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Fecha: 16 de noviembre de 2013 10:34
Asunto: Re: Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocio - IPADE

Estimado Luis,

Muchas gracias por tu inters en mi y pedirme mi CV para el desarrollo de nuevos negocios en Financiera
Independencia. Me emociona la idea de la posicin y, mientras ms comparo lo que buscan con mi experiencia y
resultados, me emociona an ms.

Buscas a alguien que analice las tendencias y necesidades del mercado objetivo; yo ofrezco casi 9 aos de experiencia
en anlisis de mercados en distintos niveles socioeconmicos y diversas industrias, incluyendo la industria financiera;
logrando alineacin y resultados entre mercado-producto.
Buscas a alguien capaz de asegurar que las campaas se realicen conforme a los lineamientos de la empresa; yo
ofrezco experiencia en el manejo y coordinacin de la agenda, as como manejo del cliente en campaas a nivel
nacional para empresas como Kellogg's y Wal-Mart.
Buscas fortalecer el posicionamiento estratgico de FINSOL para incrementar la captacin de clientes; yo ofrezco el
desarrollo y diseo de campaas; as como imagen corporativa en empresas del ramo turstico, meditico y del sector
salud. Distintos clientes, distintos tamaos, distintas industrias y los mismos excelentes resultados.

Agradecera mucho que vieras mi CV, donde hablo ms a detalle de mi experiencia profesional y resultados y lo que
Financiera Independencia puede obtener de mi.
As como lo indicas, te lo anexo en ingls y en espaol.

Si no tienes inconveniente estar contactndote el lunes 25 de noviembre; a menos de que me contactes tu primero.

Te agradezco mucho y recibe un gran saludo,

Cell Phone

Education: Objective: A Marketing Position for X COMPANY in which I am

IPADE, Mxico City expected to perform analysis of problems and needs, planning projects,
MBA, Master of Business creating cost-effective solutions for the company, conceptualizing new
Administration ideas to be ahead of the market, service management, design and budget
-Concentration: control as well as to establish strategic valuable relationships for the
Marketing/Management company.


- MBA Exchange Program
Special Skills and Abilities:
Successful planning, laying out step-by-step processes
B.A. in Communications Communication and coordination of multi-functional teams
- Minor in Marketing Disruptive mindset for identification and harnessing of markets
Excellent diagnosis on performance problems
UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE Tutoring and mentoring staff
DE MADRID Development and execution of business strategies
- B.A. Exchange Program
Special focus on strengthening customer loyalty and service
Exceptional focus and follow-up on results
Experience and Industry
Knowledge: Significant Personal Traits:
- Marketing
- Hospitality Constantly driven by an inclusive and wide vision, discovering what
-Media and Advertising competitors do not
- Start-ups Entrepreneur Spirit; successfully independent working on developing
- Strategic Consultancy business solutions
- Technology
Motivator and team leader to accomplish group and personal goals
Software: Dual mindset: A brain for the numbers and another one focused on
- MS Microsoft Office people and ideas
- Salesforce, CRM Easily adapt to different work environments and different ways of
- Adobe Photoshop thinking accomplishing success
- Final Cut Constant use of excellent customer service as a tool and
differentiating strategy
Identification and management of several market segments, knowing
the customers and clients insights

Relevant Professional Achievements:

Coordination and Campaign Follow-Up
- Conceptualization of 360-degree Marketing in unconventional media coordinating a single message in multiple
channels [Online newspapers, Social Media and Guerrilla]; obtaining better results, with 25% lower costs of the required
in traditional media
- I managed national-wide campaigns with an average budget of $3M MXN
- Coordination of services suppliers, achieving significant saves by 10%
- Developed B2B Marketing, getting in this way 3 new significant clients for the company
Page 2 - Harnessing of Markets
- I analyzed and calculated the private-banking Mexican market size, being able to obtain a realistic companys market
share; realizing a 2.8% disadvantage with the direct competitor
- Intangible product adaptation to the Latino market in the US, being 57% of the third biggest states population in the
- Identifying non-financial needs for customers of a specific financial institution, in increased the customer satisfaction
index by approximately 5%

Marketing Strategies
- I built a Customer Empowerment Strategy for a 300-employee company; increasing the service level and therefore the
loyalty. My motto: Brand awareness is short-lived and expensive; brand loyalty is long-term and highly profitable
- Corporate re-branding of Canal 11; defining the new broadcasting standards and reaching a younger audience, 25%
bigger than the former audience
- Created a brand and positioning for a firm in the tourist industry; increasing their sales and allowing them to enter in
the international market [Spain]
-I did a financial customer data base segmentation; aligning product and services to each and therefore increasing the
product consumption
-Designed complete campaigns in a very short notice. Latin American Class customers increased their budgets within the
company under my coordination

Business Development
- Commercial advising in the IT industry, creating a mobile app for financial institutions; closing a sale with an important
nationwide customer that allowed the partners to get financial and keep 100% of their equity
- I created a business plan for an idea incubator; allowing them to get financial aid 2 times bigger than expected
-By doing a restructuration of financial statements, I identified weak spots and managed to reduce product-importation
costs by 7% for a SME in the healthcare industry

Team Management and Mentoring

- Successful management of the marketing area in one of the top 3 IT companies in Latam; thanks to motivation,
efficient management, task administration and strategic alignment of 5 areas I increased 50% the demand of the area
compared to last year
- Implemented and trained staff on CRM systems for a 1,500-client company, increasing the upselling by 20%
- I designed and created a sales force; including profiles, territory division, capacity and compensations, increasing sales
by 12%
- Guest Professor at Universidad Iberoamericana, lecturing about Marketing Integration to groups of 30 students;
matching the lectures with the reality in the market
-After having half of my MBA work completed, work team expelled; I took action on it and motivated the rest of the
team, coordinating different profiles and therefore regaining team confidence. Every member of the team graduated 2
years before and I was honored with the Ingenuity, Constancy and Service Award Medal

Budget Control
- In charge of efficient budget allocation among 5 departments inside a marketing team, guaranteeing an average ROI of
5% to shareholders in every single generated activity
- Creation of financial statements for an SME in the textile industry. Utilization of shortages for the reduction in
purchases of inputs by 33% and increased the ROI of investors 2 times more than expected
-Budgeting and personal negotiations with suppliers reducing costs and increasing margins by 4% in projects of
renovating 5-Star Luxury Hotels rooms on the Riviera Maya
- Effective communication with multi-functional teams in order to increase the efficience of revenue management in
entertainment rooms
Page 3 Service-Driven
- Special attention to factors that generate value for the customer; aware of the high cost of customer acquisition; I
increased the service level given to customers by delivering media materials with 0% of delay, thus increasing the loyalty
of them
- Planning and realization of entertainment events from the customers point of view for a very specific segment;
obtaining as a result overcrowds due to the high consumption of tickets
- Assistance and support in the coordination of an annual convention in the U.S.A. of more than 7,000 people; the
strategy of coordination of the event changed around the response of the customer and supplier lecturers assisting
people like David Zaslav, Bill Lawrence and Donald Trump

- Ingenuity, Constancy and Service Medal. E. Arocena Foundation and IPADE, 2013
- Medal of Honor for successfully representing my university in the professional field. UIA, 2009
- 20 place. Latin America. Campaign to Fight Diabetes. Genomma Labs, 2008
- Medal of Honor. Deserved by successfully representing the Advertising and Marketing Department. Universidad
Iberoamericana, 2008
- - 20 place. National Level Campaign: Imagine a Future for Mxico. National Advertising Association (ANP in Spanish),

Voluntary Works
- Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) 2009, 2010
Guest Speaker. Mentoring freshman students in the Professional and Marketing Class
- Aydame que yo tambin soy mxicano. (ATM) 2010
Marketing Volunteer. I created monthly bulletins and promotional strategies to recruit people to help in building
houses for less-fortunate people
-Centro de Educacin Especial (CEDE) 2002 2005
Volunteer in entertainment programs for mentally challenged kids

Additional Courses
- CEIBS Business School. Shanghai, 2013 Doing Business in China
- Innoval Process Consulting. Mxico City, 2013 High Impact Project Management
- National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE). Las Vegas, 2010 Media and Business

- Spanish -- Native Speaker
- English Advanced [TOEFL 613/677 & TOEIC 930/990]
- French Intermediate
Outside Interests
- Playing Guitar, Bass and Piano Due to a necessary medical treatment with cortisone for 6 years, I
- Squash reached a level of morbid obesity. Today I can say that with
- Hockey commitment, persistence and perseverance I lost 115 pounds 7
- Soccer years ago and have never rebounded. I promise to have the same
- Baseball commitment and efficient results-oriented mindset with you as I
- Movies and TV Shows am achieving my own personal goals. No matter how hard they
- Travel might seem.
- Strategy Games

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