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Sharad Paudyal +977-9841328022

Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER)

Baneshwor Height, Kathmandu, Nepal


Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER)

Master of Philosophy in English (M.Phil)

Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER)

Master of Arts in English (M.A.)

Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Lecturer, Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (2009- Present)

Has been teaching at masters level subjects like History of Ideas, Contextual History of
English Literature, Academic Writing, and International Relations and Conflict Studies
Has designed and prepared Course of Study/Syllabus for International Relations and
Conflict Studies, and Contextual History of English Literature at masters level.
Has been working as thesis supervisor at masters level.
Working as a freelance copywriter since 2012
Taught Literature in English, English Language, and General Paper to Cambridge A
Level students in Nepal (2007-2016)
Taught First Year College Writing and Business Communication to Bachelor of Business
Administration students (2011-2015)
Taught mathematics to lower secondary students (1998-1999)


Advised and edited college magazine called Glozyne published by students

Taught students art of public speaking, debating and essay writing for inter-college
Helped organize Literary Association of Nepals annual events
Head of the Department of English at Global College International and Uniglobe College
Supervisor cum Quality Analyst at Himalayan Infotech, a medical transcription company


Economic Progress and Social Acceptance: A Presentation on the Predicament of the

Untouchable Social Classes
Reversal of the Able-Disabled Binary in Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis
Indeterminacy of Sexuality and Duality of Desire in Philip Roths The Breast
The Politics of Inclusion and the Dalit Question
Nonviolence, Transnationalism and Subaltern Consciousness in
Laxmi Prasad Devkotas Poems Written in English
The Broken Tripod and Transmuting Nationalism: A Critical Discourse Analysis of King
Mahendra, B.P. Koirala, and Puspa Lal Shresthas Speeches
Subaltern Consciousness in Arundhati Roys The God of Small Things


Unofficial translator for INGOs and NGOs

Cambridge A Level Examiner of English Language
International Baccalaureate Examiner of English Literature


Organized felicitation program and trips for the elderly to places of religious importance
Taught essay writing and public speaking skills to students at Nawal English Boarding
School (15 days)
Helped in organizing and conducting blood donation programs and free eye clinic
Participated in collecting of fund for the treatment of homeless and poor


Literary Association of Nepal (LAN)