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A, B, C, D ,E, F are friends

A close to B

B also close to all

A select assitant F

but B opse that and advise that what ill you do thats not well for u r future

A think ... B giving tension me and involve unnecessry in my matter or decission. Let give him a tension
so B have no time to think about me.

A collect some clue from C and D.

A give him threaten to B that u involve in unnecessary job, so i may inform to higer,

B fear and say i not engaged that work, who says u ......

A say F is that person

now B depreased think about that.

A porpuse fulfill, now he is ready for his future planning.


1- Dont participate others matter

2- Dont advise good/ bad

3- Only think about slefhelp by smooth way( not critcal way or out sources information)

4- Dont get emotional never.

5- Live separately in own world. if anyone ask what happen.

say- this my attitude

6- focus u r goal( nobody help u achive u goal)

7- Dont discusee any personal and officail matter even thats good or bad.

that alwasy use against u.

8- always follow Boss if its not harmful to you.

9- etc.................