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SPECIALIZED EXPERTISE: OBJECTIVE: Sysco's Manager, Local Marketing in Ventura, a

Brand Development/Growth position requiring demonstrated expertise in establishing and managing
Social Media/SEO marketing, advertising and promotion strategies, research and analysis
Print Media of trends, developing and implementing processes to drive sales and
Public Relations create customer loyalty, and experience in growing a business.
Product Launches
Community Relations
Legal & Legislative Issues * 20 years successfully * 23 years designing * Solid experience
managing marketing and implementing developing and
INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: and sales teams successful campaigns managing to
Cable Television to achieve marketing budgets
Film Festivals goals
State-Level Lobbying * Expert analytical, * Extensive market * Experienced
Music Start-Ups collaborative and analysis, research and building
personal influencing trend-spotting consensus among
CLIENT ARTICLES PLACED IN: skills experience Federal, State and
Wall Street Journal Local officials
New York Times
Financial Times
Business Week
Develop and Implement Processes to Drive Sales and Create
Rusty Spanish After the Board of the Ojai Film Festival terminated their 2015
Native speaker French
Executive Producer, five months into planning for the 2016
American Sign Language

Festival, I was recruited and hired to plan and direct event. I
EDUCATION: had only seven months to organize and implement the 13-day,
Boston University four-venue event. I staffed and managed 10 volunteer
BS in Communications with committees, eight workshops, an awards brunch and multiple
minor in Public Relations. lesser special events. Successfully completing a 12-month
Professionally-trained public project in seven drew upon these skills: leadership, marketing,
speaker promotions, advertising, public relations, publicity, volunteer
Toastmasters Certified Competent
development, staffing, teaching, research, budgeting, special

events planning, project management, communications and
COMMUNITY ACTIVISM: multitasking. Ten-hour days and weekends were the norm, and
Ojai Land Conservancy they paid off. Attendance increased by 30% over the previous
Ojai Film Festival Board year, volunteer morale improved threefold, and WE MADE
Statewide Anti-Human Trafficking MONEY. And recently FilmFreeway (the largest worldwide film
Coalition of South Carolina - portal) named the Ojai Film Festival "One of the Top 100 Best
Founding Member Reviewed Festivals."
Maryse G. - p. 1

Establishing Marketing Strategies
With only two months until launch, I was hired to provide Public Relations support to help Fox,
Inc. launch their new FX Cable Network. I stepped into a vacuum as there was no PR
department and no VP of Public Relations. Using the budget of $1.5M, I hired four people and
an outside PR agency. Planning both quickly and carefully, I developed a detailed plan of media
relations and marketing strategies that enabled us to penetrate the U.S. region by region and
garner awareness and visibility among television viewers and cable TV operators. Coordinating
with other stakeholders to make sure we got the message right, my team and I generated
literally hundreds of local, regional and national news articles - all within our 60-day launch
window. Our combined efforts resulted in one of the fastest cable operator buy-ins of any cable
channel launch.

Oversee Promotion Strategies / Brand Development
I managed public relations for Anne Sweeney, CEO of FX Network/Fox Inc. In that capacity, I
used my public relations, marketing and personal influencing skills to help her solidify her
position in the face of critics who said she lacked the temperament and skills to do the job. My
most successful effort on her behalf was to influence a freelance reporter to accept my news
angle that ultimately resulted in a two-and-one-quarter-page news article on her in the Sunday
New York Times Business Page. The reporter and I worked for three months on this major
piece. It not only completely squelched all criticism regarding Ms. Sweeney's competency, it
made her a star in the industry. It was integral to her being tapped as president of Disney
Channel and executive vice president of Disney/ABC Cable Networks. And it caused my star to
rise within FX Networks and Fox, Inc.

Research and Analysis of Local Trends / Consensus-Building for Community Action
When my then-husband was transferred to South Carolina I found myself with time on my
hands. At that time, human trafficking of teens and males was rampant throughout the state.
Highly publicized and much lamented, there was no unified effort by Federal, State and local
organizations to do anything about it. As a mother of a teen, I watched with horror the flood of
news stories and could only give thanks that my child was safe. And while I could only imagine
the agony of the victims and their parents, I knew I could use my personal influencing,
marketing, communications, public relations, community affairs, leadership, organizing,
publicity, and public speaking expertise to mobilize the State power brokers. After almost two
years, key influencers accepted me: ICE agents, FBI, law enforcement, community VIPs,
legislators, and other non-governmental organizations. I was able to get all of these groups into
a room for a statewide meeting on human trafficking. From this large get-together, we formed
the Statewide Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition of South Carolina, laying the groundwork for
the state's first law against human trafficking.

Maryse G. p. 2

Successfully Accepting First Marketing Implementation
Early-on in my career, I lucked out when all 25 of our senior leadership was out of town at a
conference and it fell to me to organize and oversee Viacom Cablevision's first pay-per-view
boxing match. Mobilizing 100+ people over whom I had no official authority was a challenge
that I enthusiastically accepted. I organized the Technical Team, the Customer Service Team,
and all aspects of Media Relations. Learning as I went, and fortunately gaining proactive
support and buy-in from those older than I and with much more experience, I had my first
serious taste of multi-tasking, leadership and proactive customer service. The event was an
unqualified success as we exceeded sales expectations by 35%, experienced no technical issues,
nor any customer complaints. And delighted our leadership upon their return.

Unwavering Commitment
Ten years ago my 50-year-old brother suffered a simultaneous stroke and a heart attack. He
was living in Maryland and I was working full-time in California. For ten years I was his legal
Special Needs Trustee, responsible for managing all aspects of his life - everything having to do
with the government, housing, insurance, finances - everything. I continually shuttled back and
forth between Maryland and California. For 10 years, I managed a career on each coast, and
was successful in both of them. I promise you I will be just as organized, focused and
committed to accomplishing the requirements of this job as I was caring for my brother and
doing my job.

Boutique consultancy providing marketing, public relations, and business development services
to diverse clients in various industries. Clients include Ojai Music Festival and Current
Average contract value: $2,000

Not For Sale South Carolina. Greenville, SC - 2008 - 2012
Leader/Founder of start-up of grassroots organization to form a coalition of Federal, State and
Local resources, including the FBI, ICE agents, local law enforcement, state and local officials,
civic organizations and other NGOs to gain legislative support to create the first-ever Statewide
Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition of South Carolina

2003 - 2008. Largely personal time to raise my children and take additional classes before
returning to work. Augmented income with short-term consulting gigs now and again

SMPR. Los Angeles, CA. 1995 - 2003
Start-up social media public relations company serving technology, entertainment and non-
profits. Primary accomplishments: introduced Ziff-Davis Television (ZDTV) to the international
press, and debuted yoga exercise company YogaFit to a nationwide audience
Maryse G. p. 3

Vice President, Public Relations. Coordinating between Marketing and Production Departments,
oversaw the media portion of launchings of two original cable networks. Managed budget in
excess of $1.5M

DMX MUSIC. Los Angeles, CA. 1992 - 1994
Vice President, Communications. Developed turnkey communication s department for this
publicly traded company valued at over $200M. Nurtured relationships with community
leaders, nationwide cable television operators, financial journalists and marketing partners

Bachelor of Science, Communications, with minor in Public Relations
Boston University, Boston, MA

* Family
* Reading
* Camping
* Hiking

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