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Robert Cunningham Support Letter

Exhibit 1

Dear Immigration Officer,

I am a Director of Platform Development, at Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

at Harvard University. This letter is to convey my strong support for Madhuri Trivedi for her
petition for a person of extra- ordinary ability.
Madhuri stands out with her strong, multidisciplinary academic background;
Bachelors in Electronics and communications engineering with Distinction-India,
Post graduate diploma in business administration with First class India,
Masters in computer information science- GPA 3.73 - Cleveland State University, Ohio
Graduate certificate in systems engineering/systems design and management from
Massachusetts institute of technology, GPA 4.0(she has not completed this course yet).

She has solid academic experience and a strong track record in her industrial career. She has shown
tenacity, zealousness and business acumen. Madhuri possesses diverse experience, skills combination
that makes her a unique technical asset.

She has progressively grown in her career, have taken more progressive responsibilities. She is effective
at dealing with business /engineering problems and she has shown leadership ability to overcome such
tough problems and deliver results/solutions and values.

She is a dedicated, self-starter software engineer with experience working in multiple industries;
combined in software development and engineering area in designing, developing products and services
in cross functional environment; along with excellent problem solving, business acumen and
organizational skills.

She has advanced expertise in multiple advanced technologies including:

full software development life cycle,

service oriented architecture (SOA) including Microsoft based SOA technologies,
user interface design,
robotics interface development,
lean six sigma,
various product development methodologies,
instrumentation development,
systems architecture,
product development,
security products and services,
remote service application for security devices such as DVRs, security cameras, fire
panels ,
remote service technologies and applications for medical devices and applications,
security related to medical devices,

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software and engineering practices
Failure Mode Effect analysis(FMEA)
Change acceleration process (CAP) model
Agile Scrum master , agile methodologies
US regulatory and compliance requirements such as HIPPA, HITECH, and FDA related.
Customer services such as providing support to internal lab scientists (biologist,
chemists) for bio-tech instruments and applications.
Customer service to internal users such as filed engineers and online engineers who
install and service medical devices.

She has participated and contributed in leading capacity in high-risk projects that lead to
transformative breakthroughs, innovation, commercialization/application of new technologies to
deliver significant values to stake holders, customers and users, generate significant revenues.

Projects were in the areas of providing healthcare service and improving access at affordable cost to
large patient populations, up-time, serving and availability of medical devices, security of commercial,
industrial establishment and enterprise security, wireless remote monitoring solutions for energy
transformers, jet engines, water systems, dashboards for locomotive (rail engine) service/repair data.

As the Vice President of Business Development at Raindance Technologies Inc., I saw Madhuri
make significant /original contributions at the intersection of computer science, healthcare,
biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and product development.
At Raindance, Madhuris interaction involved working with Vice president of Engineering, Marketing
executive, Product manager, scientists.

She imbibes and demonstrated Expertise with advanced technology ; unique multi-disciplinary
combination of skills/background.

She played a critical role /leading role in the genome selection system instrumentation product
development. At Raindance, this product enabled the translation of cutting edge micro droplet
based sequencing nano technology into commercialization/commercial product. Madhuris work
also involved using latest and emerging Microsoft technologies/platforms, integration, writing end to end
software requirements/specification and end to end product validation. Raindance was a start up with 20
plus people when she joined. Software team consisted 2-3 engineers. Developing genome sequencing
product; a complex system from scratch whose sales price was $150,000; this is implied that she was on
a leading and critical role as in a small start-ups contribution matters NOT title. Her contribution was
original and of major significance. Madhuris contribution /role was critical/leading in order for product
delivery and product development; hence success and existence of Raindance as a company. SW
engineers are responsible for whole software and hence product development.

She has worked in a leading role in designing and developing chronic care solutions portal using service
oriented architecture; latest Microsoft technologies. This chronic care portal generated very large amount
of revenue for company and was used for serving patients by leading health insurance companies in US.
As described by the Centers for Disease Control, chronic disease is the leading cause of death and
disability in the United States. It accounts for 70% of all deaths in the U.S., which is 1.7 million each year.
Data from the World Health Organization show that chronic disease is also the major cause of premature
death around the world even in places where infectious disease are rampant.
( ). Developing products, solutions and
services so more people can have access to care, family to manage disease and bring down healthcare
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Madhuri also worked with cross-functional team to support existing product-IRIS-
Indiana Rehabilitation Information System (IRIS) for clients including the State of Indiana-Department of
Disability and Rehabilitation. Specifically, she developed software enhancements for IRIS electronic
records including medical systems and performed document management and new features
She developed a wireless home security product, and remote service monitoring solution that enabled her
company to save more than $1 million in service operations and provide enhanced value to their
customers. She also designed and developed an automated test framework application, Microsoft
windows operating system plug in development to security and automation for IT admins/users.

Madhuri intends to continue to contribute in innovative work projects. She has consistently delivered
results that generated millions of revenue and delivered values to stake holders.

Madhuris extensive experience and world class expertise in healthcare, health informatics, medical
devices, healthcare IT, remote service, security products and services makes her highly valuable
engineer. The variety of her experience sets her apart from many of her professional peers.

At Wyss Institute, she is qualified to play an essential role of leading software design and development
/product development for products and systems for healthcare and medical systems that include full
product development life cycle of requirement gathering, requirement analysis, high level design,
development, testing. Working with interdisciplinary teams including robotics, manufacturing, and
instrumentation she is able to collect and document feedback, and identify necessary metrics to measure
and optimize various system parameters against functional requirements. Her expertise in inter-
disciplinary area, development of healthcare systems and her extra-ordinary expertise make her valuable
to a multidisciplinary organization like the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.
She has extensive experience working in start-up, entrepreneur companies as well as mid to large
corporations in important and growing technology areas in the US such as bioinformatics, genomics, and
genomics instruments, and personalized medicine development. Allowing Madhuri to continue work in US
and in these fields would contribute to improving US healthcare systems and reducing healthcare costs.
Approving of this petition would allow her to continue work in leading engineering role in this area.
I strongly recommend Madhuri Trivedi, for her petition for a person of extra-ordinary ability,
and I suggest that Madhuri Trivedi be granted this petition of person of extra ordinary ability as soon as

Robert Cunningham

Platform Development Director

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

Harvard University
Center for Life Science |Boston, 5th Floor
3 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-432-1761 Cell: 617-750-1889

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