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Reservoir Management


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All Rights Reserved .Reservoir Management is a Popular Topic Cumulative SPE Papers With Reservoir Management As Keyword 3500 3000 2500 Number of Papers 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Jan-70 Jan-75 Jan-80 Jan-85 Jan-90 Jan-95 Jan-00 Jan-05 Jan-10 Date Reservoir Management 1.2 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC.

All Rights Reserved . and economic recovery • Judiciously employing time and manpower resources while MINIMIZING waste • OPTIMIZING the process using current technology Reservoir Management 1. advantages.But What Does Reservoir Management Mean? • An ongoing continuous PROCESS • Developing and depleting resources in a manner MAXIMIZING benefits.3 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC.

4 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC. All Rights Reserved .Why Do We Need Reservoir Management? • A reservoir can be produced only once – Many production options exist • Some reservoir processes are irreversible – Reserves can be irretrievably lost • Arbitrary development / production scheme can be harmful – Contrary to established objectives or constraints – Adversely affect recovery • Some data can only be obtained at certain points in a reservoir’s life Reservoir Management 1.

All Rights Reserved . 1990 Reservoir Management 1.Reservoir Management Requires Many Contributors Production Engineering Gas and Reservoir Chemical Engineering Engineering Geology Environmental & & Geophysics Legal Aspects Reservoir Management Design and Economics Construction & Engineering Management Research Drilling & Service Labs Production Operations SPE 20748.5 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC.

Because It Must Consider the Entire System Water Treatment Water Wells Hydrocarbon Transport EOR Fluid Production Facilities Disposal Wells Injection Facilities Production Wells Injection Wells Reservoir Reservoir Management 1. All Rights Reserved .6 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC.

All Rights Reserved .7 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC. Reservoir Management Priorities Change During Field Life Geological/Hydrological Considerations Geophysical Exploration Find Exploration Drilling Delineation Volumetrics/Reserves Estimation Reservoir Characterization Develop Drive Mechanism Assessment Development Plan Alternatives Implementation Produce Data Acquisition and Reservoir Surveillance Facility Maintenance Production Enhancement Optimize Recovery Enhancement IOR & EOR Considerations Reservoir Management 1.

Reservoir Management Pyramid Recovery Optimization Production Monitoring Field Implementation Development Planning Reservoir Characterization Set the Strategy – What Value to Maximize Reservoir Management 1.8 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC. All Rights Reserved .

All Rights Reserved .Different Reservoir Management Approaches PROACTIVE REACTIVE (Preventive (Problem Maintenance) Solving) Priority Order Priority Order Field Well Reservoir Area Area Reservoir Well Field Continual Periodic Steering and Steering and Optimization Alterations Reservoir Management 1.9 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC.

10 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC.ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL Each reservoir requires a specific management process Reservoir Management 1. All Rights Reserved .

Enhancing Post-Plateau Production Reservoir Management 1. Advancing (Accelerating) Production 2. Increasing Plateau Rate 3. Extending Plateau Life 4. All Rights Reserved . Arresting (Flattening) Decline Rate 5. Good Reservoir Management Results in: 1.11 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC.

Course Agenda • Introduction • Defining Value • Risk and Uncertainty • Reservoir Characterization • Development Planning • Surveillance • Optimization • Relevant Case Studies and Problems Throughout Reservoir Management 1.12 Introduction © 2008 PetroSkills LLC. All Rights Reserved .