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Name: Cristea Cristina

School: coala Gimnazial Pictor Nicolae Grigorescu - Titu
Date: 4th of April, 2017
Class:1st grade/2nd year of study
Time of Lesson: 50 min.
Textbook: Comunicare n limba modern 1- limba englez, Fairyland 1B
Lesson: My animals

Aim: To provide relevant materials for students to work easily with domestic animals

At the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
-to identify the domestic animals from a worksheet / flashcard and the sounds they make;
-to use correctly the new vocabulary: the dog goes woof, the cat goes meow, etc. ;
-respond appropriately to short, simple questions in a clear and concise way.

Cognitive objectives:
To improve vocabulary related to domestic animals;
To encourage students to talk freely;
To provide students more practice on pronunciation and vocabulary.

Affective objectives:
To create a warm atmosphere;
To help students enjoy speaking English;
To use ones imagination.

Teaching materials:
OHP, textbooks, digital textbook, flashcards

Anticipated language problems:

- Pupils may become agitated and unresponsive.
- In some cases, pupils may not understand the task given by the teacher.
Possible solutions:
-The teacher must be clear and simple in speech and repeat the task in order to be clear for

Methods: conversation, explanation, dialogue, practice, game


Aim: to assure Ss accommodation to the English class and reinforce vocabulary related to food.
1. Ss play Spinning Game with vocabulary related to food.
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class Timing: 4 min.

Lead-in / Presentation
Introducing the new vocabulary
Aim: to present and to practise the new words
1. T informs Ss about the aim of the lesson and then T shows the farm animals flashcards (cat, cow,
hen, dog, sheep, horse) one at a time and presents them. The Ss repeat after the T.
2. T shows the farm animals and says: This is a dog. She asks them to repeat: This is a
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class Timing: 8 min.

Practice - Activity 1
Listen and number. Then sing
Aim: to practice the language of the lesson
1. T asks the Ss to open their books at page twenty-four, reads the title and elicits what it means.
She writes the number on the blackboard and holds up her book. T says the instructions twice as she
mimes them.
2. T plays the recording. Ss have to listen and number.
3. T elicits the different words by pointing and saying: The (dog) goes (woof)!etc. Next the Ss
repeat after the T. She follows the same procedure and presents the rest of the song and explains the
activity. T plays the recording. The Ss listen to the song and do the (dog) goes (woof).
4. T plays the recording again. The pupils listen and sing.
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class Timing: 10 min.

Activity 2:
Whats missing? game
Aim: to further practice the new vocabulary
1. T tells Ss to look at the animal flashcards she posts on the board. T shows them how to play. She
turns the flashcards backwards, takes down one flashcard and hides it fast saying: Whats
missing? then the Ss have to say what animal (flashcard) is missing. Another flashcard is then
chosen and the game continues.
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class Timing: 10 min.

Activity 3:
Aim: to improve vocabulary
1. T asks Ss to solve exercise 3 from page twenty-five. T says the instructions twice as she mimes
them. T points to the animals and ask How many? She elicits the correct response. T allows Ss
some time to do the colouring.
2. Ss perform task. T checks and corrects the mistakes, if any.
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class. Timing: 4 min.

Activity 4:
Aim: to practice speaking
1. T says the instructions twice as she mimes them and explains the activity. She demonstrates first
how it should be done. (Look! Two yellow cows! Three green horses! Three red dogs!)
2. T asks the Ss to present the picture to the class. e.g. Pupil 1: (Two yellow cows)
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class Timing: 10 min.

Activity 5:
Yes/No game
Aim: to have fun
1. Using the flashcards related to farm animals, T asks the Ss to stand up (if the flashcard she
shows is correct) and sit down (if the flashcard is not correct).
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class Timing: 3 min.

Follow-up Homework assignment:

Aim: to further consolidate the vocabulary related to animals.
1. T gives Ss Ws and instructs how to solve the exercises.
Interaction: T-Ss, Individual work Timing: 1 min