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BRENT T. WARD Voice: 919.380.

115 Granby Court eFax: 208.247.3898
Cary, NC 27511

Professional Profile
OBJECTIVE: Tactical and Strategic Delivery of Planned Portfolio Objectives and Revenue

I am driven to be a lead contributor in an emerging market company in the Software Component or

Electronics Component industries. A Duke honors graduate with a post-graduate degree, I am passionate
about developing strategic plans, tactical road maps, and network associations with the best and most
appropriate customers, analysts and partners. Ultimately, I drive portfolio-based revenue to small (to
medium) sized organizations through a milestone-based deliverable plan comprised of small immediate
tactical revenue, medium mid-term operational revenue, and large long-term strategic and renewing
revenue streams.


Strong entrepreneurial bent and history of successful application of free agent mindset and skills
Actively willing to accept big career risks on smaller entrepreneurial companies
Divergent thinker with a wide-ranging thirst for knowledge and its practical applications in
both traditional and non-traditional combinations
Able to conceptualize and articulate big picture concepts, and relate them in a compelling
and energizing manner
Can effectively connect with everyone from most senior positions to non-exempt workers
Effective thought leader, team builder, shaper of both dreams and plans to achieve them
Energetic people catalyst, helping internal work teams and external affiliations of professionals to
dissolve isolating barriers within professional communities by creating open forums to determine and
apply best practices, lessons learned, and world class excellence


Financial / Insurance / Banking Federal Government

e-Commerce (US Department of Defense)
Utilities State and Local Governments
Telecommunications (North Carolina)
Pharmaceuticals / Healthcare / Medical University
Electronics Manufacturing and Distribution (Duke/UNC/NCState)
(consumer, industrial and automotive)


SAIC Accenture Microsoft

Extremelogic Ciber Duke University

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Data, Systems, Architecture and Applications

Integration and Inter-operation (Middleware, Business Process, Data Transformation, Security)
Customer Interaction Management via data and touch point integration across enterprises
Solutions Architecture (Synchronous and Asynchronous, including Hybrid)

Sales and Marketing Management

Planning, development and management of sales professionals and their activities
Clarification of corporate market position, market message, and collateral creation
Market trends, data, and competitive analyses

Business Development/Planning
Account Identification
Partner identification
Strategic Planning (Sales/Marketing)

Engineering (R&D)
Product Design, Development and Production
Cost Reduction Initiatives through Supplier and Services Selection (Six Sigma)
Relationship management with Manufacturers, Reps, Distributors, and OEMs


New Business Development:

Product design contract for hand-held device, value: $3M-$5M. (DCT)
Chloride Systems Bonding, value: $1M+. (Future Electronics)
Microsoft and SAIC partnership for software product, value: 6 corporate clients (YY Software)

Market Strategy Development:

Message clarification, value: average a-ha! 30 seconds (YY Software)
Founded The Caf at Duke University, value: improved campus communications (The Caf)
TEC Group, value: access to larger companies and market intelligence (Future Electronics)

Account Growth:
Exceeded $2M quota 2 years in a row (Future Electronics)
Overcame and increased account revenue $300K+ (Level 8 Systems)
Delivered 2 Beta customers and multiple partners for new technology (YY Software)


Business Account Manager, YY Software, Mountain View, CA (Durham, NC) [1/01 6/01]
Scope of position: Worked with team of four (4) covering Eastern Seaboard. Responsible for first two
reference customers and relationships with Microsoft, SAIC, Ciber, Extremelogic, and OnSphere.
Reason for leaving: Company reorganized and eliminated most existing sales and marketing positions.

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Senior Account Executive, Level 8 Systems, Cary, NC [1/00 - 1/01]
Scope of position: Worked with Southeast Sales Region personally covering NC, SC, VA, TN, KY.
Responsible for the only product and professional services sale in sales force during employment
Reason for leaving: Company reorganized and changed market message while eliminating most existing
sales and marketing positions.

Field (Technical) Sales Representative, Future Electronics, Raleigh, NC [1/98 to 12/99]

Scope of position: Responsible for gross sales targets in excess of $2M/yr. Covered Eastern NC.
Reason for leaving: Grew accounts to level of working with CEOs, VPs of Engineering, and other
strategic stakeholders looking for additional growth and skills development.

Product Marketing Management for Data Communications Technologies, RTP, NC [5/95 to 1/98]
Scope of position: Responsible for product development, contract negotiations, technical sales and
marketing support and production execution.
Reason for leaving: Looking for additional direct sales experience and direct accountability.

Sales / General Manager for New Horizons Computer Learning Center, El Paso, TX [12/94 to 4/95]
Scope of Position: Responsible for hiring, training, and managing 4 sales people, operations of local
franchise, and large account development including EPNG, EPEC, Realtors of El Paso, and others.
Reason for leaving: El Paso Franchisee closed due to delays in large corporate contract with Government.


I do not simply learn for the love of learning. I put my knowledge to practical use, both for my own
benefit and that of others. I love to share my talents and knowledge with others in ongoing Mentoring
relationships. Here are some of my current projects. You are free to contact each person listed, and each
will be happy to discuss real-life applications, methodologies and successes.

Acorn Consulting Inc, Cary, NC (Don Burrows, Owner, 919-460-4628). Through iterative
process of feedback/rewriting/editing/feedback, have assisted local organizational development
consultant to create structural and marketing framework to launch a sustainable process to
quantifiably identify pre-existing people problems in companies targeted for merger, acquisition or
joint venture. His process, unique in the M&A industry, may become a franchised product., Raleigh, NC (Rebecca Antonelli, Owner, 919-875-2100) Through facilitation of

planning workshop, helped to identify opportunities for additional sales, cost reduction measures, and
possible plan for increasing top-line revenue to support additional divisions and possible franchisees
in local and national markets. Ongoing support includes referral accounts that have closed for
increased revenue.

BehaviorSpace, Durham, NC (Mark Puflea, Founder, 919-264-7430) Through perseverance,

iterative discussions and refinement, helped to develop the sales message that is accurate and
compelling. Will be using refined message to secure venture funding and recruitment of support in
local and national community. Long term opportunities include application of technology to support
cost reductions, process integration, and ROI identification and remediation.

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DRP Performance, Rocky Mount, VA (Sam Garber, General Manager, 888-399-6074) Through
multiple workshop sessions, helped to develop a team approach within the organization to achieve
desired sales objectives. Has helped illuminate the team value of each team member and
identification of best next steps in organizational direction towards revenue targets. Helped raise the
bar for team expectations.

Duke University Computer Science, Durham, NC (Alan Bierman, Chairman, 919-660-6500)

Through participation in Industrial Partners Program, visioning workshops with Department and
University Stakeholders, and future facilitation support, has helped to develop the strategic and
tactical plan to achieve revenue expectations beyond original expectations. Helped to re-frame the
department as self-sufficient revenue generator.

Mojo Commerce, Cary, NC (Ed Bray, Sales Rep, 919-272-3603) Through iterative discussions,
sales mentoring, and interviews with executive staff, has helped to develop a clearer understanding
and sales presentation message to customers and potential partners. Has identified opportunities in
the market space and facilitated introductions to potential customers within his network.


Custom Kiosks Information and Survey Terminals for Healthcare Facilities

o : Profit Margins/Outsourcing, : Quantum Steps, : Accounts Receivable/Aging
PartzOnline/eePartz Global Exchange/Portal for Electronic Designers
o : Leadership/Vision, : Force it Open, : Friends as Business Partners
Papas Hands All Wood Specialty Reseller
o : Quality/Customer Service, : Marketing Performance, : Excess Inventory All Smiley Marketing and Retail Sales
o : Market Need, : Extended Revenue Model, : Inventory Commitment
Computer Docs Computer Maintenance, Architecture, and Consulting
o : Customer Loyalty, : Customer Choice/Access, : Process Inefficiencies
ROI Ventures Marketing Technology Solutions Consulting
o : Ownership/Market, : Critical Mass, : Leap of Faith


Duke University
M.S.E.E., December 1994.
Thesis: An Experimental Study in Micro-Electronic Subsystem Reusability
Worked with BME Ph.D. candidate on development of 3D-ultrasound system, opened and
managed coffee shop on campus (The Caf) in Student Center. Leader of Diversity Dinners
with cross-sections of community citizens. Worked with entrepreneurs within Goodworks of
Durham, NC.
GPA: 4.0 of 4.0

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Duke University
B.S.E.E., May 1992
Double major - Electrical Engineering and Psychology
Summa Cum Laude, GPA 4.0/4.0, Deans List, Best Research Project (award of plaque and check
for $2,000 for robotic development and testing platform for future student labs), Phi Delta Theta
Fraternity (officer), BSA member, Research Assistant/Programmer for Cognitive Psychology
Professor, Engineer/Programmer for Electrical Engineering Professor (had allocated/dedicated
lab space), Student Outreach Programs for Women and Children in community (e.g., partnered
with Lego to teach gearing to 3rd Graders). Outreach into community elementary schools to do
science experiments. SAE, Habitat for Humanity, Literacy Council, Eno River State Park and
Goodworks volunteer/participant.

During time period of 1989 - 1994, throughout Master's program and during summers, held a
number of engineering positions in different parts of the country, all of which involved research,
measurement and establishment of quality standards. My most significant position was as
research assistant for Dr. Apostolos Dollas (Duke University, 1992 - 1994), supporting his work
in digital research and development.

Coronado High School (El Paso, Texas), June 1988

Graduated 6/600, Honor Roll, GPA 4.0/4.0, Computer Science Club, Entrepreneurial Activities
(Dating Service, Classroom Candy Sales, Car Stereo Design and Production), Basketball, Golf,
Soccer, Backpacking. College courses in computer programming.

Continuing Education Courses - As part of my commitment to lifelong learning, I am pursuing my own

experience-based life-MBA. The following comprise my curriculum to date:

Accounting I/II - 1997

Real Estate Brokerage Property Management/Finance - 1997
General Contracting - 1997
Residential Home Inspection - 1996
Real Estate Brokerage Operations/Law/Salesman - 1996
Investment Analysis - 1996
Building Your Business from the Ground Up - 1996
Marketing - The Process of Creating Customers - 1996

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Because I am committed to lifelong learning, not only will you have the benefit of my technical expertise
to help you improve profitability; you'll also have the opportunity to apply the knowledge of some of the
best minds in the world. Here is a current list of professional and self-development tapes and books
whose concepts I'm prepared to apply to your unique situation and business challenges.

Seminars (Top 10)

Bringing a Product to Market
Creating a Business Plan Part I/II
Critical Path Strategies
Developing an Effective Sales Strategy
Export NOW!
Giving Effective Sales Presentations
Low Cost Market Research
Negotiating Contracts and Skills Workshop
Solution Based Selling
Tradeshows: Strategies for Marketing on a National Level

Significant Books (Top 10)

Bringing Out the Best in People - McGinnis
Crossing the Chasm/Inside the Tornado/Gorilla Game/Living on the Fault Line
- Geoffrey A. Moore
Dos and Taboos Around the World - Roger E. Axtell
How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less - Frank Oatman
How to Make People Say "Yes" - Al Whitman
Open Book Management - John Case
Power Base Selling - Jim Holden
Real Time: The Age of the Never Satisfied Customer Regis McKenna
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - John C. Maxwell
The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

Significant Audiotapes (Top 10)

The Art of War Sun Tzu
Business at the Speed of Thought - Bill Gates
Getting to Yes - Fisher, Ury and Patton
How to Build a Network of Power Relationships - Harvey Mackay
Low Profile Selling/Masters of Closing - Tom Hopkins
Magnetic Marketing/The Midas Touch - Dan Kennedy
Mars and Venus - Dr. John Gray
PsychoCybernetics - Dr. Maxwell Maltz
The Secrets of Power Negotiating - Roger Dawson
Six Sigma, The Breakthrough Management Strategy Mikel J. Harry

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OUTSIDE INTERESTS (in addition to mentoring):

Golf, Fishing, Reading, PaintBall, Woodworking, Cooking, Community Service, GO and other
strategic exercises

Founder and active participant in these three local/global societies:

o TEC (Triangle Engineers Consortium)
o DEFT (Dynamic Enterprise Forum [Techniques, Tools, Technologies])
o 100thHuman/DomainOfOne (Corporate and Personal Visioning)

President, Waterford Place Home Owners Association Board of Directors (~6 years)

Travel and Cultural Study (Language, Customs, and Cuisine)

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