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Newsletter August 2010

The 8th Ray of Deity and the Respective Energies

The Center of Peaceful Communication: Aquamarine - Maha Cohan

Recognition of the Wrong Way, Jurisprudence, Decisions, The Power of letting Go,
Communication, Clear Expression, True Self Status, Recognition of the own Inner
Potential, Inner Connection, Finding the Inner Voice, Mind Reading, Recognition of the
Personal Mission, Positive Networking, Portal of Understanding of eternal life, Way to
the Light Within, Conscious Self-Development, Finding the Higher Self by Experience
and Inner Guidance, the power of Infinity

The 7 Rays contain the fundamental energies of life with the teachings serving as the 7 pillars
of God, the basic knowledge to reach a portal where we wish to know more about life, more
about ourselves, more about the sense of creation; we start to explore where we are coming
from, where we will go after this life and why we came here in first place - we want to know
who we are and what we are and that is the state we begin to investigate and to explore life in
a different way. Without this deep wish to know more we would not be able to rise up our
frequencies and to find out what we wish to know. The 7 rays are to learn to understand the
basic energies and to find the way back to the heart center. As most of mankind has lost the
connection to the heart the 7ray teachings are a tool to find the way back to become aware of
the soul being we are. We learn how to work with the energies of transformation, but yet there
is a lot more to learn on our way home and new portals are at about to open when we are

The 8th Ray is the energy we integrate to grow from knowing of the mind to feeling and
learning how to integrate the energies as own potential leaving the state of being brain
knowledge. It is a huge Portal to enter the frequencies of the next 5 Rays and the way to
become a 5th dimensional conscious being (we are all multi-dimensional if we know it or not,
if we believe it or not, because it just is what we are as creatures and as children of God) This
Portal opens us the door to a deeper understanding of life itself with tremendous new horizons
and unimaginable possibilities of individual growth. The 8th ray reconnects us with our causal
body and opens the chambers of hidden secrets of life with all the amazing divine gifts we
have hidden inside, always available for us once we reconnect to the different frequencies of
the energy stream. The 7th ray and the violet flame of transformation are activated and we
learned to work on our self and to distinguish our disharmonies.
We already learned that all what exists, no matter what it is, is made of energies. Energies are
measured in different frequencies - from the lowest one to a high speed power of vibration
that makes things disappear in front of our eyes. If you have a kind of disk that can turn and
you put a cup on it you can see how it accelerates until a point our physical eyes will not be
able anymore to follow the movement and the objects disappears front of our eyes. This is a
total physical process and has nothing to do with any belief system. When somebody comes
into the room he/she just would see the disk turning in high speed and nothing on it. And
when we would tell this person that there is a cup on the disk and it is invisible, this person
would be exposed to a situation of believe and disbelieve because this person does not know
if we put the cup on it or not.

Living in the third dimension exposed us to believe systems because the frequency available
to experience were limited by our own believe system, education and as consequence to
limited experiences. People are thought to believe only what is visible, touchable and
perceivable by our physical organs. That is what men consider reality in the third dimension.
Nevertheless all the higher wavelength are always available and the moment we change our
frequency to a higher speed, our life vibration will make us able to see, to feel and to
experience what before wasn’t possible and what others still living in the 3rd dimension are
not able to perceive. In the 3rd dimension we are living in separation from our inner self; that
means we have no access to our own higher frequencies and we are not able to feel them
because we don’t even believe that they exist. We are living with 3 DNA strands connected
and the 9 others are out of service.

These times we are living in are amazing because the potential we are given to experience and
to expand are limitless with the new frequencies. We are inside of a tremendous doorway in
which we have the energies of three different dimensions simultaneously vibrating on our
planet. We are rising up from the third dimension into the 5th dimension with the portals for
the fore-runners to the 6th and higher states of life. When you imagine a linear process we
came globally from the third, we already passed the forth and entered partially the 5th. When
we have a look on the global situation we can perceive that everything is changing and that is
due to the higher frequencies increasing from the universes and all what is too low in
vibration will not be able to with stand the new frequency, so it has to fall apart to create
space for new realms to experience. We can see it all over the planet - Mother Earth is
adjusting her Energy level and all what is abuse and not in harmony has to change and to

And so have we as individuals, nobody forces us to change, we have our free will and can
take our own decisions, but somehow every human being living on earth now can already
become aware that something is going on touching all components of our lives on bigger
scale. and there the great old and wise sentence:” seek and you will find”. It suddenly
becomes a deeper sense as we all have to find out how to follow the global and universal
evolution and to integrate ourselves consciously into the process of change. How do we seek
and what will we find?

All those changes are NO PUNISHMENT we just enter into the next spiral of evolution and
we are on the transition right now where lot of people still are living in the third dimension,
many are living in the 4th and the masses are at about to awaken to their bigger potential - all
those who are working on deeper understanding, on finding out who they are, working on
alternative healings from inside out, working with the cause and effect, being interested in any
subject that hits the limits of third dimensional belief systems are on the road to heaven
within. Transition times are full of new energies, full of struggles, of fears, of wanting hold on
to the good old things instead of letting go in many ways and that creates sufferings.

It is also a time where families are re-defining their lives as there are different members
living in different frequencies so there is a lot to understand and to learn how to let go
judgements of any kind. Children born with the new vibration do not fit in ancient educational
systems > rebellion and they do not understand their parents and the rigid education they had
as children; so nobody understands what is going on in the family as each party stands up for
the own life and frequencies and there is few help because many missing links hinder both
sides to comprehend what they are going through. It is already common that children are
braking out in many forms. These children are coming from the higher dimensions and they
do not support and kind of pressure or orders, they want to express what they carry inside,
they want to be integrated, loved, the wish to take own decisions and they do not allow others
to manipulate in any form - they feel inside that they have to live the mission they came to
accomplish and that is to bring the old pattern of education down. WOW…..

With the energies of the 8th ray we are able to recognize the wrong ways that we often run
into dead ends on our ways because we gave our powers away and allowed other to decide for
us. In the third dimension we learned to obey no matter if we felt good with that decision or
not there was no way out and the feelings got often held within and stored for not having the
opportunity to speak out loud what we felt. In the 8th dimension we are asked to learn again to
allow ourselves to feel and to follow our heart because that is the only way out of suppression,
of lower self esteem and any kind of self denying issues. We have to work on our stress levels
and transform it into a peaceful frequency - a peaceful communication - but this is not just

The 8th ray reconnects us to our intuitive realm - we learn again how to sense energies and
how to go into the inner stillness WE HAVE TO RE-CREATE. On that way we will find
back to our soul garden and to deep peace. We create resting moments where we can renew
and continue our training to integrate the new potential of energies into our lives. We are
turning around and we stop to be focused on what others are doing or thinking about us as we
learn to listen within where our inner voice is talking to us from the realm of light to guide us
to what is good for us away from the pattern that others think what might be best for us. - no
obedience is asked anymore, just connection and union, allowing to express the own self but
also everybody else, as we are all going the transition way as global union. What we wish to
experience for us we have to allow others to express too and if they are still hanging in the
third dimension we have to let them be there without judging them. Everybody has an own
speed and need different impulses before the little light within can light up again.

How many times we heard other say: “that is not good for you” - my goodness, I guess we all
could write books about it - we got to let it go, it was part of the old pattern - don’t hang on to
them - let them go and focus on what your heart’s desire is. Control what your mind is doing
and when you are getting aware that you are thinking in judgements about yourself or others -
tell yourself STOP criticism! Therefore this ray contains the power of recognizing the wrong
way - that means that we just will become aware and stop letting others define our own way.
We need to learn how to function with independency, to recognize when we made mistakes
and recognize that we have the right to make mistakes in order to learn and then we need to
learn to surrender to those experiences as learning tools and as bad stuff - this is how we learn
to let go. How many people are living in the past, because something happened sometimes
and they cannot forget, neither forgive and stuck on to that event, turning in circles - getting
sick etc. letting go is not easy and that means to learn to really forgive from the heart and let
others be with their opinions.

The 8th ray re-connects us to our inner self - the first question is not who are we? The first
question is: where are we and where to seek? Millions are Lost in a turmoil of accelerated
stress and never ending obligations. In order to find our self back we need to find a quite place
and to learn how to BE without our mind bothering us with all kind of thoughts. Become still,
stop the brain activity and the ongoing marry go round of what we have to do, what we should
do, what we missed to do etc, etc. that is the first thing we need to change because in such
kind of hurry all the time we are losing our self connection and the connection to the power of
spirit that guides us through our journey. I love to compare all situations with nature as my
journey of discovery is based in my deep connection and union with nature.

The ocean gives us a good example, there are stormy times and quite times and when the
water is still it becomes a mirror and we can see the reflection of our face, of a bird flying by,
of the sun and clouds and all what is close up. This is the kind of inner stillness we need to
find so we can mirror ourselves without getting stressed or judgmental. We need to reconnect
to our heart and find the right way out of difficult situations without asking somebody else for
opinion. When we need an opinion we depend on others and that is the way we deny
responsibility because when something did not work out it is easy to say, oh that was his/her
fault because….. The 8th ray powers are teaching us to take our own decisions. We need to
take on responsibility for our ways, thoughts, feelings and actions and find the stillness to find
clarity of what we wish, what we feel, what we need to do in order to achieve what we meant
to realize and accept when we need several tries to get where we wish to be and remember
that all situations are there to teach us a lesson.. Also the beautiful Ocean with all the
wonderful healing qualities has moving times with high waves and they can be very
destructive, nevertheless we get very good examples what to do when the killer waves are
coming - we get to jump on our surf board and so we learn how to ride the waves of change
without falling into the water. We can learn how to use the challenging times to shift our lives
into a new highlight of experiences. But when we just sit waiting that it gets better and old
times return we will be beaten up by the power of nature.

Hawaiian people call that the wash machine - I got that experience, lol and when the wave
takes you away turning you upside down swirling you around with such tremendous power
that you lose direction, you are fighting to even know where the ground is and where the sky -
the body changes directions so fast that no orientation is possible and the water is just as high
as your hip. It seems to be an endless time and you run out of oxygen and that is a moment of
decision: keeping calm in that threatening situation and control the oxygen within your lungs
or just give in and get in panic - as there was no pr-sign of what would happen the next
moment I had few air - instead to get in panic I connected to my inner self, concentrated on
inner stillness and my inner voice told me what to do; so I kind like watched my body and
tried to let me flow and as sudden there was no water anymore and I found myself on the sand
still turning around. I tried to jump up and to run away before the next wave could hit me -
that was difficult as the energies within my body were continuing the wash machine and for
long moments there is no body-control possible and whatever you try to do it just turns out
differently as the impulses you are sending out to your muscles- you know you should run and
somehow you can’t move without falling back on the ground… it is like being in a trap and
the seconds it takes to recover seem to be never ending. That had a very deep impact on me.

I thought how is it possible that this could happen to me? I was a swimming instructor, also a
beach guard, trainer of different sports and physical education and I struggled against this
power of nature in a low water. So I asked myself: What do I have to learn? Everything we
experience has a bigger picture and I wanted to find out what it was.

The teaching: it was a proof for me to see what kind of decision I would take facing danger -
would I fall in panic or being able to keep a state of inner balance allowing me to control my
thoughts, my feelings, staying in connection with my intuition, my inner vision, my inner
voice and my eternal self? What would I do in sudden high danger moment? It was a training
unit and a tool to analyze to reach even a deeper level of the bigger picture.

What happened to me 10 years ago as individual is happening now on global scale. Mother
Earth and Mother Nature turned on the global wash machine accelerating the self clearing and
cleaning process adjusting to the new increasing frequencies and we as creatures living from
her, through her and on her are experiencing the same natural process within, in our
environment and on multi-dimensional level. Nothing seems to be like it was and that is right
- we are rising up and we need to clear old stuff and let go old pattern. We are undergoing a
new kind of training to become conscious of the bigger picture behind everything. We are
learning a new kind of surfing and to integrate new levels of energies and possibilities. We are
globally suffering many diseases, economic crises; many people are losing jobs and the stress
level makes us blind for the bigger picture. Remember we only can find it becoming still and
looking into the mirror of our soul.

The journey of the 8th ray is bringing us back to the portal of our sleeping potential and we
learn how to use our intuitive skills, how to become still and to connect with our inner voice -
from there we can take clear and individual decisions that are serving us for our best. As you
see judgment is a positive power as it is free of conviction, criticism and condemnation. Real
self judgment is a self analyse needed to recognize old pattern that do not serve us any longer
and to act in behalf of them. It is a training work to let go what hurt us in the past - forgive
and surrender to it as a tool of learning - seek the bigger picture and you will be astonished
and surprised of what you will discover. You will learn how to ride your own waves of life
and You will find out that there is no punishment from God so ever and that we are just
entering into a new frequency field with new powers and higher speed vibrations where we
can experience clear visions, peace and love of all there is, union and positive networking.

There will be a moment you wish to bring yourself into the process and then you start riding
the waves of change and you will stand through the challenges no matter if you lose your job,
because you know there is something better or different that might fit better into your life as
what you had right now. We learn to focus on shift with different eyes because we step out of
victimizing and enter the portal of self definition.

Globally we are rising up in vibration and as more people are waking up as smoother the
entire process we will be and we ride through the shift consciously with joy as we know that
the changes are just a matter of readjusting. When we are rising up our energies we are
joining the whole of the higher vibrations and we are helping that the rebirthing process
becomes a happy moment - every mother knows what I mean - every birthing process comes
along with some pain, but the joy about the newborn is inexpressible.
The whole of experience can be shifted to a different and joyful energy when we focus on
solution. Giving in our own conscious changes we change the world for the best of all and
that gives a positive feed back.
We just enter into a new spiral of evolution into the Golden Age of Love, Peace, Abundance,
Joy, the way to infinity and divine bliss.
Do you experience a Deep impact in your life? Are you in a wash machine right now? Does your
life seem to be upside down? So take your chance and seek the quietness of your heart in
connection with nature and analyse with focus on solution - seek your inner mirror and you will
love it to let go old stuff that just keeps you hanging in the past instead focusing on solution for
the now.

Don’t focus on the problem that turns you over - breath and focus on the way out - let others think
what they wish to, it is your life - be gentle and go for your dreams - nobody can hold you back as
only yourself - learn to take your own decision and give yourself the time until you have a clear
answer from inside. You will know when the right impulse is coming along to signalize solution.
Trust, train, be open for your life purpose

Have a blessed time

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