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Acta Ethnographica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae Acta Ethnographica Acta Orientalia Acta Orient Acta Patristica et Byzantina Acta Patristica Byz AD AD Adolescence Adolescence ADRIS Newsletter ADRIS Newsletter AFER: African Ecclesial Review AFER Affirmation & Critique Affirmation Crit Affirmation Affirmation Africa (J Int African Inst) Africa (J Int African Inst) Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology Africa J Ev Th Africa Report Africa Report Africa Theological Journal Africa Th J Agriculture and Human Values Agriculture and Human Values Albanian Catholic Bulletin Albanian Cath Bul Allpanchis Allpanchis Alternativas Alternativas AME Zion Quarterly Review AME Zion Q R América Indígena América Indígena American Academy for Jewish Research: Proceedings Am Acad Jewish Res: Proc American Academy of Arts and Sciences Bulletin American Academy of Arts and Sci ences, Bulletin American Academy of Political and Social Science Annals Annals Am Acad of Politi cal and Soc Sci American Academy of Religion Philosophy of Religion and Theology Proceedings AAR Phil Rel Theo Proc American Anthropologist Am Anthropologist American Baptist Quarterly Am Bapt Q American Catholic Sociological Review Am Cath Soc R American Ethnologist Am Ethnologist American Folklore American Folklore American Historical Review Am Hist R American Imago American Imago American Indian Quarterly American Indian Q American Indian Religions: An Interdisciplinary Journal Am Ind Rel American Jewish Archives Journal Am Jewish Archiv J American Jewish Archives Am Jew Archiv American Jewish History Am Jew Hist American Journal of Archaeology Am J Arch American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences Am J Islamic Soc Sci American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Amer J Obs Gyn American Journal of Pastoral Counseling Am J Past Coun American Journal of Psychiatry American Journal of Psychiatry American Journal of Psychotherapy American Journal of Psychotherapy American Journal of Sociology Am J Sociology American Journal of Theology & Philosophy Am J Th Ph American Libraries Amer Lib American Literature American Literature American Philosophical Quarterly Amer Phil Q American Philosophical Society Proceedings Proceedings American Philosophic al Soc American Presbyterians: Journal of Presbyterian History Am Pres American Protestant Hospital Association Bulletin Am Prot Hosp Assn Bul American Psychologist American Psychologist American Quarterly Am Q

American Scholar American Scholar American Schools of Oriental Research Newsletter American Schools of Orie ntal Research Newsletter American Sociological Review American Sociological R American Theatre American Theatre American Theological Library Association Newsletter ATLA News American Theological Library Association Summary of Proceedings A T L A Pro Américas Américas Amsterdam Amsterdam Analecta Augustiniana Analecta Augustiniana Analecta Bollandiana Analecta Boll Analecta Cracoviensia Analecta Cracoviensia Ancient Near Eastern Studies: An Annual Published by the Centre for Classics and Archaeology, University of Melbourne Anc Near Eastern St Ancient Philosophy Ancient Philosophy Andover Newton Quarterly Andover Newton Q Andover Newton Review Andover Newton R Andover Review (Boston, Mass.) Andover Rev Andrews University Seminary Studies A U Sem St Anglican and Episcopal History Angl Epis Hist Anglican Theological Review Angl Th R Anglican Theological Review. Supplement Series Angl Th R Suppl Series Anglo-Saxon England Anglo-Saxon England Anima: The Journal of Human Experience Anima Annales Islamologiques Annales Islamologiques Annali dell'Istituto Orientale di Napoli Annali dell'Istituto Orientale d i Napoli Annals of the Association of American Geographers Annals Association of Am erican Geographers Annual Bibliography of Christianity in India Ann Bib Chr India Annual of Rabbinic Judaism Annual of Rabbinic Judaism Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan Ann Dept Antiquities Jor dan Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics Ann Soc Chr Ethics Annual Review of the Social Sciences of Religion A R Soc Sci Rel Annual Review of Women in World Religions Ann Rv Women World Rel Anthropological Quarterly Anthropological Q Anthropology and Education Quarterly Anthropology and Education Q Anthropos: International Review of Ethnology and Linguistics Anthropos Antiquity Antiquity Antonianum Antonianum Anvil: An Anglican Evangelical Journal for Theology and Mission Anvil Apeiron Apeiron Apuntes: Reflexiones teológicas desde el margen hispano Apuntes Aquinas Aquinas Arab Studies Quarterly Arab Studies Q Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy Arabian Archaeology Epigraphy Arabica Arabica ARAM Periodical ARAM Arasaradi Journal of Theological Reflection Arasaradi J Th Refl ARC: The Journal of the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University ARC Archaeology in the Biblical World Arch Bib W Archaeology Archaeology Architectural Record Architectural Record Architecture Architecture Archiv für Kirchengeschichte von Böhmen Archiv für Kirchengeschichte von Böhmen Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft Archiv Liturg W Archiv für mittelrheinische Kirchengeschichte Archiv für mittelrheinische Kirc hengeschichte Archiv für Orientforschung Archiv für Orientforschung

Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete Archiv für Papyrusforsch ung Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte Archiv Ref Archiv für Religionspsychologie Archiv für Religionspsychologie Archív Orientální Archív Orientální Archiv Suppl Lit Review Archiv Suppl Lit Review Archives de l'Église d'Alsace Arch de l'Église d'Alsace Archives de Philosophie Archives de Philosophie Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions Archiv Sci Soc Rel Archives de Sociologie des Religions Archiv Soc Rel Archives d'histoire doctrinale et littéraire Archives d'histoire doctrinale e t littéraire Archives of the Lutheran Church in America Archives Luth Ch Am Archivio di Filosofia Archivio di Filosofia Archivo Español de Arqueología Archivo Español de Arqueología Areopagus: A Living Encounter with Today's Religious World Areopagus ARIES: Association pour la Recherche et l'Information sur l'Esotérisme ARIES Army Chaplaincy: Professional Bulletin of the Unit Ministry Team Army Cha p Art Bulletin (US) Art Bulletin (US) Art in America Art in America ARTS (Online): The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies ARTS (Online) ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies ARTS Asbury Seminarian Asbury Sem Asbury Theological Journal Asbury Th J Ashland Theological Journal Ashland Th J Asia Journal of Theology Asia J Th Asian Affairs Asian Affairs Asian Folklore Studies Asian Folk St Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies Asian J Pentecostal Stud Asian Religious Studies Information Asian Religious Studies Information Asian Survey Asian Survey Assemblies of God Heritage Assemb God Herit Assisted Reproduction Reviews Asst Rep Rev Atlantic Monthly Atlantic Monthly Augustiniana Augustiniana Augustinianum Augustinianum Aula Orientalis Aula Orientalis Austin Seminary Bulletin: Faculty Edition Austin Sem Bul Australian Association for the Study of Religions Australian Association f or the Study of Religions Australian Biblical Review Aust Bib R Australian Journal of Biblical Archaeology Aust J Bib Arch Aztlán Aztlán Back to Godhead Back To Godhead Bahá'í Studies Review Bahá'í St Rev Bangalore Theological Forum Bangalore Th F Baptist History and Heritage Bapt H Herit Baptist Quarterly: Journal of the Baptist Historical Society Bapt Q Baptist Reformation Review Bapt Ref R Baptist Review of Theology Bapt R Th Baptist World Baptist World Beacon Hill Books Reviewer Beacon Hill Bks Rvwr Bedi Kartlisa: Revue de Kartvélologie Bedi Kartlisa Beit Mikra Quarterly Beit Mikra Bibbia e Oriente Bibbia e Oriente Bible Review Bible R Bible Translator (Ap, O Practical Papers) Bib Tr (Prac) Bible Translator (Ja, Jl Technical Papers) Bib Tr (Tech) Biblica Biblica

Biblical Archaeologist Bib Arch Biblical Archaeology Review Bib Arch R Biblical Interpretation Bib Interp Biblical Research: Journal of the Chicago Society of Biblical Research Bib Res Biblical Theology Bulletin Bib Th Bul Bibliographical Society of Canada: Papers Bibliographical Society of Canad a Bibliotheca Orientalis Bibliotheca Orientalis Bibliotheca Sacra (New York) Bib Sac (NY) Bibliotheca Sacra and American Biblical Repository Bib Sac & Am Bib Rep Bibliotheca Sacra and Biblical Repository Bib Sac Bib Rep Bibliotheca Sacra and Theological Review Bib Sac & Th R Bibliotheca Sacra Bib Sac Biblische Notizen: Beiträge zur exegetischen Diskussion Bib Not Biblische Zeitschrift Bib Z Bijdragen van de philosophische en theologische faculteiten der nederlandsche je zuieten Bijdragen van de phil Bijdragen: Tijdschrift voor filosofie en theologie Bijdragen Bikamus Bikamus Binah Binah Bioethics Bioethics Bitzaron Bitzaron Black Church Black Ch Black Sacred Music: A Journal of Theomusicology Black Sac Music Blake Studies Blake Studies Bollettino della Società di Studi Valdesi Bol Soc St Vald Book Collector Book Collector Book Forum Book Forum Book Newsletter of the Augsburg Publishing House Bk Newslttr Augsburg Pub Hse Book of Seminar Papers SBL Bk Sem Pap Books & Culture Bk Culture Books and Religion Bk Rel Brethren in Christ History & Life Breth in Christ Brethren Life and Thought Breth Life Bridge: Church Life in China Today Bridge Bridges: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theology, Philosophy, History, and Scie nce Bridges Brigham Young University Studies B Y U St British Journal of Religious Education: The Journal of the Christian Education M ovement British J Rel Ed British Journal of Sociology British J Sociology Buddhist-Christian Studies Bud Chr St Bulletin - Center for the Study of World Religions Bul Cent St World Rel Bulletin - Council on the Study of Religion Bul Coun St Rel Bulletin - Division of Studies, World Council of Churches Bul Div St WCC Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français Bul Soc H Prot F rançais Bulletin de Théologie Africaine Bul Th Africa Bulletin for Old Testament Studies in Africa BOTSA Bulletin of Bibliography & Magazine Notes Bul Bib & Mag Notes Bulletin of Bibliography Bul Bibliog Bulletin of Christian Institutes of Islamic Studies Bul Chr Inst Islam St Bulletin of Hispanic Studies Bulletin of Hispanic Studies Bulletin of Latin American Research Bulletin of Latin American Research Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research A S O R Bul Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists Bul Am Soc Papyr Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society Bul Anglo-Israel Arch So c Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Bulletin of the Christian Institute of Religious Studies Bul Chr Inst Rel St Bulletin of the Christian Institute of Sikh Studies Bul Chr Inst Sikh St Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society Bul Ev Th S Bulletin of the Henry Martyn Institute of Islamic Studies Bul H Martyn Ins t Islam St Bulletin of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies Bul Septuagint St Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester Bul J Rylands Bulletin of the Park Ridge Center Bul of the Park Ridge Center Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies Bul School Orient Africa n St Bulletin on Islam and Christiam-Muslim Relations in Africa Bul Islam Bullisiana Bullisiana Business Ethics Quarterly Business Ethics Quarterly Business Week Business Week BYU Studies BYU St Byzantine Studies/Études Byzantines Byzantine Studies/Études Byzantines Byzantinische Zeitschrift Byzant Zeit Byzantinoslavica Byzantinoslavica Cahiers de Joséphologie Cahiers Josephologie Cahiers de la Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie Cahiers R Th Ph Cahiers des Religions Africaines Cahiers Rel Africaines Cahiers du Samizdat Cahiers du Samizdat Calvin Theological Journal Cal Th J Cambridge Journal of Education Cambridge J of Education Canadian Journal of Native Studies Canadian J of Native Studies Canadian Journal of Philosophy Canadian J of Philosophy Canadian Journal of Theology Can J Th Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology Canadian Rev of Soc and Anthro Canadian-American Slavic Studies Canadian-American Slavic Studies Caregiver Journal Caregiver J Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology Carib J Ev Theology Caribbean Journal of Religious Studies Carib J Rel St Catalyst Cassettes Catalyst Cassettes Cathedra Cathedra Catholic Biblical Quarterly C B Q Catholic Historical Review Cath Hist Rev Catholic Library World Catholic Library World Catholica: Vierteljahresschrift für ökumenische Theologie Catholica CCA News CCA News CCAR Journal: A Reform Jewish Quarterly CCAR J Center for Study of Campus Ministry (Valparaiso University, Indiana) Yearbook Center for Study of Campus Ministry Yearbook Center Journal Center J Centro Pro Unione Bulletin Centro Pro Un Bul CGST Journal CGST J Channels Channels Chaplaincy Today: The Journal of the Association of Professional Chaplains Chaplaincy Today Charisma: The Magazine About Spirit-led Living Charisma Charles S. Peirce Society Transactions Transactions Charles S Peirce Soc Checklist of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies Checklist of Wesleyan and Method ist Studies Chesterton Review Chesterton Review Chicago Magazine Chicago Magazine Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Theological Seminary Register C T S Register Chicago Tribune Books Chicago Tribune Bks Chicago Tribune Magazine Chicago Tribune Magazine

Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune Chicago Chicago Chinese Theological Review Chinese Th R Ching Feng: A Journal on Christianity and Chinese Religion and Culture Ching Fe ng Christian Bioethics Chr Bioethics Christian Brethren Review Chr Breth R Christian Century (Chicago, Ill. : 1900) Chr Century Chicago 1900 Christian Century of the Disciples of Christ Chr Century Disciples of Christ Christian Century Chr Cent Christian Challenge Christian Challenge Christian Education Journal Chr Ed J Christian History Chr Hist Christian Jewish Relations Chr Jew Relations Christian Leader Christian Leader Christian Ministry Chr Ministry Christian Oracle Chr Oracle Christian Orient: An Indian Journal of Eastern Churches for Creative Theological Thinking Chr Orient Christian Research Journal Chr Res J Christian Scholar Chr Scholar Christian Scholar's Review Chr Sch R Christian Science Monitor Christian Science Monitor Christian Social Action Chr Soc Action Christian Studies Chr St Christianity and Crisis: A Christian Journal of Opinion Chr Cris Christianity and Literature Chr Lit Christianity and the Arts Chr Arts Christianity Today Chr T Christus Christus Chronicle of Higher Education Chron Higher Ed Chronicle of Philanthropy Chron Phil Chronicle Chronicle Church & Society Ch Soc Church & State Ch State Church History: Studies in Christianity & Culture Ch H Church Music Ch Music Church Quarterly Review Ch Q R Church Quarterly Ch Q Church Times Church Times Churchman: A Journal of Anglican Theology Chmn Cithara: Essays in Judaeo-Christian Tradition Cithara Civil War History Civil War History Civiltà Cattolica Civilta Cattolica Classical Quarterly Classical Q Classical Review Classical Rev Clues Clues College & Research Libraries News College & Research Libraries News College of the Bible Quarterly Col Bib Q Colloquium: The Australian and New Zealand Theological Review Colloquium (Aust ralia-NZ) Commentary Commentary Common Boundary Common Boundary Commonweal: A Review of Public Affairs, Religion, Literature, and the Arts Commonweal Communal Societies Communal Societies Communication Quarterly Communication Q Communio Viatorum Com Via Communio: Commentarii internationales de ecclesia et theologia Communio Communio: International Catholic Review Communio (US)

Communion Communion Comparative Literature Studies Comparative Literature Studies Comparative Literature Comparative Literature Comparative Studies in Society and History Comparative Studies in Society a nd History Computers and the Humanities Computers and the Humanities Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly Concor H Inst Q Concordia Journal Concor J Concordia Seminary Monograph Series Concordia Seminary Monograph Series Concordia Theological Monthly Concor Concordia Theological Quarterly Concor Th Q Concurrence Concurrence Conference of Theological Librarians Summary of Proceedings Conf Theol Lib P roceedings Configurations Configurations Congregational Quarterly Cong Quart Connecticut Review Connecticut Review Conrad Grebel Review Conrad Grebel R Conscience and Liberty: International Journal of Religious Freedom Consc Li b Conscience et Liberté Cons Lib Consensus: A Canadian Lutheran Journal of Theology Consensus Conservative Judaism Conserv Judaism Contact: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Pastoral Studies Contact Contemporary Review Contemporary Review Contemporary Sociology Contemp Sociology Continuum Cont Contributions to Asian Studies Contrib Asian St Coptic Church Review: A Quarterly of Contemporary Patristic Studies Coptic C h R Council of Societies for the Study of Religion Bulletin C S S R Bul Counseling and Values Counseling and Values Covenant Ministers' Quarterly Cov Min Q Covenant Quarterly Cov Q Creation Care Creation Care Cresset Cresset Cristianesimo nella storia Crist nella Storia Cristianismo y Sociedad Cristianismo Soc Criswell Theological Review Criswell Th R Criterion Crit Critical Quarterly Critical Quarterly Critical Review of Books in Religion Crit Rev Bk Rel Criticism Criticism CRJ Reporter CRJ Reporter Cross Currents: The Journal of the Association for Religion and Intellectual Lif e Cross Currents Cross Point Cross Point Crozer Quarterly Crozer Q Crucible Crucible Crux: A Quarterly Journal of Christian Thought and Opinion Crux CTM C T M CTNS Bulletin CTNS Bul Cuadernos de Cristianismo y Sociedad Cuadernos de Cristianismo y Sociedad Cultic Studies Journal: Psychological Manipulation and Society Cultic St J Cultic Studies Review (online) Cult St Rev Cultural Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Culture and Religion Culture and Religion Cumberland Seminarian Cumberland Sem Cura Animarum Cura Animarum Current Anthropology Current Anthropology

Current Bibliography on African Affairs Current Bibliog on African Affairs Currents in Biblical Research Curr Bib Res Currents in Research: Biblical Studies Curr Res Bib St Currents in Theology and Mission Curr Th Miss Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research Cyberj Pentecostal-Chari smatic Res Daedalus Daedalus Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift Dansk T Tid Daphnis Daphnis Daughters of Sarah Daughters of Sarah Death Education Death Education Der Islam: Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kultur des Islamischen Orients Der Islam Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal Detroit Bap Sem J Devonshire Assoc Advancement Lit Science Rpts Devonshire Assoc Advancement Lit Science Rpts Diakonia: Dedicated to Promoting a Knowledge and Understanding of Eastern Christ ianity Diakonia Dialectics and Humanism Dialectics and Humanism Dialog: A Journal of Theology Dialog (Minnesota) Dialogue & Alliance Dialogue Alliance Dialogue (Canadian Philosophical Review) Dialogue (Canadian Philosophical R) Dialogue (Colombo) Dialogue (Colombo) Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Dialogue (Mormon) Diapason Diapason Didaskalia: The Journal of Providence Theological Seminary Didaskalia Die Welt des Islams: Internationale Zeitschrift für die Geschichte des Islams in der Neuzeit Welt Islams Dimension Dimension Diogenes Diogenes Dionysius Dionysius Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum Direction Disability and Society Disability & Society Disarmament News & International Views Disarmament News and International Views Discipliana: The Quarterly Historical Journal of the Disciples of Christ Histori cal Society Discipliana Discover Discover Documentation Catholique Documentation Catholique Downside Review: A Quarterly of Catholic Thought Down R Drew Gateway Drew G Duke Divinity School Bulletin Duke Div Bul Duke Divinity School Review Duke Div R Dumbarton Oaks Papers Dumbarton Oaks Pprs Dutch Review of Church History Dutch R Ch Hist Early American Literature Early Am Lit East Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology E Africa J Ev Th East and West East and West East Asia Journal of Theology E Asia J Th East European Jewish Affairs: A Journal on Jewish Problems in Eastern Europe E Europe Jew Affairs Eastern Anthropologist Eastern Anthropologist Eastern Buddhist E Buddhist Eastern Churches Review East Ch R Eastern Journal of Practical Theology E J Prac Th Economic and Political Weekly (India) Economic & Political Weekly (India) Economist Economist Ecotheology Ecotheology Ecumenical Review Ec R Ecumenical Trends Ec Trends

Ecumenism Ecumenism Education Today Ed Today Efemerides Mexicana Efemerides Mex Egitto e Vicino Oriente Egitto e Vicino Oriente Église et Théologie Église Th Eighteenth Century Life Eighteen Cent Life Eighteenth-Century Studies Eighteenth-Century Studies Encounter Encount Encounters Encounters Engage/Social Action E-SA English Historical Review Eng Hist R English Language Notes English Language Notes English Literary Renaissance English Literary Renaissance Ensaios e Monografias Ensaios e Monografias Environmental Ethics Environmental Ethics Ephemerides Liturgicae Ephemerides Liturgicae Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses Eph Th L Epiphany: A Journal of Faith and Insight Epiphany Epoché: Journal of the History of Religions at UCLA Epoché EPTA Bulletin: the Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association EPTA Bul Epworth Review Epworth R Erasmus in English Erasmus in English Eretz-Israel Eretz-Israel ESA Advocate ESA Advocate Esprit Esprit Essays in Criticism Essays in Criticism Estudios Bíblicos Est Bib Estudios Eclesiásticos: Revista trimestral de investigación e información teológ ica Est Ecles Estudios Teológicos (Guatamala) Estudios Teol (Guatemala) Estudos Teológicos (Brazil) Estudos Teol (Brazil) Eternity Eternity Ethical Perspectives Ethical Perspectives Ethics & Medicine Ethics and Medicine Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy Ethics Ethnohistory Ethnohistory Ethnology Ethnology Ethnomusicology: Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology Ethnomusicology Ethnos Ethnos ETSI Journal ETSI J Études Augustiniennes Études Augustiniennes Études Inuit Studies Études Inuit Études Islamiques Études Islamiques Études Philosophiques Études Philosophiques Études Théologiques et Religieuses E T Rel European History Quarterly European History Q European Journal for Church and State Research Eur J Church State Res European Journal of Social Psychology European Journal of Social Psychology European Journal of Theology European J Th European Studies Review European Studies Review Evangel: The British Evangelical Review Evangel Evangelical Journal Ev J Evangelical Missions Quarterly Ev Miss Q Evangelical Quarterly Ev Q Evangelical Review of Theology Ev R Th Evangelical Studies Bulletin Ev St Bul Evangelische Theologie Ev Th Ex Auditu: An International Journal of Theological Interpretation of Scripture

Ex Auditu Excavations and Surveys in Israel Exc Sur Isr Exchange: Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research Exchange Explor: A Journal of Theology Explor Explorations in Ethnic Studies Explorations in Ethnic Studies Expository Times Expos T Fabula Fabula Faculty Dialogue Faculty Dialogue Faith - Works Faith Works Faith and Freedom: A Journal of Progressive Religion Faith Freedom Faith and Mission Faith Miss Faith and Philosophy: Journal of the Society of Christian Philosophers Faith Ph il Faith and Practice Faith Pract Faith and Thought (Victoria Institute) Faith Thot (Victoria Inst) Families in Society Families in Society Family Relations Family Relations FARMS Review of Books FARMS Rev Bks FARMS Review FARMS Rev Fellowship Fellowship Feminist Issues Feminist Iss Feminist Studies Feminist St Feminist Theology Fem Th Fides et historia: Journal of the Conference on Faith and History Fides H Fides Reformata Fides Ref Filologia Neotestamentaria Filologia N T Filosofia (Turin) Filosofia (Turin) Filosofia Oggi Filosof O First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life First Things Flambeau Flambeau Foi et Vie Foi Vie Folklore Folklr Forbes Forbes Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs Fortune Fortune Forum Letter Forum Letter Forum: A Journal of the Foundations & Facets of Western Culture Forum Foundations of African Theology Fnd Af Theol Foundations Fndtns France Pays Arabes France-Pays Arabes Franciscan The Franciscan Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie Freiburg Z Ph Th French Forum French Forum Friends Historical Association Bulletin Friends Historical Association Bulletin Frontier Front Fundamentalist Journal Fund J Futurist Futurist Gallup Report Gallup Report German Life & Letters German Life & Letters German Studies Review German Studies R Gesta Gesta Gnomon: Kritische Zeitschrift für die Gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft Gnomon Gospel Herald Gosp Herld Grace Theological Journal Grace Th J Grail: An Ecumenical Journal Grail Greek Orthodox Theological Review Gr Orth Th R Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies Gr Rom Byz St Green Cross Green Cross Gregorianum Greg

Grundtvig-Studier Grundtvig-Studier Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation Gyn Obs Inv Hadashot Arkheologiyot: Excavations and Surveys in Israel Hadash Ark Hamdard Islamicus: Quarterly Journal of Studies and Research in Islam Hamdard Islam Harper's Weekly Harper's Weekly Harper's Harper's Hartford Quarterly Hart Q Harvard Divinity Bulletin (2001) Harv Div Bul (2001) Harvard Divinity Bulletin Harvard Div Bul Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Religion & Values in Public Life Harv Div Bul Rel Val Harvard Divinity School Bulletin Harv Div Sch Bul Harvard Magazine Harvard Magazine Harvard Studies in Classical Philology Harvard Studies in Classical Philology Harvard Theological Review Harv Th R Hastings Center Report Hast Cent Rpt Hastings Center Studies Hast Cent St Hebrew Annual Review Hebr Ann R Hebrew Studies: A Journal Devoted to Hebrew Language and Literature Hebr St Hebrew Union College Annual Hebr U C A Hebrew University Studies in Literature Hebrew University Studies in Literature Henoch Henoch Hervormde Teologiese Studies Hervormde T St Hethitica Hethitica Heythrop Journal Heythrop J Hill Road Hill Road Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin Hindu-Chr St Bul Hinduism Today Hinduism T Hispania Sacra Hispania Sacra Hispanic Journal Hispanic J Historia Historia Historian Historian Historical Journal Hist J Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church Hist Mag Historical Reflections Hist Reflections Historical Research Historical Research History and Theory History and Theory History of European Ideas History of European Ideas History of Philosophy Quarterly History of Philosophy Q History of Religions Hist Rel History of Universities Hist Univ History Today History Today Holocaust and Genocide Studies Holocaust Gen St Homiletic and Pastoral Review Homiletic Pastoral Rev Homiletic: A Review of Publications in Religious Communication Homiletic Hopkins Quarterly Hopkins Quarterly Horizons in Biblical Theology: An International Dialogue Horizons Bib Th Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society Horizons Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies Hugoye Human Rights Quarterly: A Comparative and International Journal of the Social Sc iences, Humanities, and Law Human Rights Q Humanist Humanist Humanities (NEH) Humanities (NEH) Hume Studies Hume St Hungarian Association 1976 Annual Congress Proceedings Hungarian Association 19 76 Annual Congress Proceedings Huntington Library Quarterly Huntington Library Quarterly Hymn: A Journal of Congregational Song Hymn Idealistic Studies Idealistic Studies

IDOC Bulletin I D O C Bul IDOC Future of the Missionary Enterprise IDOC Fut IDOC International (N. Am.) IDOC Int (N. Am.) IDOC Internazionale (Rome, Italy : 1985) IDOC Intz (Italy) IDOC Internazionale IDOC Intz IDOC/International Documentation Idoc Int Doc Iggeret Iggeret Iliff Review Iliff R 'Ilu: Revista de ciencias de las religiones 'Ilu Image: A Journal of the Arts & Religion Image Immanuel Immanuel Impact: A Journal of Thought of Disciples of Christ on the Pacific Slope Impact (Claremont) In die Skriflig: Tydskrif van die Gereformeerde Teologiese Vereniging In die S krif Indian Christian Thought Series Ind Chr Tht Ser Indian Church History Review Ind Ch H R Indian Journal of American Studies Indian J of American Studies Indian Journal of Theology Ind J Th Indo-Iranian Journal Indo-Iran J Informes de Pro Mundi Vita America Latina Inf P M Vita Am Lat Informes de Pro Mundi Vita Informes P M V Inquiry (Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy) Inquiry (Interdisciplina ry J of Phil) Insight: the Washington Times Insight Insights: The Faculty Journal of Austin Seminary Insights Institute for Christian Studies Faculty Bulletin Inst Chr St Fac Bul Institute on the Church in Urban Industrial Society Bibliography Series I C U I S Bibliog Institute on the Church in Urban Industrial Society Justice Ministries ICUIS Ju s Min Institute on the Church in Urban Industrial Society Occasional Paper ICUIS Oc casional Paper Institute on the Church in Urban Industrial Society Select Bibliography ICIUIS S elect Bibliography Institute on the Church in Urban Industrial Society Institute on the Church in Urban Industrial Society Intellectual Digest Intellectual Digest Interchange Interchange Interculture (Montréal) Intercltr (Montréal) Interculture: International Journal of Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Resea rch Interculture (Eng ed) Interculture: Revue internationale de recherche interculturelle et transdiscipli naire Interculture (Fr ed) International Bulletin of Missionary Research Int Bul Miss R International IDOC Bulletin Int IDOC Bul International Journal for Philosophy of Religion Int J Ph Rel International Journal for the Psychology of Religion Int J Psych Rel International Journal of Comparative Sociology International J of Comparative S ociology International Journal of Family Therapy International Journal of Family Therapy International Journal of Fertility and Menopausal Studies Int J Fer Mnp S International Journal of Frontier Missions Int J Frontier Miss International Journal of Practical Theology Int J Prac Th International Journal of Religious Education Int J Rel Ed International Journal of Systematic Theology Int J Syst Th International Migration Review International Migration Review International Philosophical Quarterly International Philosophical Q International Review of Mission Int R Miss International Wildlife Int Wildlf

Internationale Katholische Zeitschrift Communio Int Kath Z Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift Internationales Asienforum Int Asienforum Internationales Jahrbuch für Wissens- und Religionssoziologie Int Jb Wiss Rel Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology Interp Iraq Iraq Irénikon: Revue des moines de Chevetogne Iren Irish Theological Quarterly Irish Th Q Isis Isis Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Islam Chr-Mus Rel Islamic Quarterly: A Review of Islamic Culture Islam Q Islamic studies Islam St Islamochristiana Islamochristiana Israel Exploration Journal Isr Ex J Istina Istina Istituto Universitario Orientale Annali (Naples) Istituto Universitario O rientale Annali (Naples) Jahrbuch der österreichischen Byzantinistik Jahrbuch der Osterreichischen By zantinistik Jahrbuch für Antike und Christentum Jb Antike Christentum Jahrbuch für christliche Sozialwissenschaften Jb christliche Sozialwissenschaf ten Jahrbuch für Liturgik und Hymnologie Jb Liturgik Jahrbuch für Mystische Theologie Jahrbuch für mystische Theologie Jahrbuch für Westfälische Kirchengeschichte Jb W Kirchengscte Japan Christian Quarterly Japan Chr Q Japan Christian Review Japan Chr R Japanese Journal of Religious Studies Japan J Rel St Japanese Religions Japan Rel Jewish Bible Quarterly Jew Bible Q Jewish Journal of Sociology Jew J Sociology Jewish Quarterly Review Jew Q R Jewish Social Studies Jewish Social Studies Jian Dao: A Journal of Bible & Theology Jian Dao Jordan Jordan Josephinum Journal of Theology Josephinum J Th JOTT: Journal of Translation and Textlinguistics JOTT Journal - Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs J Inst Muslim Minority Journal Asiatique J Asiatique Journal de la Société des Américanistes J Société des Américanistes Journal for Christian Theological Research J Chr Theol Res Journal for Peace and Justice Studies J Peace Justice Studies Journal for Preachers J Preachers Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion J S S R Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic and Roman Period J St Jud Journal for the Study of Religion J St Rel Journal for the Study of the New Testament J St N T Journal for the Study of the Old Testament J St O T Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha J St Pseud Journal for Theology and the Church J Th Ch Journal of African Christian Thought J Afr Chr Thought Journal of African History J African Hist Journal of American Ethnic History J American Ethnic History Journal of American Folklore J American Folklore Journal of American History Am Hist J Journal of American Studies Journal of American Studies Journal of Analytical Psychology J Analytical Psychology Journal of Anthropological Research J Anthropological Research Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies J Arab Isl St

Journal of Arabic Literature J Arab Lit Journal of Asian and African Studies J Asian and African Studies Journal of Asian and Asian American Theology J A A T Journal of Asian Studies J Asian Studies Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics J Asst Rep Gen Journal of Bahá'í Studies J Bahá'í St Journal of Bible and Religion J Bib Rel Journal of Biblical Counseling J Bib Coun Journal of Biblical Literature J B L Journal of Black Sacred Music J Black Sac Music Journal of British Studies J British Studies Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media J of Broadcasting and Electronic Media Journal of Buddhist Ethics J B E Journal of Business Journal of Business Journal of Chinese Religions Journal of Chinese Religions Journal of Christian Education (US) J Chr Ed (US) Journal of Christian Education J Chr Ed Journal of Christian Reconstruction Journal of Christian Reconstruction Journal of Church and State J Ch St Journal of Church Music J Ch Music Journal of Clinical Psychology Journal of Clinical Psychology Journal of Communication and Religion J Comm Rel Journal of Comparative Sociology and Religion J Comp Soc Rel Journal of Cultural Geography J Cultural Geography Journal of Cuneiform Studies J Cuneiform St Journal of Developing Societies J Dev Soc Journal of Dharma: An International Quarterly of World Religions J Dharma Journal of Divorce Journal of Divorce Journal of Drug Issues Journal of Drug Issues Journal of Early Christian Studies J Early Chr St Journal of Ecclesiastical History J Eccl H Journal of Ecumenical Studies J Ec St Journal of Education & Christian Belief J Ed Chr Belief Journal of Empirical Theology J Empirical Th Journal of Ethnic Studies J Ethnic Studies Journal of European Studies J European Studies Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Journal of Experimental Social P sychology Journal of Faith and Science Exchange J Faith Sci Ex Journal of Faith and Thought (1st Baptist, Montclair, NJ) J Faith Thought Journal of Family Ministry Family Min Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion J Fem St Journal of Global Buddhism J Global Buddhism Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy J Health Care Chap Journal of Hebrew Scriptures J Hebrew Script Journal of Hellenic Studies J Hellenic Studies Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology J Hispanic/Lat Th Journal of Historical Geography J of Historical Geography Journal of Homosexuality J Homosexuality Journal of Humanism & Ethical Religion J Hum Eth Rel Journal of Humanistic Psychology J Humanistic Psychology Journal of Indian Philosophy J Indian Ph Journal of Indo-European Studies J Indo-European St Journal of Information Ethics J Info Eth Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies: An International Journal of Interdisciplin ary and Interfaith Dialogue J Interdisciplinary St Journal of Intergroup Relations Journal of Intergroup Relations Journal of Islamic Studies J Islam St Journal of Israeli History: Studies in Zionism and Statehood J Israeli H

Journal of Jewish Lore and Philosophy J Jew Lore & Ph Journal of Jewish Studies J Jew St Journal of Latin American Lore J Latin American Lore Journal of Latin American Studies J Latin American Studies Journal of Law and Religion J Law Rel Journal of Library History Journal of Library History Journal of Marriage and the Family J Marriage Fam Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies J Medieval and Renaissance Studi es Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology J Mediterranean Archaeology Journal of Mennonite Studies J Mennonite St Journal of Ministry in Addiction & Recovery J Ministry Addiction Recovery Journal of Modern Greek Studies Journal of Modern Greek Studies Journal of Modern History J Mod Hist Journal of Mormon History J Mormon Hist Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs J Muslim Minority Journal of Near Eastern Studies J Near East St Journal of Negro History Journal of Negro History Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages J Northwest Semitic Languages Journal of Pacific History J Pacific History Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling J Past C C Journal of Pastoral Care J Past Care Journal of Pastoral Counseling J Past Coun Journal of Pastoral Practice J Past Practice Journal of Pastoral Theology J Past Th Journal of Pentecostal Theology J Pentecostal Th Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Journal of Personality and Socia l Psychology Journal of Philosophy of Education Journal of Philosophy of Education Journal of Philosophy J of Philosophy Journal of Political Economy J of Political Economy Journal of Presbyterian History (Philadelphia, PA: 1997): Studies in Reformed Hi story and Culture J Pres H Journal of Presbyterian History J Pres H Journal of Progressive Judaism J Prog Judaism Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology Journal of Psychohistory Journal of Psychohistory Journal of Psychology & Theology: An Evangelical Forum for the Integration of Ps ychology and Theology J Psych Th Journal of Psychology and Christianity J Psych Chr Journal of Psychology and Judaism J Psych Jud Journal of Psychology Journal of Psychology Journal of Reform Judaism J Ref Jud Journal of Religion and Aging J Rel Aging Journal of Religion and Health J Rel Health Journal of Religion and Psychical Research J Rel Psych Res Journal of Religion in Africa J Rel Africa Journal of Religion J Rel Journal of Religious & Theological Information J Rel Th Info Journal of Religious Ethics J Rel Ethics Journal of Religious Gerontology J Rel Gerontology Journal of Religious History J Rel Hist Journal of Religious Studies J Rel St (Ohio) Journal of Religious Thought J Rel Thot Journal of Ritual Studies J Ritual St Journal of Semitic Studies J Sem St Journal of Social History Journal of Social History Journal of Social Philosophy J Soc Phil Journal of Southern History J Southern History

Journal of Southern Religion J Southern Rel Journal of Studies in the Bhagavadgita J St Bhagavadgita Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry J Supervision Train Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education J Academy Evange lism Theological Education Journal of the Adventist Theological Society J Adventist Theo Soc Journal of the American Academy of Religion Thematic Studies J A A R Thematic St Journal of the American Academy of Religion J A A R Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Supplement J A A R Suppl Journal of the American Musicological Society Journal of the American Musicolo gical Soc Journal of the American Oriental Society J Am Orient Sc Journal of the American Society for Church Growth JASCG Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society of Columbia University J Anc N E Soc Col U Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society J Anc Near East Soc Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society Journal of the Barbados Museum & Historical Soc Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology J British Soc for Phenom enology Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society J Can Ch H Soc Journal of the Christian Brethren Research Fellowship J Chr Breth Res Fel Journal of the Delta Society Journal of the Delta Society Journal of the Early Republic J Early Republic Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient J Economic and S ocial History of the Orient Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association JEPTA Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society J Ev Th S Journal of the Henry Martyn Institute J H Martyn Inst Journal of the History of Ideas J Hist Ideas Journal of the History of Philosophy J Hist Phil Journal of the History of Sexuality J History of Sexuality Journal of the Interdenominational Theological Center J Int Th C Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies J Int Assoc Budd h St Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate J Moscow Patr Journal of the National Association of Biblical Instructors J Nat Assoc Bib Instructors Journal of the Polynesian Society Journal of the Polynesian Society Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society J Pres Hist Soc Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society J Royal Asiatic Society Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society Journal of the Royal Aus tralian Historical Society Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis J Soc B L & Exeg Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics J Soc Chr Eth Journal of Theological Studies J Th St Journal of Theologies and Cultures in Asia J Theol Culture Asia Journal of Theology (United Theological Seminary) J Th (UTS) Journal of Theology for Southern Africa J Th So Africa Journal of Transpersonal Psychology J Transpersonal Psychology Journal of Unitarian Universalist History J Unit Univ H Journal of Vaisnava Studies J Vaisnava St Journal of Women and Religion J Women Rel JRCE: Journal of Research on Christian Education JRCE Judaica Judaica Judaism: A Quarterly Journal of Jewish Life and Thought Judaism Justice Ministries Justice Ministries Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts Kabbalah Kairós: Revista publicada por el Seminario Teológico Centroamericano Kairós (

Guatemala) Kairos: Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft und Theologie Kairos Katallagete Katal Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal Kerux: The Journal of Northwest Theological Seminary Kerux Kerygma und Dogma: Zeitschrift für theologische Forschung und kirchliche Lehre Ker Do Kerygma Kerygma Keston News Service Keston News Kierkegaardiana Kierkegaardiana King's Theological Review King's Th R Kirche im Osten K Ost Kirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch Kirchenmusikalisches Jb Kleronomia Kleronomia Koinonia: Princeton Theological Seminary Graduate Forum Koinonia Kyrkohistorisk Årsskrift Kyrkohistorisk Årsskrift Labor History Labor History Latin American Indian Literatures Journal: A Review of American Indian Texts and Studies Lat Am Ind Lit J Latin American Indian Literatures Lat Am Ind L Laval Théologique et Philosophique Laval Th Ph Le Supplement: Revue d'éthique et Théologie Morale Le Supplement Leadership: A Practical Journal for Church Leaders Leadership Les Dossiers de l'Histoire Dossiers de l'Histoire Levant Levant Lexington Theological Quarterly Lex Th Q Liber (supplement to TLS) Liber (supplement to TLS) Liber Annuus Liber Annuus Liberal Religious Education Lib Rel Ed Library Journal Library Journal Library of Congress Information Bulletin LC Information Bul Library Quarterly Library Quarterly Lingua Franca: the Review of Academic Life Lingua Franca Linguistica Biblica Linguistica Biblica Listening Listening Literary and Linguistic Computing Literary and Linguistic Computing Literature and Theology: An International Journal of Religion, Theory, and Cultu re Lit Th Liturgical Ministry Liturg Ministry Liturgisches Jahrbuch: Vierteljahreshefte für Fragen des Gottesdienstes Liturg J b Liturgy Digest Liturg Digest Living Orthodoxy Living Orth Living Pulpit Living Pulpit Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology Logia Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies Logos London Quarterly and Holborn Review Lond Q H R London Review of Books London Rev Bks Lonergan Workshop Lonergan Wkshp Look Look Louvain Studies Louvain St Lucas: An Evangelical History Review Lucas Lumière et Vie Lumiere Vie Luther: Zeitschrift der Luther-Gesellschaft Luther Lutheran Forum Luth F Lutheran Historical Conference: Essays and Reports Luth H Conf Lutheran Quarterly Luth Q Lutheran Scholar Luth Sch Lutheran Theological Journal Luth Th J Lutheran Theological Seminary Bulletin Luth Th Sem Bul

Lutheran World Luth W Lutherjahrbuch: Organ der internationalen Lutherforschung Luther Jahrbuch LWF Documentation LWF Doc LWF Report LWF Rpt Maarav: A Journal for the Study of the Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatur es Maarav Man in India Man in India Man Man Mankind Quarterly Mankind Q Manuscripta Manuscripta Mariah/Outside Mariah/Outside Mars Hill Review Mars Hill R Massachusetts Review Massachusetts Review Master's Seminary Journal Master's Sem J McCormick Quarterly McCormick Q McCormick Speaking McCormick Speaking Mediaeval Studies Mediaeval Studies Medical World News Medical World News Medieval Philosophy and Theology Med Phil Th Medillian Medlln Melanesian Journal of Theology Melanesian J Th Mélanges de Science Religieuse M Sci Rel Membership Newsletter Membership Newsletter Memorie Domenicane Memorie Domenicane Memphis Theological Seminary Journal Memphis Th Sem J Mennonite Life (Online) Menn Life (Online) Mennonite Life Menn Life Mennonite Quarterly Review Menn Q R Mennonite Mennonite: The Method & Theory in the Study of Religion Method Theory St Rel Methodist History Meth H Methodist Quarterly Review Methodist Q R Methodist Review Methodist Rev Michigan Quarterly Review Michigan Q Review Mid-America Folklore Mid-America Folklore Mid-America Journal of Theology Mid-Am J Th Mid-America Mid Am Middle East Journal Middle East J Middle East Studies Association Bulletin Middle East St Assoc Bul Middle Way: Journal of the Buddhist Society Middle Way Mid-Stream: The Ecumenical Movement Today Mid-Stream Midwest Quarterly Midwest Quarterly Military Chaplains' Review Military Chap R Milla wa-milla Milla wa-milla Milton Quarterly Milton Quarterly Milton Studies Milton Studies Ministerial Formation Ministerial Formation Ministry Studies Min St Miscelánea Comillas: Revista de Teologia y Ciencias Humanas Miscelánea Comil las Missio Apostolica Missio Apostolica Missiology: An International Review Missiology Mission and Ministry Mission and Ministry Mission Studies: Journal of the International Association for Mission Studies Miss St Missionalia Missionalia Mississippi Quarterly Mississippi Quarterly Mitekufat Haeven Mitekufat Haeven Modern Age Modern Age Modern Asian Studies Modern Asian Studies

Modern Believing Mod Believing Modern Churchman Mod Ch Modern Drama Modern Drama Modern Judaism Mod Jud Modern Language Review Modern Language Review Modern Liturgy Modern Liturgy Modern Philology Modern Philology Modern Theology Mod Th Monist Monist Month Month Monumenta Nipponica Mon Nippn Moravian Theological Seminary Bulletin Morav Th S Bul Mosaic (Manitoba) Mosaic (Manitoba) Moslem World Mosl W Ms. Ms. Muenchner Theologische Zeitschrift Muenchner Theolog Zeit Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World Muqarnas Muséon Muséon Museum Helveticum Museum Helveticum Muslim World Book Review Muslim W Bk R Muslim World Muslim W Mystics Quarterly Mystics Q Mythlore Mythlore National Geographic National Geographic National Observer National Observer National Office for Black Catholics National Office for Black Catholics National Review National Review National Wildlife National Wildlife Native American Theological Association N A T A Natural History Natural History Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin Near East Arch Soc Bul Near Eastern Archaeology Near East Arch Nebraska History Nebraska History Nederlands Theologisch Tijdschrift Ned T Tij Neotestamentica Neotestamentica Neue Zeitschrift für Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie N Z Sys Th Neue Zeitschrift für Systematische Theologie N Z S Theol New Blackfriars New Blackfriars New Conversations New Conversations New Directions for Women New Directions Women New England Quarterly New England Q New Oxford Review New Oxford Rev New Republic New Republic New Review of Books and Religion N R Bk Rel New Scholar New Scholar New Scientist New Scientist New South New South New Testament Studies N T St New York History New York History New York Magazine New York New York Review of Books New York Rev Bks New York Times Book Review New York Times Bk Rev New York Times Magazine New York Times Magazine New York Times New York Times New Yorker New Yorker News Bulletin of the Near East Council of Churches News Bul Near East Coun Ch Newsletter on African Old Testament Scholarship NAOTS Newsweek Newswk

Nexus Nexus NICM Journal NICM J Nid^D=an Nid^D=an Nieman Reports: The Nieman Foundation at Harvard University Nieman Reports Nightsun Nightsun Nineteenth-Century Fiction Nineteenth-Century Fiction Niv Hamidrashia Niv Hamidrashia Nonprofit Management and Leadership Nonprofit Management Leadership Norsk Teologisk Tidsskrift Norsk T Tid Northeast Asia Journal of Theology N E Asia J Th Northwestern University Law Review Northwestern Univ Law Review Norveg Norveg Notes Notes Notre Dame English Journal Notre Dame Eng J Notre Dame Magazine Notre Dame Magazine Notre Histoire Notre Histoire Noûs Noûs Nouvelle Revue Théologique Nouvelle Revue Theologique Nova Religio Nova Religio Novum Testamentum: An International Quarterly for New Testament and Related Stud ies Nov Test Numen: International Review for the History of Religions Numen Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research Occ Bul Miss R Occasional Bulletin Occ Bll Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe Occas Pap Rel East Europe Oceania Oceania Ogbomoso Journal of Theology Ogbomoso J Th Ohio Journal of Religious Studies Ohio J Rel St Ökumenische Rundschau Ökum Ru Omega Omega One in Christ One in Christ One World One World OPTAT OPTAT Orate Fratres Or Frat Orbis Litterarum Orbis Litterarum Oriens Christianus: Hefte für die Kunde des christlichen Orients Oriens C hristianus Oriental Art Oriental Art Orientalia Christiana Periodica Orient Chr Per Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica Orientalia Orientalia Orientalistische Literaturzeitung Orientalistische Literaturzeitung Orim Orm Orthodox Life Orth Life Orthodox Thought and Life Orth Tht Life Orthodox Word Orth Word Ostkirchliche Studien Ostkirch St Other Side Other Side Our Faith Our Fth Pacific Journal of Theology Pacific J Th Pacific Studies Pacific Studies Pacifica: Journal of the Melbourne College of Divinity Pacifica Paideuma Paideuma Paleobulgarica/Starob Igaristika Paleobulgarica/Starob Igaristika Palestine Exploration Quarterly Pal Ex Q Papers in Anthropology Papers in Anthropology Papers of the Hymn Society of America Papers of the Hymn Society of America Parabola: The Magazine of Myth and Tradition Parabola Paraclete Paraclete Parapsychology Review Parapsychology Review

Park Ridge Center Bibliography Park Ridge Center Bibliography Past and Present Past and Present Pastoral Psychology Past Psych Pastoral Sciences/Sciences pastorales Past Sci Pastoral- Theologische Informationen Past Th Info Patient Education and Counseling Patient Education and Counseling Patristic and Byzantine Review Patristic Byz R Patristics Newsletter Patristics Newsletter Patterns of Prejudice Patterns of Prejudice PC Computing PC Computing Peasant Studies Peasant Studies Pennsylvania History Pennsylvania History Penthouse Penthouse Perkins Journal Perkins J Personalist Forum Person Forum Personnel and Guidance Journal Personnel and Guidance Journal Perspective (Pittsburgh) Perspective (Pittsburgh) Perspectives (American Historical Assoc.) Perspectives (American Historica l Assoc.) Perspectives in Religious Studies Per Rel St Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith: Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation Per Sci Chr Faith Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought Perspectives Peuples Méditerranéens Peuples Méditerranéens Philippine Studies Philippine Studies Philosophical Investigations Philosophical Investigations Philosophical Studies Philosophical Studies Philosophy & Public Affairs Philosophy & Public Affairs Philosophy & Theology: Marquette University Journal Phil Th Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Philosophy and Rhetoric Philosophy and Rhetoric Philosophy East and West Phil E W Philosophy of Science Philosophy of Science Philosophy: Journal of the British Institute of Philosophical Studies Philosop hy Phoenix: Bulletin uitgegeven door het Vooraziatisch-Egyptisch Genootschap Phoenix Pietismus und Neuzeit: Ein Jahrbuch zur Geschichte des neueren Protestantismus Pietismus und Neuzeit Pilgrimage Pilgrimage Pittsburgh Perspective Ptts Pers Plains Anthropologist Plains Anthropologist Plough Plough Plural Societies Plural Societies Pneuma: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies Pneuma Point Series Point Series Point Pnt Policy Review Policy Review Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Polin Political Studies Political Studies Population Bulletin Population Bulletin Post American Post Am Practical Anthropology Prac Anth Praktiese Teologie in Suid-Afrika Prak T S Afrika Praxis Juridique et Religion: Semi-Annual Review of Law and Religion Praxis J uridique Rel Preaching Preaching Presbyterian Life Presbyterian Life Presbyterion: Covenant Seminary Review Presbyterion

Presidential Studies Quarterly Presidential Studies Quarterly Princeton Seminary Bulletin Princ S B Pro Ecclesia Pro Ecclesia Pro Mundi Vita Bulletin Pro Mundi Vita Pro Mundi Vita Dossiers: Africa Pro Mundi Vita Africa Pro Mundi Vita Dossiers: Asia and Australasia Pro Mundi Vita Asia-Australasia Pro Mundi Vita Dossiers: Europe/North America Pro Mundi Vita Europe N Am Pro Mundi Vita Forum Pro Mundi Vita Forum Pro Mundi Vita Latin America Pro Mundi Vita Latin America Pro Mundi Vita Special Note Pro Mundi Vita Special Note Pro Mundi Vita Studies Pro Mundi Vita St Proceedings - Eastern Great Lakes and Midwest Biblical Societies Proc E G t L M W Bib Soc Proceedings - Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society Proc E Gt L Bib Soc Proceedings of the North American Academy of Liturgy Proc N Am Acad Liturgy Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society Proc Wesley Historical Society Process Studies Proc St Proche Orient Chrétien: Revue d'études et d'informations Proche Orient Ch r Progressions (Lilly Endowment) Progressions Prooftexts: A Journal of Jewish Literary History Prooftexts Protestantesimo Protestantesimo Psychiatry Psychiatry Psychoanalytic Quarterly Psychoanalytic Quarterly Psychoanalytic Review Psychoanalytic Review Psychohistory Review Psychohistory Review Psychological Reports Psychological Reports Psychology Today Psychology Today Psychology Psychology PTCA Bulletin PTCA Bull Publishers Weekly Publishers Weekly Quaker History: The Bulletin of Friends Historical Association Quaker H Quaker Religious Thought Quaker Rel Thot Qualelibet Qualelibet Quarterly Journal of Speech Quarterly Journal of Speech Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society Quarterly Review: A Journal of Theological Resources for Ministry Q R (Met hodist) Questions Liturgiques Questions Liturgiques R Q (Reference Quarterly) R Q (Reference Quarterly) Radical Religion Rad Rel Radix Radix Ramparts Ramparts RCDA RCDA Reader (Chicago) Reader (Chicago) Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Recherches Augustiniennes Recherches Augustiniennes Recherches de Science Religieuse Recher Sci Rel Reconstruction Reconstruction Reconstructionist: A Journal of Contemporary Jewish Thought & Practice Reconstr uctionist Redbook Redbook Reference Services Review Reference Services Review Reflections (Mishawaka) Reflections (Mishawaka) Reflections Reflections Reformatio (Zurich) Ref (Zurich) Reformatio Ref Reformation & Renaissance Review Ref Ren Rev

Reformation & Revival: A Quarterly Journal for Church Leadership Ref & Re vival Reformed and Presbyterian World Ref Pres W Reformed Journal Ref J Reformed Liturgy & Music Ref Lit Music Reformed Review Ref R Reformed Theological Review Ref Th R Reformed World Ref W Reformed Worship Ref Worship Regeneration Quarterly Regeneration Q Regulae Benedicti Studia Regulae Benedicti Studia Religiologiques: Sciences humaines et religion Religiologiques Religion & Education Religion & Ed Religion & Literature Rel Lit Religion & Public Education Rel Public Ed Religion & Theology/Religie & teologie Rel Th Religion & Values in Public Life (Harvard Divinity Bulletin) Religion & Value s in Public Life Harvard Div Bul Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation Rel Amer Culture Religion and Intellectual Life Rel Intel Life Religion and Society Rel Soc Religion and the Arts Rel Arts Religion in America Religion in America Religion in Communist Dominated Areas Rel Comm Dom Areas Religion in Communist Lands Rel Comm Lands Religion in Eastern Europe Rel East Europe Religion in Life Rel Life Religion in Southern Africa Rel So Africa Religion in the News Rel News Religion Religion Religion, State & Society Rel State Soc Religious Education Religious Ed Religious Humanism Rel Humanism Religious Studies and Theology Rel St Th Religious Studies Bulletin Rel St Bul Religious Studies Review Rel St R Religious Studies: An International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion Rel St Religious Traditions: A Journal in the Study of Religion Rel Trad Renaissance and Reformation/Renaissance et Réforme Renaissance and Reformat ion Renaissance Quarterly Renaissance Q Renascence Renascence Renewal Renewal Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion Res Soc Sci St Rel Research on Christian Higher Education Res Chr H Ed Restoration Quarterly Restoration Q Review & Expositor Rv Ex Review of Biblical Literature R Bib Lit Review of Books and Religion (Vermont) Rev Bk Rel Vermont Review of Books and Religion R Bk Rel Review of Books on the Book of Mormon R Bks Bk Mormon Review of Rabbinic Judaism Rev Rabbinic Judaism Review of Religious Research R Rel Res Review: Quarterly of Evangelicals Concerned, Inc. Rev Quarterly of Evangel icals ReVision ReVision Revista Agustiniana R Agustiniana Revista Bíblica (Buenos Aires) R Bib (Buenos Aires) Revista de Antropologia (Brazil) Revista de Antropologia

Revista de Cultura Bíblica Revista de Cultura Bíblica Revista de Estudios Hispánicos Revista de Estudios Hispánicos Revista de Indias Revista de Indias Revista de Interpretación Bíblica Latinoamericana Rev Int Bíblica Latinoam er Revista Española de Teologia R Española Teo Revista Javeriana Revista Javeriana Revue Biblique R Bib Revue Canadienne des Etudes Africaines Rev Canad Etud Africa Revue d'Assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale Revue d'Assyriologie d'archeolog ie orientale Revue de l'Histoire des Religions R Hist Rel Revue de Qumran R Qumran Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie R Th Ph Revue d'Egyptologie Revue d'Egyptologie Revue des Études Byzantines R E Byz Revue des Études Juives R E Juives Revue des Études Latines Revue des Études Latines Revue des Sciences Philosophiques et théologiques R Sci Ph Th Revue des Sciences Religieuses R Sci Rel Revue d'Histoire Ecclésiastique R Hist Eccl Revue d'Histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses R Hist Ph Rel Revue Internationale des Droits de l'Antiquité Revue Internationale des Droits de l'Antiquite Revue Théologique de Louvain Rev Th Louvain Rhetorik Rhetorik Ricerche Storico Bibliche Richerche Storico Bibliche Risk Book Series Risk Bk Ser Risk Risk Rivista Biblica Rivista Biblica Rivista degli Studi Orientali Rivista degli Studi Orientali Rivista di Storia e Letteratura Religiosa Rivista Stor Lett Rel Rivista di Studi Fenici Rivista di Studi Fenici Rivista di Teologia Morale Rivista di Teologia Morale Rolling Stone Rolling Stone Rural Agricultural-Urban Industrial Mission Office Rural Agricultural-Urban Industrial Mission Office Sacred Art Journal Sacred Art J Saint Luke's Journal of Theology St Luke J Salmanticensis Salmanticensis Saturday Review of Education Saturday Review of Education Saturday Review Saturday Review Saturday Review/World Saturday Review/World SBL Annual Meeting Seminar Papers SBL Ann Meet Sem Pap Schola Schola Science 86 Science 86 Science and Christian Belief Sci Chr Belief Science et Esprit Sci Esprit Science Science Sciences Ecclésiastiques Sci Eccl Scientific American Scientific American Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology Scot Bul Ev Th Scottish Historical Review Scottish Historical Review Scottish Journal of Religious Studies Scot J Rel St Scottish Journal of Theology Scot J Th Scripta Theologica Scripta Th Scriptura: International Journal of Bible, Religion, and Theology in Southern Af rica Scriptura Searching Together Search Together Second Century: A Journal of Early Christian Studies Second Cent

Second Opinion Second Opinion SEDOS Bulletin SEDOS Sefarad Sefarad Semeia: An Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism Semeia Seminary Ridge Review Sem Ridge R Semitica Semitica Semitics Semitics Senri Ethnological Studies Senri Ethnological Studies Servicio de Informaciones Religiosas Serv Inform Rel Sevartham: Indian Culture in a Christian Context Sevartham Seven: An Anglo-American Literary Review Seven Sewanee Review Sewanee Review Sewanee Theological Review Sewanee Th R Shambhala Sun Shamb Sun Shane Quarterly Shane Q Sheviley Hahinuch Sheviley Ha-Hinnukh Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society Signs Simpósio (São Paulo) Simpósio (São Paulo) Sixteenth Century Bibliography Sixteenth Century Bibliography Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies (St. Louis, MO) Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies Sixteenth Century Journal Sixteen Cent J SJOT: Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament SJOT Skeptic Skeptic Skeptical Inquirer Skeptical Inquirer Skrif en kerk Skrif en Kerk Slavica Hierosolymitana Slavica Hierosolymitana Smithsonian Smithsonian Sobornost (incorporating Eastern Churches Review) Sobornost Social Action (US) Soc Act (US) Social Action: A Quarterly Review of Social Trends Soc Action (India) Social Compass: International Review of Sociology of Religion Soc Comp Social Forces Social Forces Social Justice Social Justice Social Philosophy and Policy Social Philosophy & Policy Social Progress Soc Prog Social Science Quarterly Social Science Q Social Service Review Social Service Review Society for 17th-Century French Studies Society for 17th-Century French Studies Society for College Work Society for College Work Society for the Study of Chinese Religions Bulletin Soc Study Chinese Rel Bu l Society of Biblical Literature Seminar Papers S B L Sem Pap Society Society Sociological Analysis (Worcester, Mass.) Soc Anal Sociological Analysis: A Journal in the Sociology of Religion Soc Anal Sociological Inquiry Sociological Inquiry Sociological Quarterly Sociological Quarterly Sociology and Social Research Sociology and Social Research Sociology of Religion Soc Rel Sojourners Magazine Sojourners M Sojourners Sojourners Sophia Sophia Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal Sound Sourozh: A Journal of Orthodox Life and Thought Sourozh South Atlantic Quarterly South Atlantic Q South Atlantic Review South Atlantic Review South East Asia Journal of Theology S E Asia J Th Southern Baptist Journal of Theology SBJT Southern Humanities Review Southern Humanities Review

Southern Literary Journal Southern Literary J Southern Quarterly Southern Quarterly Southern Register Southern Register Southern Review Southern Review Southwestern Journal of Theology S W J Th Soviet Jewish Affairs Soviet Jew Affairs Spectrum Spectrum Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies Speculum Springfielder Spfdr St Croix Review St Croix Review St Mark's Review St Mark R St Vladimir's Seminary Quarterly St Vlad S Q St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly St Vlad Th Q Stimulus: The New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice Stimulus Stone-Campbell Journal Stone Campbell J Student World Student W Studi Ecumenici St Ecum Studia Biblica et Theologica Studia Biblica et Theologica Studia Canonica St Canonica Studia et Documenta Historiae et Iuris Studia et Documenta Historiae et Iuris Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae St Hist Eccl Studia Islamica Studia Islamica Studia Liturgica: An International Ecumenical Review for Liturgical Research and Renewal St Liturg Studia Missionalia St Miss Studia Mystica St Myst Studia Philonica Annual Studia Philonica Studia Swedenborgiana St Swedenborg Studia Theologica Islandica Studia Theologica Islandica Studia Theologica: Scandinavian Journal of Theology St Th Studies in Church History Studies in Church History Studies in Comparative Religion St Comp Rel Studies in Folklore and Popular Religion Studies in Folklore and Popular Religion Studies in Formative Spirituality Studies in Formative Spirituality Studies in Interreligious Dialogue Stud Interrelig Dialogue Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History Studies in Medieval and Renaissa nce History Studies in Philology Studies in Philology Studies in Religion/Sciences religieuses S R Studies in the American Renaissance St Am Renaissance Studies in World Christianity Stud World Chr Studies in Zionism St Zion Studii Teologice Studii Teologice Study Encounter St Enc Stulos (Bandung) Stulos (Bandung) Style Style Sunstone: Mormon Experience, Scholarship, Issues & Art Sunstone Susquehanna University Studies Susquehanna University Studies Svensk Exegetisk Årsbok Svensk Exegetisk Årsbok Svensk Missionstidskrift Svensk Miss Svensk Teologisk Kvartalskrift Svensk T K Swedish-American Historical Quarterly Swedish-American Historical Quarterly Symploke: A Journal for the Intermingling of Literary, Cultural, and Theoretical Scholarship Symploke Syria: revue d'art oriental et d'archéologie Syria Syro-Mesopotamian Studies Syro-Mesopotamian Studies Syzygy Syzygy Taiwan Journal of Theology Taiwan J Th Taoist Resources Taoist Resources

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism TC Teaching Theology & Religion Teach Theol Relig Technology and Culture Technology and Culture Teilhard Studies Teilhard St Telos Telos Temenos: Studies in Comparative Religion Temenos Ten Percent Ten Percent Teologická Reflexe Teol Reflexe Texas Monthly Texas Monthly The Indexer Indexer Themelios Themelios Theodolite: A Journal of Christian Thought and Practice Theodolite Theoforum Theoforum Theologia Evangelica Th Ev Theological Education Th Ed Theological Educator: A Journal of Theology and Ministry Th Educator Theological Markings: A UTS Journal Th Markings Theological Review Th R (Near East) Theological Students Fellowship Bulletin TSF Bul Theological Studies Th St Theologie und Philosophie Th Ph Theologika Theologika Theologische Literaturzeitung: Monatsschrift für das gesamte Gebiet der Theologi e und Religionswissenschaft Th Lit Theologische Quartalschrift Th Q Theologische Rundschau Th Ru Theologische Zeitschrift Th Z Theology & Life Th Life Theology & Sexuality Th Sexuality Theology and Life (Lancaster) Th Life (Lancaster) Theology and Public Policy Theology and Public Policy Theology News & Notes Theology News & Notes Theology Today Th Today Theology Th Theosophical History Theosophical H Thesis Theological Cassettes Thesis Theological Cassettes This World This World Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review Thomist Thought: Fordham University Quarterly Thought: Fordham Univ Q Three Forks of Muddy Creek Three Forks Tikkun: A Bimonthly Jewish Critique of Politics, Culture & Society Tikkun Time Time Times Literary Supplement Times Literary Suppl Torah U-Madda Journal Torah U-Madda J Toronto Journal of Theology Toronto J Th Touchstone (US): A Journal of Mere Christianity Touchstone (US) Touchstone: Heritage and Theology in a New Age Touchstone T'oung Pao: Revue Rnternationale de Sinologie T'oung Pao Traditio: Studies in Ancient and Medieval History, Thought, and Religion Traditio Tradition & Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical Trad Discovery Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought Tradition (Jewish) Trajecta: Tijdschrift voor de geschiedenis van het katholiek leven in de Nederla nden Trajecta Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Transactions American Ph ilosophical Society Transafrican Journal of History Transafrican Journal of History Transformation: An International Evangelical Dialogue on Mission and Ethics Transformation Tricycle: The Buddhist Journal Tricycle

Trinity Journal Trinity J Trinity Seminary Review Trinity Sem R Trinity Studies Trinity St Tripod Tripod True Vine True Vine Tugón: An Ecumenical Journal of Discussion and Opinion Tugón Tyndale Bulletin Tyndale Bul Tyndale House Bulletin Tyndale H Bul Ugarit-Forschungen Ugarit-Forschungen Ultimate Reality and Meaning: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Philosophy of Und erstanding Ult Real Una Sancta Una Sancta Union Seminary Quarterly Review Union S Q R Unitarian Universalist Christian Unit Univ Chr Unitas fratrum: Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Gegenwartsfragen der Brüdergemein e Unitas Fratrum United Brethren Review United Breth Rev Uniting Church Studies Uniting Ch St Universitas Universitas University of Chicago Magazine University of Chicago Magazine University of Chicago Record Univ Of Chicago Record Update (New Rel Mvt) Update Urban Mission Urban Miss US News & World Report US News & World Report Utne Reader Utne Reader Verbum Caro Verbum Caro Verbum et Ecclesia Ver Eccl Vetera Christianorum Vetera Christianorum Vetus Testamentum Vet Test Viator Viator Vigiliae Christianae: A Review of Early Christian Life and Language Vig Chr Violence and Victims Violence and Victims Vivarium: An International Journal for the Philosophy and Intellectual Life of t he Middle Ages and Renaissance Vivarium Vogue Vogue Voices from the Third World Voices Vox Benedictina Vox Benedictina Vox Evangelica Vox Ev Vox scripturae: Revista teológica brasileira Vox Script Wall Street Journal Wall Street J Washington Monthly Washington Monthly WCC Exchange WCC Exchange Weavings Weavings Welt des Orients Die Welt des Orients Wesleyan Theological Journal Wesley Th J West African Religion W African Rel Western Folklore Western Folklore Western Historical Quarterly Western Historical Q Westminster Theological Journal West Th J Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes Wiener Z Kunde des Morge nlandes Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Südasiens und Archiv für indische Philosophie Wiener Z Kunde Sudasiens Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Südasiens Wiener Z K Sud Vienna J S A S William and Mary Quarterly: A Magazine of Early American History and Culture William Mary Q Wilson Quarterly Wilson Q Winterthur Portfolio Winterthur Portfolio Wired Wired Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly Wisconsin Luth Q

Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Friedrich Schiller Universität Wissensc haftliche Zeitschrift der Friedrich Schiller Universität Witness Witness Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal Women in Judaism Women's Review of Books Women's Rev Bks Word & World. Supplement Series Word World Suppl Ser Word & World: Theology for Christian Ministry Word World World Archaeology World Archaeology World Order World Order World Politics World Politics World World Worldview Worldview Worship Worship WSCF Books WSCF Books WSCF Dossier WSCF Dossier WSCF Newsletter North America WSCF Newsletter North America Y Traethodydd Y Traethodydd Yearbook of the European Society of Women in Theological Research Yb Eur S oc Women Th Res Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft Z Deutschen Morgenländis chen Gesellschaft Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins Z des Deutschen Palästina-Verein s Zeitschrift für Althebraistik Z Althebr Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum Z Antikes Christentum Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Archäologie Z Assyr Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie Zs für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie Zeitschrift für die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft Z Altt W Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der älteren Kir che Z Neut W Zeitschrift für Evangelische Ethik Z Ev Ethik Zeitschrift für Katholische Theologie Z Kath Th Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte Z K G Zeitschrift für Mission Z Miss Zeitschrift für Missionswissenschaft und Religionswissenschaft Z Miss W Zeitschrift für Neuere Theologiegeschichte Z Neuer Th G Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte Z Rel Gg Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kirche Z Th K ZeitSchrift ZS Zionism Zionism Zwingliana: Beiträge zur Geschichte zwinglis der Reformation und des Protestanti smus in der Schweiz Zwingliana Zygon Newsletter Zygon Newsletter Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science Zygon

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