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with HOW we do it.

This is the
philosophy we work with at Ternua.
The Ternua brand is worn by born
adventurers with an outdoor spirit who
are looking to connect with nature.
People who recharge their batteries
outdoors wearing versatile, high-
performance, technical garments with
unique design features. A committed
and sustainable brand that protects
the planet and people and whose
symbol represents the

We are committed to innovation and,

furthermore, to a sustainable
innovation in line with our philosophy
and the cornerstones of the brand. An
innovation which helps us and enables
us to design, manufacture and offer
high technical performance clothing
and accessories. Versatile and uniquely
designed products that respect and
protect the planet... and you.

And, committed to this innovation, we

approach the future under the
concepts of COMMITMENT and
WHATS NEXT. On the basis of these
concepts, we participate in, collaborate
in and launch projects that contribute
to and promote our values of
sustainability and innovation.

Every time we design a garment, we

take into account the importance of
maintaining the balance between the
protection that the garment will give
our consumers in the face of inclement
weather, the protection of our workers'
rights, as well as protection and care
for the environment.

That is why we invest considerable

time and effort in choosing the right
materials and implementing
sustainability throughout our
production chain. Our philosophy is to
do things right and do the right thing.
By this we mean that we are not only
concerned with WHAT we do, but also


Ternua's FW 17 collection is
characterized by sustainability and
innovation. 93% of products in the new
collection are therefore manufactured in
line with the Ternua Commitment,
representing the fact that they have been
made from natural, recycled,
biodegradable materials, organic cotton
or Bluesign-certified materials. In fact, in
this collection, the inside of the garments
carries a specific print with information
about the % of recycling and the origin of
the materials. Another point to
emphasize in this regard is that 91% of
water repellent treatments are now
PFC-free. The number of garments made
from recycled fabrics included in this
collection is also highly significant, as
they now account for 50%. The collection
also includes the first jacket designed
under cradle-to-cradle parameters, the
Craddle Jacket, made from used
garments while also being recyclable for
a second use, promoting a circular

The recycled down collection, which

Ternua pioneered in 2013, features
garments whose down is treated with
water-repellent treatment (PFC-free
Nikwax) and which are also available in
women's models for FW 17.

In terms of innovation, the FW 17

collection includes Ternua's first jacket
resulting from a What's Next project
(Ternua's name for its innovation
projects), created following a process of
co-creation with athletes. On this
occasion, the Altitoy jacket has been
included in the collection after being
tested by participants (including Kilian
Jornet) in the Altitoy Ternua alpine ski
race which took place in February of this

A technical and multifunctional hybrid
jacket, developed and improved by 650
athletes in the Altitoy ski mountaineering
race, and intended for dynamic use in all
types of mountain activities. It has
Shellstretch on the sleeves, back and
hood to facilitate comfort, breathability,
quick drying and freedom of movement. It
also has Pertex Quantum Eco and 60 g
Primaloft Gold Luxe on the front to
provide insulation and added wind
protection. It carries the Ternua
Commitment label, is made with
recycled materials and is PFC-free. There
is a specific model for men and another
for women.

In terms of details, it has 1 chest pocket,

thumb holes, reflective logos for visibility
in low light, a cord-adjustable hem,
elastic cuffs and a hood to prevent heat
loss. Its neck is also made from a blended
composition to improve protection
against wind or cold.

Available sizes: EU XS-XXL I US/CA XXS-


An extraordinarily versatile women's

jacket, made with Neokdun recycled
goose down with Nikwax PFC-free
hydrophobic finish (800 fill hydrophobic
down) and elastic Microshell Stretch
fabric. This garment is made from
recycled materials and carries the
Ternua Commitment label. It is suitable
for most mountain technical activities, as
it guarantees warmth and insulation, as
well as wind protection and water
repellency, even in wet and cold

In terms of detail, it has 3 pockets (2

hand + 1 chest), elastic hem and cuffs to
prevent heat loss, a hood that can be
adjusted with one hand, an ergonomic
and athletic fit, and also takes up little

Available sizes: EU S-3XL I US/CA XXS-


For men, there is the TRON DOWN


Men's pants made with Shellstretch

fabric. They are warm and durable and
provide excellent freedom of movement
and breathability for trekking and hiking,
especially on cold days. They have a
PFC-free water repellency treatment
and provide a good level of wind
protection. They carry the Ternua
Commitment label.

In terms of detail, they have 3 pockets (2

hand + 1 applied cargo pocket), cord-
adjustable hem and an articulated
pattern for greater mobility.

For women, there is the VALKYRA PANT


Available sizes: EU S-3XL I US/CA XXS-


Technical and multifunctional hybrid

jacket for all types of mountain activities.
It has Dryshell Prowool on the back,
sleeves and hood for comfort, warmth,
quick drying and freedom of movement.
Windshell has been used on the chest to
provide additional wind protection. It
carries the Ternua Commitment seal

In terms of details, it has flatlock seams,

1 applied sleeve pocket with a zipper, a
thumbhole and hems and cuffs with
elastic binding to prevent heat loss.

For men, there is the MONRN HOODY

JKT model

Available sizes: EU XS-XXL I US/CA XXS-


This elegant and minimalist jacket is that its consumption would not be
unique due to having been made from reduced (as set out by the 3 R's), but
recycled and recyclable materials, rather it would be consumed in the same
following the Cradle to Cradle philosophy way, only positively.
and supporting the circular economy.

It has Eco Storm technology on the

outside and 200gr of Thermashell Eco
Pearl filling which provides a high degree
of warmth, insulation and protection
from the elements. (W/R: 20,000 mm/24
h MVP: 20,000 g/m2/24 h). This
garment, which carries a PFC-free water
repellency treatment, offers
waterproofing, wind protection and total
warmth for a variety of daily and leisure
activities in both cold and wet

In terms of details, it has an adjustable

waist, 4 front pockets and 1 inside
pocket, adjustable 3D hood and velcro-
adjustable cuffs to prevent heat loss.

Available sizes: EU S-3XL I US/CA XXS-



Reduce, reuse and recycle. A slogan that

reduces environmental impact and which
many of us are more than familiar with.
But why wait until the end of the process
to take advantage of materials? What if
we acted earlier to take maximum
advantage? Let's go further. Let's change REDESIGNING THE WAY IN
the approach and tackle the problem at WHICH WE DO THINGS
its very root.
This concept will probably lead us
How? In a simple (but committed) way:
towards a new industrial revolution. A
by being present from the very beginning,
revolution which is more sustainable,
before the creation, in the conception,
respectful and committed to protecting
design and development of the garment.
the planet. Because the basic premises
Only then would its extraction, of this new philosophy or unstoppable
processing, use, reuse and recycling movement are clearly determined by
always go hand in hand, thought out nature: to respect it, protect it, and give
from the beginning. This would mean back to it what it has given us.
From cradle to cradle is proposed like a
new philosophy to reconnect
powerfully with nature, from the
redesign of any object and/or product.
A real proposal for change.


A new way of interpreting

sustainability which is capable of
keeping the usefulness and value of
products intact.

Its basis: reproducing the behavior of

nature. If it does not generate useless
waste, why do we? What right do we
have? There are two types of
components in products: biological and
technical. The former are
biodegradable, i.e., they can be
reintroduced into nature in one way or
another when they have reached their
limit and nature is able to give them a
new life. The latter, however, are
designed from the outset so they can
be used again and again...

Here at Ternua, true to our

commitment to protecting the
environment and people, we
focus on processes that enable
us to keep our word and our
passion to risk. Because only
courage, determination and a
firm belief in strong values
can enable us to change things
and enable us to create a
better earth. A new earth..

This is an initiative launched by the
brand in 2015 for the development of
new products, which enables Ternua to
obtain feedback on the prototype
garment. In order to develop this
project, Ternua has collaborated with
Polartec, Primaloft and Pertex, among
others. Polartec, for example, has been
a strategic partner of the brand since
its creation and together they have
selected the most technical and
sustainable fabrics according to the
product and the activity it is intended

The Altitoy model is the first jacket

that the brand has made for
consumers as part of this project.
Athletes in the 2016 edition of the race,
professional athletes with an
important background in this activity,
tested the Lightning jacket for 3
months. Thanks to their feedback,
Ternua has manufactured the Altitoy
jacket and has included it in its
Adrenalite line for the FW 17 collection.

Following a positive experience, Ternua

has launched a new prototype this
year: the Aldamin jacket. Competitors
in the Gorbeia Suzien mountain race, of
which Ternua is the main sponsor, have
received a sample to test it. It will
therefore be tested over the next three
months by a total of 800 athletes who
will play a key role in achieving a
perfect product. This group of
sportspeople is joined by you,
professionals from the sector. With all
the comments that we collect in the
coming months, we will perfect the
prototype and manufacture the jacket
to include it in the SS 18 collection.

Aldamin Jkt_Gorbeia Suzien 2016

Disused fishing nets pose a serious #3- This yarn is used to make the
threat to nature. It is estimated that recycled fabric which will be the main
there are 640,000 tonnes of fishing material for some TERNUA garments
nets littering the seabed (European (trekking pants and leggings) that will
Environment Agency) which, apart be launched in the fall-winter 2017
from polluting, pose a death threat to collection.
some animal species. At the same
time, there are currently tonnes of Thanks to the collection of these first
unused and abandoned nets in 12 tonnes of nets, Ternua has been
fishermen's associations that, able to generate 9 tonnes of usable
fortunately, have not been dumped into recycled polyamide, and has prevented
the sea but face an uncertain fate. 18 tonnes of oil from having to be
consumed and 40 tonnes of CO2 from
All these nets, which are made from having to be generated in order to
polyamide, can be recycled and reused generate this material in the form of
over and over again, which means they virgin polyamide.
remain useful and valuable to the
textile industry. Nofir specifies the following data:

From here, Ternua's RED-CYCLE The decrease in the carbon

project is born footprint is equivalent to
39413 kg of CO2 (3.6 kg of
A project for collecting and recycling CO2/kg)
disused fishing nets that turns them The decrease in non-
into textile garments and accessories renewable resources is
for the Outdoor world, addressing an equivalent to 18612 kg of oil
environmental problem and using (1.7 kgs oil/kg)
recycled materials in order to prevent The reduction of waste
more natural resources from being products destined for landfills,
consumed or more pollution from being incineration or which end up in
generated. the sea.- 6680 kgs (0.8 kg/kg)

How does RED-CYCLE work?

#1 - We collect disused nets from the

Gipuzkoan and Biscayan fishermen's
associations in Bermeo, Getaria and
Hondarribia. In a first phase ......TERNUA
has collected 12 tonnes of nets.

#2 - The polyamide contained in the

nets (Polyamide 6) that can be used by
the textile industry is selected and, in
collaboration with one of the most
important polyamide manufacturers in
the world, AQUAFIL, it undergoes an
innovative and unique recycling process
to obtain the fabric ECONYL
( ), which
combines recycled polyamide from the
nets with other polyamide from rugs
and carpets.
Furthermore, RED-CYCLE is a project
that generates COLLABORATION
NETWORKS between different players,
public and private, who are committed
to the future. A network of
protagonists who collaborate on and
are committed to processes that mark
new and improved paths. Protagonists
who create, work, innovate and take
risks to protect the Planet and people.

Because this is the only path to create

a better earth for everyone, a NEW

The RIDE ON PANT Man and the RIDE

ON PANT Woman are the first
garments to be made with this yarn
from fishing nets. They are very
comfortable pants and are ideal for
people who are looking for versatile
pants for their everyday life. They are
made with Shellstretch and have a
PFC-free finish.

Ternua belongs to the Ternua Group,
the largest national Outdoor company.

It is a brand that designs and produces

technical clothing for sports such as
mountaineering, climbing or skiing, with
a clear commitment to sustainability. It
markets its products at national and
international level, and is present in
more than 10 countries in Europe and
Asia. It belongs to the European
Outdoor Group, which includes the
most important outdoor and
mountaineering brands in the world,
which collaborate in a constructive and
positive manner in the defense of the
common interests of the European
Outdoor Group and the EOCA,
European Outdoor Conservation
Association. Furthermore, it sponsors
top-class events and athletes.

In the sphere of innovation, Ternua has

elite partners, notably including the
climber Alberto Iurrategi, who
examine and test the garment
prototypes that are designed, in a kind
of innovation laboratory, as they set
the new challenges in the development
of the new products, testing them
before their market launch.

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