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APR 14 2017 STATE OF VERMONT. = SUPERIOR COURT. ERMC oy ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION _ enviNGNiENTAL DIVISION 32 Cherry Steet, 2" Floor, Suite 303 Burlington, Vermont 05401 Re: 75 Cherry Street, Burlington * Docket No, Viee, Devonwood investors, LLC. * Permit Application #17-0662CA/MA * NOTICE OF APPEAI Now come Barbara McGrew of 76 St, Paul Street, Apt. 8 NW, Burlington, ‘Vermont, individually; and Hannah Babiss, Sanda Baird, Lionel Beasley, Jeremy W. Bond, Talia Bosley, Sara Brown, Montana Bums, Jared Caster, Amanda Coggeshall, Steve Coggeshall, ck Daggtt, Kimberly Dean, Jasmine Dalton, Nancy W. Dinkel, Gregory H. Dinkel, Glenn Fames, Nancy Elis, Alex Epstein, Thomas Fitzgerald, Monique Ford, John L. Franco Jr, Douglas French, Meriam French, Diane Gayer, Steven Goodkind, Alora Goodkind, Hogo Mates, Gazon, Gabrielle R. Hal, John Hanson, Stephen Hard, Colleen Hendeny, Naney Lee Kirby, Alex Laven, Lary Lewack, Geoffey H. Leyden, Caryn Long, Michae! Lon, Jerome E, Mab, I, Patrick Maurier, [Lynn Mari, Sage Narbonne, Dan Nielsen, Barbara Nol, Shan Norten, Elizabeth Perry, ‘Theresa Plch, Anthony Redington, Lawie E. Roberge, Gabriela Salazar, Andrew ‘Simon, Charles R, Simpson, Ellen Sklar, Jess Slyton,Ibnar A, Stratibus, Lea Turhune, Mary Twitchell, and Donna Weltes, each who are voters and/or property owner in the City of Butngion who asa group signed a petition; and all who entered thei appearance and a participated as interested persons in the proceedings before the Development Review Board in the matter of permit application of Devonwood Investors, LLC. Permit, Li oe of Jot Fano, 10a Steet Balen, Vernet 5401 {ana 0547207 enteric 417-0662.CAIMA, and hereby appeal to the Vermont Supetior Court, Environmental Division fom the permit issued by the City of Burlington Development Review Board on March 17,2017 inthe above eaptioned matter. “The appellants are “interested persons” as defined by 24 V.S.A. § 4465(4). Ms MeGrew isa person occupying propery inthe immediate neighborhood that is subject of| this pemnit application. She alleges that it wil present an adverse physical and cnvironmental impact on her interests under the riteia reviewed, and thet if approved the pert application will not bein accord with the policies, purposes, or tems ofthe plan andlor bylaws ofthe City of Burlington, and therefore isan interested person under $4465(0)3). The 56 petitioning voters and property owners ae 10 or more persons wo signed a petition to the Burlington Development Review Board They allege that any relief requested in the permit application, if granted, will not be in accord with the polisies, purposes of terms ofthe plan or bylaws of the City of Burlington, and therefore are “interested persons” under §4465(b)(4). Appellants participated in the regulatory Board as reuredby 24 VS.A. § 44716) and 1OV.SA,§ 850401. ‘Th splcant slinted in the pert aplication as Devonvood Ines, LLC ee Vemeat i Dated st Burlington, Vermont this 14th fy ft nen f Jol Franca, Jr, ‘Atjorney for Appellants 2 Lor Fe in et an, Ve 0 ere com