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Her daily routine Su rutina diaria

Por Jos Narciso Aguilar Rosado

Mdulo 6 Semana 3
s que
Question orden a Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday

Its 6:00 Its 6:30 in

Its 6:15 Its 7:00 in Its 9:00 in
in the the
in the the the
morning. morning.
morning. morning. morning.
First She wake She makes
She takes She goes She
up from breakfast
a shower to work in makes
the bed for her
a cab coffee

Its 10:00
Its 6:30
in the
in the Its 7:00 in Its 9:00 in
What Its 6:15 morning.
morning. the the
does in the She goes
She morning. morning.
he/she Then morning. to the
makes She goes to She
do in the She takes store for
breakfast work in a makes
morning a shower some
for her cab coffee
? ingredient

Its 10:00
Its 6:30
in the Its 11:30
in the Its 7:00
Its 9:00 in morning. in the
morning. in the
the She goes morning.
She morning.
Finally morning. to the She
makes She goes
She makes store for prepares
breakfast to work in
coffee some to go
for her a cab
ingredient home

Its 1:00
Its 1:30 Its 2:00 in Its 5:00 in
in the
in the the Its 3:00 in the
What evening.
evening. evening. the evening.
does She
First She She helps evening. She
he/she makes
washes her children She takes wakes up
do in the the lunch
the to do their a nap and take a
evening? for her
dishes homework bath

After Its 1:30 Its 2:00 Its 3:00 in Its 5:00 in Its 6:30 in
in the in the the the the
evening. evening. evening. evening. evening.
She She helps She takes a She She
washes her nap wakes up makes
the children and take a dinner for
dishes to do their bath her family

Its 2:00
in the Its 6:30 in
Its 5:00 in Its 6:45 in
evening. Its 3:00 the
the the
She helps in the evening.
evening. evening.
Finally her evening. She
She wakes She calls
children She takes makes
up and take her family
to do their a nap dinner for
a bath for dinner
homewor her family

Its 8:00
in the
Its 7:00
in the Its 10:00 Its 10:30
She Its 9:00 in
night. in the in the
washes the night.
First She does night. She night. She
the She
her brushes read a
dishes watches TV
homewor her teeth book
during the

Its 8:00
in the
night. Its 9:00
he/she Its 10:00 in Its 10:30 Its 11:00
She in the
do at the the night. in the in the
washes night.
night? Then She night. She night. She
the She
brushes her read a turns of he
dishes watches
teeth book lights
used TV
during the

Its 9:00 Its 10:00

Its 11:00
in the in the Its 10:30 in 11:10 in the
in the
night. night. the night. night. She
Finally night. She
She She She read a goes to
turns of he
watches brushes book sleep
TV her teeth