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Definition : Definition :

Verification is the act of proving or Authentication is a process where users

disproving the correctness of a system with VERIFICATION AUTHENTICATIONS verify that they are who they say they are.
respect to a certain formal specification. The user who attempts to perform functions
in a system is in fact the user who is
authorised to do so

Methods of verification WHY IS AUTHENTICATION

Authentication is important in Methods of authentication
User Identification Processed Object order to safeguard against the
- refers to the process of - refers to something the user unauthorised access and use
validating the user. has such as identification
card, security token and cell Biometric Devices Callback System

*Fingerprint Recognition *Facial Recognition *hand Geometry Commonly used in the

Scanning *Iris Scanning *Retinal Scanning *Voice recognition bank operation and
-Key in the user name to log- *Signature Verification System business transaction
in to a system and the system - the policeman will check on
will verify whether the user is the driver’s license to
valid or invalid user identify the valid driver Internet filtering is a process that prevents or THE PROCESS OF
-Show the exam slip to verify - employees have to swipe blocks access to certain materials on the INTERNET
that you are the valid their security card to enter the Internet. Filtering is most commonly used to FILTERING
candidate for the exam. building prevent children from accessing inappropriate
-show a passport before - buy blouses at the mall material and to keep employees productive on
departure. using a credit card the Internet.

banned words or objectionable terms. As the -Web sites are rated in terms of nudity,
page is downloading, the filter searches for sex, violence and language.
any of these words. If found, it will block the **ratings done either by the web page
page completely, stop downloading the page, author or by the independent bureau.
Pornography Slander
block the banned words and even shut down ** browsers set to only accept pages with
• can lead to criminal acts • can develop into a society that
such as exploitation of disregards honesty and truth the browser. certain levels of ratings.
women and children • can develop bad habit of
• can lead to sexual addiction spreading untruths and
or perversion rumours SITE BLOCKING
• can develop low moral • can lead to unnecessary • software company maintains a list of ‘dubious Internet sites’
value towards other men, argument
• the software prevents access to any sites on this list
women or children • can cause people to have
• ‘denial lists’ regularly updated
• can erode good religious, negative attitudes towards
cultural and social beliefs another person • some software provides control over what categories of
and behaviour information you block