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Rebecca Lindquist


Teacher Name Rebecca Lindquist Date May 31, 2017

TA - Carly Gourk
UC - Jenna Lowe

Subject Area Math Grade One

Topic 3D Shapes Time 12 - 15 minutes

General Learner Shape and Space:

Outcomes Describe the characteristics of 3-D objects and 2-D shapes, and analyze the
Taken from Alberta relationships among them.
Program of Studies

Specific Learner - Sort 3-D objects and 2-D shapes

Outcomes - Replicate composite 2-D shapes and 3-D objects
Taken from Alberta - Compare 2-D shapes to parts of 3-D objects in the environment
Program of Studies

Learning Objectives - how to identify parts of 3-D objects

What do you want your - be able to name and describe aspects of 2-D shapes
students to learn? - relate 2-D/3-D shapes to things in the environment
Assessment - participation in the game
How will you know your - correctness of Building 3-D shapes assignment
students have learned?

Materials - geometry set from library to build 3-D shapes

What resources will you - Mrs. Goruks shapes
need? - show what you know game

Introduction - ask about 2-D shapes we already know

Body Shapes pool party! (to remember which shapes are which)
- I will name the shape of who is invited to the pool party and they will
move the shapes accordingly
- uses problem solving
- sorting 2-D objects
- using shapes that are of everyday objects (compares 2-D shapes to the

Show What You Know game

- identifying shapes

Building 3-D shapes

- identifying 3-D shapes
- comparing 2-D shapes to parts of 3-D

Closure what did you learn?

Rebecca Lindquist

- who can tell me the names of some of the shapes we already know?
- Today we are going to see you much you remember. Show me how smart you are about your

**maybe switch up order of pool party/game?

Pool Party: (4 mins)

- review what is
- I am going to a pool party, and some of the shapes are invited, but not all of them. I will tell
you about a shape that is invited to the pool party, and you will tell me which one it is, and
take it to the pool party.
- I am a shape that has 4 equal sides, and i am invited to the pool party
- I am a shape that has no sides and no vertices, and I am invited to the pool party
- I am a shape that has 3 sides and 3 vertices, and I am invited to the pool party
- I am a shape..
- I am a shape
- I am a shape

Show What You Know: (2-4 mins)

- line up in 2 lines
- 2 shapes will come up, one for the red team one for the blue team
- the person that says the name of their shape the fastest wins and goes to the back of their
line, the other person sits down. You are trying to have the longest team line to win.
- poof means both people sit down
- pick a friend means you save someone from your team who was out

Build 3-D shapes (4-8 mins):

- I have put some building block on each of the tables, build a 3-D object
- fill out sheet for the shape
- name of the shape
- # of faces
- draw a picture of 3-D shape
- # of each 2-D shape
- draw a picture of and name something that is the same shape as your 3-D object or the same
shape as what your 3-D object is made out of