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When Your Child Asks
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Why a Priest Left His Giving Makes You Happy
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The Messiah

The Upturned Wing Tip
of Soaring Birds

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For the first time in my life, I found happiness. AN OUTDATED BOOK?
HILTON loved boxing. At the age of seven, he was getting Some say that the Bible
into ghtsboth in and out of the ring! When in high school, he is out-of-date, like a manual
would roam about with friends, looking for someone to beat up. for an obsolete computer.
But that comparison is
I stole, gambled, watched pornography, harassed women, and
both supercial and decep-
swore at my parents, he says. My behavior was such that my tive. Computers change and
parents considered me beyond reform. After I nished high thus manuals become out-
school, I left home. dated. Basic human nature
does not change. For exam-
When Hilton returned 12 years later, his parents could hardly ple, people today respond
believe this was their son! He was calm, controlled, and respect- to love and hate, delity
ful. What led to this astonishing transformation? While he was and indelity, kindness and
away, he began to reect seriously on where his life was headed. cruelty in much the same
He also examined the Bible to see if it could help him change way as our ancestors did.
his ways. I applied what I read in the Bible, said Hilton, which So when it comes to funda-
mentals, there is nothing
meant getting rid of my old personality and obeying the com- new under the sun.Eccle-
mand at Ephesians 6:2, 3 to honor my parents. For the rst time siastes 1:9.
in my life, I found genuine happiness, and I brought joy to my fa-
ther and mother, not more heartache!
Hiltons story underscores both the relevance and the trans-
forming power of Bible values. (Hebrews 4:12) Let us consider
some of those valuesnamely, honesty, self-control, delity, and
loveand how they can greatly enrich lives.

Awake! February 2015 3


BIBLE PRINCIPLE: Who may be a guest some of the discount on to me instead
in [Gods] tent? . . . The one who is walk- of to my company. But I recalled the
ing faultlessly, practicing what is right and Bibles counsel on honesty and said no.
speaking the truth in his heart.Psalm My boss heard about this, and her
15:1, 2. condence in me grew.
THE BENEFITS: Most people value honesty Had Raquel been seduced by the oer,
and integrity. But what if an opportunity she might have proted nancially in the
arises for a person to prot from dishon- short term. But what if her employer
estyand get away with it? Now the spot- found out? Would Raquel have kept her
light is on the heart, the inner person. job? And what about her future job pros-
pects? More important to Raquel were
Raquel, whose work involved purchas- her conscience and self-respect. A good
ing supplies, said: Certain sales agents name is to be chosen rather than great
oered me kickbacks. They promised that wealth; to be respected is better than sil-
if I bought from them, they would pass ver and gold, says Proverbs 22:1.
Jessie too was honest and reliable,
thus earning a good name with his em-
ployer. The benets? Not only was he giv-
Jessie made a good name for himself as an
en a managerial position but he was also
honest employee
entrusted with more exibility in his work
schedule. As a result, he was able to
spend more time with his wife and chil-
dren and in spiritual activities.
When looking for prospective employ-
ees, some employers have gone to groups
that are known for their honesty. For
example, a company manager in the
Philippines wrote to the local oce of
Jehovahs Witnesses inviting Witnesses to
apply for work. They are hardworking,
honest, and dedicated, he said. The
credit for this, however, goes to Jehovah
God, who teaches us to hate what is
bad and to love what is good.Amos
I feel as though I have been
raised from the dead!
BIBLE PRINCIPLE: A stupid person gives disease. Of course, the benets of self-
vent to all his feelings, but the wise one control go far beyond physical health.
calmly keeps them in check.Proverbs
Cassius, now in his 30s, recalls: I
was quarrelsome and hot-tempered, and
THE BENEFITS: If you were to list all the I often picked ghts. I had very little self-
benets of self-control, you would need respect. But all that changed when I be-
reams of paper! At the very least, this gan to apply Bible principles. I learned to
quality protects our physical health. A control my temper and to cultivate humili-
calm heart gives life [or, health, foot- ty and a forgiving spirit. Otherwise, I might
note] to the body, the Bible says. It also have ended up in prison. Indeed, I feel as
states that a joyful heart is good medi- though I have been raised from the
cine. (Proverbs 14:30; 17:22) Converse- dead!
ly, studies show that people who are
prone to anger and hostility increase their
risk of ill health, especially cardiovascular

Cassius learned to control his

temper and be forgiving

Awake! February 2015 5

BIBLE PRINCIPLE:Let marriage be honor- Did this way of life make her happy? She
able among all, and let the marriage bed and her husband constantly argued, and
be without defilement.Hebrews 13:4. she was miserable. She adds: When I
reected on the embarrassing mess I had
Some people consider those
got myself into, I realized just how right
words antiquated. But they are wrong
my parents were when they used to say,
dead wrong! Unfaithfulness hurts as
Bad associations corrupt good morals.
deeply today as it did when the Bible was
1 Corinthians 15:33, footnote.
penned.Proverbs 6:34, 35.
Ligaya continues: Before things got
Jessie, who is both a husband and worse, I decided to stop my bad ways
a father, wrote: Marital faithfulness has and study the Biblethis time applying
contributed greatly to my strong relation- its teachings. The results? She saved her
ship with my wife and to our happi- marriage, and her husband began to treat
ness. Indeed, trust is very important in her more kindly and respectfully. The
a marriage. Indelity destroys that trust Bible changed my life, she says, and I
not to mention the further eects it have no regrets about leaving my old ways
has on children! and so-called friends.
Ligaya1 put her marriage in jeopardy. I
began to associate with bad people, she
says. This led to my taking part in wild
nightlife and to cheating on my husband.
1 Some names have been changed.

Were you satised with your

OF MY LIFE On the contrary! I had many
problems. I was unable to bud-
get money, I did not know how to
Linh lives in Southeast Asia. She told Awake! how the Bible nd good friends, and I could
helped her to improve the quality of her life. not help my parents with their
Then your life took a turn for
the better. Tell us how.
What is your religious Some young women who were
background? Jehovahs Witnesses began
I come from a Buddhist family teaching me the Bible. When
that follows tradition. I knew I had problems, I sought their
nothing of the true God. guidance. Even though they were
Wisdom is
vindicated by its results
BIBLE PRINCIPLE: Clothe yourselves with However, as much as I want to say that
love, for it is a perfect bond of union. I always apply it, on occasion I havent,
Colossians 3:14. such as when I was feeling overly sensi-
tive, a bit selsh, or tired. At those times,
THE BENEFITS: The love predominantly
I ask Jehovah to help me dispel any nega-
mentioned in the Bible is not the roman-
tive feelings. Then I give my wife a hug,
tic or sexual kind. Rather, it is a principled
and before long, its like nothing unpleas-
love characterized by such qualities as
ant happened!
compassion, forgiveness, humility, loyalty,
kindness, mildness, and patience. (Micah Jesus Christ said that wisdom is vindi-
6:8; Colossians 3:12, 13) Unlike romantic cated by its results. (Matthew 11:19,
infatuation, which usually fades with time, footnotes) In the light of that truth, the
love can keep growing indenitely. Bible has all the hallmarks of genuine
wisdom. Its teachings and values work.
Brenda, who has been married for They are timeless. They transcend culture
nearly 30 years, says: The love newly- and nationality. And they reect such
weds have for each other is nothing com- deep insight into human nature that they
pared with the love you have as a point to a higher Sourceour Creator,
marriage grows through time. Jehovah God. The proof, of course, is in
Sam, a husband for over 12 years, the application. Hence, the Bible invites
observed: My wife and I have always us to taste and see that Jehovah is
been delightedeven surprisedat how good. (Psalm 34:8) Will you accept that
eective Bible counsel is, and how sim- invitation?
ple! You apply it, and things go smoothly.

younger than I was, they gave society. Yet, they have not found to God, we can greatly improve
me excellent advicebut not answers to their problems. In our life and be a good inuence
based on their own views. They fact, they are divorced and un- on others.
showed me what the Bible says. happy. When I went to college, I
was told that there are times How has the Bible helped you?
Now that I have experienced the
benets of applying Bible teach- when society can be improved In many practical ways. I have
ings, I am fully convinced that only by violence. The Bible, how- fewer worries, and I now have
this book is from God and that ever, tells us that no human good friends. I have learned to
it can help anyone who strives to eorts can have lasting success, budget money and can aord to
live by it. Secular educational- for God gave us neither the abili- travel a little. Most of all, I can
though having its placecannot ty to govern ourselves nor the help others when they are in
do that. authority to do so. Thats why hu- need.
man rule in all its forms is
Can you enlarge on that? awed and prone to corruption.1
My parents have a college ed- But when we subject ourselves
ucation and a high station in 1 See Ecclesiastes 8:9; Jeremiah 10:23.

Awake! February 2015 7


SPOTLIGHT ON Despite medical advances, disease continues to plague

mankind. Yet, as evidence shows, many health problems
HEALTH are preventable.

WORLD The World Health Organiza-

tion predicts that 24 million peo-
ple will be diagnosed with cancer
annually by 2035. This is an in-
crease of about 70 percent more
than the number currently diag-
nosed, which is thought to be
over 14 million. An estimated
half of those cases will be caused NORWAY Depression can increase the risk of heart failure by up
by lifestyle factors, such as alco- to 40 percent, suggests an 11-year study of nearly 63,000 Norwe-
hol abuse, inactivity, obesity, radi- gians. The European Society of Cardiology quoted one of the authors
ation exposure, and smoking. of the study as saying that depression not only triggers stress
hormones that can lead to heart disease but also hinders a per-
sons ability to follow advice that could improve his health.

BRITAIN After an evidence pre-

sentation, the British government
launched an inquiry into the pos-
sibility that the human form of
mad cow disease could be spread
by procedures such as blood
transfusions. We were extremely
concerned to hear evidence that
this incurable disease still poses
a signicant risk to public health, UNITED STATES Scientists are investigating the potential health
said Andrew Miller, a member hazards of so-called thirdhand cigarette smoke, which consists of
of Parliament. We were told residues from smoking that are left behind on surfaces and in dust
[the infection could be spread] in apartments, hotel rooms, and vehicles. Accumulating residues
through widespread contamina- can become progressively more toxic as they age.
tion of the blood and organ
supply, he added.

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS: A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit saps ones
strength.Proverbs 17:22.
Let us cleanse ourselves of every delement of esh.
2 Corinthians 7:1.

Riches are the ransom for a

mans life, but the poor are
not even threatened.

WHILE being rich may have certain advantages,

wealth is a mixed blessing, especially in our perilous
times. (2 Timothy 3:1-5) In some lands, the wealthy,
including tourists who look auent, have become tar-
gets of thieves and kidnappers seeking a ransom.
Concerning one developing country, a news
report stated: Violent robberies, fraud and kidnap-
pings pit the haves against the have-nots. Restau-
rants post armed guards; the homes of the wealthy
have walls with razor-wire, oodlights, cameras
and security guards. A similar situation exists in
many other lands.
Yet, the poor, the Bible says, are not even
threatened. How can you benet from that gem of
wisdom? If you live in an area known for crime and
violence or if you have to travel to such a place, do
not attract attention to yourself by appearing to be af-
uent. Think carefully about what you wear and carry
in public, especially if your possessions would be no-
ticed. The shrewd one sees the danger, says Prov-
erbs 22:3, but the inexperienced keep right on
going and suer the consequences.
The wisdom recorded in the Bible reects our Cre-
ators care for us. He wants us to be safe. Such wis-
dom is a protection, says Ecclesiastes 7:12, for it
preserves the life of its owner.

Awake! February 2015 9


When Your
Child Asks
About Death


Your six-year-old asks, Are Children do think about death. Some even play

you going to die someday? games in which someone pretends to die. Therefore,
Startled by his question, death should not be considered a taboo subject, and
you wonder: Is my child old you should welcome any questions your child may have
enough to understand the about it. By occasionally talking openly about death,
answer? How can I talk to you help your child learn how to cope with the loss of
him about death?1 a loved one.
Talking about death will not cause your child to have
1 Although we refer to the child as
a boy, the principles discussed apply morbid thoughts. Rather, it will help him alleviate fears.
to girls as well.
However, you may need to correct some misunderstand-
ings. For example, some experts say that many children
under the age of six do not view death as nal. In their
games, a child will be dead one moment and alive
Chapters 34 and 35 of the book
the next.
Learn From the Great Teacher
can help your children learn When they get a little older, however, children begin
what the Bible teaches about to grasp the seriousness of deatha fact that may cause
death. The book is available for them to have questions, concerns, or even fears, espe-
free download at cially if a loved one has died. Therefore, it is vital that
Look under PUBLICATIONS BOOKS you discuss the subject. Mental-health expert Marion
& BROCHURES Haza points out: A child will develop anxieties related to
death if he feels that he is not allowed to talk about this
subject at home.
You need not worry excessively about what to say. Ac-
cording to one study, children just want to hear the
truth expressed in kind words. Be assured that a child
will usually not ask a question unless he is ready to hear
the answer.

r Find more help for families at

Take advantage of opportunities to talk about There is . . . a time to be silent
death. If your child sees a dead bird on the side of the and a time to speak.
road or if a beloved pet dies, use simple questions to en- Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7.
courage him to talk. For example, you could ask: Does a Each one of you speak truth.
dead animal suer? Is it cold or hungry? How do you Ephesians 4:25.
know that an animal or a person is dead?Bible princi-
ple: Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7. The thoughts of a mans heart
are like deep waters, but the
Do not hide the truth. When an acquaintance or a discerning man draws them out.
relative has died, avoid using confusing euphemisms Proverbs 20:5.
such as He has gone away. Your child might wrongly
conclude that the deceased will soon return home.

Since a young child might think

that death is contagious, assure him CONVEY
that he is safe If a loved one has died, you can
help your child overcome inordi-
nate fears about death by making
Instead, use simple and direct words. For example, you sure he understands the following:
might say: When Grandma died, her body stopped He is not going to die.
working. We cant talk to her, but we will never forget
If something happens to you,
her.Bible principle: Ephesians 4:25.
he will not be abandoned; relatives
Reassure your child. He might think that his actions will look after him.
or thoughts caused someones death. Instead of just Once dead, a person is no longer
saying that he is not responsible for what happened, you suering.
could ask, What makes you think that it is your fault?
The deceased person will not
Listen carefully, without belittling his feelings. Also, since
be forgotten. You might say, You
a young child might think that death is contagious, as-
cannot see Grandma anymore, but
sure him that he is safe. you can keep memories of her in
Draw out your child. Talk freely about loved ones who your heart.
have died, including relatives whom your child has never Remember, saying nothing to
met. You might evoke fond memories of an aunt, an un- your child will not reduce his
cle, or a grandparent and relate amusing anecdotes. anxiety. On the contrary, it may
When you openly discuss such people, you help your only serve to give his imagination
child understand that he need not avoid talking or think- free rein.
ing about them. At the same time, do not force your
child to talk. You can always broach the subject later,
when you feel the time is right.Bible principle: Proverbs

Awake! February 2015 11


Why a Priest
Left His Church
AFTER studying in Rome for nine years, Antonio
Della Gatta was ordained as a priest in 1969. Later,
he served as the rector, or head, of a seminary near
Naples, Italy. While there, after much study and
meditation, he concluded that the Catholic religion
is not based on the Bible. He spoke with Awake!
about his spiritual journey.

Please tell us about your torical accounts of Jesus life ed. And certain Catholic teach-
childhood. and ministryand I read the ings did not seem right. How,
I was born in Italy in 1943. book several times. When I for example, could a God of
I grew up with my brothers and was 18, I went to Rome to love punish people forever af-
sisters in a small village where study in the pontical univer- ter death? Also, does God real-
my father was a farmer and a sities, which are directly under ly want us to repeat prayers
carpenter. Our parents raised the popes authority. I studied hundreds of times with a ro-
us to be good Catholics. Latin, Greek, history, philoso- sary?1
phy, psychology, and theology.
Why did you want to Although we recited verses What did you do?
become a priest? from the Bible and heard Bible With tears streaming from
readings in Sunday sermons, my eyes, I prayed for guid-
As a boy, I loved listening to
we did not actually study the ance. I also purchased a copy
the priests in church. I was en-
Bible. of the Catholic Jerusalem Bi-
chanted by their voices, as
well as the impressive rituals. ble, which had recently been
You became a rector. Did
So my heart was set on be- published in Italian, and be-
that involve teaching?
coming a priest. When I was gan reading it. Then, one Sun-
13 years of age, my mother My work was mainly adminis- day morning as I was hanging
took me to a boarding school trative. But I did teach classes up my robes after Mass, two
that prepared boys for future, on the decrees of the Second men came to the seminary.
more-advanced studies for the Vatican Council. They introduced themselves to
priesthood. me as Jehovahs Witnesses.
Why did you start doubting We talked for more than an
Did your training involve the church? hour about the Bible and what
Bible study? Three things troubled me. The 1 The Bible gives clear answers to these
Not really. When I was 15, church was involved in politics. and many other questions. For more
one of my teachers gave me a Misconduct among the clergy information, visit Look under
copy of the Gospelsthe his- and parishioners was tolerat- ANSWERED.
it says about the identifying At last, I feel truly close to God
marks of true religion.

What was your impression

of the visitors?
Did your superiors try to What did your family think
I admired their conviction dissuade you from studying about all of this?
and the ease with which they the Bible? Most of them bitterly opposed
referred to passages in a In 1975, I visited Rome sev- me. I found out, however, that
Catholic edition of the Bible. eral times to explain my views. one of my brothers was study-
Later, another Witness, My superiors tried to change ing with the Witnesses in
named Mario, began visiting my thinking, but none used Lombardy, a region in north-
me. He was patient and faith- the Bible. Finally, on Janu- ern Italy. I went to see him,
fulevery Saturday morning, ary 9, 1976, I wrote to Rome and the Witnesses there
rain or shine, he rang the sem- stating that I no longer con- helped me to nd work and
inary doorbell at nine oclock. sidered myself a Catholic. Two a place to live. Later that year,
days later, I left the seminary I was baptized as one of
What did the other priests and took a train to attend my Jehovahs Witnesses.
think of those visits?
rst meeting of Jehovahs Wit-
I invited them to join in our nesses, which turned out to Do you have any regrets?
discussions, but none took be an assembly involving sev- Not at all! At last, I feel
Bible study seriously. I, how- eral congregations. Everything truly close to God, because
ever, enjoyed it. I was learning was so dierent from what I what I know about him is
wonderful things, such as why was accustomed to! Each Wit- based on the Bible, not philos-
God tolerates evil and suer- ness had a Bible and followed ophy or church tradition. And
ingsomething that had long along with the speakers as I can teach others with convic-
puzzled me. they discussed various topics. tion and sincerity.

Awake! February 2015 13


The Bible foretold that the Messiah would come into the world and deliver
people from sickness, suering, and death. Is Jesus Christ that one?

How would people recognize the Messiah?

According to Bible prophecy, the Messi- standing before God.Isaiah 53:7; John
ah, or Christ, would come in two dierent 1:29, 34, 36.
roles, separated by a long period of time.1 Killed without any of his bones being
In his rst role, he would be a human. broken.Psalm 34:20; John 19:33, 36.
So that he could be clearly recognized,
Buried with the rich.Isaiah 53:9; Mat-
Bible writers foretold many aspects of his
life and ministry. In fact, the witness con- thew 27:57-60.
cerning Jesus is a primary objective of Resurrected on the third day.Matthew
Bible prophecy.Revelation 19:10. 16:21; 28:5-7.
WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS The Messiah would Jesus fullled all those prophecies
be . . . and many more. He also healed the sick
A descendant of King David.Isaiah and raised the dead. He thus not only
9:7; Luke 3:23-31.2 provided us with further proof that he

was the Messiah but also gave us a solid
Born in the town of Bethlehem.Micah
basis for faith in the Bibles promises
5:2; Luke 2:4-7.
that he will do those things on a global
A humble proclaimer of good news. scale in the future. (Luke 7:21-23; Reve-
Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:43. lation 21:3, 4) After his resurrection, Je-
Despised and held of no account.Isa- sus sat at Gods right hand, awaiting the
iah 53:3; Matthew 26:67, 68. time for him to nish his Messianic work.

Psalm 110:1-6.
Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.Zecha-
riah 11:12, 13; Matthew 26:14, 15.
Silent before his accusers as they un- When the Christ comes, he will not
justly condemned him to death.Isaiah perform more signs than this man
53:6, 7; Matthew 27:12-14. has done, will he?John 7:31.
A sacricial lamb, who would annul
sin and enable humans to have a clean
1 The word Messiah is of Hebrew origin. Christ is the
equivalent derived from the Greek.John 1:41.
2 The rst reference here is to the prophecy; the second,
to the fulllment.

r Find more answers to Bible questions at

How will the Messiah complete his work?
The Jews of Jesus day expected the Mes- Along with Jehovah God, resurrect the
siah to liberate them from Roman rule dead to life in Paradise on earth.Luke
and to reign over a restored kingdom of 23:43; John 5:21, 28, 29.
Israel. (Acts 1:6) Only later did Jesus Teach his subjects the ways of true
Jewish followers understand that he peace.Isaiah 11:1, 2, 9, 10.
would complete his role from heaven as
Eradicate sin, the underlying cause of
a mighty spirit creature vested with vast
authority.Matthew 28:18. sickness and death.John 1:29; Ro-
mans 5:12.
WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS In his second role, the
Ultimately break up all of Satans works
Messiah would . . .
Rule as King of Gods Kingdom, a world
and unite the human family under Je-
hovah Gods rule.1 Corinthians 15:25-
government.Daniel 7:13, 14; Revela-
28; 1 John 3:8.
tion 11:15.

Jesus fullled his rst role as Messiah.

Be a blessing to all humans who ex-
He will also complete his second. The
ercise faith in him.Genesis 22:17, 18;
wise, therefore, study him closely, for Je-
Psalm 72:7, 8.
sus said: I am the way and the truth and
Startle many nations and their the life.John 14:6.
rulers when he crushes them for oppos-
ing him.Isaiah 52:15; Revelation 19:
19, 20. In his days the righteous will
Preserve an international great crowd flourish, and peace will abound
of righteous humans into a peaceful until the moon is no more. He will
new world.Revelation 7:9, 10, 13-17. have subjects . . . to the ends of
the earth.Psalm 72:7, 8.

As a human, Jesus did on a small

scale what he will do on a global
scale as a mighty spirit creature

Awake! February 2015 15


Eagle: 5 Jim Zipp/Science Source

The Upturned Wing Tip
of Soaring Birds
JET plane in ight creates rapidly curved at the tip and properly aligned
A spiraling swirls of air at the tips of its
wings. These vortices cause drag, in-
with the airow, they improved aircraft
performancenowadays by up to 10 per-
creasing fuel consumption. They also buf- cent or more. The reason? Winglets mini-
fet planes that may be following closely. mize drag by reducing the size of the
Thus, ights departing from the same run- vortices. Moreover, winglets also create a
way must be suciently spaced to allow form of thrust that counteracts some of
time for the vortices to dissipate. the normal drag of the airplane, says the
Airplane engineers have discovered a Encyclopedia of Flight.
way to reduce these problems. Their solu- Winglets thus enable airplanes to y
tion? Winglets, inspired by the upturned farther, carry a greater load, have shorter
wing-tip feathers of soaring birds, such as wingswhich also facilitates parkingand
buzzards, eagles, and storks. save fuel. In 2010, for example, airlines
Consider: During ight, the feathers on saved 2 billion gallons [7,600 million L]
the wing tips of those large birds bend up- of jet fuel worldwide and contributed to
ward until they are almost vertical. This large reductions in aircraft emissions,
conguration balances maximum lift with says a NASA news release.
minimum wing length. It also improves What do you think? Did the upturned
performance. Engineers have designed wing tip of soaring birds come about by
airplane wings with a similar shape. Using evolution? Or was it designed?
innovative wind-tunnel testing, they found
that if the modied wings were precisely

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of this magazine p Bible available
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