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Test 1B


1 Complete the sentences with the Present Simple form of the verbs in brackets.

0 Peter plays (play) football on Saturdays.

1 Sarah and Philip _______ (hate) sports.

2 You _______ (not like) golf.

3 Mr Jones _______ (not work) at this school.

4 Her friends _______ (not speak) English.

5 She _______ (teach) French.

6 Our teachers _______ (give) us a lot of homework.

7 They _______ (read) the newspaper every morning.

8 My brother _______ (not work) with computers.

9 We _______ (have) a lot of friends.

10 Marc _______ (go) to the mountains every weekend.

2 Complete the sentences with do, does, dont and doesnt.

0 We dont like our new house.

1 I _______ use Skype but I use Facebook a lot.

2 My sister _______ speak French but she speaks Spanish.

3 We _______ understand this word. Can you explain it?

4 _______ your father work at the university?

5 _______ they want to play basketball with us?

6 What job _______ you do?

3 Complete the dialogue with the correct questions.

A: Hi! 0 __Whats your name___?

B: My names Sam. Im a student at Mayfield High School.

A: _______________ it there?

B: Yes, I like it very much. Its great.

A: _______________?

B: I live near the school.

A: How 3_______________ to school?

B: I go to school by bike.
A: _______________ ?

B: No, I dont play sports but I like watching football.

A: _______________ in the evenings?

B: I watch TV.
A: _______________ computer games?

B: Yes, I play with my friends online.

A: _______________ computer games?

B: Three or four times a week.

4 Complete the short answers to the questions.

0 A: Do you use your laptop at school?

B: No, __I dont__ .

1 A: Does your father work with computers?

B: No, _______________ .

2 A: Do you write a blog?

B: Yes, _______________ .

3 A: Does your sister like pop music?

B: Yes, _______________ .

4 A: Do your parents use the internet?

B: Yes, _______________ .

5 A: Do you and your friends speak Chinese?

B: No, _______________ .

6 A: Do you enjoy football?

B: No, _______________ .

5 Complete the sentences with the plural form of the nouns in brackets.

0 Shes got a lot of __friends__. (friend)

1 Eight _______ live in this building. (family)

2 Two _______ go past the school. (bus)

3 All the _______ go to school. (child)

4 He reads lots of _______ . (book)

5 There are a lot of _______ at the party. (person)

6 Complete the sentences with the correct words. The first letter of each word has
been given.

0 They go to discos because they like dancing.

1 George loves p_______ . He has got a good camera.

2 I want to r_______ at home tonight and watch TV.

3 He loves talking to people. Hes a very f_______ person.

4 They play tennis and golf. They are a very s_______ family.

5 We like going to the c_______ to see good films.

6 I sometimes u_______ the internet.