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Lesson Plan

Teacher : Nuţu Carmen şi Farţade Monica-Andreea

Date : 11th of March,2010

School : “Al.I.Cuza”, Bacău

Form : 1st

Level : Beginners

Lesson : “Pets”

Vocabulary : Animals : cat , dog , rabbit , bird , rat , turtle , fish

Grammar : - “small/big”
- “It’s got”
- Ears, tummy/ fat tummy

Type of lesson : Reinforcement Lesson

Skills : Speaking , listening

Teaching methods and techniques :

♣ main method : The Communicative Approach

♣ elements of : - Direct method
- Oral method

♣ techniques : - Conversation , explanation

Teaching material : - pictures
- handouts
- toys
- Chuckles
- box
- cassette
- stickers

Affective objectives : ♣ stimulating SS imagination and creativity ♣ creating interest in the topic of the lesson ♣ to make SS confident in themselves when speaking a foreign language ♣ having fun Interaction : T-SS SS-T IW Time : 50 minutes . Objectives : A. Cognitive objectives : At the end of the lesson SS will be able to: ♣ to recognize the animals ♣ to use “It’s got ”according to sentence meaning ♣ to talk about their favourite animals using the correct structures B.

“How is the cat/dog? What colour is the cat/ dog? Is it funny? Why is it funny? What it’s got?” . SS-T accomplishment (4 min. and after that they Look. it’s a dog…” sing alone. SS shows the T-SS Speaking Conversation -to check homework picture to the T.) questions: “-How are you?” -to make SS feel Chuckles says: SS listen to the T-SS Speaking Conversation Chuckles comfortable in “Hello! teacher and do SS-T the class Stand up! what Chuckles Clap your hands! says.) Look. it’s a cat. Checking T checks SS’ homework.Nr. T-SS Listening Conversation Cassette -to review SS T shows to the SS two SS answer to the SS-T Pictures knowledge pictures(with a cat and a teacher’s dog). with the cassette) (7 min. Warm-up T asks SS some (4 min.) of the given instruction 3. Stage of Teacher’s activity Students’s Interaction Skills Teaching Aids Purpose/ crt. Stamp your feet! Touch your nose! Sit down!” 2. questions. lesson activity techniques Aim 1. Checking T plays the cassette with SS sing the song previous the song: (first time together knowledge “Look .it’s a rabbit.

Announcing T shows to the SS some SS answer to the T-SS objectives pictures and asks SS to teacher’s SS-T Speaking Conversation Pictures (2 min. “What animal is it?” 5. Feedback Chuckles says: SS listen to (3 min. Introducing T asks SS to complete SS do as required.) recognize the animal.) pick an animal(a toy) and pick an T-SS Speaking Conversation Animals -to check from a box and he will animal(a toy) and SS-T Explanation (Toys) comprehension discover the animal with try to guess it. SS-T Listening Explanation 1 information (15 min. questions. “My black cat is very funny It’s got small ears and a big fat tummy…” 4. SS-T Speaking Conversation Chuckles -to check Stamp your feet! Listening understanding Touch your nose! of the lesson Touch your mouth! . Acquiring Let us playing a game! A SS will come in performance A blind hold child will front of the class (15 min. IW Box of the new the instructions received Scarf vocabulary from the classmates.) -Draw your favorite IW from a handout animal! 6.) “Stand up! Chuckles and do T-SS Clap your hands! what he says. “Is it a dog?” 7. T plays the cassette with the song: SS sing the song. -to extract the new the handout “Animal I T-SS Speaking Conversation Handout specific material love”.

) . T-SS Speaking Conversation Handout setting) IW Listening Explanation 2 (2 min. (homework handout as homework. Touch your eyes! Close your eyes! Open your eyes! Sit down. please !” 8. Transfer T gives to SS another SS pay attention.