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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership / M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 5324 Integrating Technology into Education

Name:____Ayse Ulgul__________ Date: _____6/7/2017_____________

Waxman, H., Boriack, A., Yuan-Hsuan, L., & MacNeil, A. (2013). Principals' Perceptions of the
Importance of Technology in Schools. Contemporary Educational Technology, 4(3), 187-196.

Research Questions (if research questions are not specifically mentioned,
what is the theoretical background or overarching theme):

The five standards of the National Education Technology Standards for


Purpose of the research:

The research purposes to indicate main functions of technology according to
principals perceptions and perspectives.

What is the methodology for the research or approach used to understand
the issue? Provide information regarding the following:

-311 principles from a large urban area in the southwest region of U.S.

-In 1998 national survey of 866 principles was also analyzed by Anderson and
Dexter (2005)

The procedure was based on technology- related practices and characteristics,
like the fact of technology committee, staff development policies, e-mail using
and the budget for school technology.
- The principles were integrating communication and information technology
in schools.
Data Collection Methods/Data Source:
There were 310 principals , 126 males and 184 female, from a large metropolitan
area in the southwest region of the U.S answered the cognitive interview
questionnaire about principles perceptions of technology in their schools

Data Analysis:
Data analysis started with data reduction and grouping. Results of the principles
interview about the major functions of technology were grouped into six
categories (communication, instruction, data sharing and management, resource,
administrative tasks, and student learning). The results than analyzed in three
1- Principals perceptions of the Major Function of Technology
2- Principles Perceptions of the Major Function of the Technology by Sex
3- Principles Perceptions of the Major Function of the Technology by Years
of Experience

Findings or Results (or main points of the article):
- The results show that the principals view of technology is as important as
realizing communication and instruction.
- Using technology is very important for data sharing and management, as
a resource, for administrative tasks and for student learning.
- Principals positive view and attitudes of technology supports the teachers
integrating technology into the classroom.

Conclusions/Implications (for your profession):
All staff members, teachers and students say that principles have pretty much
impact on integrating technology in schools for lots of aims like carrying out
instruction and communication. Communication and instruction is the two major
functions of technology in the schools.
Students Reflections (changes to your understanding; implications for
your school/work):

In my view, The principals play a vital role for integrating technology in lots of the
areas of the schools. Technology using of both students and teachers for
educational aims is enhanced by the principle. Also The technology is used firstly
for communication with staff members, students and parents. Using technology
for instructional aim has second place.