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Goal Setting & Follow Through

1. What is one area as a leader where I can improve? What is my goal for the rest of the semester?

I need to improve on my collaboration skills. I need to work with people in a more positive and open manner, I want to be more
willing to take risks and give other people opportunities. My goal: is to myself back for the next event. I have chosen not to run an
event/ a table during grade 8 day and I have chosen not to take charge or full responsibility for the whole group.

2. Brainstorm all the barriers that prevent us from achieving the events we set out to run in Leadership. Why do our
event proposals not always match the nal product or event we end up running?

- What will prevent me is when things so down hill or mistakes or made I will immediately get involved and try to x
up everything, I need to give everyone a chance to shine and give others the opportunity to learn.
- My idea that do get a good mark you have to 100% involved at a level of 100%, I need to understand they I can s ll
be involved in a back burner posi on.
- I may have problems staying on a back burner posi on, I need to make sure that I remind myself why I am doing
what I am doing and that I will be happy in the end.

3. Why is it important for us NOT to focus on our goals in order to achieve them.

It is important because if we focus only on the goal we will forget about the behaviour that gets up to accomplish that goal.
People need to see that behaviors are what make or break our goals. When we focus on behaviour and accomplish small
daily challenges or follow daily, weekly behaviors that help us get closer to achieve our goals we are more likely to see

4. What behaviours can you set TODAY, TOMORROW, and this WEEK as the building blocks to help you achieve your
event goals + Personal Goals.

Event Personal

Today: To nish my part of involvement, to complete my to Today: To be calm and collected during work periods, to
do list, to be proud of my work also work more on my own to reduce

Tomorrow: I plan to work on things that don't mean taking Tomorrow: To be respec ul and s ck to my plan and not
over, small odd jobs like coloring in posters, and other waiver when things go poorly
things that require less mental stress and are a less
domina ng posi on. Week: To be proud of the work that I put into the whole
event and be proud of my nal behaviour
Week: I plan to help move the event along in a minimum
posi on that s ll benets, to run my part during the event
but also to be a big mo vator and supporter to the kids and
convince them to get involved maybe even MC the me
there so kids know what is going on.