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HCT Learning Outcomes/Skills & Behaviors/Jobs

Task I- Graduate Learning Outcomes-HCT expects its graduates to master certain

skills by the time they graduate. To understand these skills, choose the skills and
behaviors from below and place them under the relevant headings in the table, shown

writing an essay working well in a group appreciating Indian Culture

using excel making a budget for your expenses writing a formal letter

giving a speech justifying your opinion accessing useful online material

finding a helpful book producing a leaflet choosing your major

correct spelling being proud of your heritage writing a bibliography

working out your future GPA creating a webpage connecting a printer to your PC

organizing a wedding joining Habitat for humanity joining the Japan Club

Leadership Language Global Critical Information Information

Awareness Thinking and Technology Literacy


Giving a Joining the Being proud Working out Producing a Writing an

speech. japan club of your your future. leaflet essay.
Organizing a Working well Creating a Writing a
wedding. Appreciating in a group. webpage formal letter.
Choosing culture. Choosing Writing a
your major your major. bibliography.
habitat for Making a
humanity budget for

formal letter.

a printer to
your PC.
Task II- Which skills/graduate learning outcomes would be useful to have in each of the
following situations?

1. You want to travel overseas to take a course but your parents wont let you
go because they think the culture in the West is corrupt. You want to
persuade them to let you go.


Critical thinking and quantities reasoning.

2. You are working at a company and they ask you to do a PowerPoint

presentation using charts and graphs that show the companys growth
over the past few years.


Information literacy, critical thinking, information technology, leadership.

3. You love your family very much but lately everyone has been fighting with
each other. You decide to call a family meeting to discuss the major issues
and brainstorm solutions.

Leadership, critical thinking.

4. You are applying for a part-time job and you want to create a relevant and
convincing CV and cover letter, so you decide to go online to find out more
about the company and its mission.


Critical thinking, information literacy.

5. Even though your family makes a decent salary every month, it never
seems to be enough and the money is gone by the end of the month. You
help your parents think about what are the causes of this problem and how
to solve it with some creative budgeting.
Critical thinking and quantities reasoning.

6. It is your birthday and your parents have decided to buy you a new car as a
present. They have let you decide which car you want. You have
researched the three models of car you are interested in and conducted a
cost/benefit analysis of each and finally decided which one to choose.

Critical thinking,

7. Your brother is thinking it might be time for him to get married but hes not
sure whether to marry a Moroccan or a foreigner. You decide to compare
the divorce rates of each type of marriage to help him make his decision.

Information literacy, Critical thinking.

Task 4- Which graduate learning outcomes do these job advertisements support?

1. Company Researcher wanted for manufacturer making luxury travel

accessories. The work involves researching new overseas markets and
outlets for company product range. Some travel to European and Asian
countries necessary. A competitive salary and usual benefits will be offered to
the right candidate. (critical thinking, global awareness.)


2. Senior Auditor wanted to independently perform audits in a professional

manner and in accordance with an approved audit program. The person
appointed will assist in determining the appropriate auditing procedures used,
including statistical sampling and use of electronic data processing tools; will
obtain, analyze, and appraise evidentiary data, prepare audit reports and
present it to management. Good salary for the right applicant. ( critical
thinking, leadership, information technology.)


3. Legal Advisor with experience in real estate wanted for an investment

company. A degree in law is essential. Excellent communication skills in
Arabic and French are a must. (language, leadership)


4. Experienced Ticketing Supervisor wanted for a leading travel agency in

Rabat. Must be a self-starter, used to supervising staff and with an excellent
knowledge of online ticketing procedures (Sabre or Galilieo). A good working
knowledge of English and Arabic is essential. (language, leadership,
information technology.)


Task 5-Look at this article which explains the universal Skills most employers want.
Which skills are similar to HCT Graduate Learning Outcomes?

What Do Employers Really Want? Top Skills and Values Employers Seek from Job-Seekers

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.

Every employer is looking for a specific set of skills from job-seekers that match the skills necessary to
perform a particular job. But beyond these job-specific technical skills, certain skills are nearly universally
sought by employers. Numerous studies have identified these critical employability skills, sometimes
referred to as "soft skills." We've distilled the skills from these many studies into this list of skills most
frequently mentioned. We've also included sample verbiage describing each skill; job-seekers can adapt
this verbiage to their own resumes, cover letters, and interview talking points.

Skills Most Sought After by Employers

Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written). By far, the one skill mentioned most often by
employers is the ability to listen, write, and speak effectively. Successful communication is critical in

Analytical/Research Skills. Deals with your ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives,
gather more information if necessary, and identify key issues that need to be addressed.

Computer/Technical Literacy. Almost all jobs now require some basic understanding of computer
hardware and software, especially word processing, spreadsheets, and email. .

Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Multiple Priorities. Deals with your ability to manage multiple

assignments and tasks, set priorities, and adapt to changing conditions and work assignments.

Interpersonal Abilities. The ability to relate to your co-workers, inspire others to participate, and mitigate
conflict with co-workers is essential given the amount of time spent at work each day.

Leadership/Management Skills. While there is some debate about whether leadership is something
people are born with, these skills deal with your ability to take charge and manage your co-workers.

Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness. There is possibly no bigger issue in the workplace than this.

Planning/Organizing. Deals with your ability to design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks
within an allotted timeframe. Also involves goal-setting.

Problem-Solving/Reasoning/Creativity. Involves the ability to find solutions to problems using your

creativity, reasoning, and past experiences along with the available information and resources.

Teamwork. Because so many jobs involve working in one or more work-groups, you must have the ability
to work with others in a professional manner while attempting to achieve a common goal.

Adapted from

Hansen,R.S.,& Hansen,K.H.(n.d.).What do employers really want? Retrieved Feb 21,2011, from

Task 6

Which skills you already or want to develop to be successful at college and in life
in general, i.e. family and work?

Write them in order of importance, with the first being the most important, and give
reasons for your answers.

A. For University:
1. Working out for future GPA.

The reason I chose working out on my GPA is because in my graduation

requirement I have to have a good GPA like 3.0, and if I get a lower GPA I might
not be able to graduate from my college.

2. Leadership/Management skills.

The reason I chose leadership, is that Im an education student and I have to

have a strong personality when Im becoming a teacher. Also in college, I want to
have a strong personality where I can suggest my opinion in college and give
them new ideas.

3. Managing multiple priorities

The reason I chose managing priorities, is that because I dont have time
management and prior the things out. Eg. When I have an assessment I have to
prior my time and finish it before the due date.

B. For Life

1. Problem solving.

I chose problem solving for my life because in life we go through lots of hard
situations and when we face some problems.

2. Planning organizing.
I chose planning/organizing for my life because Im not that kind of person who
likes to plan or organize, but I have to work on it for the future if I became a
mother to have the ability of planning and organizing whether its a birthday party
of family gathering.

3. Communication skills

I chose communication skills for life because in life we have to communicate with other
people and make relationships with them also learn how to deal with other people in
public places.