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She took so much pain in preparing and God.

Work hard with

notes for me. Luck is an important determination. All my best wishes Study Sources for Optional
factor in ones success. I thank God and love for you. I want you to join Subjects (Prelims & Mains)
for being kind to me. me to make our country a prosperous Sociology
PDWhat preference in services nation free of poverty, unemploy- Penguin Dictionary on Sociology, Socio-
have you opted for ? ment and illiteracy with respect for logy by Horton and Hunt, Introduction
women, the aged and the to Social Anthropology by Madan and
BishnuIAS, IFS and IPS Majumdar, Brilliants Prelims materials,
PDAny suggestion/advice PDThank you very much and Spectrums Guide on Sociology,
you would like to give to the future Manavendras guide on Sociology.
wishing you all the best for a bright
aspirants ? future. Mains OptionalI
BishnuThank you very much Sociology
BishnuTry to encourage your-
sir, and wish all the best to PD for its Sociology by T. B. Bottomore, Sociology
self with a positive attitude in life.
by Michael Haralambos, Sociological
Have faith and confidence in yourself future endeavours.
Thought by Abraham and Morgan,

Society in India and Social problems in

India by Ram Ahuja, Modernization of
Indian Tradition and Social Change in
India by Yogendra Singh, Caste and Its
MY STRATEGY FOR THE SUCCESS 20th Century Avatar by M. N. Srinivas,

Brilliants Mains Materials, Chronicle

mains guide on Sociology (Q & A)

Mains OptionalII
FOR PRELIMS and factual questions, as they need Public Administration
separate answers. The important Public Administration by Rumki Basu,
It was mainly intended to test the
points should be kept in mind Administrative Thinkers by Prasad and
retention capacity of the candidate. I
through some notes. One should Prasad, New Horizons on Public
tried to memorize as much as Administration by Mohit Bhattacharya,
follow time management and word
possible both for GS and Sociology. Indian Public Administration by Arora
limit. One should leave the question
For GS one needs to see what GS and Goyal, Indian Administration by
unattempted whose answer he/she
comprises. How many questions from Shriram Maheswari, Laxmikants PT
does not know. Never try to bluff.
Indian Polity, History, Economy, Guide, Materials of Synergy Coaching
Main exam requires intensive
Geography have come in last 5 years. Institute by M. K. Mohanty.
I started a humble beginning by Everytime there is an essay of
reading NCERT books. Side by side I Study Sources for General sociological nature, i.e. modernisa-
was reading two national dailies i.e., Studies tion, women, globalisation, education,
The Hindu and Times of India and religion, poverty, etc. Being a student
magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan Prelims
Two national dailies i.e., The Hindu and of sociology I have no problem in
and Frontline. I started solving model writing essay of this kind. This time I
Times of India and magazines like
GS papers in the magazines. Both in wrote essay on Sustained Economic
Pratiyogita Darpan, Civil Services
GS and sociology only reading books Chronicle and Frontline. Development because I wanted to
is not sufficient. One has to evaluate use my knowledge and experiences
ones performances by solving as of working in the Parliamentary
Same as in Prelims.
many questions as one can. standing committee on science and
Time Management Criterion for Subject Selection technology in the Parliament of India
Prelims I, took Sociology, as it for 20 months. And my M. Phil topic
Definitely, I had faced lots of was a natural choice for me since I of Tribal ecology and development
problems regarding time as I was in have done B.A., M.A. and M.Phil in helped me a lot to write the essay.
service. During the night I used to that subject. I never thought of any
study a lot. During holidays I tried to other subject than this. FOR INTERVIEW
study for more than 10 hours. The Mains (1) Sociology was the It would be better if we call it
average time to be devoted for natural choice. personality test rather than interview.
preparation throughout the year (2) I took Public Administration It tests the overall aspects of
should be 45 hours per day. I think I as I had Political Science as my pass personality of the candidate, his
was fulfilling that condition. subject during B.A. Moreover, I had attitude, level of alertness, sensitivity
the perception that the knowledge of towards happenings in the society
FOR MAINS Public Administration is very essen- and knowledge of the academics
tial for a Civil Servant throughout his he/she did and the state he belongs
It is the toughest and most
career. to. I prepared on my bio-data (home
important stage of CSE. The examiner
evaluates ones writing skills and FOR ESSAY PAPER state, hobbies, education, etc), current
presentation styles. One should very I never prepared specifically on affairs, previous services etc.
well distinguish between analytical selective essays as people do it. P.Darpan

PD/August/2007/243 He conquers twice who conquers himself in victory.