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Sixth Grade Monthly Newsletter


Dear Parents/ Guardians and Family,

I am excited to start this new year in sixth MATHEMATICS

grade. The goal for your student is to develop
social and personal life skills such as asking We will learn ratio reasoning to solve math
questions, learning organization, learning problems and how to use ratio reasoning to resolve
responsibility, and working as a team member as real-world problems.
well as independently through the assignments As a project for, the students will have to pick their
and projects assigned for each project. favorite recipe, and convert the entire recipe for 5
We will also need parent support to help your people, 10 people, and for 100 people using ratio
student. Please talk to your child about the reasoning. They will be doing this as a team in order
importance that his or her participation takes in to foster cooperation and communication skills.
their own education. I will be sending homework Support at Home
assignments and activities that will allow you to Talk about ratios. Help your student be aware of
interact with your student and know the things the real-world use of ratios by using sentences like
he or she is learning in school. there are three blankets to each bed. For every 10
Please feel free to e-mail me any questions, pounds of watermelon we have to pay six dollars. I
as I am here to help guide you and your child as will be sending a form home where they can write
they prepare for next year. ways they use ratios at home. Involve your student
when cooking and baking, so that he or she may learn
how measurements are used.
Our focus in Language Arts will be to understand
Mrs. Carranza
the vocabulary in a variety of contexts. We will start
by learning to use tools like dictionaries and thesaurus
to help us define single words. Students will learn
how to fill out their vocabulary notebook using their
own definitions and drawings. Students will learn
about schema and how this and context clues to help
them find meaning to academic and domain words.
Home Support
Help your student learn the vocabulary by using
them in daily language. Use these words when doing
homework. Have fun making up songs, rhymes, or Home Support
pictures that will help your student remember their new
Talk to your student about the alternative
vocabulary words better. I will provide questions and
in creating energy and how pollution can
ideas to help the student elaborate, organize, and use
have a negative effect on our Earth. Discuss
visual cues to obtain meaningful learning (Ormrod, 2014).
different solutions to help with pollution and
READING littering. Discussing real world problems
Our reading focus will be the origin of folktales. They with your student will help them to develop
will learn to read excerpts from around the world which cognitive thinking about abstract ideas. This
portray life from other cultures. Being culturally aware is the last step in cognitive development, as
will help them develop social skills. The first one we will childs thinking turns into adult-like
read this month is called The Cricket and the Jaguar thinking, according to Piaget (Ormrod,
(Connect Ed, 2016), from Argentina. 2014).
As a project, I will hand out some short folktales that
your student can choose from. They are going to have to
We will learn how the physical geography
memorize it and recite it in front of a small group of first
of early civilizations affected their
graders. This will also help them develop their
development. As a project students, will be
presentation and speaking skills in a fun, interactive way.
assigned a region of the world and come up
This will allow me to teach your student through the
with theories of where and how different
multiple intelligences; visual, auditory and kinesthetic. It
civilizations might have used the natural
is not how smart you are that matters, what really counts
resources available to the region. They will
is how you are smart (as cited by Terry, 2012, p. 44).
discuss the theories with their team, and
Home Support present to the class.
I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to Home Support
take the time to read with your student; whether it is you A list of books will be provided for
listening to him or her. It is also important for you to discussion about how civilizations are
know what he or she is reading to help them with their impacted by rivers, mountains, flatlands,
homework. Ask them questions. weather etc.
We will be studying about the Sun, its energy, how it Vygotsky, a cognitive development
affects life on Earth, and how the tilt of the Earth and the theorist, suggested that Children can
Sun affect our weather. As a project, your student will successfully learn and accomplish a task
build a solar oven out of a pizza or donut box. We will be when they are being supported and assisted
learning about insulation and how the energy of the Sun by someone more knowledgeable than they
can be used for solar power. (Ormrod, 2014). You are that knowledgeable
person who can assist your student as they
learn. Playing an active role in your child
will give them the confidence they need in
order to develop the social and personal
skills needed.

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