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Name: Brianna Period: 6 Date:


We will be using the following questions in our Socratic Seminar. The Socratic Seminar is one of your summative
assignments for this reading unit. Come up with assertions (verbal topic sentences/claims) that directly answer
the question. Write notes with evidence to support your claim. The evidence is REQUIRED because it will help
back up your assertion and it will help keep the conversation centered around the pieces we have studied. The
talking points are equally important. They allow you to elaborate on the so what of your assertion and evidence.
Without this verbal matters, your conversations will seem flat and boring. Not all of the questions will be used
but you need assertions, evidence, and talking points for each one. If needed, you may use a separate page to
answer the following questions. You will submit this for a grade!

1. Based on all the information we have read in A Matter of Life or Death, explain your reaction to Victor
Frankls quote: But what about human liberty? Is there no spiritual freedom in regard to behavior and reaction
to any given surroundings? Most important, do the prisoners reactions to the singular world of the
concentration camp prove that man cannot escape the influences of his surroundings? Does man have no choice
of action in the face of such circumstances?
Assertion (Topic Sentence) Evidence (Says-quotes) Talking Points/Matters

Humans are shaped by the What doesnt kill you What people go through is the only thing
situation they are in. makes you stronger that makes them stronger. Though they
will never forget it or it may haunt them, it
Prisoner-Guard Test will be the thing that they got through and
bow they have freedom. Since the
prisoners and guards got so into their
roles, that they either became weaker or

2. Words have a major impact on the individual. The power of words can both hinder and motivate individuals
to react or commit to certain ideological principle. Explain your thoughts and use textual evidence.
Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters

I agree, words are more And i just thought I Words hurt or help people. When Julie
powerful than we believe and quit...Theres this voice Moss heard her inside voice telling her to
have a huge affect on people. that said get up, get up get up and the keep going forward. at first
just keep moving she just decided to give up, but with the
forward. voice in her head motivating her to get up.
Since the finish line wasnt that far, she
eventually finished the race in 2nd place.
The words, even if they are the ones your
voice tell you in your head, can motivate
you to pursue whatever you want.

3. Selfish or not? By providing textual evidence explain your reactions to the concept of if ones personal
survival over the lives of others is considered selfish or not.

Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters

Name: Brianna Period: 6 Date:

I believe that it is selfish to Veatch tried to pull Leland, If I see someone put their life before others, i
put your life over others who was closest to the door, would be very upset and lose all respect for
from the cockpit. She told that person. In The Crash, Veatch had tried
him to unbuckle his seatbelt,
saving Leland before and after she burned her
but he was concussed and
disoriented. The heat
hand. Easily she couldve just taken off and left
burned her right hand, but she tried helping him. That shows that she
driving her back. She tried is not selfish and I respect her for that. Though
again, but the flames were the plane was on fire, she still tried her best
too much. -The Crash helping him by instructing him to take off his
seatbelt and etc.

4. Elie Wiesel explains his view on oppression with: We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor,
never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When
human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become
irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that
place must - at that moment - become the center of the universe. Explain your reaction to Wiesels view and
support your reasoning with examples for this collection.
Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters

As humans, we all have to With great power, I agree with what Wiesel is saying. As a
help and stand up for each comes great human race, we should be there for each
other. When lives are responsibility other and help each other when needed.
endangered, we must pay This young woman knew When a big thing about race, religion, or
attention to them and give that she would die in the political views is happening in one place,
them all the necessary help next few days. But when I everyone turns their attention to that
that they need talked to her she was place.
cheerful in spite of this

5. Explain how motivation plays an important role in encouraging a reaction from the individual. Based
on our study and personal experiences, what have you learned about motivation.
Assertion Evidence Talking Points/Matters

Motivation has one of the Aaron ralston was Motivation helps us achieve what we want
biggest roles in our lives, it climbing when a rock in life. It could make us do the most
makes us do things we shifted under his feet and impossible things that we didn't even
couldnt believe that we he fell pinning his right know that we could do. For example, the
could do. arm to the canyon wall, woman who picked up a car to save her
for the nest five days he child. You don't realize the strength you
drank and ate everything have but you just want to reach your goal.
he had. Ralston had a
dream he saw himself as
a father picking up his
son, with that vision and
overpowering will to
survive kicked in. He
Name: Brianna Period: 6 Date:

broke his arm bone, cut

through his flesh, and set
himself free

Question: Is saving yourself always considered selfish?

I feel that when you are in a scary situation, you usually think about yourself and the people you love

before you actually do anything.