krishna that Arjuna sees devouring the Worlds! All throughout the East, Sacred Vaishnava, Shaivite and Mahayana Buddhist Tradition affirms that This Theophany is Lion Headed TIME/Kalah.


When Gita-related Festival Plays are performed the constumes of the Universal Form of the Lord are multiple Lion-Headed! Masks of Krishna’s Wrathful Thophany of the Gita are Leonid. Leonid features characterize all of the various Forms of KALAH/TIME throughout the East. Siva Kalah Bairava (Buddhist KALAH BAIRAB) always has some kind of Leonid facial or head features. Please, Friends, do not ignore or doubt the importance of this! Once all of humanity worshiped HARI Krishna and VASUDEVA Balarama, and Their Holy Spirit Paramatman!

The Wrathful Yahu Tzabaoth Lord of Hosts/ TIME, the God and Deliverer of the Mixed Multitude of Devotees in the Exodus story, WAS and IS Krishna-Vishnu/Shiva KALAH of the Bhagavad-Gita! Romans, Greeks, Africans, Semites, Persians and Easterners ALL remembered HIM as the Supreme Lord of the Previous

Earth Age! For God and Humanity’s sake, why do the

Vaishnavas not grasp the importance of this? The late

Myth of Time devouring His Children is a remnant of

this universal revelation of Krishna Kalah’s Theophany

in the Gita where Arjuna sees Kalah devouring the worlds!

Please, Dear Vaishnavas, I beg you to put aside any pre- concieved notions that you have and seriously consider these facts. Kalah TIME is an important Name of Lord Narasimha, that can be found with many other Names of SIVA in the various Litanies of the Names of Nara Hari / Narasimha in Vaishnavism. I have seen various collections of the 108 Names of Narahari and these have all contained the Names KALAH and Bairava. Krishna-


Vishnu is Kalah/Time. Siva is Kalah/Time. Narahari is Kalah/Time. Eli-Yahu Tzabaoth the Biblical God of the Exodus is TIME (Lord of the Heavenly Hosts, sun moon and star-time). Jupiter-Zeus Amun-Ra is TIME. Roman Jupiter Saturnus is TIME. Zeus Chronus is TIME. Apademak is Amun Ra is TIME. Persian ZERVAN, Zoroastrian and Mithraic Zervan are all TIME. AND, this Deity is always LION HEADED or alternately He has a Man’s head and a Lion Body SPHINX Form as the NARA-HARI MAN-LION!

Vishnu is Kalah/Time. Siva is Kalah/Time. Narahari is Kalah/Time. Eli-Yahu Tzabaoth the Biblical God of the

But Okey with all these, are there historical proofs of the existence of Orthodox Satanism? Or is this all a fairy tale?

It is not because there are evidence! Look that for example from the Christian Kathars and Bogomils in 1150 AD:


The core of Cathar teaching was the idea that in the beginning the perfect state of

The core of Cathar teaching was the idea that in the beginning the perfect state of God's world was violently disrupted when Sethan or Satan stole the souls of some angelic beings and placed them in the bodies of people whom he had modeled on himself. According to the favorite book of the Curators "Les Questions de Jean":

"And Satan thought to make men to serve him, and took lime from the ground, and made man similar to him. And he ordered the angel of the second heaven to enter the body of lime. And he also took a piece and made another body with a female figure and ordered the angel of the first heaven to enter it. The angels were weeping very


much when they saw themselves imprisoned in such mortal forms " The Devil was saying he was the firstborn of God, his eldest son. God showed greater favor to his newest son, Christ, and the Devil or Satan, as Vogomilos called him, was jealous. He then rebelled and took with him one- third of the angels of Heaven on Earth. There he began to make an exact copy of the heavenly Creation of God, a second heaven for a second god. The Vogomilians therefore believed that anything that has to do with the world, here and now, was devilish.


12. After he descended them from the Mount of Elai, he looked angrily at the angels who guarded the Tartarus, and nodded to Archangel Michael to defile loudly. Michael tightened, the earth was shaken, and Velir (Devil) showed him holding 560 angels and chaining him with fiery chains. 25. And he answered, "If you want to know my name, I was initially called Satan, which means Angel of God. But when I denied God I was called Satan, meaning Angel guarding the Tartars.

ANTIGOD SAMAEL (SATAN / LUCIFER): His name in Hebrew means "Poisonous Angel". Angel of Death, the ruler of black magic, the great lord of Hell with his two million subordinate demons, Eden's father, Cain's father, are just some of his qualities. Samael in Zohar is associated with Amalek, God of the natural world. The text describes Samael as an angel with the occult name Amalek. Zohar further describes the name of Samael, giving the interpretation of what God's poison is. In the Apocryphal Gospel text, the apostles of John the Samael


are another name given to the creator who created the material world, thus linking him to the text of Zohar that links him to the physical world, thus demonstrating that Samael created the fake world in which we live to test whether we want to be close to God. "And Yalbdadaoth (the Archon of Demons) said to the authorities that served him: "Come, let us create a man according to the image of God and our likeness so that his image becomes a light to us." In the apocryphal gospel of John, Satan says to the other angels who followed him: "We will make a man by our likeness and according to the image of God so that his image illuminates us!" (To illuminate us to nourish us).

are another name given to the creator who created the material world, thus linking him to




Note that Biblical God or Jehova was the First Creator God of Universe and made Adam and Eve by likeness and according to his image (Pure Spirit without flesh before their Fall of the Paradise), so Biblical God has not to do with this second material creation of Satan or Samael, so Jehova can not be Yalbadaoth who is and the Archon of Demons as apocryphal Gospel of John said (God or Jehova made Angels not Demons), as some amorous people propagate. So, the ritual perpose of a satanist is to transformed (demonized) according to

Satan’s image finally and not staying to God’s image


Note that Biblical God or Jehova was the First Creator God of Universe and made Adam

In the booklet of a French scholar of the era "Against the Heretics of My Times" (1202), Allain de Lille argued that the word ''Kathar'' (Clean) was derived from the Latin word cattus, that is, a cat because, as he explained, the Devil was presented to Katharians as a cat.


This idea was very popular. The Bishop of Paris and eminent scholar Guillaume d'Auverne claimed in the


''God allows Lucifer to appear to his believers and followers in the form of a black cat or a frog and to demand their kisses. If it is a disgusting cat under the tail. If it is a frog in a foul manner in the mouth".

Walter Map, a popular figure in the Henry II courtyard of England, and a prominent Oxford archduke, wrote to De Nugis Curialium (About the Austerities) in the 1180s for a schism group of the Pure, the Pulubicans and the His worship in Satan:

'With the fall of the night each family sits and waits silently where they gather. There comes a black cat of supernormal size with a rope hanging between them. As soon as they see it they turn off the lights and they do not sing or repeat the hymns distinctly, but they murmur with tight teeth and approach the palm where they see their master and find him kissing. The warmer the feelings of, the lower they aim at some of his feet, but most in the tail and in the particular parts of his body. Then, as if this drowsy contact releases their impulses, they grab their neighbor and break their passion with him or her. Their elders claim and teach every newly-conceived that perfect love means to give and take, as the brother or sister can ask, and to quench the fire of the other"


Panctum Satanicum - Urbain Grandier (1633) Domine magisterque Lucifer te deum et principem agnosco, et polliceor

Panctum Satanicum - Urbain Grandier (1633)

Domine magisterque Lucifer te deum et principem agnosco, et polliceor tibi servire et obedire quandiu potero vivere. Et renuncio alterum Deum et Jesum Christum et alios sanctos atque sanctas et Ecclesiam Apostolicam et Romanam et omnia ipsius sacramenta et omnes orationes et rogationes quibus


fideles possint intercedere pro me; et tibi polliceor quid faciam quotquot malum potero, et attrahere ad mala per omnes; et abrenuncio chrismam et baptismum, et omnia merita Jesu Christi et ipsius sanctorum; et si deero tuae servitui et adorationi; et si non oblationem mei ipsius fecero, ter quoque die, tibi do vitam meam sicut tuam. Feci hoc anno et die. Extractum ex infernis


Nos praepotens Lucifer, juvante Satan, Belzebub, Leviathan, Elimi, atque Astaroth, allisque, hodie habemus acceptum pactum foederis Urbani Grandieri qui nobis est. Et huic pollicemur amorem mulierum, florem virginum, decus monacharum, honores, voluptates et opes. Fornicabitur triduo; ebrietas illi cara erit. Nobis offerit semel in anno sanguinis sigillum, sub pedibus conculcabit sacra ecclesiae et nobis rogationes ipsius erunt; quo pacto vivet annos viginti felix in terra hominum, et veniet postea inter nos maleficere Deo. Factum in infernis, inter consilia daemonum. Lucifer Belzebub Satanas Astaroth Leviathan Elimi


After these historical and religious proofs, we would say that the rituals of Orthodox Satanism beyond

After these historical and religious proofs, we would say that the rituals of Orthodox Satanism beyond these Pacts

with Devil, have to do with the Satanic rituals of Theistic Satanism that we know today and with some more

ancient like ‘’Black Mass’’:


Their purpose has been briefly described in the following book: ‘’ The traditional path of magical

Their purpose has been briefly described in the following book:

‘’The traditional path of magical art is the Right Path that aims at restoring the primal relationship between man and divine substance. Prayers, rituals, and virtuous


lifestyles according to the laws of God are considered as return paths in time, before the Fall. There is, however, another path: the Left Path that deepens and completes the Fall. The one who practices Dark Art continues the Fall from God in order to achieve an individual deity. The reason behind the Fall is often described as a hubris, and this hubris is the search of man for Knowledge and forces that were not meant for him. The Dark Law promises to lead the Master into the individual divinity through Draconian discipline. Thus, the Left Path leads to a second birth, a spiritual rebirth of man as a god. In other words, practicing the Dark Art instead of repairing the damage of the Fall, glorifies the Fall and allows the destruction to be completed. In this way it destroys the old one and allows something new to rise to its place’’ – Thomas Karlsson, «Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic»


EPILOGUE After this scripture of Orthodox Satanism, which for the first time was written in the


After this scripture of Orthodox Satanism, which for the first time was written in the English language after the Greek, will all then know what Satan and Satanism are and what it is not, as well as being against Globalization

with the New Age. So every satanist will be in a position to know who his friends are and who his enemies. There may be several questions about Orthodox Satanism, but the goal of this writing was only to give a public answer

to the New Age and fake ‘’satanism’’ propaganda against

our faith and nothing more. For this you can rely on this

information for more research.

EPILOGUE After this scripture of Orthodox Satanism, which for the first time was written in the