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Introduction by Tony d' Maestro

What does claiming my title mean? Who may use this process? And a brief history of how our
commercial enslavement evolved from endentured slavery into commercial slavery in the world.

Redeeming your commercial title is very much like spiritual redemption in the biblical sense.
Where spiritual redemption restores your soul from the ravages and damages of sin or
misconduct, the reclaiming of title process restores your equity status and financial sole from the
exploitation of commercial slavery instituted by the money changers whom were allegedly
despised by Christ Jesus during his sojourn and ministry while on Earth. The court systems are
now the modern day equivolent of those ancient money changers.

The evolution of commercial control of the banking systems throughout history began
thousands of years before the birth of Christ with the use of gold and other precious commodities
used in the commercial arena, market place, and the royal vaults of warlords and kings whom
established themselves as rulers and overseers of their local community. Their inherent greed led
to the hoarding of large sums of valued commodities that were used in the trade for other
resources that were not readily available in the local community and therefore required some
type of exchange process; such as bartering for goods and services, or for special skills and
knowledge with those that had such expertise.

The control and manipulation of finances is a skill that not many people know or understand
outside the daily activity of buying and selling of personal goods and services. In this day and
age, one must train in the application of accounting and money management. Without that
training, you are limited to handling smaller sums and assets, unless you hire someone more
skilled than yourself to help manage your assets and resources. That is where problems lie. Who
can you trust with your valuable assets and resources that won't lie, cheat and steal your acquired
wealth. The more you have, the more difficult it will become to keep track of all your sheep,
goats and cattle, for example. You might own land and assets that are out of your immediate
sight located in another community which would require a manager to watch your cattle or
vacation home in that other community. If you have acquired large sums of money, and you do
not possess a strong safe, and a well padded mattress to store your money, gold, and precious
gems, you would need to go looking for a safe bank, or warehouse in which to store your

Unfortunately, not all banks are as secure as we would like. Bankers had learned a scheme in
past ages that enabled them to use other peoples assets that were held in trust. They would loan
out portions of that value in the form of commodity scripts that represented the gold or silver
stored within their vaults. The bankers records would show that your gold on record was still
available and safe from loss. But, what you did not know was that the script you were holding
was only representing a small portion of the assets available to be redeemed from them. The
amount of script that banker could write was not limited to the actual amount of gold and silver
they possessed. Who would regulate the misconduct of these bankers? The influence of these
money changers grew to the potential of most kings and queens, but with little oversight
management of their accounting practices. Their influence led to controlling future laws and
regulation created by monarchs and governments.

During the dark ages, bankers and English rulers colluded with religious leaders to acquire
more wealth and assets from the people they protected. The wealth of the monarchy grew
through trade and commercial enterprises around the world. One such device that was employed
to acquire wealth and value from the people was an artificial device known as a trust. A trust is
simply an agreement between two people to hold an asset for the benefit of a third party called a
beneficiary. The first party, or Grantor would pass down something valuable (an asset) to a
second party or Trustee, with the purpose of holding it for the future use of a third party,
beneficiary, whom would lay claim to the asset at a later date. Sometimes a beneficiary had no
knowledge of the trustee or the cestui que trust until the trustee notified him or her that such
possession was available to them. One such type of device was created in 1666 by the king's
Exchequer and legislated by parliament, called the Cestui Que Trust (pronounced "sesta-key")
for the purpose of recovering the real estate titles of those whom had died during the great
plagues, or during battles with foreign countries in the religious Crusades, or simply lost at sea
on some trade expedition for the Crown of England. Whatever the reason, the Crown needed a
way to control and manage the lost assets and real estate of all those land owners, or landlords
presumed dead at sea.

The successive Popes in Rome did the same thing for their parishioners. Their trusts were
called Papacy Bulls. These were the first known trusts created for the purpose of gaining title
over every soul on the planet. The presumed parties to the trust were the grantor, St. Peter who is
said to possess the Keys to Heaven under authority of the Divine Deity, as the first party. The
second party was the grantee who is the Pope, as trustee; and the third party to this trust were the
beneficiary souls whom would receive permission from the Pope to pass through into heaven.
And there you have ultimate control over the people and their assets. The Pope apparently owned
you, body and soul, through divine right as trustee.

Through such devices, these rulers could manage and control the populace with a tight fisted
stranglehold. None would escape. By controlling the bankers, commercial trade and real estate,
the English Crown would control the new colonies in the Americas using Trading Colonies each
headed by an appointed governor. These territories later became States. The thirteen trading
colonies became the original 13 united States under the trust compact called Articles of
Confederation! However, they were still bound tightly to the king whom wanted his greater share
of the profits from the trades and marketplaces of the new colonies he had financed. The Loyalist
in the colonies were given large land grants and would secure the interests of the king.

But, many of the new immigrants were not loyal to the king and were in fact exiled slaves and
persecuted religious zealots who wanted to escape the king's malicious stranglehold. As more
and more immigrants entered the new world seeking freedom, the English king needed to
exercise more control over the trades and shipping that he was losing to France and Spain.
Emissaries were sent to establish (Rothschild) banks and trading companies under the king's
authority. The new immigrants did not trust these bankers and avoided them by burying their
acquired wealth in their backyards. After the War for Independence and the War of 1812, a new
scheme was formed to establish central banks to help the newly formed government grow. Since
the government could not tax the people directly because of constitutional restraints limiting its
authority to international trade and commerce at the time, it regulated over manufacturing,
shipping and railroad commerce through the use of excise tax levies and import taxes.
Eventually, the small government incorporated in 1871 as the "United States." The corporte
entity was then able to escape its restraints from the small district of Columbia with the
application of new legislation called the Judiciary Act of 1879. This new corporate entity was no
longer the same government created during colonial days. This new corporate person had the
secret backing of the Crown and the Bank of England. Why so?

Didn't we win the fight for independence in 1776 and later in 1812? Unfortunately, the Paris
Treaty of Peace and the Treaty of Versailles established the Crown of England as the new
government's arch-treasurer. As the treasurer, the king could create as many banks as he needed
to establish commercial control over American commerce. Manhattan Island is owned and
controlled by the Netherlands. It started a private central bank in 1784 and claimed a new union
for the States. This new union was an illegal act because the new union imposed the will of a
foreign sovereign upon the newly declared independent States that had already been formed.
That same union is still under Manhattan Island control, however, the original Union is still in
place under States rights. Later, through the creation of the Federal Reserve System, and the
International Monetary Fund, the Crown would become the trustee of the recovering bankrupt
United States corporation with its assets in receivership. The private Dutch Bank conglomerate
would loan money back to the government for its annual budget without oversight or control at a
small percentage rate. What a great scam that was! But, the people themselves were not yet
entangled into this elaborate scheme of commercial control. After the first World War, a long
range plan was put into action though surreptitious legislation that would take effect many years
into the future.

In the meantime, the newly created Federal Reserve Banking System evolved through
modified statutes to make all State citizens enemies of the corporate city-state due to their alien
status, thereby giving the D.C. municipal government authority to confiscate their assets for the
FED. The term U.S. citizen is not synonymous with Citizen of the United States or even an
American National which are all different political entities. Citizenship of the United States is
acquired by submitting a specific petition to a Court of Common law (which are no longer
available to American Nationals) and declaring an oath of allegiance to the United States
Corporation before a district Judge. An American National is anyone born within the border's of
the several fifty States. But, a United State's citizen is anyone born in the district of Columbia, or
in one of its U.S. territories or enclaves (military bases or forts), or who was naturalized through
the immigration process. Either way, if you have not made a formal declaration within a
common law court jurisdiction to become a Citizen of the United States, you are then regarded as
a resident alien (under the 14th Amendment), or a non-resident alien as an American National.
Now you know why you can not claim any constitutional rights in a tribunal "administrative
court" today. As an alien resident or non-resident alien you don't own that privilege until you
petition the court for Citizenship in an article III, Common Law Court of law which are rarely
made available to the people for that purpose, unless you are a direct relative of one of the ruling
All jurisdictional status is referrenced to and within the district of Columbia (the United States
Corporation). You are in resident "alien situs" with respect to residing within the district of
Columbia. The district of Columbia is a city-state, an equivalent term for United States, or U.S.
If you are NOT located within the border of the district, you are located from without the United
States, inc. The several States are located without the United States. America is a geographical
term referring to the physical land mass of north America. However, under the Buck Act, the
U.S. created federal improvement zones called ZIP codes, which when used places yourself
within a fictitious federal territory called a zone improvement program filled with illusive
benefits and jeopardy of all types. Now let's look at one of those illusive benefits.

Through slight of hand and the manipulation of terminology, legal words or terms were
redefined in government legislation to make the meaning and intent of statutes deliberately
obfuscated to the unlearned average person. The word "person" for example was no longer a
term associated with a living individual, man or woman. A "person" is now a corporate, artificial
entity possessed with all the same rights as a living man. In law this persona is regarded as jural
persona. This is so confusing, right? Hold on to your hat ladies and gentlemen, there more to

By defining an artificial person with rights and privileges, the government could create more
confusion and havoc. Remember that secret Cestui Que Trust created in England in 1666 used to
steal the estate property from the heirs of dead landlords killed by the plague, or in religious
crusades? This same device was created to accomplish the same purpose in America. Through
secret regulations, the federal government would receive your "Birth Certificate" issued by the
Secretary of State of New York, for example, and create a Cestui Que Trust for the child after
several days and then declare it dead spelling its name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This
procedure gave the government control over legacy trust assets, past, present and future.
Subsequent to the creation of the trust entity, all public records used in commerce were
then misspelled in the same format using ALL CAPITALIZED LETTERS. What was the
purpose of using this format on public documents?

The proper spelling of a living man or woman, (who is not a juristic persona) is spelled with
the First Letter Capitalized followed by lower case characters, (John Adam Smith,) but all
government records would reflect a different format (SMITH, John Adam, or JOHN ADAM
SMITH). The special format (ALL CAPS) dictates a reference to a dead person and/or artificial
person. The name sounds the same as the proper spelling, but it means a different "thing"
altogether. The artificial persona associated with the legacy trust can now be manipulated and
claimed by the corporate U.S. government for commercial exploitation on the world stock
markets. The trust entity bearing your name is bundle together with other like trust entities and
sold as mututal fund investments to Chinese and Japanese investors which can be tracked
at .

Here's what you didn't know, so far about artificial commercial persona's:
(1) You would not be alerted to its different meaning as you use it in your commercial
(2) You would not know that you were assigned the duty of a fiduciary agent to manage the
affairs and tax debts of this artificial persona. And lastly,
(3) you would not know that as a "subrogated individual," that name was not you.
It is a separate artificial dead entity created by secret regulations to commercially enslave
you and to control its future assets. The term subrogation refers to someone acting as a co-signer
to a contract or agreement. A co-signer assumes the responsibility of any debt normally assigned
to the first party if the first party defaults on his obligation. Any charges levied upon the Trust
Name (sometimes mistakenly called a strawman) must be paid in full by the fiduciary
representing its financial interests. You can remove your role as fiduciary using a legal method
available through a probate court of law by obtaining a decree to change the name being using on
public documents to the proper spelling of a living man or living woman.

So what's in a name? If used as a signature, the name acts as surety, and binds the parties to
the agreement as an an oath of performance. All commercial activity is act of agreement, or
subtle contract. The agreement process is most often casual as used in the day to day
marketplace. Some agreements have an on-going requirement to perform which are formalized
by a written contract to secure performance in the future. As we continue to use the "ESTATE
TRUST NAME" in commercial activities and public records, certain obligations are imposed on
us if we use them. If you own real estate using the 'TRUST NAME' you are a tenant on the land
who is imposed a property tax for the use of the property that is registered with the county
assessor's office. If you use a driver's license with the "TRUST NAME," you are imposed fees
to obtain a license and to register the vehicle with the State. The use of the TRUST NAME
imposes financial obligations upon you as the fiduciary, subrogator. Pay up or go to jail.

But, you have the right to correct the mistake in law. You
have the right to demand the mistake be corrected on the public
record to the correct spelling of your name associated with any
public or private account. The process is a little complicated,
and hidden from public scrutiny. The process involves
petitioning a change of name with the probate court of law and
sending that court's decree to a public entity or agency using the
'TRUST NAME' in error instead of your name properly
identified. You do not incur the same obligations when using
"Your Proper Name" on public records. In fact, public
corporations are not allowed to use your private proper name
without your written consent, as if it were a trade marked
property. By court decree, you can demand the mistaken name
to be corrected or be removed permanently from their records.
What are the legal implications involved with correcting this
document error? How is it done?
You will need several certified documents in your possession
as evidence to establish your actual identity for the Probate
Court (of equity). Obtain a certified copy of the Certificate of
Live Birth from your county health department or Bureau of
Vital Statistics. It should be printed on blue bond banknote
paper. Don't confuse it with the birth certificate which is printed
on green banknote paper. Your birth name should appear in
Upper and Lower case characters. If it is not, don't worry. The
State's Vital Record Office may only deliver a birth certificate
instead, that is why you may be required to contact the county
health department. Get the Oath of Office for the Director of that
office, and keep it in your breast pocket until needed. If you
need to speak with the Director to speed up your request, do so.
Tell him/or her that you "accept his/her Oath of Office," tapping
your breast pocket and you require his best performance under
authority of the oath. He will stop evading your questions and
disclose whatever you need to know. The Certificate of Live
Birth will have a State seal and a clerks embossed seal on the
front making total of two seals. You will eventually get 7 seals
by the time you notify the Secretary of State. Make a
Declaration claiming your "CoLB" in your possession and have
them notarized and witnessed.
Take your notarized Declaration and Certificate of Live Birth
(CoLB) to the county recorder's office with your Deed Poll
notice that claims and accepts "your estate" as the living man or
a living woman. A Deed Poll is a simple declaration of a living
man whom retakes control and responsibility for his estate after
having discovered that he had been mistakenly declared dead.
He asserts his claim using his "Properly Spelled
Name" assigning the chain of custody from his parents that he
also identifies within the Deed Poll. Record both these
documents making reference to the "CoLB" registration number
within your personalize Deed Poll declaration. Have both of
them registered together in the miscellaneous notices section.
Request several certified copies the Certificate with the county
recorder's official seal on all five copies. If you have a military
discharge document (DD-214 form) available, the county
recorder will accept that for filing at no cost. Obtain five
certified copies of that document as well because your TRUST
NAME will be on it. The two witnesses on your Deed Poll are
essential elements to the ecclesiatic jurisdiction of the probate
court you will access later on.
Now go to your Secretary of State Office, and record your
certified "CoLB" WITH its Deed Pole attached. The clerk will
want three copies. At this point you are acting as the Office of
the Executor for your estate to "correct an administrative clerical
error." Request 3 certified copies with the Official State Seal
from the clerk. This will be the 4th Seal by the fifth witness to
your document. These certified copies are now considered Self-
Authenticating documents.
With that third official witness' seal (seal #4) on the
document, you are ready to submit all documents to the probate
court with your petition for change of name under ecclessiatic
law. The more evidence you have of your identity for the court,
the better your success at obtaining the court's decree. The
probate court clerk will schedule a hearing date for review of
your petition and (in California) include the filing of prepared
decree." You can even mail them to the court clerk who will
schedule a hearing date for you and place them in a docket
folder for the Judge to inspect.
You should ask the clerk if you need to appear in person to
file the initial petition and pay court fees, as sometimes your
appearance is not required if an attorney is handling the petition
for you. The clerk with notify you by telephone of your
"Hearing" date. Prepare a "Decree for Changing of Name" the
week prior to that Hearing date and have the clerk enter it into
the docket folder packet ready for the judge's signature and date.
If you have any questions or doubts about your procedure,
consult with an attorney regarding the change of name petition
form and evidence you have gathered for the court. The current
rate for court fees start at $180 to $220. If you have any errors
on your submitted documents to the court, they will be returned
to you unsigned and your court fees will be forteited for wasting
the court's time to review the documents. Get it right the first
time. Consult with an attorney who knows the procedure for
ecclesiatic change of name petitions.
The Court's Seal will become a fifth seal on your Certificate
of Live Birth. Make as many copies of the court decree as you
need to send to the corporate and government entites that are
using the "ESTATE TRUST NAME" in ALL CAPS, demanding
that their records be corrected to reflect the proper spelling as
ordered by the decree. Make a tally list of every bank, company,
and agency at State and County levels and post the date sent,
and the date received of any replies. Sometimes your name will
be removed from their database because they will not interact
with a living individual without the subrogate person acting for a
"Cestui Que Trust." You will need to inform them, if you are
acting in the capacity of the OFFICE of the executor of the
estate trust name.
You can then send a notice and request to the State's
Department of Revenue or the Department of Motor Vehicles
(DMV) to send you private exempt plates for your "Home Car,"
within ten days because you do not want to be associated in a
commercial registry of motor vehicles as your automobile is not
used for commercial enterprise on the roadways. A "Home Car"
is not require to pay fees for transportation of private property or
recreational use on the roadways. Because the Motor Vehicle
Department gets its funding from the Department of
Transportation (DOT), the DOT will also be notified for a
request for private exempt plates for your automobile. The
USDOT controls all commerce under admiralty jurisdiction.
They may send you a special "Exemption Decal" to replace the
inspection sticker on your windshield. Request that they issue
you an official State Identification with your name properly
spelled in Upper and Lower-case format on the front label
displaying your official "EXEMPT' status on the face of their
official document.
When you receive a written reply from DMV and State DOT,
in the affirmative, regarding your exempt plates, return your old
license and vehicle plates to DMV or their Department of
Revenue (which ever applies to matter) by certified mail, with a
"Return Receipt Requested" green card attached, acknowledging
your acceptance of their exempt sticker or automobile plates for
your private use. Write "VOID" across the face of the old
driver's license before returning it the DMV. (to be continued, as
there is more to learn about your legacy account.)