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(THE PUBLISHERS 2.0 - Publishing Enhanced)

Note: This Sample Business Plan is to be used as a reference in the

preparation of the 5 years Business Plan. The attached sample is
pertinent to the evaluation to be made by MyCreative.
Applicants are advised to ensure that all information is to be
included in the 5 years Business Plan. The list of information in
this sample is not exhaustive.
1. Executive Summary
2. What is the vision of the company?
3. The company best achievement to date
4. Company Details
- Paid-up capital
- Details of the shareholders
- CV of the Management Team
- Journey of the company since incorporation
- Other pertinent details of the company
- List of all financing facilities (if any)
5. Business Description & Model
- Principal business
- Other related business
- Revenue stream
- Explain your business operation cycle
- Details of the sales channels i.e. Online/Distributor/Own book store
- Details of the distributors and printers?
- Details of the arrangement/payment terms with distributors and printers? The
discount given etc.
- Royalty Fee/upfront fees paid to authors
- Sales channels (own shop/distributor/events/on-line/etc.)
6. Products
- Genre of publications
- Target market
- Retail prices
- Average number of copies print per title
- E-books
- Other detail of the product
7. Track Records
- Please key in the details of the titles that you have published for the past 3
years or more as per the following table :

No. Titles Author/Writer Year Numbe Number No of Retail

Published r of of copies times re- Price
copies sold to print
printed date*

Note: * If you are shortlisted, Mycreative reserves the right to request for evidence.

8. SWOT analysis on the company

- Strength/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threat
9. Purpose of Financing
- The breakdown of the funding requirement
- Tells us your plan to take your publishing company forward with funding from
- Tell us your expansion plan, and how the potential additional income stream to
be generated
- For better understanding you may include graphic/illustration if it is available
- Share the changes that the funding will bring/contribute to the company/will it
be sustainable?
- Share you strategy and plan to repay the financing facility
10. Cash Flow Projections
- Summary of the 5 years cashflow and P&L projections (Please note that you are
expected to submit the detail version as appendix)
- Details of the assumption used in the said projections (this is compulsory)
11. Publishing plan
- Your publishing plan for the next 6 - 12 months
- To state the titles, the synopsis & author/writer
12. Promotion & Marketing Strategy
- Details of your promotion strategy to promote your brand and books
- Do you apply traditional or out of the box marketing strategy
13. Industry analysis
- On your market segment
14. Sample picture of your best-selling titles and
15. Trademark & copyright
16. Reference
- Contact details of at least 3 of your authors/writers
17. Sample publishing agreement with writers
18. Any other relevant/supporting information