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System information that can be used to detect the level of stocks in the restaurant using the
online system developed according to booking as Streamyx customers products and broadband
products or others that can across a nationwide online system is a software package integrated
used in operations in warehouses, and elsewhere, to monitor the quantity, the location and status
of inventory, shipping, receiving, on-line. Systems for inventory control information about
activities that ensure delivery products to customers.

Subsystems that run these functions include:
1. Sale
2. Manufacturing
3. Warehousing
4. Orders
5. and acceptance

In a rapid development and the competitive business, inventory system plays important role in
bringing a success and failure in a business. A good inventory management system and tools can
assist this restaurant to organize their inventory information and store information with ease and

In the online Inventory Management System, the information below can be recorded and
maintained online: -

• Calculation and control of goods in inventories
• Purchase Item
• Shipping / process order
• Transfer Items in Inventory and Invoicing
• Items in the Inventory Adjustment
• Report
• Interface
• Security
• Accessibility


It is to ensure that persons responsible manage inventories can track the items purchased and the item data. Supervisors will process inventory and order-order providing the goods before delivery. User to determine the types of goods that are in inventory in the warehouse or a company and also quantified. item count can be done easily and reduce human error. destination and type of equipment required for send an item. Thus. • Transfer Items in Inventory and Invoicing This module is to monitor the location of an item with more information. the stock of goods will not run out because each object can be monitored easily and accurately. Invoices will also be issued to customers. • Calculation and control of goods in inventories The type and number of items in the inventory can be seen easily. Information items that have been purchased can be stored in the system with the entire information provider. 2|Page . pending or canceled. the goods can be monitored either. Full details of the invoice or statement of invoices stored in the system and can be reached when needed. • Purchase Item This process is performed when the number of items or the stock level is low or something necessary item. quantity. • Items in the Inventory Adjustment Items in the inventory adjustment made by the outgoing and incoming item. Through this. • Shipping / process order The order has the kind of item. There are any items that need to be purchased or to be submitted. With that. It is important for a warehouse or company to identify the status of each order made by the customer already sent.

The limit for each user accessing the system limits can be set by user. • Security Information on this system can be restricted with each user has assigned user ID and password for each. 3|Page . item reports and report back stock transaction. purchase report. • Report Users can achieve the reports by item in the inventory when needed for example monthly summary report. • Accessibility Users can access the system easily as long as an internet connection and do not need to be in inventory for monitored. • Interface The interface is user-friendly and requires minimal training to using this system.

Ways to ordering food using telephone communication is a common way can be applied to handle customer orders that are out location of the restaurant.1. and sometimes there are interruptions in the supply signal communications services or ways of speaking poorly understood. The booking process indirectly outside the restaurant can be made by using the telephone communication that allows customers to determine their order manually. Recording customer orders directly. Along with the development technology today. the cost of telephone conversations using a growing relationship through communication by telephone. The on-site restaurant can do with a computer.1 INFORMATION SYSTEM CAN BE USED TO SUPPORT ONLINE ORDERING It can use information in the reservation system as above online. the process of ordering food outside 4|Page . It can be done directly in the restaurant or not directly at the site where the customer is located.1 DIAGRAM Diagram: Inventory Management System 2. However. sometimes the problem often encountered is the process booking takes when customers have to mention one per one order.

customer data. (John.1.1. 2.1 J2ME (Java Micro Edition 2nd) J2ME is a combination formed between a group of Java interfaces often called the Java API (Application Protocol Interface) with JVM (Java Virtual Machine) created specifically for limited space. 2. This application does not directly connect to the internet. users can store data such as order data. PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. it is important to understand RMS to expand applications on mobile devices. PHP. All data will be stored in food cell phone memory. then should manual other ways of overcoming problems of ordering food. the food ordering application can be installed in the customer's mobile phone. Customers can open these applications from mobile phone to view menus and make reservations. PHP is a scripting language that is placed in the form of a server and processed in server. In particular.2 RMS (Record Management System) One of the main features of MIDP is the RMS (Record Management System) which is a API that provides the ability to store data in mobile devices. PHP can form a view based on 5|Page . Close all devices currently only supports MIDP RMS as the only media data storage. etc.3 PHP According to official documents. Some other methods such as using technology Short Message Service (SMS) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Seeing the lack of a few things.1.the restaurant location not only be conducted through phone calls only. 2010: 45). By leveraging utilize Java Micro Edition technology (J2ME). 2. PHP is designed to create dynamic web applications. also can use other technologies. on mobile such as storing data using conventional data base. The combination is then used to make applications that can run on mobile device. Using RMS. Therefore. The application will connect to the Internet if the customer wishes update the menu when ordering food or feed. That is.

2. For example. Mobile application can connect to the web server via Internet network (GPRS. there are three main functions. the customer must first make the process download (download) applications on the link or links that have been predetermined. means PHP scripts can be run without any web server or web browser. The application does not necessarily mounted on a mobile phone customer. controlled by the OMG (Object Management Group). 3G. namely the function of master data maintenance.current demand. Cold Fusion. List of food menu is not displayed when the application is run for the first time. users can display the contents of a database on the web page. Customers must choose refresh menu in advance. In principle PHP function. 6|Page . in particular that systems built using object-oriented programming. OMG formed to create standards that support interoperability. and view reports. EDGE. data menu food obtained from the web server will stored on a local resource or on java programming known as Record Store. Web application server can connect to the web through the Internet. After application run the refresh process. and Perl.4 UML (Unified Modeling Language) UML (Unified Modeling Language) is a family of graphical notations are supported by single meta-model. an open consortium consisting of many companies. The same with scripts such as ASP (Active Server Page). In the web application. UML is a relatively open standard. which help delineate and design software systems. particularly interoperability of object-oriented system. But keep in mind that PHP can actually be used for command line. HSDPA and EVDO).1. data maintenance transactions. and web application for the restaurant. OMG perhaps better known of standards CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture). There are two applications that can use the mobile application for restaurant patrons.

To open the order history. view order history. customers are required to process login.2. Login Application The process is carried out when customers place an order online. View Detail Order This process is used to display details of the order history. customer must login first. and change your contact information. and phone number. View Order History This process is used to display the history of an order made by the customer.2 DIAGRAM OF INFORMATION SYSTEM CAN BE USED TO SUPPORT ONLINE ORDERING Name Use Case DESCRIPTION Register Customer This process is used to store data for new customers. and a list of orders will be sent to the web server through the Internet. New customers who want to order a meal should first do the registration process first. History Confirm Order The process used to approve the order. 7|Page . city. Before sending data to a web server. Change Contact This process is used to change a customer's contact information such as address.

With the information system of small companies and large companies can use the system and conduct business electronically in order their business become more efficient and able to compete with airlines international. 8|Page . Now the technology world is growing. Employees can work more efficiently and consistently. This way is very easy to find and obtain the necessary data. The process of making raw data into information that can be used to easier. With this system it is accelerate the process of data collection. what which required readily available. All applications are made through the system. Time to find data also becomes shorter and this leads to employee retention and use of data more efficient and better organized. By using this system can greatly simplify the process of saving it data of all business-related data. personal data of employees. It will accelerate business trips. employee salary schedule. just use the fingertips. Among the information stored for example. There may improve performance company. Errors in the making and storing of information can be minimized. With the advent of information systems can help businesses expand products. not to mention the information system gather a variety of information about the organization.

Tactical plan was formed by middle managers. 3.0 STRATEGIC PLANNING.1 FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Thumb House Restaurant should organize its functions and responsibilities to expedite again service management operators. a leader and regulate or monitor trip organization and finally make the assessment and evaluation of the company. Other than that the welfare of workers in order to create a healthy environment and improve work performance among workers.1 General Manager Manager (owner) plan and prepare projects. It is formed by taking about the ability of the organization. It outlines more specific roles and responsibilities to be played by the parties concerned. Typically formed by subordinate managers as supervisor.1.2 Administration & Finance Manager Administration & Finance Manager is responsible for all aspects of management and business administration in order to run smoothly according to the planned schedule. the environment in which the organization operates and also goals organization. 3. 3. Operation planning is plan a more narrow and specific to one work unit or individual. organize administration organization. Finance manager is responsible for all financial 9|Page .3. It also plan expenditure and ensure that workers make labor standards (SOP) to ensure satisfactory material quality. Plan Tactical support the strategic plan should be set. TACTICAL PLANNING AND OPERATION PLANNING The plan serves as a guideline to any necessary actions implemented.1. It is the general direction of the organization. It involves medium term and the distribution of resources in the department or branch.

3. it is also responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of premises.2 Identify a problem employee 10 | P a g e .2 STRATEGIC PLANNING 3. washing.2. organize the administration of the organization. 3. 3. be leaders and regulate or monitor the organization and the end once made the assessment and evaluation of the company.1. 3.3 Marketing Manager Marketing manager shall ensure that every customer is satisfied.2.1. preparing the budget and financial needs and identify financial resources and financial control business analyze and report on financial performance.5 General worker General worker shall carry out their designated tasks such as washing. 3.1. is responsibility and try to find customers for doing business in branches that. Received orders from the production from time to time. Managers will plan and prepare projects.1 The implementation of the role of top managers Top managers responsible for making long-term planning.4 Production Manager Production manager will help control production in order to achieve the desired quality as specified.aspects as it involves the purchase of supplies and stock control operation. preparing ingredients for cooking. Designing and researching the material provided in order to survive for delivery to customers. packaging according to regulations and customer demand. Ensure tools and the machine in good condition in order not to disrupt production.

4 Increase the number of minimum fixation Top managers are also responsible for setting standards for employees to a desired value of the relevant employees surpassed the mark as employee performance evaluation.Top managers responsible for identifying the affected employees also an excellent worker. The Manager is also responsible for providing training to employees such as computer use.2 Guiding workers according to the level of achievement After the performance appraisal system is made and examine the performance of employees. By using this method.3 TACTICAL PLANNING 3.2. training for increased productivity the problem employee. employees can be assessed and be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the work done by employees. next middle managers will identify whether the employee is required enrichment. 3. machinery or other facilities should be provided by the manager.1 A middle manager discussing and designing programs and activities Middle managers will discuss and plan the program and joint activities superior to formulate appropriate programs and activities such as what should be included in the program. strengthening or rehabilitation. Equipment. customer service properly and so much more .2. Managers can use a variety of methods to address employee problems such as motivating.3 Creating a workplace that is effective and conducive Senior managers need to provide a workplace that is appropriate and safe for guests and safety of workers. is how these programs executed and so on. who should be in control. 11 | P a g e . 3.3. 3.3. This method is also enabling workers to improve and enhance the performance of their work. 3.

4.6 To identify groups of workers are less brilliant.4 Motivation The Manager is responsible for motivating the employees to the problem faced. employees will be more motivated to perform the duties entrusted also give confidence to the customers to come when viewing a comfortable and healthy environment to customers.3.3.1 Plan daily work of employees 12 | P a g e . 3.4 OPERATING SYSTEM PLANNING 3. The Manager is also responsible motivate to uplift and to increase labor productivity do workers. the middle manager in charge of describing the target to employees for employees' understanding and performance requirements desired by this organization. 3. By creating a comfortable and healthy work.3. For example. 3. 3. safe and healthy for all employees. employees inefficient in handling computers. 3.3. The Manager is responsible for identifying groups of workers less brilliant and discusses with top managers how to deal with the group to improve productivity of their work. in deployment or non-deployment.5 Workspace of the Restaurant Middle managers need to create a comfortable work area. In addition to the lack of capacity to provide motivation faced pressure by the employee.3 Determine target After discussions with his superiors in the required target for someone workers. the manager can provide training in the control computer.

determine employee performance and showcase individual targets workers to motivate employees 3. It also will create a subordinate manager’s plan their daily tasks employees. 3. Subordinate managers will control and supervise the daily tasks performed by employees. workplace hygiene. Managers can choose suitable material is also effective methods for implementation. comfortable work space and so on. 13 | P a g e . how to communicate with customers and so on.4 Employees with less effort Subordinate managers will identify groups of workers less effort talk to middle managers is whether workers should be given training.3 Place of work space Managers responsible in utilizing the corner of the restaurant layout and equipment correct. the manager in charge of setting targets the achievement of a work to the worker. 3. It also. In achieving the goal of work. reinforcement or enrichment for increasing employee performance. The Manager will also ensure that workers are given training exercises such as the use of computer. In addition.4. the Manager can encourage their workers to help workers who are less brilliant.2 Target performance.4. provide detailed information on achievements individual workers.4. subordinate managers will train workers to do the job on time.Normally subordinate managers are closest to the workers.

and people. Together. the information that we get supports the routine decision making in the functional areas. and the most important resource is people. weekly. report and analyze this intelligent data on a daily. which are designed to improve operating efficiencies. provide restaurant and Support Center management with timely access to financial and operating data and reduce administrative time and expense. 14 | P a g e . regional or individual restaurant basis. With our current information systems. this enables us to closely monitor sales. information. we have the ability to query. quarter and year-to-date basis and beyond.0 CONCLUSION Management information system is a system that provides information needed to manage organizations effectively. All of our company restaurants utilize computerized management information systems. on a company-wide. food and beverage costs and labor and operating expenses at each of our restaurants. period.4. Management information systems involve three primary resources: technology.

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