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Association of English Speakers of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina


Bylaws and Constitution


We, the members of AESOP (Association of English Speakers of PLMar),

subscribing to the regulations and policies of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina,
establish this bylaws and constitution to govern the matters within our organization and
the university.

Article I
Name, Jurisdiction and Affiliations

Section 1: The official name of this organization is Association of English Speakers of

Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Marikina or better known as AESOP;
Section 2: AESOP is located and has jurisdiction over all Bachelor of Secondary
Education English major students and other qualified students in
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina, Marikina City, Philippines;
Section 3: AESOP is affiliated with other organizations: EDUC-kada, Elementum (Math
Society of PLMar) and Damlay_PLMar.

Article II

Section 1: The purposes of establishment of this organization are the following:

1.1. to corporate the Mission, Vision and Goals of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng
1.2. enhance holistic formation of the students;
1.3. organize and supervise official student activities;
1.4. to serve as a medium of communication between students, faculty,
administration and other sectors of the university;
1.5. supervise relations among the students, faculty, administration and other
sectors of the university.

Article III

Section 1: Principles
1.1. Peace, Unity and Equality shall guide this organization in ensuring the
welfare and security of its members;
1.2. Respect for individual differences is paramount;
1.3. Honesty, integrity, discipline and efficiency characterizes all activities;
Article IV

Section 1: AESOP is committed to realizing the PLMar mission and vision statements,
together with the entire PLMar community;
Section 2: AESOP operates in a spirit of respectful collaboration among its members and
with other organizations and sectors in all places and activities which do
not violate PLMar policies;
Section 3: AESOP shall adopt and implement the policy of consultation and transparency
in all its activities;
Section 4: AESOP shall use ENGLISH as the official language in meetings, in any
communication, transaction and all activities of the organization.

Article V

Section 1: Qualification
1.1. All English major students enrolled in the Department of Education are
automatically considered members of the organization;
1.2. Any enrolled PLMar student who wishes to abide all rules, regulations,
principles and policies of this organization and the university.

Section 2: Rights
2.1. Participate in discussion and deliberation during assemblies;
2.2. Vote on all matters brought up for a decision during assemblies;
2.3. Express one’s opinions and suggestions in a peaceful assembly not contrary
to school policies;
2.4. Privacy of communication and confidentiality of personal record;
2.5. Right against unreasonable searches and seizures;
2.6. Right to due process;
2.7. Right to representation in all administrative and policy making bodies on
matters that affect them and shall be acted upon if deem necessary by the
2.8. Right to avail of all the services of the organization without any
2.9. Right to be properly informed of the activities of the organization.

Section 3: Duties of the Members

3.1. Adhere to the principles and policies of the organization, as well as abide by
and carry out the decision made by in the assembly;
3.2. Protect and uphold the unity and integrity of the organization through their
individual expressions, actions and their interaction with other members as
well as other sectors of the PLMar community;
3.3. Maintain good moral conduct;
3.4. Full support to all the activities of the organization in terms of active
participation and cooperation;
3.5. Help create harmonious and productive relationships within and outside the
3.6. Pay the registration fee of twenty pesosn (Php 20.00) per semester on or
before the deadline agreed on by the officers of the organization;
3.7. Be a member of good standing in the organization by adhering to all his
duties and responsibilities as a member of the organization.

Article VI

Section 1: List of Officers and their respective Qualifications, Functions and Duties.
1.1. President
1.1.1. Must be a SENIOR student;
1.1.2. Must with excellent communication skills;
1.1.3. Currently not in any position of any organization;
1.1.4. Must have at least one year of residency in the university;
1.1.5. Charged with the over all welfare of the organization;
1.1.6. Acts as official representative of the organization and student
representative of the College of Education in school meetings,
activities, conferences etc;
1.1.7. Assists the College Dean in disseminating information and
facilitating student cooperation in College programs and activities;
1.1.8. Works with the Vice President in all of his/her functions;
1.1.9. Acts as a model member of good standing.
1.2. Vice President for Internal and External Affairs
1.2.1. Vice President for Internal Affairs must be a SENIOR and the Vice
President for External Affairs must be a JUNIOR student;
1.2.2. Must be with excellent communication skills;
1.2.3. Currently not in any position of any organization;
1.2.4. Must have at least one year of residency in the university;
1.2.5. Assists the President in all his/her functions;
1.2.6. Assumes the President’s roles and duties and responsibilities
whenever the President id unavailable or incapacitated;
1.2.7. Oversees the different committees, which maybe formed from time
to time;
1.2.8. Coordinates with the other officials in all matters;
1.2.9. Acts as a model member of good standing.
1.3. Executive and Associate Secretary
1.4.1. Executive Secretary must be a JUNIOR student and its associate
must be a SOPHOMORE student;
1.3.2. Must be with excellent communication skills;
1.3.3. Currently not in any position of any organization;
1.3.4. Must have at least one year of residency in the university;
1.3.5. Records all the minutes of the meetings and assemblies;
1.3.6. Gives notices and invitations of meetings to members and guests;
1.3.7. Keeps all records, documents and files of the organization;
1.3.8. Submits to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and other duly
authorized bodies the required documentation promptly;
1.4.9. Acts as a model member of good standing.
1.4. Treasurer
1.4.1. Executive Treasurer must be a JUNIOR student;
1.4.2. Currently not in any position of any organization;
1.4.3. Must have at least one year of residency in the university;
1.4.4. Safe keeps the organization’s funds;
1.4.5. Prepares the organization’s budget in coordination with the other
1.4.6. Maintains the financial stability of the organization by working
according to the approved budget;
1.4.7. Plans for and oversees fund-raising projects of the organization;
1.4.8. Must be honest and incorruptible at all times;
1.4.9. Coordinates with the auditor in preparing all reports and in all
financial matters of the organization;
1.4.10. Acts as a model member of good standing.
1.5. Auditor
1.5.1. Must be either a JUNIOR or SOPHOMORE student;
1.5.2. Currently not in any position of any organization;
1.5.3. Must have at least one year of residency in the university;
1.5.4. Charged with checking the correctness and truthfulness of all
financial reports;
1.5.5. Prepares the periodic liquidation reports presented to the General
1.5.6. Coordinates with the treasurer in all financial matters of the
1.5.7. Acts as a model member of good standing.
1.6. Public Relation Officer (P.R.O)
1.6.1. Must be either a SENIOR or JUNIOR student;
1.6.2. Must be with excellent communication skills;
1.6.3. Currently not in any position of any organization;
1.6.4. Must have at least one year of residency in the university;
1.6.5. Disseminates all information from the College Dean and the
Organization to all members of the department and the
1.6.6. Assists the officers in the implementation of activities, plans and
projects by developing and securing the active participation and
support of all members;
1.6.7. Collects membership fees regularly and other legitimate financial
contributions from all members and submits them to the treasurer
promptly, along with supporting financial status reports;
1.6.8. Hears the concerns, suggestions and problems of the members and
brings these to the attention of the organization’s officers and the
College Dean promptly;
1.6.9. Acts as a model member of good standing.
Article VII

Section 1: Attainment
1.1. The official term of each officer shall begin on the day after the election
of all organization officers and shall end on the day of the election of the new
1.2. All incumbent officers of the organization shall remain in the office until
the new set of officers shall have been sworn into office;
1.3. The newly elected officers shall attend the oath taking ceremony held
every August.

Section 2: Impeachment
2.1. The officers of the organization may be impeached by the following grounds:
2.1.1. Violating any of the policies and principles of the University and the
2.1.2. Theft or loss of the organization funds;
2.1.3. Misuse or abuse of authority;
2.1.4. Using one’s position to extremely enrich oneself;
2.1.5. Have not maintained their respective qualifications, functions and
duties as officers of the organization.
2.2. Impeachment shall be done if the officer/s is/are declared guilty of
committing such impeachment grounds after due process governed by
authoritative bodies.

Section 3: Vacancy
3.1. Any specified office in the organization may be vacant with the following
3.1.1. Resignation of officer/s;
3.1.2. Promotion to higher position;
3.1.3. Unable to enroll for second semester;
3.1.4. Death of the officer/s;
3.1.5. Impeached incumbent officer/s.
3.1. If an officer/s wish/es to resign from his/her office due to more reasonable
matter, he/she must submit a letter of resignation one month before his/her
wished date of resignation to the president of the organization and the
3.2. The president and the adviser, together with the other officers of the
organization must evaluate the reason/s behind the officer/s resignation.
The resignation letter will be signed by the president and the adviser if the
approval of the majority of the officers is attained.
Article VIII
Section 1: Electoral Procedure is held in the month of June and the transferability of all
files and documents to the newly elected officers is at the end of March.
Section 2: Procedure of Voting
2.1. Students who wish to be an officer in the organization must come from the
Department of Education – English Major only;
2.2. Official meeting will be held for all English Major students from the
Department of Education on the first week of June.
2.3. Anyone can nominate and vote for anybody who meets the criteria in the
qualifications of officials as stipulated in the Article VI of this
2.4. Fifty percent plus 1 (50%+1) vote is the percentage needed for any legal
Section 3: Special Election is held if there is any impeachment or vacancy of office as
stipulated in Article VII, Section 2 and 3 respectively.

Article IX

Section 1: The regular and official meeting of AESOP is once every week depending on
the agreed day, time and place of the incumbent officials.
Section 2: Special meeting can be called upon by the officials aside from the authorized
meeting day as necessary for special pronouncements.
Section 3: A quorum shall consist of fifty percent plus one (50%+1) member present at
any meeting.
Section 4: Minutes of every meeting, regular or special, should be taken down by the
incumbent executive and associate secretary of the organization.
Section 5: General assembly of all the incumbent members of the organization shall be
held if necessary for special pronouncements.

Article XI

Section 1: Any motion for constitutional amendments must be sponsored by any officer/s
or member/s of the organization. The sponsor/s shall be responsible for the
drafting of the proposed amendment/s;

Section 2: Any motion for constitutional amendments must be filed with the officers of
the organization;

Section 3: The officers shall be tasked to call all the officers of the organization for the
process of deliberation;

Section 4: A simple majority vote of 50% plus one (50%+1) vote must be reached to
mandate amendment/s;
Section 5: The ratified amendment/s must be presented to the advisor, Department Head,
Office of Student Affairs (OSA) Dean for the final ratification;

Section 6: Revised Bylaws and Constitution must be presented to the student assembly as
soon as it is finally ratified by the authoritative bodies.