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JUNE 18, 2017

Mass Schedule
Saturday 5PM
Sunday 8AM & 10AM

Served by:
Fr. Anthony R. Lipari, FCM

Fr. Drew Miller

Associate Pastor

Sr. Donna Lombardi, N/FCM

Pastoral Associate

Karen Suter
Parish Administrator

Mike & Fran Krol

Parish Council Leaders

An All Inclusive Independent Catholic Community,

Dedicated to Making the World a Better Place
A Shepherd's View

The more I grow older, the

more the expression, "You are
what you eat," becomes a reali- June 18
ty! While we all watch what we 5pm For the fathers of our parish
eat in fear of weight gain, or 8am For the fathers of our parish
eat certain things that will help 10am Pat Fusaro
us lose weight, today's Solem-
nity of "The Most Holy Body
and Blood of Christ" (Corpus Christi) truly makes June 25
us realize that whenever we consume 5pm
Communion at Church we should become what 8am
we eat! 10am
Receiving Holy Communion is such a wonderful
gift! We should reverence it, honor it and live it.
When coming to Communion, one should be
truly graced to receive it, not grab it. The Host
should be accepted into our hands with
reverence. The cup should be SLOWLY poured Shepherds View continued .
into our mouths. Speaking of which, it always
brings up the question, why some people DO Talking in Church should be at a low level of
NOT receive the cup? Or why do some Churches chat so that others might be allowed to pray.
never offer it? After all, Jesus said, "Take and Eat, After Receiving Communion, participate in the
Take and Drink." Intinction, the dipping of Eucharistic Song, or say prayers of
the consecrated host into the cup, is allowed for thanksgiving privately.
those who do not want to take the cup...but I One of the greatest compliments all the
encourage you to rethink this method. Jesus parishioners at Good Shepherd are to praise
shared the cup to His Disciples to drink from it. over, is the fact that after communion NO ONE
Don't forget to say AMEN (which means I rushes out to the parking lot, like in so many
BELIEVE!) as the Eucharist and Cup is presented other churches. I am weekly inspired by that
to you. reverence of ALL our members and want to say
Parents should truly teach the holiness of the thank you! Finally, as you leave Church after the
Eucharist to their youngsters and we older ones Sending Forth Blessing, always remember YOU
should approach Communion with awesome ARE WHAT YOU HAVE JUST CONSUMED.
respect, for what we receive is TRULY the Body Bring the Jesus inside of you to all you
and Blood of Jesus...not a memorial, not a encounter by word and action. Truly make every
symbol, but the Lord Himself. Sunday, and every day, a love for the Most Holy
Some other points of interest....Whenever we Body and Blood of Jesus!
come into church we should slightly bow to the
Altar in which once again, Jesus will come to us,
and should be honored before we sit in our pews. Live Jesus in our hearts,
The same is true whenever we pass the forever!
Tabernacle (the Home of the Reserved,
Consecrated Hosts for the distribution to the Sick
Saints of the Week

June 19:
St. Romuald, Abbot, (+1027)

June 21:
St Aloysius Gonzaga, Religious (+1591)

June 22:
St Paulinus of Nola, Bishop, (+431)

Sts John Fisher, Bishop

& Thomas More, Martyrs (+1535)

Franciscan Reflections

Let everyone be struck with

fear, let the whole world
tremble, and let the heavens
exult when Christ, the Son of
the living God, is present on
the altar in the hands of a
priest! O wonderful loftiness and
stupendous dignity! O sublime
humility! O humble sublimity! The
Lord of the universe, God and the Son
of God, so humbles himself that for
our salvation he hides himself under
an ordinary piece of bread and a cup
of wine! Brothers & Sisters, look at the
humility of God, and pour out your
hearts before him! Humble yourselves
that you may be exalted by him! Hold
nothing back of yourselves for
yourselves, that he who gives himself
totally to you may receive you

~St Francis of Assisi

(Letter to The Order 26-29)

St. Thomas More
Martyr (1478-1535) June Birthday Blessings to ..
Thomas More was one of the most highly
Wendy Melly
respected men of his time. A successful
barrister, an honest judge, a famous scholar, Samantha Cassese
he rose to the highest status of any David Costello
commoner in England, appointed by Henry Erin Costello
VIII to the post of lord chancellor.
He considered himself a loyal friend and
servant of the king. But by this point King
and belated May Blessings to:
Henry was moving on a collision course with
the authority of the Catholic Church. The Sue Radsniak and Joan Keeney!
issue was his desire to annul his marriage to
Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn.
When the pope blocked his way, Henry
divorced Catherine, married Anne, and
required that all subjects repudiate any
foreign authority, prince or potentate.
Rather than oppose the king, More resigned
his position but when he refused to take the
oath he was arrested and imprisoned in the
Tower of London.
After fifteen months More was put on trial
and convicted on the basis of perjured God and Father of all creation,
testimony. On the day of his execution on we come before you today with humble hearts.
July 6, 1535, he displayed his wit, asking for You are our model of a loving father.
When we fail and fall short of your expectations,
the executioners help in ascending the
you are always there at the end of the day with
scaffold: As for my coming down, let me
open arms,\ready to heal the cuts and scrapes
shift for myself. Addressing the gathered of the day and to encourage us to try again
crowed he spoke: I die as the kings true and not to give up.
servant, but Gods first.
We hold up these men in our midst who act in the
World as fathers to their children or models of
Little as I meddle in the conscience of fathers for others.
others, I am certain that my conscience
belongs to me alone. It is the last thing that Bless them in their moments of doubt and
a man can do for his salvation: to be at one frustration with their children. Give them
with himself. ~ St. Thomas More warm and open hearts to forgive failures.
Provide them with the words needed for
encouragement and perseverance.
Source: Blessed Among Us; Day by Day with Saintly We ask all this in the name of Jesus.
Witnesses written by Robert Ellsberg Amen.
Published by Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN