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The f\1110500 1s on /K Inverter power module for use in

on fVIV3000 vmiable speed dr1ve system for the
control of AC motors.

"" fViaximum current 550 ,o, o.c r.m.s
@ IGBT based Transistor Br1dge IVJodule.
"' Air Cooled .
.., Weight 71 kg (156 lb)
~ Fits in the standard Air Cooled DEL H\ mount1ng
frame on 250 mm (9.8") p1tch
'" Manufacturer:
GE Energy Power Conversion UK Ltd
Count1y of manufacture United Kingdom

(il Working AC Voltage: up to 525 V a.c.

~E> Maximum nominal internal voltage 900V d.c.

@ Working AC Voltage up to 690 V a.c.

1-1.~ MVDSOO
Maximum nominal internal voltage: 1200V d.c.
,L\ir Cooled DELT/-'1 Trons1stm

Core hos been toke11 \Anth the
of th1s misuse con 1esult 1n
:r,structions 1r1 th1s m::muol
iTIOintenonce and disposal
os po!'t of the !t should be storeci vvitr1 the Q(ld

must be observed.
Persons work1ng on the must be ':;killed ond should hove been i:ro1n-?cl1n thot wo:-k fo1
The product IS o component des1gned for 1n 1nstollotions, apparatus ond mochmes.
The product must not be used as a single item safety system. In applications whe1-e mol-operot1o,l of the
product could cause danger additional means must be used to p1event donge1 to persons,
Product approvals and ce1t1fications will be invalidated if the product is twnsported. used or stored outside
1ts rotlngs or 1f the Instructions Ill th1s rnonual ore not observed

Third opprovols to stondords UL508C ;J:~d CS11, C22 2 i\lo 1: ore mmked o;-~ the

In The European Union:

t'b Products within the scope of the Low Voltage Dil-ective. 2006/95/EC ore CE marked.

0 The product compl1es w1th the essen'uol protection requll-ements of the EMC directive
200Lf/108/EC. when installed and used os described m th1s manual

The 1equ1rements of the E~K Directive should be estoblishecl before any tnstollotion.
apparatus or machine. which Incorporates the product. is taken 1nto service.

A machine must not be token into set-vice until the machine has been declored in conformity
w1th the provisions of the IV'Iachinery (Safety) Directive. 2006/42/EC

This equipment or any port of the equipment should be disposed of in occol-donce w1th the lows of the
country of use.
Modern high technology materials hove been used in the monufacture of the equipment to ensure
optimum performance Core has been taken with the selection of these motet-iols to minimise risks to
health and safety However. some materials 1equire special consideration during disposaL
In common with all products of this type. the high voltage electrolytic capacitors contain an electrolyte,
which must be disposed of as hazardous waste. The electrolytes are solutions of organic and/or boric acid.
The major solvents in the capacitors are butyrolactone and ethylene glycoL The electrolyte is non-
carcinogenic. but may cause irritation to the skin if contoct is prolonged.

Liquid coolant is subject to special considerations during handling, storage and disposaL Refer to the
manufacturer's instructions.

COPYRIGHT 2013 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY AND/OR ITS AFFILIATES. All rights reserved. This document and the
information it contains is the property of the General Electric Company and/or its affiliates It has been provided solely
for private use. Copying, reproducing, selling. importing, exporting, displaying, transmitting or distributing this
document and any of the information it contains is strictly prohibited except as expressly authorized in writing by the
General Electric Company and/or its affiliates.

Page 2 T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002

Cooled DELT,6. TronsL3tcr

CO[\INECTiOf\S , .. ~'
3.5 R6.TII\JGS L.

<U 1\JG ..... . 12

L!.2 AC LII\IE DET!--\ILS .. . .12
4.3 COr\JTROL POWER SUPPL'i ....... . ... 13
L:.. L~ ~~~ /-\SSEMBLIES >o,o,,,o ... '13
L!. 6 E~ifC BONDING FOR ELECTROIVJP>.GI\IETIC COIVJP.6.TIBILIW .............................. 14
4El Screened 15
4.6 2 Ribbon Coble 16
Li.7.1 Enclosure Requirements. ........ .... .. 16
4.7.2 DELTA IVJodule Construction ....... . .. ....................... 16
4.7.3 Enclosure constt-uction ............................. . .16
5. INSTALL!J.T!ON, MISS!OI\11 OPERATIOf\l M'-!D 1'1AINTEi,U.\NCL ........... ," .. ", ............. ., ........ 17

6. ''"""'"""''"'''"-""'"''""'" '"''"'"""'"'"''''" .. '''"''""'"'"o'"'"""'"'"'''"'o'"'''""oo"''"""''''"''"''''"'"''"''"''''''''"''''""''"'''"''''l7


T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002 Page 3

Page 4 T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002
Clossiflcotion f\Jumber (e g dev1ce generation)
~~~~.~~~~--voltage Grode (5 = 90011 d.c, 6 = 120011 d c,
-~~~---~~-~-~ 7 = 120011 cl.c. + h1gher su1ge rating)
L ............ ~--~~--~---~~ L! =Standard, 3 = Speciol
~~~~~,-~~---~~ f\Jominol AC Current (282, 300,377, 500 AI
b.~-~--~~-~~-~~-~~~------~- Product Family

This module 1s one component out of a range of components used for the Ml/3000 dnve system. This dota
sheet gives details specifically for the 1tems listed at the start of this document
For odditional1nformotion on the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and performance of
the complete dnve system, please refer to the following documents:

?~~ T1689EI\J, HV DEL T.~ Air Cooled Drive System and,

> T1679EI\I, lvJI/3000 Drive Range Softwme Technical Manual and,
"" T1676EN, MV3000 Getting Started Manual for ACfed Drives or,
"" T2002EI\I, MV3000 Gett1ng Started Manual for Active Energy rvlonagement Drives

T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002 Page 5 Cooted DFLT .t, Transistor

o:~.s to 63 Hz
0 to 200Hz
875\/dc. trip)

fv1cudrrt:;tTl Cont~nuc:u5; 1170 \/etc. (lttlritecl trip)

900 II d.c lirrlit must be
see Sectton 4 3)
1275 I/ d.c. (SfvJPS ltmit must be respected.
see Section 43)
.Mcxirnum DC Link 1315 \/ d c. (SfvJPS ltrntt must be respected,
f~1VD500=4701: see Section 4 3)
1700 II cl c (S~ 11PS limit must be respected,
I see Section 4 3)

36 7 A, a c. r.m.s. (1)
1250 A. (peak)
BridHMc!il Current level 93L:l A (peak)
Suitable for use on a circuit not 30 000 A
more than: 690 II o.c.
DC Link 7,833 11F (5 parallel paths of 3 series 4,700 ~lF)
DC Unk 225 s
(1) Refer to Section 3.5 or GE Power Conversion for de-mting factors at different PWIVJ switching frequencies and
ambient temperatures.
(2) Also known as current clipping. This is the instantaneous cunent that will cause the f\11113000 controller to
limit the peak current to below the instantaneous trip current

Page 6 T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002

Tl\f or TT or 1111 11etwo:k (i e. 1soloted
-#The IT ll;2t\tVork must h2'

50% or 10% for one rninute. once e1;ery 10 minutes, os selected

Recurring peak voltage not to exceed 1600 \/(Common mode filtel"ing rnoy be
EN 50178. UL 8L,O. CS.6, C22-2 l\lo 0.2,
Pollution Degree 2,
TN or TT network Ovel-voltoge Category Ill
IT netwo1-k Overvoltage Category II
For full compl1once vvith UL 508C. transient suppressers cornply1ng with UL 1Lf49
must be fitted external to the dr-ive.

The unit is designed to slrde in between o lower guide plate and on upper cross 1T1ernber of on i\1r Cooled
DEL T,Li, mounting fro me

\A!idth; 246 mm (9 7 in)

578.5 mrn (227 in), Including de shroud

875 mm (344 in)

71 kg (156 lb.)

See Dimensioned drawings (Figure 3-1 & Figure 3-2).

"' if the 600 rnm wide this DELTA module will not fit in the hand slot.

T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002 Page 7




Figure 3-1.- MVD500 Dirnensions !shrouds not shown!

Page 8 T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002

3-2. - lvlVDSOO DlmensiCJns shrouds

Power Connector Typical Cable Size ~J!cmimum cable Size
120 mmz (250 IVICIVI) per 120mmz (250 MCM) per
AC Power Connections 1 >< IVIlO stud per phase
phase phase
120 mmz (250 MC/I!J) per 150mmz (300 MCM) per
DC Power Connections: 1 x M10 stud per connection
phase connection
Earth Connection : 1 x M10 bolt Note 2
(1) The AC and DC Power connections (above) are intended for inter-connection within the enclosure (not field
wiring terminals). Sizes are based on High Temperature Cable up to a maximum allowed conductor
temperature of 125C (257F).
Examples of high temperature cable are: silicon rubber (e.g. or 1\le><ans type SIWO-KUL) or polyolefin (e.g.
Huber and Schuner type Radox 125).
(2) The recommended grounding for the DELTA is by direct connection (see T1689 for details).

Control Type Description

DC High Voltage Control Connector 'TB1' for SMPS & Voltage monitoring
3-way Amp 'Mat-n-lok'
Connection : (Pin 1 =DC+, 2=n/c, 3=DC-)
Low Voltage Control 40-way Ribbon Connector PCB connector PL3 (from the MV3000 SMPS)
Connections: 40-way Ribbon Connector PCB connector Pll (to/from MV3000e Controller)

T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002 Page 9

- l'J..rnbtent 0 40C {32F to deroie to SO"'C
ii Cl il' the C(hllrol eiect(onics ond fon ttur.sforrrlers
con withstand sooc (lLJO''Fl
Ope' Type :bly 508C) [ViaYi<tiUIII !ng 'II'i rnp
,~, sooc
- ::;>eloiwe tty 1 5 to 95% IQ
- t::,ltit.ude 1'0ormol altitude up to 1000 rn ft) above sea level
From 1000 m ft) to a rno>dmum of 2000 m {6551 it) derote 7 3?/o per 1000 tT:
- Cooling air Pollution Degree 2 (IEC Ul_ 8crO ond CSf\ C22 2 hlo_ 0 2-93) i_e_ cleon, free
h-orn dust condensation and conductive 01 corros1ve goses If conduct1ve
or condensot1on ore expe'::ted (Pollut1on Deg1-ee 3) the dnve must be in on
enclosu1e wh1ch achieves PoiiUL!On Degree 2
- the conductive pollut1on e g. the use of filtered air:
- preventing condensation e g by use of anti-condensation heaters

In extreme environments dual CliTuit heat e><chongels ore recommended.

- Chemicals ) 15 ppm Hz5 25 pprn ~,I02 25 ppm SCz
roge: - Ternpemture range
I -25 to +55C (-13F to 131F)
- Relative Humidity 5 to 95% non-condens1ng
- ,L\Ititude Up to 3000 m (9842 ft) obove seo level
t::port:- Tempemture range -25 to +70oc (-13F to 158F)
- Relative Humidity ::; 95% (non-condensing)
- Altitude Will withstand air transport
Enclosure:- Ingress Protection IPOO (to IEC 60529; BS EI\J 60529), Open Type product (to UL508C. IEC 618005-1)
These modules must always be installed in on appropriate enclosure with r-estncted
Vibration -Operational Type tested against the worst combination of the requirements of IEC 61800-2
(which specifies 'Closs 3M1' of IEC 60721-3-31. EI\J 50178, IEC 61800-5-1 ond DN\/
Rules for Ships, Jon. 2010 Port 4, Ch. 8, Sect1on 3; summarised by the 'composite'
column below:
Frequency IEC 61800-2 IEC 81800-5-1 DN\/ Composite
EN 50178
2 to 5Hz 0_3 mm 0.3 mm
amplitude amplitude
5 to 9Hz 0.3 mm 20 mrn omplitude 20mm
amplitude amplitude
9 to 50 Hz 1mfs2 0.075 mm 20 mm amplitude 20mm
(from 10Hz) amplitude
50 to 57 Hz 1 m/s 2 0.075 rnm 1 m/s 2
57 to 150Hz 1 m/s 2 9.81 m/s2 9.81 m/s2
150 to 200Hz 1 rn/s 2 1 m/s 2
Vibration -Storage and To IEC 61800-2 which specifies Class 2M1 of IEC 60721-3-2 when equipment is
transport packed for transport:
2 to 9Hz 3.5 mm amplitude
9 to 200Hz 10 m/s 2
200 to 500Hz 15 rn/s 2
Drop - Transport To IEC 61800-2 which specifies Closs 21"11 of IEC 60721-3-2 when equipment is
pocked for transport:
mass< 100 kg 0.25 m; 100 kg::; moss 0.10 m

Page 10 T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002

Fun 4GDV I ,bBOV 525\.'
1 r;:~~;J( Povver Losses
I ,'"\rT;r ~J!otor

PcnAJer (kiN)
I_ 500 I 296 3.80 I 500 .J:!s I 4 02 I 500 I .589 L~.l3
- I
.) i~3.S I 2':J7 .Jol~~ I ct20 I 298 I 3.18 410 I 319 3.17
S(R) 4J() I .243 I ? ~:0 I L{)Q
I 28i~ I 2.98 j85 I 299 2 92 I

f:Jn .57'5\1 600V 690V

1Vloto1- Power Losses I ,il,n,, ~1loto1- Power Losses AmJ ~1otor l_osses
I !kVJ) (kW) (kiN) (kW) Power (kW) (kW)
L I 500 I L>27 4.31 Lr95 Ll/tO 432 Lt75 4-85 4.34
s 405 I JLr5 I 3.26 .595 .551 I 322 580 389 .528
S(R) 380 I j24 I 300 375 333 I j 01 360 I 368 3.07

Fan 400V 480V s;?sv

~~~~:1~es I ,b,r I fvlotOI'
fv'lotor Hotor Power Losses ,b,rnps Losses
Power (kiN) (kiN) (kiN) Power (kWI (kW)
I_ 367 218 I 2.44 367 261 2 60 367 I 285 2.67
s .560 213 I 2 Lj.j 3Lr5 245 2.45 340 I 26Li 2 45
SIR) 340 201 I 2.26 330 235 2..51 325 I 253 2.34

Fan 57.5\/ 600\J 690tv~

Arnps Hotor
Power (kiN)
I (kiN)
Losses Amps !VIotm Power
Amps fvJotor
Power (kWI
L 367 313 2.78 367 .526 2.83 367 375 3 03
s .530 281 2.43 325 289 2.4Li 315 I 322 2.5.5
S(R) 315 I 268 2.31 310 276 2.51 295 301 2..55

Ratings based on:

Rectifier fed (Diode Front End) drive with a d.c. link voltage= US><Voc,

Nomincil supply voltage,

Assumed motor: efficiency 0.95 & power foetor= 0.9

/-\mbient = 40C (10LJ,OF),

Altitude= 1000m (3280 ft).

PWM frequency= 125 kHz,

No sharing reactor in DELTA air stream (e.g. 31 VSS00/10 not fitted)

Typical device char-acteristics

50 000 hours continuous use for d.c. capacitor bank

Overloads are for 60s every lOminutes. The current must be reduced between overloads so that the
rms current does not exceed the rated current shown.

AC output current shown in Amps (rms)
L =large fan (31V6900/10).

S =small fan (31V5200/10) supplied after March 2013 (build rev 2Ll onwards).

S(R) =small fan where the DELTA module is retrofitted to existing fan (supplied befo1-e March 2013,
rev 241.

T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002 Page 11

srncdi r~noss, thetr
of Lhe DELTP, semtconductrJrS IS
01 c!ICUtt-bt eol<ers vvtll not t:) to the device.
The pockoging surr-ounding the semiconductor may open, wtth the potentiol to cause clomoge external to
the DELTl\ module The extent ofthts domoge depends on the conect co-ordination between the
ene(gy level, the protective dev1ces (e.g. fuses) ond the of the enclosure (orc-cont01nmenU

For these reasons htgh speed fuses (olso coiled setTtlconductor fuses) must be used. The selectton of these
depend on many factors, tncluding the current/time condrtrons, number of stmts per hour/day. Fuse
cooling, ambient continuous or inlerrnittent runnrng and fuse connectron/rnounttng

For multi-DEL T:'\ these must be f1ttecl on the DC connections and DC-) os detailed below

Foom Tab!e 3-2 & Table 3-l! l-\rnp n:J!ings_ up to 340A

rvranufoctuter Ferroz Shawmut (i'1ersen) 2 off per DcLT P,
Port !\lumber 12,5URD73TTF0500
Nominal fuse rating 500/',
From Tobie 3-2 & Table 3-4 Amp r<:ltings up to 475i~
IVJo n u i:octu rer Ferraz Shawmut (iVlersen) 2 off per DELT/0.
Pot~c 1\Jurnber 12,5URD73TTF0700
Nominal fuse rotinq 700A
Suitable micro~s1nltches fc,r fus:e indicotion
For Ferroz Shawmut (Mersen) 2 off per DELTA
Ref 1\Jumber MS 7V 1-S BS

fuses for the 40"C ambient

Part No DC R.atii !A) Suitable tor c~ec I til !F1 Table 3~2 Si Table 3-41
!A r.m~J_
50z0038/01 423 360
MV3DCL250A4# 507 430
1'1V3 DCL280A4# 568 6,80
IVJV3 DCL315A4# 639 5L~O

50z0038/02 846 720

50z0038/03 1270 1080
5020156/02 1700 I 1445
5020156/03 2550 2170
5020156/04 3400 2890
1\Jotes: # Rated to 690V

Table 4-2.- DC link Inductor for applications

Part No DC Rating (AI Suitable for AC ratings (From Table 3-2 & Table 3-4)
5020043/01 476 405
5020043/02 953 810
5020043/03 1430 1215
Other ratings on request

Table 4-3,- DC Link lnter~bridge Transformer for 12-pulse applications

To ensure current sharing between multiple DELTA transistor modules, sharing reactors are required. Two
choices are available:

Page 12 T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002

Mounted uilder the f\CD ;Jnd fastened to t~ie 8ELTP\
of the

lmn framed reocto1, fo1 ins1de the dri,;e enclosure, The one! !"or th1s reoctot CJ(e
def1ned che t)u!lde( t>ilf losses frorn this reactor go l:l th(? enclosure (not Lhe ol:'
and so oddrtronoi enclosure ventliotton rrwy be

31 V5500/10 All- cored Under DELTA F'orce Verrtilot1on 500!'\ (with 39,5 87
uoss-mil Losses In to the 31 V6900/10)
'dirty Ol( path
5020126/01 Iron cored In the enclosure 1\loturol verTiliotion --:-500!-\ 30 66
Losses 111 to the

The MVC3003-LJ,0x>< DEL Ti\ Sw1tch rvlode Power Supply (SfvJPS) units pmvide the electronic supplies for the
DEL Ti\ Transistor Bridge ~~odule ond the ~IJV3000e DELTA Contmller in systems operating from Ll60 to
690\/AC The SIVJPS unit de11ves 1ts supply from the D,C Link

Tobie Ll-5 shows the compot1ble r,W3000 SlvlPS unrts (Position 1 defines the pnmory trip voltoge)

St"1PS Timed ?nst~1r~tanenus DC Us!O! on Porollei Under- u~;e

leve~ DEL Tf:\ systeon OELH,

f\WC3003-4002 N/A 882 \/ d c. (1 %) Position 1 to 6 L~50 'J cl C L.t50 \1 d.c MVD500-
MVC3003-4003 N/A 1188 'J d.c. (1 %) Position 1 to 6 550 \1 d.c. 560 'J d.c. MVD500-

MVC3003-4020 1188 \/ d,c 1188 II d.c. (1 %) Position 1 550 II d,c. 560 II d. c. MVD500-
(1%) 4701
MVC3003-4030 1188 'J d c. 1262 'J d.c. (1 %) Position 1 550 V d.c 560 'J d,c. [VJ'JD500-
(1%) L~701

MVC3003-L~025 N/A 1290 V nominal Position 2 to 6 550 V d.c 560 'J d,c. fVIVD500-

Table l1-S.- MV3000 SMPS Assemblies for 460V to 690V ac rms (nominal) applications,

This version of DELTA module uses the same mounting frames, cooling systems (fan boxes and supply
transformers) and control and 1/0 modules as the other Air-Cooled DELTA modules. Please refer to 1elated
documents for details of these assemblies


UL 508C has a number of requirements that must be satisfied:

s Motor over-temperature monitoring is required, Details of the required connections to the

User 1/0 panel are given in T1689;
* Semiconductor fuses should be located within the same enclosure as the DELTA module;
~~~ The integral short circuit protection provided by the DELTA module does not provide branch
circuit protection, Branch circuit protection must be provided in accordance with the Notional
Electric Code and any additional local codes.

T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002 Page 13

betweerl the modules ond t!-2 con;:mller.
Th!S vvh1ch ih<? comroi ribbon cobles :,ie
The tu the front of the DCL_T/~.

The installer of the modules into the enclosure must complete the bonding path (and cable
routing) of the DELTA modules to the I\1V3000 controller.
~ The dimensions of th1s plate depend on the location of the controller and so cannot be
supplied with the module.

"" The ribbon cable between the DELTAs and the control module must be screened and bonded
at both ends .
., These cables ore ordered separately. The available lengths are shown in Table L!-6.
"' Ribbon cables must be run along earthed metal, not through 'mid-air' Coble lengths
must be selected to allow this routing.
"' The cable bonding clamp at the DELTA end is provided with the DELTA.
" The clamp for the control end must be separately ordered. See Table 4-7 .
., The 16 way and 50 way ribbon cables for the Mains Voltage Monitor (if fitted) and 1/0
termination panel respectively ore supplied with those units.

For best EMC practice the iVIV3000 controller, 1/0 panel and MVM unit (if fitted) are fitted to the
some conductive panel.

The control components ore supplied with limit cable lengths. Ensure that they are sufficiently close to allow
the use of these pre-terminated cables.

" The recommended layout is shown in Figure LJ.-2

A low inductance, direct electrical bond is required and so an unpainted panel (e.g.
plated or galvonised.) must be used.

Page 14 T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002

4-2. - Control Schematic

Ribbon Cables
The lengths of the 40 way ribbon cables to connect the DELTA transistor modules to the controller me
application specific, and should be determined during the enclosure layout planning. These cables ore
available pre-terminated in a range of lengths- from 0.7 m to 3.0 m, (27 5 in to 118.1 in) in increments of
0.1 m (Li inL

Part Number Length Part Number Length

MVS3020-4007 0.7 m (27.5 in) MVS3020-4019 1.9 m (74.8 in)
MVS3020-4008 0.8 m (31.5 in) MVS3020-Lr020 2.0 m (78.7 in)
MVS3020-Lf009 0.9 m (35 5 in) MVS3020-4021 2.1 m (82.7 in)
IV1VS3020-4010 1.0 m (39.4 in) MVS3020-4022 2.2 m (86.6 in)
MVS3020-4011 1.1 m (43.3 in) MVS3020-4023 2.3 m (90.6 in)
MVS3020-4012 1.2 m (47.3 in) MVS3020-4024 2.4 m (94.5 in)
MVS3020-4013 1.3 m (51.2 in) MVS3020-4025 2.5 m (98.4 in)
MVS3020-4014 1.4 m (55.2 in) MVS3020-4026 2.6 m (102.4 in)
MVS3020-4015 1.5 m (59 0 in) MVS3020-4027 2.7 m (106.3 in)
MVS3020-4016 1.6 m (63.0 in) MVS3020-4028 2.8 m (110.2 in)
MVS3020-4017 1.7 m (66.9 in) MVS3020-4029 2.9 m (114.2 in)
MVS3020-4018 1.8 m (70.9 in) MVS3020-4030 3.0 m (118.1 in)

Table 4-6.- 40 way screened ribbon cable range

T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002 Page 15

?\ir Cooled DE~T/-\ Transistor

the screen of the rr::bcn cob1e ct the co~Tt~or rnodule

rWS3018-4-001 40 WO)i ribbon clornp, one r1bbon

!VJVS3018-L:002 I L~CJ VVO)! ribbon clomp, two rtbbons I
(\'1\JS30 18-~~003 I
40 way ribbon clm-rtp. four ribbons
I 40 \Nay ribbon clornp, five nbbons I
IV1\/S3018-L:005 I L:O 'Nay i'rbbon clomp sr>< ribbons I

This module is os an 'open type' product (I POOl for instollotron 1nto on erlclosure (cabinet I cubicie)

The essentrol requirernents for the enclosure are:

"' Protection of petsonnel against dtrect contact of hozordous ports

" Electticol - all hazardous live ports, e g. the DELTA module powe1 circuit
" Thermal- hot ports (on the DELT/-', module, the hecrtstnk and busbars; for the system
these plus high tempewture cables, reactal's, )
-~ !"loving ports- on the DELTf.\ none; on the system the tmpellers of the cooling fons
., Energy hazards- Electticol (including the stored energy in the de capacitor bonk. which
tokes up to five minutes to dtschorge), the rotational mechanical energy in the fan (this
stops wtthin a few seconds) and the energy that could be supplied into the enclosure
dunng cotostmphic failure of any port of the system 'arc-containment'
Protection of the enclosed equtprnent against the environmental condttions
~ 1'1echanical impact against the enclosure
~ Envtronrnentol contml against the ingress of watet-, dust and solid objects
.. Condensation control to meet the requirements of Pollution Degree 2 (see Section 3)
Reduction of radiated emtssions form the drive and protectton of the drive fmm radiating

The front of the unit is supplied with termtnol shrouds to aid in the requirement to provide occidental
protection to personnel against direct electrical contact during 'proving dead' procedures
All the insulation materials used in the DEL Til, module hove a low flammability rating when tested against
UL 94 (lin1ited burn rate; will self-extinguish and do not drop burning particles when the source of ignition is
The de link capacitor bonk has discharge resistors fitted to discharge the capacitors to below SOV in less
than 5 minutes after the isolation of the supply.

4.7.3 Enclosure construction

Steel enclosure
To provide o conductive and magnetic screen in addition to safety segregation.

To be locally earthed for both safety and for EIVlC Note converters contain high leakage current equipment
Panels to be bonded together for earth continuity and continuation of conductive screen

Designed to protect personnel (and equipment) against hazards listed in Section 4.7.1. Avoid all
unnecessary apertures. All doors and covers to hazardous parts to be closed when the equipment is

Page 16 T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002

Refe?t to the
for DEI_T/-\ bosed it Is reco(nr-nended thot
lndivtduol currents from eoch module ore meosut-ed to ensure that the~, cu1 j-ents of-e
bolo need ond thot the cu1rents between eoch DELT f-\s shme the cutTent The current
bet\Neen DCL_T/\s shrJu!d be \;\JP-hfn ~9-f;

wuttne IIICitni:encmce, thot the DELT,c\ module is for

The following PCBs ore used vv1th1n the and rnov be obto1necl from you1 loco! technicol support


l. G
Df\IV Det Norske Ver1tos

IEC International Electro-technicol Committee

IGBT Insulated Gate 13tpolar Trons1stor

PCB Printed Cit-cult Boord

S~1PS Switch ~11ode Power Supply

T2159EN Technical Data Sheet Rev 0002 Page 17


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