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The Compact, Flexible and Reliable Personal Detector

Innovation with Integrity
The Personal Chemical Detector
from Brukers Trusted Technology

Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) Stay flexible

A flexible battery concept means that
The RAID is a compact, easy-to-use RAID can operate using commercially
IMS based chemical agent detector for available AA batteries, rechargeable
personal use. batteries, mains power and dedicated
Reliable performance
Expect the unexpected
High interference rejection technology
based on the proven RAID-M100 in a Ready when you need it, stealth mode
new compact and lightweight form and includes earpiece, Bluetooth data access
unmatched sensitivity guarantee accurate and night vision compatibility. The unique
results. ability to operate at high altitude delivers
superior usability.

Be prepared
RAID has an expandable TIC capability
and up to five libraries that can be tailored
with the data set that meets your needs.

Full colour display

Expect the Unexpected

Key features

Effective substance identification

from proven RAID-M100 technology
Unmatched sensitivity in its class
Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use
High altitude operation
Stealth mode
Extensive TIC capabilities
Flexible battery concept
Low through-life costs,
maintenance at operator level Key accessories

Cost-effective and easy to maintain

in the field
Designed for optimum use in the digital RAID is supplied with key accessories
Battlespace the RAID impresses with enhancing its flexibility. Two simulants
its minimal logistic requirements and ope- are included as confidence boosters to
rator level consumable exchange (drying assure the user that the equipment is
filters typically last more than 250 hours). functioning correctly.
Crucially there is no need to change
consumables after a chemical agent has
been detected.
Technical Specifications
Length x Width x Height
(130 x 64 x 223) mm including standard battery unit (without air inlet)

~1.2 kg including standard battery unit and 6x AA cells

Power requirement
Use of commercial batteries (including rechargeable) in the standard battery unit.
Use of military battery packs in the extended battery unit. Using an interface unit
the instrument can be powered from 10 ... 32V DC.

Temperature range
-32C ... +53 C operational
-33C ... +71 C storage

Detectable substances
TICs: CI2, SO2, Chlorinated Substances, CLX, CY. The list of TICs is not
exhaustive, five libraries are available including a high sensitivity CWA library.

Detection range
ppm to ppb level depending on substance

Interference rejection
Proven Bruker analytical technology derived from RAID-M 100

Maximum operation altitude

400 ... 1400 mBar ambient pressure range abs. (~7000 m / ~21000 ft)
climb / descent rate < 10 m/s

Data interfaces (options)

Bluetooth, USB, RS232 or RS422

Environmental and safety certifications

Meets MIL-STD 810F
Bruker Daltonics is continually improving its products and reserves the right
Meets MIL-STD 461F; EN61000; EN61326-1
to change specifications without notice. BDAL 02-2013, 1815859
Meets IEC 60529
Meets IEC 61010-1

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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