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The president report the executed contract

to the Congress within 30 days

1. More equitable distribution of opportunities, Classification of lands of PD:
income and wealth;
2. Sustained increase in the amount of goods and 1. Agricultural
services produced by the nation for the benefit 2. Timber or forest
of the people; 3. Mineral lands
3. Expanding productivity, as the key to raising the 4. National parks
quality of life for all.
Rules on the disposition and exploitation of agri lands of
All lands of the PD, waters, minerals, coal, petroleum and 1. Private corps or assoc. may not acquire alienable
other mineral oils, all forces of potential energy, land of the PD
fisheries, forest or timber, wildlife, flora and fauna, and 2. Qualified individuals may acquire a maximum of
all other natural resources are owned by the state.
12 hectares of alienable lands of PD
3. Private corps may lease up to a maximum of
XPN: Agricultural lands
1,000 hectares and for a period or 25 years,
Imperium- govt authority possessed by the State in the renewable for another 25 years
concept of sovereignty 4. Qualified individuals may lease alienable lands of
PD up to maximum 500 hectares
Dominium- the capacity of the State to own or acquire
property Ancestral domain- all embracing concept which refers to
lands, inland waters, coastal areas, all areas
LIMITS IMPOSED ON JURA REGALIA belonging individually owned whether
1. only agricultural lands of the PD may be alienable or not, which may no longer be
alienated exclusively occupied by ICCs but to w/c they had
2. The EDU of all natural resources shall be under
traditionally had access for their subsistence and
full control and supervision of the state
3. The State may directly undertake such activities
Ancestral lands refers to land occupied, possessed and
(EDU) or enter into co-production, joint venture,
production sharing agreements with Filipinos or utilized by ICCs/IPs since time immemorial under
corporations 60 per centum of which capital is claim of individual or traditional group
owned by such citizens. All agreements may be ownership including residential lots, farm lots,
for only a period not exceeding 25 years, tree lots, rice terraces, etc.
renewable for another 25 years.
4. The use and enjoyment of the marine wealth of
the archipelagic waters, territorial sea, and
exclusive economic zone shall be reserved for WHO MAY ACQUIRE PRIVATE LANDS
Filipino citizens. 1. Filipino Citizens
5. Utilization of natural resources in rivers, lakes, 2. Filipino Corps. And assoc. as defined in Section 2.
bays, and lagoons may be allowed on a small 3. Aliens, but only by hereditary succession
scale to Filipinos or Cooperatives. With priority 4. A natural born citizen who lost PH citizenship but
for subsistence fishermen and fish workers. only under the terms of section 8.

Who are qualified to take part in EDU of NR? Filipinization- ownership is limited to Filipino citizens
Filipino citizens or corps at least 60% of whose Manila Prince Hotel v GSIS
capital are owned by Filipinos.
Nationalization- ownership of the State of industries and
Marine wealth exclusive to Filipinos public utilities

Service contracts with foreign owned corps shall be

limited only to mineral, petroleum and other mineral RULES ON FRANCHISE OF PUBLIC UTILITY
oils. 1. No franchise, certificate or any authorization
shall be granted except to Filipinos or Corps or
Safeguards in grant of such service contract: Assoc. organized under PH laws and at least 60%
1. Crafted in accordance with a general law of capital is owned by such citizens.
setting standard or uniform terms, 2. Such franchise, certificate or authorization shall
conditions and requirements not be exclusive and not longer than 50 years.
2. The president be the signatory for the govt 3. Such franchise is subject to congress for
amendment, alteration or repeal.
4. The state shall encourage equity participation in
public utilities by the public.
5. The participation of foreign investment shall be
limited to their proportionate share in its capital
6. All executive and managing officers of such corp
or assoc must be Filipinos.

Public Utility- utility corporation which renders service

to the general public for compensation.

Monopoly- the joint acquisition or maintenance by

members of a conspiracy formed for that purpose to
control and dominate trade and commerce and to
exclude actual and potential competitors

Restriction in Contracting Foreign loans:

1. Must be in accordance with the law

2. Must be in accordance with the regulations of ,
and with prior concurrence with the Monetary