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English 10 Review Vocabulary

hyperbole: an exaggeration for effect.

understatement: an intentional lack of emphasis in expression; the opposite of


irony: the use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning.

diction: word choice.

syntax: the order words are placed in.

alliteration: the repetition of initial consonant sounds.

onomatopoeia: a word that sounds like what it is supposed to represent.

parallelism: occurs when different aspects of a story are similar in form or content.

imagery: mental pictures or images.

symbolism: one thing is meant to represent another.

allusion: a reference to a person or event.

metaphor: a comparison in which one thing is said to be another.

simile: a comparison using like or as.

flashback: in a story, an interruption that portrays an earlier time period.

foreshadowing: a suggestion of what will happen in the future.

personification: something that isnt human is described as having human characteristics

juxtaposition: two starkly contrasting concepts or things placed directly next to each

pun: a play on words

anecdote: a short story about an interesting or funny event or occurrence.