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To Further my Career in HL7 Interface Implementation and Analysis while obtaining further
experience and understanding of Interpolarity within the Healthcare Industry

Professional Experience
Lab Interface Analyst / Bridge Connectivity Specialist
Managing HL7 Integrations from Environmental Analysis to Testing and Completion.
Implementing and Supporting various HL7 Interface Types (ADT, DFT, SIU, ORM, ORU, etc)
Integration between various HL7 Message Standards and Specifications.
Various File Transfer & Connectivity Methods. (TCP/IP, SFTP, FTP, VPN, WebDAV, etc).
Extensive Experience with HL7 Standard Version 2.3 and HL7 Standard Version 2.5.1
Identifying and Coordinating Issue Resolution with Internal and 3 rd Party Development Teams.
Establishing Bi-Directional Connectivity between EMR, PMS, and Lab Outreach Systems.
Familiar with multiple file types and data formats (.HL7, .CSV, .XML, etc).
Exploring new and unfamiliar EMR and PMS systems to determine Database Connectivity.

IT Project Manager
Managing Progression and Completion of Multiple (30-50) Projects Simultaneously.
Spearheading Newly Acquired Legacy Projects to Completion.
Demonstrating Time Management and Project Organization capabilities.
Communicating professionally and with correspondents in all levels of Seniority.
Clearly Illustrating Complex Technical Concepts in a Coherent and Concise manner
Coordination with Software Vendors, Laboratories, and Medical Practices to complete projects.
Responsible for ensuring progression of Project and Involvement of all parties involved.
Preserving communication with 3rd party Project Managers and Technical Contacts.
Sustaining Client Interaction and Engagement to meet project expectations.

System Administrator
Remote Server and Desktop Management.
Remote Desktop Protocol, SSH & Telnet, Proprietary & Open Source Remote Support Software.
SFTP/FTP/FTPS Client & Server Managment, PHP Content Management Systems.
ODBC Connectivity, System, User, and File DSN Management.
Database Connectivity and Support (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, FoxPro, XML, etc).
Local and Remote Data Management, Access Permissions, and User Privileges.
User Management, Desktop Support, Issue Identifying,Troubleshooting, and Resolution.

Administrative Assistant
Microsoft Office Suite applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
Macintosh, Windows, Linux/Unix Operating Systems
Mac OS X (10.8.0) and earlier
Windows 7 and earlier
Gnome, KDE, and CLI Environments.
Dreamweaver CS5, Photoshop CS5, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Drupal.
Skills and Abilities
Learning new Concepts quickly and Solving complex Problems under Pressure.
Strong Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills.
Effective Oral and Written Communication Skills.
Exercising Effective Decision Making in Fast-paced Environment.
Managing various types of Multiple Projects Simultaneously,
Understanding, Visualizing, and Communicating Complex Workflows
Extensive experience in Troubleshooting & Technical Support via Remote Applications

Relevant Work Experience

DataCompany 123 Address St, Townsville, USA 2012-2017
Project Manager / Lab Analyst / Connectivity Specialist

WebDesignCompany 123 Address St, Townsville, USA 2011-2012

Template Designer / Graphic Designer / Junior Project Manager

Retail Storefont 123 Address St, Townsville, USA 2011-2012

Sales Associate / Staff Training

Fine Dining Restaurant 123 Address St, Townsville, USA 2010-2012

IT Infrastructure Manager / Assistance Manager