Twin Flames and Soul Mates Do Not Have Karma

When I began my path in understanding the energy dynamics of Soul Mates and Twin Flames, I did like most of other folks; I searched the internet, books, and magazines and picked the brains of intuitive readers. I kept coming across information that firmly asserted that Twin Flames and Soul Mates had to work through Karma before, if ever, they come together. They gave this as an explanation as to why the connection had so much conflict and drama encapsulated in them. Then I came across my mentors, Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs, an authentic Twin Flame couple, that turned this Karma right on its ass. They were one of the first to state very adamantly that Twin Flames and Soul Mates do not have karma to work through! This, as you imagine, created waves in the spiritual community, and I must admit, I was not sure how to take the information myself, but like all information that I come into that appears to be radical or against popular consensus, I asked my guides for more information on this and tucked it away in my consciousness until further notice. As I started to grow in my intuitive abilities, confidence and accepting guidance from higher intelligence, an inner clearing was created in me that helped me to get a better grasp of this topic; and here is how the information resonated as truth through me. As my mentor Mel points out, around the time of 1970 s, a special dispensation was bestowed upon the whole of humanity. This dispensation is called the Heart centered awakening facilitated by the energy of Unconditional Love. The awakening heart is simply an acceleration and expansion of the Heart Chakra. This emanation from the heart center also accelerates individual s spiritual growth and has the potential to magnetize your Divine counterpart, either Twin Flame or Primary Soul Mate. But the most important shift that took place within the human consciousness was that the force of Unconditional Love broke down many of the long held belief systems, superstitions and religious dogmas that drove the choices and created negative conditions in the lives of those walking the spiritual path. We now have a keener ability to discern what higher truth is and the ability to connect quicker with our Higher self. In sum, the heart centered awakening dispensation affords Twin Flames and Soul Mates to vibrate at higher levels consciousness and to be able to grasps higher levels of truth. More than we care to admit or are even aware of, most of us are operating our lives out of faulty and self destructive belief systems. We have been conditioned to believe a whole host of things that have nothing to do with the spiritual principles that actually governs our lives. And it is my understanding that the reason why we have chosen the spiritual path as a path to evolution is to clear away these faulty belief systems, and to live in the greatest truth and to learn how to be effective intentional creators of our lives. One of the belief systems that affect us, and especially Twin Flames and Soul Mates is the belief in Karma.

Karma is not a greater Spiritual Law! Karma is a belief system that we as humans inducted as a spiritual Law, but it is NOT a spiritual law. The belief in karma has evolved through false thinking. Because us humans have carried within our consciousness that we had to pay to play at higher states of consciousness, or earn our way to achieve spiritual freedom from a particular behavioral or thought impediment, we have made karma a much bigger part of our spiritual evolution than it is. Now we are beginning to wake up to the truth that the highest Spiritual Law is the law of thinking and becoming. That our thoughts create our conditions, and that no outside force or entity can create our reality. And the old paradigm of Karma that states that we come into each lifetime to balance, pay or redeem karma is simply not the case! This thinking keeps us feeling powerless and at the mercy of some mysterious score-keeper in the heavenly realm. It also holds us back from understanding the Higher Spiritual Laws our personal power and knowledge about reality. So Keesha, you say that Karma does not exist anymore, by why are Twin Flames and Soul Mates still having a difficult time coming together and staying together? Why does it feel like Twin Flames and Soul Mates are still working through generational, cultural, sexist, financial and health issues that were not created by them in this lifetime? Two very good questions, but Karma is not the answer, but here is the answer. Twin Flames and Soul Mates hold a special charge in this lifetime, and in lifetimes to come, and this mission, if you will, is to assist humanity in creating a new, workable relationship paradigm based upon the spiritual qualities of Unconditional love. Twin Flames and Soul Mates mission is to anchor, emanated and demonstrate these spiritual qualities, which in turn will raise the vibratory pattern of relationships as a whole. But before Twin Flames and Soul Mates can get busy on their specific missions, they must be the change that they were called to create, meaning they must clear within themselves the lower frequency relationship patterns on all levels of their being. Some of these lower frequency patterns were inherited through their family bloodline, some were created through our own ignorance and misconceptions, and some were created through cultural or racial belief systems or gender identification. But one thing that they all have in common is that all of these lower vibratory patterns carry with them a powerful and creative energetic charge. This creative charge has the ability to shape the conditions of relations in negative ways if they are not cleared away on an energetic level. This has ALWAYS been the case, this is nothing new, but instead of seeing these negative vibratory patterns as dysfunctional energetic belief systems and behavior patterns, we called it Karma. We have called the conflict that we shared with those we are in relationship with Karmic relationships or Karmic ties; we took our choices and creative abilities right out of our hands and handed made it into a spiritual law! The real reason why Twin Flames and Soul Mates who are having a difficult time coming together and staying together is because they still hold within them dysfunctional belief systems and behavioral tendencies that creates an energy clash. Some are so focused on making the relationship come together in a romanticized fashion that they are not working on clearing their energy so that a new relationship model can take root within them. They are trying to fit old concepts of love and romance in the parameters of Unconditional love, and it WILL NOT FIT. Unconditional love vibrates from the energy of truth and oneness, not separation, external power-seeking and selfishness like the old model. The reason why Twin Flames and Soul Mates experience great emotional pain is that are trying to

manipulate the energy of unconditional love physically and this too is impossible. Twin Flames and Soul Mates are a synergistically compatible union, where the transmission of energy from one to another is immediate and shared. Therefore, any and all manipulation, or changes to the connection MUST take place first on an energetic level. This is why when I work with my clients, I focus on them changing their energy dynamics within themselves, and not strategies on how outwardly draw their mates closer to them, because I know it s impossible! One last thing about the belief in Karma, Twin Flames and Soul mates continue to carry the belief in this thought form; they MUST suffer through it; that is the Spiritual Law. And those who continue to teach this belief system as a Spiritual Laws will be held responsible for it! In conclusion, I hope that I was able to enlighten you to truth that Karma is a long held belief system that has caused great pain and confusion to the human race. Now with the special dispensation of the awakened heart phenomenon facilitated by the force of unconditional love, we are able to clearly see the falsities of this belief system and really take charge of healing the dysfunctional belief systems and behavioral pattern within ourselves, so that we can learn to create optimal conditions that will foster greater love and higher vibratory relationship patterns for our own connection and for the whole of humanity. Be the Change you were called to create, Keesha Michelle Washington

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