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Legacies and the Bow Society

Over the last twenty years, since the Bow Society was
founded, legacies have helped change the lives of
many boys at Sherborne. A legacy from former teacher
at Sherborne, Donald Eperson, funded a 100% bursary
whilst another, from former staff member, Peter Currie,
enabled a life-changing trip for a boy.

Other legacies have helped ensure that all boys are
well taught in increasingly high quality facilities with
more plentiful resources than we could otherwise
provide. The Music School was partially funded by
legacy gifts, significantly lifting the quality and
reputation of music at Sherborne.

As we move through our five-year Strategic Plan 2016-
2021 we have ambitious plans and targets, not least to Dr Dominic Luckett
fund a new Sports Centre that will do for Sport what Headmaster
the Music School has done for Music.

Legacy gifts are one of the greatest ways an OS can
support Sherborne as it enables the School to prosper
into the future. We are enormously grateful to those
who choose to make such a special commitment.
Why and How to Make a Will
Making a Will is important as it lets
you, rather than the law, decide who
benefits from your money, property
and possessions after your death. You
can write your Will yourself, but you
Four Ways to Leave a Legacy
should get advice from a solicitor or
There are four main types of
other professional adviser if your Will
legacy which you can pledge to
isn’t straightforward. You need to get
your charity or charities of choice
your Will formally witnessed and
– your solicitor can advise you
signed to make it legally valid. If you
which one is best for you.
want to update your Will, you need to
make an official alteration, called
1. A Pecuniary Legacy
a ‘codicil’ or make a new Will. The
This is a specific amount of
Sherborne School Foundation has just
money declared in your Will. It
produced its own ‘codicil’ if you wish
can be linked if you wish to the
to include a legacy in your Will to
Retail Prices Index so that it is
protected from inflation.

Why Leave a Legacy to Sherborne? 2. A Specific Legacy
A legacy is one of the simplest and You may wish to leave a
most flexible ways of supporting specific item such as property,
Sherborne and may allow you to stocks and shares, or an item
support the School in a way which you of jewellery.
may not be able to during your
lifetime. The tax benefits of a legacy 3. A Residuary Legacy
gift to a registered charity such as The This is the ‘residue’ of your
Sherborne School Foundation are estate after all other bequests
considerable – all such bequests can are made.
be made free from Inheritance Tax
and Capital Gains Tax, so you could 4. A Reversionary Legacy
reduce the total tax burden levied on This gift has the advantage of
the estate to your family. You can also providing for your family first
become a member of The Bow and then benefiting the
Society, so long as you let us know School. So when the original
of your intentions to remember beneficiary dies, the gift in
Sherborne in your Will. your Will reverts to Sherborne.

Our Roots
The Bow Society was established in Their transformational gift was
1998 to recognise benefactors who inspired by the great politeness they
choose to leave a gift in their Will to experienced over 50 years whilst
Sherborne School and to honour and delivering coal to School houses and
thank them in their lifetime. appreciating that boys at Sherborne
treat everyone with the same respect
It was named in memory of Charles and courtesy.
and Louisa Bow, the Sherborne coal
merchants who so generously chose
to leave their home and land to

Charles Bow delivering his coal by horse power
Who Belongs?
Old Shirburnians but also
former parents, former staff
and other friends of the
School belong to the Bow There is a special bond between those of us
Society. Each has pledged
who have pledged a legacy. What binds us
a gift in their Will to
is that we all care strongly about
Sherborne’s future and wish to support it as
we can. We did not, all of us, enjoy every
aspect of our school days but we do all
Society Life believe in the ethos of the School and the
Members are invited to importance of an excellent all-round
two Bow Society lunch
boarding education for boys for the
meetings a year; generally
generations that follow in our footsteps.
a summer meeting in
London and an autumn Bow Society Member
one in Sherborne. Good
food, relaxed camaraderie,
splendid venues in London
and 1st XV rugby when at
Sherborne is the order of
the day. Two newsletters a
year update members on
School developments. New
members receive a Bow
Society lapel badge.
June, 1958, Chemistry

How Do I Join? What Can I Pledge? What Can I Support?
Simply complete the Legacy gifts range You can choose how
Legacy Pledge Form, from Charles and your legacy is used
available with this Louisa Bow’s whole to support boys
brochure or online at estate to stocks at Sherborne by and shares, valuables declaring this in your
or request one from the including artworks and Will or you can direct
Foundation Office on cash gifts at various your pledge to the
01935 810554. If you levels. You do not have Foundation’s general
would like to discuss to declare the type or fund, allocated at the
your wishes with us then value of your legacy discretion of trustees
we would be pleased pledge to join the according to the
to visit you in person Bow Society. Since the School’s greatest need
on request. Naturally, Bows’ extraordinarily at the time. Open gifts
providing for your loved generous founding that can be used
ones and dependants is bequest, members of wherever the School
your first priority and the Bow Society have needs it most are
you should always pledged between 1% particularly useful to
consult your solicitor and 3% of their estate Sherborne, although
before making or to the School. gifts to any aspect of
altering your Will. School life can be

Our Priorities
‘We exist to support our
pupils in making a
positive difference –
locally, nationally and
internationally. We must,
therefore, help them Follow in Our Footsteps
to develop the skills, Local townspeople Charles and Louisa Bow paid
resilience and flexibility great tribute to Sherborne when they left the
they will need to make School the proceeds of their lifetime’s hard work.
their way in an Sherborne’s values and global regard which
increasingly competitive
triggered their great generosity remain a priority
and globalised world.
We also need to
today, embodied in the current five-year Strategic
encourage in them a Plan. Bow Society members, approaching 200
clear set of values that of us, have pledged our ‘gift of a lifetime’ for
will enable them to enjoy varying reasons but all with the aim of preserving
not just their own and enhancing Sherborne for the future. I invite
success but to contribute you, if you are considering a legacy pledge, to
to the happiness and
make it now. What better time could there be
wellbeing of others.’
than around our 20th anniversary celebrations
in 2018 to walk in the footsteps of the Bows and
others, whose generosity has helped make
Sherborne all it is today.

Tim Stubbs (f, 1966)
Bow Society Chairman

T: 01935 810555 E: