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UdeC Scientist teaches at Oxford University

Analysis of Partial Differential Equation

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world, according to international rankings. doctoral dissertations of our students. His
brightest minds known to humankind have Mathematical Institute of this British Unive
classrooms, such as Stephen Hawking, possible for some members of our center
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Chile and the CIMA
Baier, who graduated in 2005 from the
Concepcin. Immediately after he finished
Regarding his experiences at the Un
duate studies, Ruiz started his Postgraduate
University, under the guidance of professor Concepcin and at the CIMA, Ruiz poi
rger, the subdirector of the Center for Theres a standing effort to do quality sci
Mathematical Engineering, or CIMA, in its counting with the limited resources of a uni
not precisely located in the capital, San
ym. In relation to that period he said, For teach a class on Numerical Methods for the Industrially outdoes everything that is being done in Lat
cused on some biomedical applications, and Focused Mathematical Modelling doctoral programme, this area. I continue to collaborate with Dr
out several opportunities to do postgraduate and other classes on Numerical Solution of Differential more recently, with Dr. Gatica, which is
similar subject in Europe, so a month after Equations for the MSc in Scientific Computing. This coming back to Concepcin or they go to
thesis in 2009, I travelled to the Swiss hasnt stopped him from further developing his research Oxford, or one of their collaborators visits m
ute of Technology in Lausanne. Professor
activities, in which he stands out due to his high very productive relationship.
to explain that The challenge was working productivity, having close to fifty scientific publications
nteresting issue: a biomedical application to date. He adds that at the same time I keep working on Comparing the level of Oxford to the cu
mena related to cardiac contraction structure cardiac research, addressing the interaction of some universities in Chile, he stated that M
eract with their electric waves. This project phenomena that occurs in the heart, how to explain it lacking a bit in proactivity, in being tho
d concrete applications in different fields,
through Partial Differential Equations and consolidate it control. In general, we play a more
e and development of heart pacemakers and through the use of Computer Science, in an attempt to However, in terms of the researchers scien
ves. My initial plan was to go back to Chile answer current questions in bioengineering, cardiology or think we are just as good as every other cou
n Switzerland, but other opportunities arose electrophysiology.
up staying in Lausanne for over 6 years,
Finally, the researcher made empha
at subject and other related applications.
In this respect, Dr. Gabriel Gatica, the head of the WONAPDE conference (Workshop on
CIMA, commented on Ricardo Ruiz capacity for Analysis of Partial Differential Equatio
ng in prestigious European educational
collaborative research Its important to highlight that current standing and international renown w
such as the Swiss Federal Institute of
n Lausanne, Ruiz (37) stated that I took Ricardo has kept working together not only with his activity, organized every three years by th
ity to be a lecturer at Oxford last year, former thesis supervisor, Raimund Brger, but also with regarded. Ruiz described the WONAPDE a
interesting because of the good reputation several other researchers and students of the CIMA, conference in this area, thanks to the q
sity and the good level of its students. I am which has resulted in numerous joint publications over a conferences, the speakers and the subjects c
f Numerical Analysis, so, for example, I diverse range of subjects in the field of Numerical

Vanessa Bastardo