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Dear Ms. Last Name,

Thank you for invi/ng me to submit my rsum for the posi/on of Director of Engineering for Companys Product Name line. I am
very excited, and the more I compared your requirements with my experience and interests, the more excited I became.

I want you to know right up front that I am not a plodding engineer; rather, I am a forward-thinking engineering leader with a
proven track record for delivering high quality products on /me and to standards. I have earned a reputa/on for innova/on,
rigorous tes/ng procedures, a proac/ve and hands-on approach to cost reduc/ons, mee/ng deadlines on large and small scale
projects, and ability to lead and develop the engineers and technicians on my projects.

Here is how I compare in terms of what you seek for the posi/on and what I oer:


1. Experience to direct all ac/vi/es related to the More than 15 years of experience leading
research and development of hardware and product development teams in a range of
soSware products, including crea/on, analysis, industries chemical, military, and medical
development, prototyping, tes/ng and successful both domes/cally and interna/onally and
transi/on to manufacturing success with transi/oning designs from R&D to
2 Manage the development of the divisions full line Proven ability to manage the eorts of a diverse
of products, working with domes/c and electro-mechanical product line. Strong ability
interna/onal opera/onal stas. to develop eec/ve, las/ng partnerships with
all stakeholders with diverse backgrounds.
3. Review, validate, priori/ze and allocate resources Solid track record elimina/ng produc/on delays
to manage and resolve problem reports without sacricing quality, market reputa/on or
product integrity while coordina/ng the work of
as many as (12) business cri/cal projects
4. Develop and implement new policies, processes, Drive to achieve innova/on, measureable
procedures and systems to ensure an ecient and reduc/on in unit produc/on cost and crea/ve
eec/ve product development. solu/ons to bo`om line problems. A exible
approach to system design u/lizing proven
5. Promote coopera/on and communica/on between High levels of commitment by all par/es and
the various groups within the division to ensure highly successful projects both domes/cally and
opera/onal eciency and division protability. overseas.
6. Communicate performance metrics; evaluate A balanced leS/right brain approach to
performance, coach and counsel employees. managing employees developed over the years
Maintain harmonious employee/employer by mentoring from Engineering, HR and
rela/onship Organiza/onal Development Execu/ves. Proven
ability to challenge other employees to achieve.
7. Promote the Division, its products, services and Eec/ve and authen/c company tes/mony to
rela/onships with key and poten/al customers help win new business and maintain current

Please look over my professional prole which describes in further detail some examples of the results of the skills and abili/es I
bring to the table.
Ill check with you on June 1 to see about our next step unless you contact me rst.
Page |
Thank you very much.
Best regards,


1 Incl: Resume
Advanced Special Student OBJECTIVE: Director of Engineering for COMPANY NAME / DIVISION / PRODUCT, a
Post Graduate Studies Page |
posi/on requiring signicant project management, hardware and soSware research
27 / 33 hours of Ph.D. in MulHple and development experience, metrics-based people management skills, and a deS 3
Autonomous (RoboHc) Systems
touch to mentor and develop sta.
4 of 7 chapters of dissertaHon
U of STATE (6 hrs) and U of STATE (21 hrs)
Master of Science Flexible managerial skills Entrepreneurial mindset Strong sense of personal
Mechanical Engineering and experience to and the ability to balance ini/a/ve to resolve
University State Name. GPA: 3.5/4.0. successfully guide, mentor, mul/ple projects and bo`om line problems,
Bachelor of Science manage and develop a priori/es, carrying each blending theore/cal
Mechanical Engineering range of individuals of through to successful engineering exper/se
University of State Name varying skills, educa/on, comple/on with prac/cal
GPA: 2.8/4.0 age and temperament applica/ons
(GPA: 3.6/4.0 last 60 credit hours) Accustomed to managing Expert project Broad range of
Deans List last (5) Semesters
strict budgets, achieving management skills and engineering, computer,
Computer Related Skills results within /me and corresponding experience business soSware and
Engineering/Technical budgetary constraints to chart projects course, peripherals
Matlab and adjust as needed
Visual Basic
Led a three-year engineering and design ini/a/ve for the major redesign of
C/C++/C# the Company Name / Product Name in-vitro diagnos/c instrument.
ProducHvity o Brought engineering and design eorts to comple/on 25% under
MS Oce Professional budget; The unit price increase resul/ng from the product
SAP enhancements.
Modeling/DraSing: o Based upon the perceived value increase, the team was able to
Solid Works
sell the unit for 16% more and the sales increased by ~20%,
managing customer expecta/ons in the process.
AutoCAD o Directly managed the contribu/ons of six engineers and indirectly
lead another 14 engineers and technicians. Partnered with an
AddiHonal Training industrial design rm and manufacturers to reduce expected
US Army Leadership Development program costs by over $850K.
Design for Manufacturing / Assembly o Led knowledge transfer teams from development to produc/on
Produc/on Systems Modeling & Analysis
with con/nued to support product through commercial sales.
Project Management Ins/tute PMP (174
Quality System Regula/on FDA 21CFR820 Over a ve-year period, led over 30 project teams made up of internal
EEOC / Ethics engineers, component vendors and external consultants in development of
new products from incep/on through commercial manufacturing.
Areas of Special Interest Developed and managed individual project budgets of up to $2M. Managed
System Modeling and Control product sustainment throughout their lifecycles. In one case, product
(State Space, Classical) generated sustained 30% sales increase in its sector (Company)
Electronic Systems Theory and Design
Theory of CombusHon Demonstrated prociency in development of proof of concept prototypes
(Slow Burn and Explosion)
for mechanical, electrical (including power and PCB design), and embedded
RoboHcs (Controls, Modeling)
Mechanical ProperHes of Materials
system programming. Championed projects through commercial
(Materials Engineering) implementa/on and ini/al produc/on runs. Supported manufacturing
Dynamics (Rigid, Mul/-Body) during knowledge transfer phase, making myself available 24/7 by giving
select manufacturing technicians my personal cell number. (Company)
TOP SECRET Clearance
E.I.T. CerHed
! As lead engineer for complex electro-mechanical products genera/ng $1.7B annually, I was responsible for making the ini/al
assessment of equipment problems referred to Engineering. I implemented a root cause analysis approach covering R&D to
Implementa/on. ASer just two projects using this approach, the company realized over $100K a month savings. ( Company)

! I was able to proac/vely iden/fy obsolesce issues arising from ROHS and REACH legisla/on which may have prevented the Page |
selling of our instruments overseas. I generated a series of projects to address the future problems so that they could be solved 4
in a non-crisis mode. (Company)
! Led program that reduced unit costs due to obsolescence and through product enhancements. Managed development costs
and schedule for mul/-year eorts, responsible for as many as 12 cri/cal path projects simultaneously. My work saved the
organiza/on over $200K each month in ongoing bo`om line costs for parts, labor and logis/cs. ( Company)

! For the category of industry, I evaluated new soSware for use in electrical, instrumenta/on and process design. The proposed
soSware required $100K in up-front costs and required $125k per year in licensing fees. ASer spending some /me with the
soSware, I found that, because of the overly complicated nature of the program, there was no produc/vity gain. I demonstrated
some simple (and industry standard) techniques would yield signicant produc/vity gains to my internal clients. ASer
documen/ng the techniques, the company adopted my suggested processes. ( Company)
! Out of personal interest and curiosity, I developed a new manner in which to analyze military systems. My ini/a/ve resulted
in an increasingly more realis/c way to evaluate weapon eects. My research combined sta/s/cs, image analysis and materials
engineering in a novel approach to the problem. This research a`racted the a`en/on of the US military branch leadership and I
was asked to present my ndings to the Senior Analysts Group (SAG) at the Pentagon and to senior researchers at the
Department of Defense Research Centers across the US. The US military branch adopted this approach and it has become the
standard approach to determinis/cally determine weapons eects. As a result of these eorts, I received an award from the
three star Commanding General of the US Military Branch / Organiza/on. ( US MILITARY ORGANIZATION )
! For a produc/on line update for the ber industry, created an opportunity to automate the process due to structural
symmetries. Working with a cross-func/onal team of engineers and designers, developed process through which a database and
set of generic templates were used to automa/cally generate some 480 produc/on drawings. Once the generic drawing
template was agreed upon, the team only needed to input their equipment iden/ca/on numbers into the database. The
system would then generate drawings, and when requested, would plot them for review. This process yielded drawings with
nearly 100% accuracy, and saved the project over 10,000 hours in design /me. ( Company)
! Served as mentor, collaborator and support for peer, junior and senior engineers, providing developmental coaching and
training in areas such as Lean Engineering principles and in the use of standard engineering prac/ces. Ini/ated compliance
paperwork to help projects in danger of missing milestones. Occasionally served as internal consultant providing soSware
examples, prototype samples or solu/ons. These eorts have lead to four promo/ons. ( Company)
! I started Name of Restaurant and Pub in City, State in 2007. Genera/ng over $4M in sales in just 4 years, I managed a sta of
22, was responsible for all legali/es of the business, nancial repor/ng and building/maintaining solid government rela/ons at
the local, county, state and federal levels. ASer working a full day, I oversaw the night opera/ons 6 days a week un/l closing.
This work did not have a nega/ve eect upon my engineering responsibili/es evidenced by the promo/ons I received during
this /me. Sold the business to dedicate more /me with family.
I have learned the prac/cal wisdom of cul/va/ng a professional and mutually respecxul rela/onship with my customers and
vendors. It is well known that eld engineers replace parts un/l problem goes away, guessing which part solved the problem.
Generally, the engineering group receives only an incident report. I have found that through regular communica/on with eld
engineers, I could be`er understand what failure they observed and so could develop be`er designs. ( Company, University of
State Name, US Military Organiza/on )

I engage the fabrica/on vendors early on in the design process as a habit. In general, their personnel can provide advantageous
input which can reduce cost and /melines. Further by geyng their buy-in to the design and through regular communica/ons
with them, I am also able to nego/ate be`er terms and, oSen /mes, receive prototype parts/assemblies at low or no costs with
highly aggressive /melines. ( Company, University of State Name, US Military Organiza/on )


US MILITARY ORGANIZATION, Loca/on (Sept. 2009 Contract End 12/11)
My work impacts on in excess $180M per year for infrastructure and $450M in development opportuni/es.
Deputy Manager / Senior Engineer Infrastructure and Investment Management / Test and Evalua<on Page |
Providing guidance and oversight of US Military Branch test centers' investment and infrastructure planning. Providing technical 5
guidance, planning, cost es/ma/on, cost tracking and schedule oversight of major investments. Genera/ng budgetary numbers
for future costs. Inventory skills and capabili/es of Department of Defense R&D test centers. Consult on and provide input to
test ac/vi/es to reduce /melines and costs. Engage in component- and system-level discussions to reduce /melines and
assembly costs. Proposal development for new system development. Proposal wri/ng and support to acquire new contract and
development opportuni/es.

COMPANY (Formerly Company). Loca/on (Sept. 2004 Sept. 2009)

My work impacted on gross sales of over $1.7B per year based upon 2009 earnings.
Lead Engineer Global Engineering Research and Development
Focused on troubleshoo/ng complex electro-mechanical products. Managed interdisciplinary project teams in the US, Germany
and an Italian contractor (Company producer of automa/on solu/ons) to analyze causes of failures and the development of
product and process enhancements. Also managed interdisciplinary teams responsible for new product development from
incep/on to commercial manufacturing. Developed baseline costs and schedules. Developed pre-produc/on designs for proof
of concept eorts. Coordinated technical solu/ons with Supplier Opera/ons, Marke/ng, Chemistry and Quality Teams to ensure
availability and costs were in line with established standards and customer needs. Interfaced with customers to ensure their
needs were understood and to set mutual expecta/ons. Developed Failure Modes and Eects Analyses (FMEA).

Project/ Product Life Cycle Management. Oversaw quality assurance of medical device design (RA/QA). Maintained
compliance with 510(k) submissions. Promptly completed Correc/ve Ac/ons/Preventa/ve Ac/ons (CAPAs). Design valida/on,
verica/on and reliability tes/ng. Development of lean manufacturing SOPs. Development of laboratory capabili/es. Developed
junior personnel in skills and knowledge resul/ng in four promo/ons.

US MILITARY BRANCH ORGANIZATION. Loca/on. (Aug. 2002 Sept. 2004)

My work impacted $1.8B in materiel development projects.
Mechanical Engineer (GS-12+)
Simula/on and modeling. Cost vs. Performance trades considered. Developed requirements for current and future systems,
developed Key Performance Parameters (KPP) and developed Analysis of Alterna/ves (AoA). Worked with cross-military teams
to develop Opera/onal Requirements Documenta/on (ORD). Project es/ma/on, planning and technical solu/ons.

University of STATE. Loca/on. (Sept. 2000 June 2002)

Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant
Designed and developed control systems and robo/cs systems. Modeling and simula/on of the physical and electrical systems.
Component design. Primary focus: Op/mal Control of Mul/ple Autonomous Unmanned Ground Robots. Developed and
executed tests for MAUGVs including cost tracking, schedule, analysis and report. Independent research in the areas of controls
and nonlinear dynamics. Provided mentoring to over 80+ undergraduate students in the subjects of Sta/cs and Dynamics.
Planning and oversight of capital upgrades to laboratory infrastructure to generate addi/onal capabili/es for test and evalua/on
of research equipment.

COMPANY. Loca/on. (Jan. 1999 Sept. 2000)

Process Engineer (Reason for leaving: Began full 9me work on a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.)
Led a team of senior designers, PDMS designers and CAD draSsmen in the design and specica/on of chemical process lines and
factory design. Managed an interdisciplinary team to improve communica/ons and be`er standardiza/on. On-site installa/on
of equipment. Start-up tes/ng and repor/ng of system func/onality.

COMPANY. Loca/on. (Jan. 1994 Sept. 1999)

Electrical/Instrumenta<on/Mechanical Designer
Electrical, mechanical and instrumenta/on design. Designed automa/on systems to improve draSer produc/vity. Due to high
energy and self-mo/va/on, tasked to support projects in jeopardy of missing deadlines or exceeding personnel budget. Field
tes/ng and support of system start-up. Worked this posi/on during my undergraduate educa/on as an addi/onal means of
support. During this employment, I transferred to the STATE NAME University to complete my educa/on, aSer having made the
transfer, I found that the College would not accept 40 credit hours. ASer comple/ng a semester there, I transferred back to
University of STATE NAME.

COMPANY. Loca/on. (Sept. 1997 Jan. 1998)

Site Lead/Designer (Reason for leaving: Transferred from NAME OF STATE University to the University of STATE NAME to nish
undergraduate degree.) Page |
In conjunc/on with plant engineers and technicians, designed the electrical and instrumenta/on systems of a tank farm for the
on-site dis/lla/on of acetone and methanol. Appointed by the lead instrumenta/on engineer to direct the work of 25 electrical
and instrumenta/on contractors.

In my Spare Time

RESTAURANT NAME. Loca9on. (July 2006 April 2011)

Managing Member/Owner
Managed a sta of up to 22 employees genera/ng sales of over $4 million. Managed vendor interac/ons for adver/sing/
marke/ng, services, equipment and product. Developed and implemented Health, Safety and Environmental policies. Ac/vely
drove cost reduc/ons and increased product quality. Developed and implemented HR policies. Developed and implemented
Approved Supplier Approval policies. Developed and implemented procurement policy. Managed nancial repor/ng from senior
sta members. Managed government rela/ons at the Local, County, State and Federal levels. Assumed legal responsibility for
business. Developed and implemented a charitable giving policy which generated over $70K in dona/ons to support research in
Breast Cancer, Langerhans Cell Histeocytosis and Leukemia. Sold the business to dedicate more /me with family.


Strategy games
Reading Control Systems, Math

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