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A note to you

To easily operate this machine as soon as possible,

please take care to read this instruction brochure before
starting up this equipment so that you can properly use
it.If any information in this brochure is modified, we
won’t notify you once more.In addition to this, we don’t
bear any problems resulted from the mistakes or omissions in
this book.
一、Main functions

* 240X320 dot matrix, full color and high speed TFT display


* Support music formats of MP3、WMA、WAV、FLAC、APE.

* Support vedio formats of MPEG-4(FLV、AVI).

* Support functions of taking photo and camera shooting.

* Support simulated television.

* Support FM

* Support photo formats of JPEG,BMP,GIF.

* Support to read electric doc.

* A inner microphone,longer sound recording time.

* Energy-saving set up, free to adjust brightnes, automatic

shut off.

* Support games functions.

* Multi music efficiency, optional at circulation function.

* Support Multi languages .

* USB2.0 high express transmittion.

* Support upgrade.
二、 Main interface
Play music : Play vedio:

Take photo: Television:

Radio: Photo view:

Electric book: Sound recording:

Resource administration: Game:

Set up:
At the main interface, fast press “backward/foreward”

do function choice,and then fast press“MENU”to enter the related function.

三、Play music

Choose“play music”,and shortly press“MENU”key to enter“play


Keys function:
 Press“backward/foreward”to choose the former song/the later

one. After selecting a target music file, press “Menu” shortly to enter
music play status.
 In song playing, press “MENU”to enter the playing list of audio

frequency files. Press“backward/foreward”to choose file and

confirm it by pressing “MENU”,long pressing“MENU”will return to

main interface that will not interrupt music playing.
 Press“PLAY”key to pause.

Functions instruction:

1、Adjust sound volume

Fast press“VOL+/VOL-”key to adjust sound volume。

2、Play list

Press“MENU”key to enter the playing list of audio frequency files.

3、Set music spatializer mode

Long press“MENU”key to retreat to main interface,press

“backward/foreward”to choose EQ set,you can choose


(JAZZ)/(USER optional)8 kinds of music spatializer mode。Experience

different music spatializer by hitting“MENU”key to choose different mode.

4、Song words display

When the list of displayed songs has the same file of song words, the

player willdirectly get into the display interface of song words.

四、Vedio display
Key function:
 Fast press“backward/foreward”to choose vedio file.

 Choose a vedio file and fast press “MENU”key to enter and play.
 It will return to vedio filelist by pressing “MENU”on the time of

playing.,long press“MENU”to returnto main interfaceof vedio play.

 Fast press“PLAY”key to pause/contine to play。
Functions instruction:

1、Fast foreward/Fast backward

Long press “backward / foreward”key in vedio playing interface to

fast backward or fast foreward.

2、Play list

Press“MENU”key to enter playing list of vedio files,

press“backward / foreward”key to choose vedio files, press “PLAY”key

to delete file and press“MENU”to return to vedio playing.

3、Adjust sound volume

Press“VOL+/VOL-”key to adjust sound volume(up/down) , long

press“VOL+/VOL-”key to continuously increase/ decrease volume.

五、Take photo

Choose option of taking photo in main menu, and press “MENU”key

to the below interface(DC 和 DV),then press “VOL+/VOL-”key to

choose relative function and press “MENU”key to enter。

DC key function :
 Press“MENU”key to choose relative functions.
 press“backward / foreward”key to choose.
 Press“Shot”key to take photo and save it.

DC function instruction(from the left to the right):

1、Adjust by lens:

The first grade(default) , 5grades in total。press“backward / foreward”key

to adjust.

2、Modes of taking photos:

(1) Normal(default) (2)delay (3)two continuous shots(two pcs) (4)Sunny
press“backward / foreward”key to adjust.

3、Image save dimensions:

(1)800x600(default) (2)1024x768 (3)1280x1024 (4)320x240
(5)640x480 press“backward / foreward”key to adjust.


The four grade ( default ) , 5grades in total 。 press“backward /

foreward”key to adjust.

The third grade(default),The four grade(default), 5grades in

total。press“backward / foreward”key to adjust.


The first grade(default),The four grade(default), 5grades in

total。press“backward / foreward”key to adjust.

7、Special effects:
(1)Normal(default) (2)black and white (3)blue (4)missing (5)classic
(6) backing film
press“backward / foreward”key to adjust.

(1) Normal(default) (2)black and white (3)blue (4)missing (5)classic
(6) backing film
press“backward / foreward”key to adjust.

DV key function:
 Fast to press“shoot”key to save camera shooting。

Dv function instruction :


The four grade ( default ) , 5 grades in total 。 Fast to press

“backward/foreward”key to adjust.

2、Adjust by lens:

The first grade (default) 5 grades in total。Fast to press “VOL+/VOL-”

key to adjust.


Choise “Television”in main menu and enter by fast pressing “MENU”.

Keys function:
 Fast to press “backward/foreward”key to choose television

 Fast to press “VOL+/VOL-” key to increase sound volume up or

 Press“MENU”key to enter “Television set”, 5 options:Signal

quality, area set, channel search, delete channel and return. At this

time, press“backward/foreward”to choose one option

or press “MENU”key to enter next menu. In the 5 options, press

在 5 个选项“backward/foreward”to choose a proper

one and then press “MENU”key to return and save set.

(1)Signal quality

Options:low quanlity and high quality.

(2)Area set up

Options:China continent;Shenzhen,

China;Hongkong,China;Taiwan,Chian; 34 areas for optional.

Channel search

Automaticly search channels.

(3) Delete channel

Press“backward/foreward”to choose channel,while

press“MENU”key now will jump out dialogue frame of delete, press “

VOL+/VOL-”key to “confirm” 或 “ cancel” , Press“MENU”key to

delete file. If return from deleting file, press “ VOL+/VOL-”key to

choose“cancel”,press“MENU”key to 键退出删除对话框。


Choose “return”and fast press“MENU”key to retreat to television channel.

 Weak signal may bring the following phenomenon.

Choose“Radio”in main menu, fast press “MENU”key to enter radio。

Then fast to press“MENU”display menu,“backward/foreward”to set.

1. Manual:manual adjusting frequency

Fast press“backward/foreward”to choose radio station.

2. Preset : Fast press “backward/foreward”to choose preset , fast

pre“MENU”to enter preset. It is to display those saved radio stations.

3. Save : Fast press “backward/foreward”to choose save , fast

press“MENU”to save,It is to save radio stations.

4. Delete : Fast press “backward/foreward”to choose delete , fast

press“MENU”to delete the saved radio stations.

5. Automatic : Fast press “backward/foreward”to automatic , fast

press“MENU”to automaticly adjust channel.

6. Loading

八、Photo view

Choose “Photo view”in main menu,fast press“MENU”to enter“Photo

Key function:
 Press “backward/foreward”to choose the former image /the late

 In photo resource administrator, press “backward/foreward”to

choose photo files.

 After choosing file, press“MENU”key to view the chosed images by

full-screen way. Press“PLAY”key to start/shut automatic photo-view.

 When displaying photo,Press“MENU”to return to last grade photo

resource“PLAY”to delete file。

 Long press“MENU”key to return to main interface”photo view”.

九、Electric book reading

Choose “read Electric book”in main menu , fast press“MENU”to

enter“Electric book”。At this time, you first get into file list of Electric book


Key function:
 In the list of electric book files, press“backward / foreward”key to

choose file.
 After choose one file, press “MENU”key to enter the reading interface

of electric book.
 Press“MENU”key to return to the list of electric book files, press

“PLAY”key to delete file.

 Long press“MENU”key to return to main interface。

Function instruction:

1 、 After choosing the file , Press“MENU”key to enter the reading

interface of electric book.

2、Press “backward/foreward”to read by turning the whole page.

3 、 Press“VOL+”key to pick up bookmark list, press“VOL-”key to

display saved bookmark list. Then press“backward/foreward”key to

choose bookmark and press “MENU”to confirm save/pick out bookmark.

4、Press“PLAY”key to automatic/pause file reading。


On reading, you can estimate the surplus contents per progress bar

at the right side. Bookmark is only for currently reading file , if read

additional file, please reset bookmark.

十、Sound recording

Choose“Record”in main menu,press“MENU”key to enter interfaceof “Sound

Operation methods:

1 、 Press“MENU”to enter the interface of sound recording, press

“shooting”key to start sound recording.

2 、 Press“Shooting”key to pause sound recording, long

press“Shooting”key to save recorded files and prepare for the next sound

recording. Long press “MENU” key to save recorded files and retreat

from the interface of sound recording.

Play recorded sound:

1、Press“MENU”to enter the main interface of“music play”.

2 、 Press“MENU”to enter resource administrator , Press

“backward/foreward”to choose sound recording files, then press

“MENU”to play.

3、Press“VOL+/VOL-”key to adjust sound volume.

十一、Resource administrator

Press “MENU”to enter this option, all files are stored in resource

1) Choose file
 Press “backward/foreward”to choose file.
 After choosing a proper file, press“MENU”key to enter relative

playing interface, if the file is not recoganized, the key will not

 Long press“MENU”to return main interface.

2) Delete files.

When to delete files , press“PLAY”key on chosed file, jump out

dialogue frame of deleting, you can press “VOL+/VOL-”key

to“confirm”or“cancel”, Press“MENU”key to do delete.


To press MENU and enter this display, then

press“backward/foreward”keys to choose relative games.

1. Tank war
1) MENU attack
2) VOL+ move up
3) VOL- move down
4) < move to the right side
5) > move to the left side
6) PLAY pause /quit out
2. Russia blocks
1) > move to the left side
2) < move to the right side
3) VOL+ change directions
4) VOL- move down
5) PLAY key pause
6) MENU pause release/fast drop
3. Caribben pirate game
1) VOL+ move to the left side
2) VOL- move to the right side
3) MENU attac
4) PLAY key pause /quit out

4. Combat planes
1) < move up
2) > move down
3) VOL+ move to the left side
4) VOL- move to the right side
5) MENU attach
6) PLAY key pause /quit out


Choose “Setting” option in main menu, press “MENU”key to

enter“setting”items 。 press “backward/foreward”to choose one or press

“MENU”key to enter it.

1、Play setting

4 options : Repeattig setting , play setting , EQ choice and user EQ

adjustment 。 press “backward/foreward”to choose one or press

“MENU”key to enter the next menu. Among the 4 options, press

“backward/foreward”to choose relative setting and then press

“MENU”key to quit and save setting.

①Repeat setting

Options:one song once,repeat one song,list once,repeat list,all

once,repeat all,listen with 7kinds of options for choice.

②Play way.

Options:play in turn,random play。



(BASS)/(JAZZ)/(USER optional).

④User EQ setting:

Options :5 radio stations,there are 6 grades in every radio station for

user to adjust.

2、Receive setting

2options : Stereo open/close and receive area 。 press

“backward/foreward”to choose one or press “MENU”key to enter

the second menu. Between the 2 options, press

“backward/foreward”to choose relative setting and then press

“MENU”key to quit and save setting.

①Stereo open/close


②Receive areas


3、Sound recording setting

2options:sound recording quality and sound recording volume 。

press “backward/foreward”to choose one or press “MENU”key to

enter the second menu. Between the 2 options, press

“backward/foreward”to choose relative setting and then press

“MENU”key to quit and save setting.

①Sound recording quality

Options:high quality, normal quality.

②Sound recording volume

Options:+1,+2,+3,+4,+5。Higher grade, higher volume.

4、Display setting

3options :Backlight time ,bright adjustment ,Backlight displaying

mode. press“backward/foreward”key to choose options, press

“MENU”key to enter the second grade menu. In the 3 options, press

“backward/foreward”key to choose one and then press

“MENU”key to quit and save setting.

①Backlight time

Options :5sec,10 sec ,15 sec,20 sec ,30 sec,long bright for


②Bright adjustment.

Options:1,2,3,4, 5。1 is the darkest while 5 says the brightest

③Backlight displaying mode

Options:Normal or power saving.

5、Setting on automatically view

2 Options : Doc view and Photo view 。 press

“backward/foreward”to choose one or press “MENU”key to enter

the second menu. Between the 2 options, press

“backward/foreward”to choose relative setting and then press

“MENU”key to quit and save setting.

①Doc view

Options:1sec,2 sec,3 sec,4 sec,5 sec.

②Photo view

Options:1sec,2 sec,3 sec,4 sec,5 sec.

6、System setting

3 Options : language , product information , upgrade 。 press

“backward/foreward”to choose one or press “MENU”key to enter

the second menu.Among the 3 options, press

“backward/foreward”to choose relative setting and then press

“MENU”key to quit and save setting.

①Language choice

Options:Chinese,English and other multi languages.

②Product information

Options : storage capacity , the left capacity , system software

series,these information is only to read, press “MENU”key to quit.


Jump out a dialogue frame in this menu , press“VOL+/VOL-”to

“confirm”or“cancel” , press“MENU”key to ensure/cancel

upgrade.Automatically view setting.

7、Sleep shutoff time.

In this menu, press “backward/foreward”to choose relative option

and press “MENU”key to confirm quitting out and save setting.

Options:Shut off,10min,15 min,30 min,60 min,120 min.

8、Resume default value

Jump out a dialogue frame in this menu,,confirm if it is sure to

resume default system value. press“VOL+/VOL-”to

“confirm”or“cancel” , press“MENU”key to confirm 。 Long

press“MENU”key to quit out。

十四、Locking keyboard.

Fast to press “Open/Close”key, you can lock keyboard and only do it

once more to release locking.


1、Play can’t start up

·Check if there is power in battery or not.

·Check again after pressing reset key.

·Check again after connecting a mains adaptor.

·Charge the battery, if still fail in startting up,

please contact our afterservice department.

2、No sound from airphone.

·Check if the sound volume is set to 0.

·Check the connection of airphone.

3、Fail to work when press key.

·Please check if electrick lock is in locking

situation,if yes,you can press “hold”key for a long

time and then open electrick lock to try again.

4、Heavy noise

·Ensure a clean airphone plug as dirty will cause noise.

·Check if the music has been broken? You can try to play

other musics for confirmation.The broken file is possible

to cause heavy noise or sound jump.

5、Error display in screen

·Please check if you have set correct language? You can

do it by entering from <set> to <system set> , and then to

<language set> .

6、Fail in download files

·Confirm computer is rightly connected to player.

·check room of storage is full or not?·Check USB cable

is right or broken?

十六、Technical specification

Display screen 2.8cun TFT

Connect to High speed USB2.0


Mains Li battery

Sound recording Sample rate 8KHz/16KHz

Recording WAV(32K bps/64Kbps)


MP3、WMA The larggest ( L ) 5mW +

output for (R)5mW(32Ohm)


MP3 Bit rate 8K bps – 320K bps

WMA Bit rate 32K bps – 384K bps

Frequency 20Hz to 20KHz


Signal/noise 85dB

degree of 0.06%


Music format MP1、MP2、MP3、WMA、WAV

Work temperature -5 to 40 ℃


Language choice Chinese、English and others

Operating system Windows98/SE/ME/2K/XP