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EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 2

Observation Date: 6/10/17 Observation Time: 1:09 pm

Teacher Observed: Chisholm Trail Middle


Subject/Grade Level: Middle school

School Observed: Pre-Algebra Class at Chisholm Trail Middle School

Observer: M.Karatas

For the things you observed, place a check. Please explain further about the checked item
directly below the particular section. Provide overall comments and reflections at the end.


____X_ On Task _____ Off Task __X__ Engaged ___ Learning Successfully

Students are on task. Students know the procedures for the bell work, group work activity.
Students are taking their notes, asking questions. Students did participated the activity and
explained the question each other in their discussion. Procedures are well known by students.


___ Modeling ____ Question/Answer _____ Lecture _X_ Monitoring
__X_ Listening __X_ Problem Solving _____ Evaluating _____
Reading To Students
____ Modifying ____ Integrating Content __X_ Guiding Cooperative Groups
___ Other _ _____________________

Teacher start with bell work activity. Teacher let students work in groups of two or four students.
Students were working on the misconceptions individually then they teach each other and
explain the answers on the board. Teacher is keep asking question to understand her students
misconceptions. When group discussions are happening teacher observed three groups work.
Teacher intervened the mistakes directing the questions the other students. Teacher is closely
listening group discussions. Teacher did not lecture whole time period


____ Manipulatives ____ Workbooks ___ Overhead Projector ____ Smart
___X_ Chalkboard ____ Maps ____ Computer _X__ Projector
_____ Books ____ Other Audio Visuals ____ None
_____ Other ___Teacher prepared handout _

Teacher posed the question on the board with projector. Teacher also provided a hand out for the
group activities. Students solved the question on the board actively.


__X_ Small Groups _____ Whole Group ___X_ Pairs _____ Individuals

Teacher used think-pair-share method. Students initially work independently but then move to
the pairs or groups of four but then move to pairs to discuss their answers or solutions.
_X Worksheet __X_ Listening ___X_ Writing ___X_ Reading _____
_X_ Journaling _X_ Discussing _____ Centers _____ Homework _____ Research
___ Investigation _____ Laboratory _____ Using Technology
___ Other ______________________________________________________________

Teacher had students to read the question loud to the classroom. Problem solving activities
required students solve the problems on their journals. Students discussed the questions after
finishing their work individually in their groups and classroom discussion. Students wrote an
email prompt to a parent for notifying students misconception as a reflection. Teacher provided
worksheet for warm-up and classwork.

____ Stated Expectations for Behavior __X__ Positive Reinforcement
____ Redirection of Inappropriate Behavior ____ Encouragement of Students
__X__ Self-disciplined Students __X Effective Time Management
__X_ Materials Ready _____ Enthusiasm for Teaching/Learning
Classroom climate is characterized by respectful relationships, behaviors, and tones. Classroom
is well-organized. Teacher used formula charts on the walls. Students have their calculators
handy. Learning time is maximized for all students. Learning environment is physically and
emotionally safe. Students are self-disciplined. No misbehavior was observed. Teacher is calling
students by their names and redirecting the question to keep students on task. Teacher was
praising students success. Teacher was actively walking around the classroom. However, she
turned her back to the classroom long time for helping one of the group.


Teacher used questioning techniques effectively. She does not have any behavioral issue during
the lesson. Students are actively learning with discussion and presenting the answers to their
classmates. Teacher gave students freedom to explain. Teacher did not give out the answers
when students got it right instead he directed the question the other students to restate it. Teacher
is giving feedback. In my opinion as a math teacher you cannot spend long time for explaining
the misconceptions for forty minutes class. Also, teacher should summarize the formulas and
show how to approach the questions. Teacher also should give a quiz to check students learning.
Teacher did great job connecting the lesson with previous classroom but students still do not
know how to use appropriate math terms. Overall is great activity and good classroom
management but teacher should enrich the class with different techniques and give more practice.