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On the cover: Attic Fire - North Hills by Greg Doyle 38

Inset LAFD photo by: Julie Kertes, Hot Diggity Media

Hope for Firefighters - DTLA

2 July 2017

In Memoriam - Jerome Boyd
The LAFD mourns the sudden loss of Battalion Chief Jerome A.
Boyd. He was a man larger than life, with a competitive spirit, and a
devotion to his career and family. ..........................................06

2017 Hope for Firefighters

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the culinary event in DTLA was
bigger and better than ever due to our generous sponsors and
dedicated volunteers .............................................................08

Pechanga Reunion
The annual springtime get-together continues to gain popularity as
new retirees and active members turn out for the festivities .....14

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July 2017 3
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Mike Meadows, Lloyd Payne, Jeff Zimmerman, Yvonne Griffin


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Chris Hart Gayle Sonoda Steve Berkery
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Craig White Jim Duffy Steven Domanski
Danny Wu Joe Vigil Tim Freeman Jr.
David Peters John Jacobsen Tim Larson
Doak Smith Mike Sailhamer Tyler Tomich
Frank Aguirre Rick Godinez

To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at (213)
797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
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4 July 2017

Under consideration by the Los Angeles Fire and Police is invested wisely, and only the best experts are hired to adminis-
Pension Board, was a proposal which would have dramatically ter our health benefits.
impacted Medicare retirees and their health insurance coverage. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to
If adopted, it would have become mandatory for Medicare retir- take care of your families by taking action whenever our benefits
ees to join a lower quality health plan which the Pension Dept come under attack. Speak up because these proposals could have
would have administered. Retired firefighters (and police offi- long-term consequences on your available medical plan choices.
cers) would have been forced to use LaborFirst or SCAN as their And even if you are not on Medicare yet, you eventually will be.
Medicare supplement. The LAFRA PPO Medical Plan and pos-
sibly the Kaiser plan would no longer have been options. HIGHEST PECHANGA REUNION TURNOUT EVER
All of you together did not let it happen! You barraged
the LAFPP Commissioners with letters, emails and phone calls. Speaking of retirees, I want to wholeheartedly thank Trust-
You went to social media and spread the word among your fel- ees Doak Smith, Steve Domanski and Tim Larson for pulling off
low firefighters that the pension commissioners were proposing the most successful Pechanga Reunion yet. The annual event was
to decimate our medical coverage. You showed up in droves at held at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula the week
the pension board meeting and let the commissioners know that of May 22nd, and we had the highest number of retirees in at-
you objected to the medical coverage proposal. tendance to date. Doak, Steve and Tim are to be commended for
But as the late great Yogi Berra said, It aint over til its their hard work in creating a fun, meaningful, and highly success-
over. Unfortunately for us, this fight will never be over. Our ful event.
pension plan requires that firefighters and police receive medical
coverage but it doesnt say anything about how it will be deliv- ARE YOUR BENEFICIARY DESIGNATIONS
ered - subsidies, providers, premiums, deductibles are all at the UP-TO-DATE?
discretion of LAFPP. So, monitoring your benefits will require
constant vigilance. On another important benefit topic, let this serve as a re-
minder to make sure your beneficiary designations are up-to-date
LAFRA PROTECTING OUR HEALTH BENEFITS and accurate. If you have married, divorced or had children since
you started at the Drill Tower (whether that was a year ago or
Firefighters in this second most populous city in the na- twenty years ago), you need to verify your designation informa-
tion have always played an essential role in protecting the people tion. If you have questions, call LAFRAs Member Services at
of Los Angeles. And firefighters have entrusted the Los Angeles (323) 259-5200.
Firemens Relief Association to protect them and their families Please note that effective July 1, 2017, there will be a small
for more than 110 years. They know that LAFRA is there for Relief Dues increase on your paychecks. For active members, the
them and those left behind. increase is $1.12 per month. For retired members, the increase is
The Relief is stronger now than ever before, largely be- $0 .12 per month.
cause our mission is, and always has been, based on firefighters
helping firefighters. More than a century has gone into building Be safe and be kind to each other!
a solid foundation for our retired and active members. We con-
tinue to offer programs and assistance for firefighters and their
families because we know the dangers of the job and because we Robert D. SteinTalker Steinbacher
have shared concerns. The Relief is governed by by-laws created
and approved through the vote of the entire membership. Money 323.259.5200

July 2017 5
trained and best fit firefighter in the promotional
Boyd, 55, was remembered on May 8,
2017, in downtown Los Angeles during a celebra-
tion of his life at The Novo by Microsoft at L.A. Live.
His son, Jerome Boyd II, teared up while
reading his fathers obituary but was able to tell a
story about his fathers competitiveness. The elder
Boyd had issued a stubborn challenge to his son
and daughter-in-law, who competed in the Olympic
trials for track a couple of years ago in Mexico.
His father vowed he would beat us in a 100-meter
race, Boyd II said.
We go 10 meters, I look back and it was
me and my wife and then my dad but he was doing
Battalion Chief Jerome Boyd was a man of the exact same thing everybody does when they
many talents a former Seattle Seahawks football lose a race he was grabbing his hamstring,
player, a champion domino player and he was de- Boyd II said to laughter.
voted to his family. The younger Boyd then became serious
Chief Boyd was a man larger than life who and said the story showed his father who was
loved his family, his friends, boxing, jazz, the Clippers 52 at the time remained competitive. I think
and, I recently learned, dominos, Fire Chief Ralph thats what we should do throughout life, Boyd
Terrazas said. His loss was felt immediately and II said. Never give up. Always challenge yourself.
deeply by his family and those who worked with him. Challenge everyone around you.
I join the men and women of LAFD in mourning Chief Roy Harvey, Assistant Fire Marshal re-
Boyds sudden passing. It is always an unexpected called, Chief Boyd was an outstanding man and a
tragedy to lose one of our own and my thoughts and trusted leader within the department. He was never
prayers are with his family at this difficult time. afraid of the tough decision. He served as an inspi-
Captain Johnny Green, stated that Chief ration to not only young black men interested in
Boyd will be remembered for his competitiveness and becoming a firefighter, but to all young people he
hard work. He was very competitive, especially with encountered. In his work with the youth of the com-
sports, said Green. He played in professional sports munity, he placed an equal emphasis on academics
prior to coming to the fire department. He played as well as athletics in instilling character and good
in college as well and he brought that competitive citizenship. He will be sorely missed.
spirit to the fire department. He wanted to be the best Jerome Boyd was born in Los Angeles.

6 July 2017
He graduated from Crenshaw High School and at-
tended Santa Monica City College before transferring
to Oregon State University. He played for the Seattle
Seahawks in the early 1980s and joined the Los An-
geles Fire Department in 1986.
In 2012, President Barack Obama honored
him for ensuring the safe landing and takeoff of Air
Force One at LAX. Boyd later transferred to the Public
Safety Section.
Boyd served more than 30 years in the LAFD.
His last assignment was with the Fire Prevention Bu-
reaus Public Safety Section. His life outside of the fire
department involved mentoring at Excel, a program
he co-founded, designed to promote upward mobility
within the fire service. He leaves behind his wife, Caro-
line Boyd, a daughter and three sons.

July 2017 7
Celebrating its 20th an-
niversary, the 2017 Hope for
Firefighters event was bigger
and better than ever. Culinary
crews from fire stations all
around the city teamed with
corporate sponsors to feed
thousands of hungry office
As we are all still beaming from the ex-
citement of this years event a true success in
every way we want to thank each of our gener-
ous sponsors and all of our dedicated volunteers
for their tireless efforts. It was another spectacu-
lar year, from the funds raised for the Widows,
Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund to the level
of community and firefighter participation. We
also owe a big thank you to Paul Linton who
founded the event back in 1998 he is the heart
and soul and vision of Hope for Firefighters.

Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor

8 July 2017
Hope Sponsors
Able Engineering Bay Alarm Company Brookfield
Air-Tec Bob Blumenfield Capital Group
Allied Universal Boma Greater Los Angeles City National Bank
July 2017 9
Task Force Sponsors

Hope Sponsors
Cooperative of American Physicians L.A. Metal, Inc. Ralphs & Food4Less
Emerald City Band LA Kings RE Smith
Environmental Contracting Corporation LA Tourism & Convention Bureau Red Hawk Fire & Security
GLL BIT Hope Street Partners Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board Schindler Elevator Corporation
HarBro Emergency Services Mitch OFarrell Straussner Sherman
IBEW Muir-Chase Stuart Dean
Industrial Chemicals & Supplies OMelveny & Myers LLP. Swinerton Builders
IRS Demo Otis Elevator Company The Location Portal
IUOE Local 501 Peerless Preferred Maintenance TRANSWESTERN
Johnson Controls, Inc. Pez Cantina TRL Systems, Inc.
Kaiser Permanente Public Safety Financial/Galloway U.S. Bank
Kone R & R Electric UCB Theatre
10 July 2017
July 2017 11
Best Entre: FS 88/Bay Alarm - Smoked Brisket with Jalapeno Macaroni & Cheese

Best Dessert: FS 21/Straussner Sherman - Raspberry Beret and Diamonds & Pearls Cupcakes
Best Theme: FS 21/Straussner Sherman - Homage to Prince

1st Place Muster Team Winner: Brookfield Properties

12 July 2017
The crew at 21s started planning their Hope But Skip Kanemaki jumped in and saved the day. He they were reluctant, but I think everyone had fun in
for Firefighters performance months in advance. At made a call to his pop who happens to be a culinary the end.
a brainstorming session to come up with a menu and instructor at LA Trade Tech. The senior Kanemaki gave The pice de rsistance were the canisters of
a theme, Mike Highland threw out the idea of craft- them after-hours access to the schools commercial purple smoke, continued Jose. The whole thing was
ing a homage to the late great musical innovator. Al- kitchen as long as they cleaned up their mess. They over the top and we were saving the purple smoke for
though many of the Millennials had never even heard ended up making 700 cupcakes in about five hours. the end, hoping we would win.
of The Artist Formally Known As Prince, the Purple They should have made more of them! With the announcement that 21s had cap-
Rain theme was launched. Next, they transformed a couple of pedal tured both the Best Theme and Best Dessert honors,
The first item created was a custom FS 21/ bikes into choppers as seen on the Purple Rain album Hope Street was suddenly enveloped in a purple haze
Prince/Hope for Firefighters t-shirt what a great cover. Of course they painted them purple! (not a Prince reference, but close enough). Purple clad
looking purple shirt. They should have made more of According to 21s ramrod Jose Rodriquez, we Prince impersonators, trailing plums of purple smoke,
them! coerced a couple of the guys to dress up as Prince happily came forward to accept their trophies. Just
Next came the menu. The guys decided and ride around on the bikes for the event. At first wish they had made more of those cupcakes!
to make cupcakes to sell as dessert items. They de-
signed two different cakes with purple toppings the
Raspberry Beret and the Diamonds & Pearls. They
should have made more of them!
Inspired by a segment from Cupcake Wars,
Capt Willenberg headed up a crew of oil room artisans
in custom fabricating guitar-shaped cupcake servers.
The guitars were painted purple and included a like-
ness of the pop-star.
The plan was to bake and decorate the cup-
cakes the night before at the firehouse. They got the
old pump engineer to do the calculations - he figured
it would take them 14 hours with their one small oven.

July 2017 13
The usual Pechanga Reunion
breakfast is a cup of coffee and a Costco
muffin in the clubhouse, with Balz the
elder leading the story-telling. But one
morning midweek, guests were treated
to a breakfast buffet like no other. The
cornucopia included little sausages and
shrimps, fresh veggies, bagels and burg-
er sliders all meant to be served on
a skewer stuck inside of a Bloody Mary. Cool T

Thanks Jack!

This years tour of Temeculas now famous wineries was bigger and better
than ever. So many signed up for the adventure that two trollies were needed to
haul the crowd out to the vineyards. A subdued group was loaded onto the open-air
vehicles at the Pechanga clubhouse in the morning. But it was obvious that they
had barrels of fun visiting the four wineries on the tour when the boisterous bunch
returned that afternoon. Of course, with this cluster of seniority, everything quieted
down within minutes as everyone headed to their RVs for a siesta before dinner.

14 July 2017
Tim Larson was up to his shenan-
igans again out on the golf course. No,
he didnt catch another flying fish or get
arrested for . . . what did he get arrested
for that time?!? This year he came back
to the clubhouse claiming that he shot a
hole-in-one! But his only witnesses were
two A/Os and a paramedic - so nobody
Ten plus two more believed him.

Cool Temecula nights!

It was Cornhole 24 in front of the Resnick coach

The Thursday night visit to the casino buffet has been permanently replaced with the Magas Martini Contest and Potluck. Just
before sundown, the tables started to fill with trays of tiny martini glasses and platters of finger food. But who really needed the food
with the variety of martinis served. You could clear your pallet with a Lavender Lemon Drop as an appetizer, followed by the sweet and
spicy Habanero Passion Fruit cocktail as your main course. And of course youd need to save room for the Chocolate Almond Marshmallow
martini for desert.

/cucumber infusion
Adelas killer guac k top honors
amole was a crowd mel concoction too
Wendys watermelon favorite Marys salted cara
July 2017 15
$65 includes:
All Day Pass, Lunch and a T-Shirt
Resort opens at 10:00 am
Hotel deals when you RSVP
Bike rentals available at discount rate
Fun for the whole family at mountain!
RSVP to Chris Hart:

Proceeds benefit your:

16 July 2017
A procession accompanies the body of Firefighter Kelly Wong
from L.A. County USC-Medical Center to the coroners office
on June 5, 2017. LAFD Photos by Peter Sanders and Erik Scott

Adam Davis promoted to Captain I at FS 3-C Arturo Tarango promoted to Captain I at FS 4-C

July 2017 17
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Singing Hills Partners Tournament

Attention all active and retired firefighters not already members

of the LAFD Golf Club. This is an invitation to play our most popular
golf tournament of the year, the Annual Singing Hills Partners Tour-
nament at Sycuan Resort in El Cajon. This year the tournament dates
are September 11-14 and all three days will be at the resort. Well
play the Willow Glen course on days one and three and Oak
Glen course on day two. We also have our annual Texas Hol-
dem Poker Tournament at the Sycuan Casino.
There are two ways to come and play, either as guests or you
can join our club and play as members. Find a playing partner
and join us for a great tournament.
See the flyer with all the information on our website at: lafdgc.
com. If you have any questions please contact me: Noel Murchet
at 714-330-3477 or

18 July 2017
FF/PM Stephen Kehoe of FS 3-B was honored by LA
County USC Medical Center as the FF/PM of the Year.

On 5/7/17, fire spread through the common attic of a multi-tenant

Mark Muus promoted to Engineer at FS 4-C commercial bldg. at 3519 South Centinela Ave. Photos by Mike Meadows

July 2017 19


Beneting Your Mail form with payment to:

Development & Marketing / Attn: M. Casillas
PO Box 41903 - Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 259-5217


12445 MountainGate Drive - Los Angeles, CA 90049
20 July 2017
E 76 works an auto in a garage in the Hol-
lywood Hills. Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN


Fire Service Day demos at the LA Harbor.

Photos by Chris Conkle

July 2017 21
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Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
Contact your plan provider to verify.
22 July 2017
Fire at the rear of a four-story SFD in the 800 blk of No.
Las Casas Ave on 5/17/17. Photo by Martin Nate Rawner

A brush fire burned 55 acres in Mandeville Cyn

on 5/28/17. Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN

July 2017 23


Over 40 years of experience successfully assisting

firefighters in navigating the complexities of modern
workers compensation and personal injury adjudication.
We champion the rights of injured firefighters suffering
from amputations, severe burns, head trauma,
posttraumatic stress disorder, smoke inhalation, cancer
and various orthopedic injuries. This also includes
assistance in maintaining a balance between work
restrictions and work duties.

(818) 830-1910

15545 Devonshire Street, Suite 205

Mission Hills, California 91345


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P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041
phone: visit:
(800) 244-3439

24 July 2017
On 4/30/17, companies found an auto vs ped
on Sepulveda Bl. Photo by Rick McClure

Structure fire in Encino on 5/7/17.

Photo by Rick McClure

July 2017 25
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26 July 2017
On 5/25/17, companies handled one unit in a strip mall
at 13637 Vanowen St. Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN

The Camp Pendleton FD hosted Crew 3 at a prescribed

burn on 4/27/17. LAFD Photo by Harry Garvin

July 2017 27
12521 El Dorado Place,
Victorville, CA 92392
Phn: 1-800-971-4808
Fax: 1-800-971-4809
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28 July 2017
Along the coast we went though the er cooler full of refreshment supplied by retired
hills of Laguna Beach and stopping for lunch 40 15s alumnus Tom Lambert.
miles in at Tutor and Spunkys in Dana Point. The day of camaraderie continued at
At lunch we were met by retired 15s alumnus our Carlsbad State Camping site overlooking
Ed Hewko, with a cooler full of refreshments. the ocean. We were met at the camp site by
For the 7th year running, Jarrod Horak We also picked up a random rider which ended Jarrods dad with all of our camping gear and
of FS 15 has put on amazing day of CAMARA- up being a retired LACoFD firefighter. He was supplies for the night.
DERIE. The event started at 15s with 16 mem- amazed at our trip and couldnt help but to join In the morning the men made break-
bers and a short Blue Line ride to Long Beach. us the rest of the way. fast, packed up and took a little warm up ride -
After meeting up with two more, our crew of We continued the next 50 miles down 10 miles - to Oceanside to catch the first
18 was complete and the almost 100 mile bike the coast with a seven mile stint on the 5 fwy. Amtrak to Los Angeles. Story submitted by
ride began. We ended our 100 miler at In N Out with anoth- Andrew Lambert

100 mile costal trek

Timothy Roarty promoted to Captain I at FS 6-C Korey Kennison promoted to Engineer at FS 6-C

July 2017 29
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30 July 2017
On 5/8/17, Engine 91 handled an auto with
a ruptured fuel tank. Photo by Rick McClure

MCI at Woodman Ave x Van Nuys Bl The Reyes family (98-A) enjoys a Dodger game
on 5/9/17. Photo by Rick McClure with tickets won from LAFRA at the LA Marathon.

July 2017 31
Above the Pacoima Dam on 5/23/17. Auto near the brush at the 14 and the five.
Photo by Mike Meadows Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN

Truck 33 after an attic fire at 1301 W. 56th St.

on 5/9/17. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

32 July 2017
LAFD and LAPD got together for the 7th Annual Watts Community
Fun Day& Car Show at FS 65 on 5/20/17. Photos by Yvonne Griffin

July 2017 33
Fire Service Day at FS 86.
Photo by Mike Meadows

Firefighters rescued
a parrot in Chatsworth

Fire consumed the rear and attic of 17741 Nordhoff St

on 5/21/17. Photo by Greg Doyle

34 July 2017
Fire in an attached garage at 10337 De Soto Ave
on 5/30/17. Photo by Rick McClure

Attic fire in a commercial bldg. on Crenshaw Bl Fire Service Day at FS 34.

on 5/19/17. Photo by Yvonne Griffin Photo by Gayle Sonoda

July 2017 35
36 July 2017
Just when you thought it was safe to use tin and starrin into their computer screens. But The husband does as hes told and
a knife to cut up your fruits and vegetables, a between the music bein broadcast throughout gets dressed. He goes out into the pourin rain
group of doctors has recommended that warnin the seatin area and all the chit-chat from those and calls out into the dark, Hello, are you
labels be affixed to avocadoes. Evidently waitin to pick up their orders, it gets surpris- still there?
theres been a number of people that have in- ingly loud. Yes, the drunk replies.
jured themselves while attemptin to slice this Im just not sure Id be able to concen- Do you still need a push? calls out
deadly fruit because of the large pit embedded trate and focus on writin upcomin Grapevine the husband.
in its middle. Shouldnt the warnin label be at- articles in that sort of environment. And theres Yes, please! replies the drunk.
tached to the knife and not what youre cuttin? nothin worse than losin your focus and at- Where are you? asks the husband.
Although, after workin around Roger Krueger tention. Look what happens to people tryin to Over here on the swing, replies
for a number of years I can appreciate these slice an avocado! the drunk.
doctors safety concerns.
Roger was the Captain II at 14 C for a COWBOY HUMOR AC
time and whenever it was his turn to cook most KEEP SMILIN!
of the guys stayed away from the kitchen. If A man and his wife were
you ever witnessed Roger cuttin anythin with awakened at 3:00 am by a loud
a knife you immediately understood why most poundin on the front door.
of the guys stayed at least 25 away. Of course The man got up and answered
he always let loose with a barrage of censored the door and found a drunken
remarks, yelps and groans that signaled to stranger standin in the pourin
those in the engine house that he had drawn rain, askin for a push.
blood. In the mornin we all witnessed how bad Not a chance, says the husband, its
the damage was by the number of fingers that 3:00 am in the morning. He slams the door
were wrapped in bandages. shut and returns to bed.
Rogers meals were always tasty and Who was that? asked his wife.
his salads were especially good, except that It was just some drunk guy askin for a
any chunks of meat in the salad werent always push, he answered.
chicken. Are you goin to help him? she asks.
Well, Im still goin to the coffee place No Im not, its 3:00 am and its pourin
with the logo of the mermaid with the long hair. rain out there.
Them Soy Grande Frappuccinos are mighty Well, you have a short memory,
tasty but they just introduced a new flavor. Its says his wife. Cant you remember about
a Dark Chocolate Mint Frappuccino. Its even three months ago when we broke down and
tastier and it only has 1700 grams of fat and those two guys helped us? I think you should
3750 calories. This drink only becomes dan- help him. AJ Simien (on horseback) and the Bufflao
gerous to your health after you wash down a Soldiers at a Memorial Day service
couple of them thick, extra-large chocolate
chip cookies. But enough about my diet, lets
I did buy one and promised myself that
I would join the other Millennials at the cof- Seeking applicants for the position of:
fee joint. However, after noticin that there are Battalion Chief Recruitment & Training Section
other props and gadgets that must be brought SALARY RANGE $82K - $95K DOQ - CalPERS
along and used to operate a lap top correctly, I
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have serious doubts about joinin this geekish RETIRED? RETIRING?

revolution. First off, I found out that Ill need The Department consists of 90 volunteer Firefighters and Firefighter Paramedics providing the 911
at least 1 backpack in addition to my laptops service to the community. 60-70% annual attrition for careers in area Fire Departments.
carryin bag. The backpack is used to carry a
The ideal candidate will have at least Five (5) years of broad experience in all phases of municipal
variety of goodies includin headphones, char- fire suppression and training, including at least two (2) years in a responsible management
gin cables, adapters, water bottles and a mouse capacity. This is a Hands On training position. Experience as a Fire Officer/Engineer, California
pad. I recently tweaked my lower back and State Fire Instructor, Engineer, Paramedic and administrative skills desired.

now Im havin serious doubts about luggin all This is a 4 year SAFER funded position ending December 2, 2020
this excess baggage around with me.
In addition to all that, I also noticed that
Position open until filled Phone: (562) 694-8283 x326

my coffee joint is very noisy. You wouldnt Fire Chief Doug Graft, LAFD Ret. & Assistant Fire Chief Ron Myers, LAFD Ret.
think that would be the case with everyone tex-
July 2017 37
Photos by Adonis Kelly, FS 96-C

Firefighters responded to a reported structure fire in Chatsworth at 0830 hours on May 24, 2017. They found fire in the wall and attic of a two-story condo in the 10000 block
of Topanga Cyn Bl. It took firefighters about 25 minutes to confine the blaze to a portion of two conjoined homes and their shared attic. No injuries were reported and the cause of the
blaze is under investigation.

38 July 2017
North Hills
Photos by Greg Doyle

In the a.m. of 5-29-17, companies handled an attic fire at a residence in the 9300 Block of Swinton Ave. in North Hills. An aggressive attack resulted in a quick knock-down.

July 2017 39
More than 500 entrants registered to participate in the 2017 Hook the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemans Fund. There must have been
and Ladder Enduro on Saturday, March 18, 2017. This year marked the some good raffle prizes as they sold 10,000 raffle tickets!
8th anniversary for the desert event held out near Cal City. Thanks to all for your generosity. Thanks also to all the donors,
The rides, awards ceremony, raffle and silent auction were all sponsors and volunteers who make this event successful.
outstanding successes. And everyone gave generously for the benefit of

2017 Hook & Ladder Winners The Generous Sponsors

CLASS 1 A The Outdoor Recreation Group (TORG)

1st Gary Maga Maxima
2nd Matt Riveros PJI
3rd Josh Clark Pit Pro MX
Fire Axe Inc, Jason Knight
CLASS 1 B Firefighters First Credit Union
1. Kash Steel Firemans Brew
2. Gerald Elmore C&D Motosports
3. Robb Wilcox Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke,
Sherwin & Lee
CLASS 1 C Greg and Suzi Stone
1. Alan Schatz John and Karen Nowell
2. John Elgin Kawasaki
3>. ??? Frank and Betty Arciero
Rob Arciero- Arciero Inns Corp
DADS AND KIDS Ryan Arciero Arciero Motorsports
1. Fones family Ty Baker
2. Holly family Allison Brewster
3. Aguirre family Roys Cycle Service
Beverly Hills Teddy Bear
POWDER PUFF Tim Foor Trophies
1. Caitlin Lord Matt Lundgren Rivalry Clothing
2. Rene Weber Ralphs Market
3. Elisa Danen Industrial Metals
Malcom Smith Racing
PICNIC CLASS Troy Lee / Dave Casella
1. Cox family Brian Hishinuma
2. Moskovitz family Roy and Joanie Prince
3. Dontknow family Bruce and Debbie Galien
NBC Price is Right
Ralph Whitney Age 80, DJ Charles Buzz Smith
riding a 1966 Triumph Banzai Brothers Racing, Inc.
Mechanix Wear
Honorable Mention WORX Industrial Solutions
Stan and Carol in Brian LaBrie
the WWII sidecar replica Rockstar Energy Racing
Husqvarna Factory Team
Kayden Brocchimi age 4 Dwane Kastor

40 July 2017
ERIC STRODE, Firefighter III, FS 80-C


Marina Del Rey Marriott SATURDAY, JULY 29, 2017

4100 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey CA
Reception - 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM 15045 Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades CA
Dinner - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Dancing - 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM Pancake Breakfast - 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
$60 pp includes tax, tip & gift
Call Leonard Sedillos, 80-C - (310) 872-9380 Call Fire Station 69 - (310) 575-8569 or
or Levisa Wade - (213) 709-6817 Erik Schneider- (805) 405-1594
Spouses are cordially invited.


Medical Liaison Unit
SHAWN DEAN, Inspector I
South End Raquet and Health Club
11935 Pierce St, Lake View Terrace CA 2800 Skypark Drive, Torrance CA

Social Hour - 5:00 PM Dinner - 6:00 PM Social Hour - 4:00 PM Dinner - 6:00 PM

Call Antonio Davis - (310) 259-3444 Dinner Buffet - $40 includes tax & tip. No gifts please.
Cash Bar provided
RSVP by July 8th
Call Laurie - (310) 344-1368 or John - (310) 283-4379
RSVP by Aug 5, 2017

JAY CEASAR, Engineer, FS 84-A


Fire Station 84
Last Shift Big Breakfast
21050 Burbank Blvd, Woodland Hills CA

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

No cost

Call FS 84 - (818) 756-8684 or

Mike Mueller (661) 993-3424

Recent Retirements
Alicia L. Welch 10/01/1990 06/10/2017 Battalion Chief, Recruit Section
Dean J. Stroud 04/13/1986 07/31/2017 Engineer, FS-73A
Thomas C. Moore 08/10/1980 07/31/2017 Captain II, FS-69C
Jean-Paul Adagio 12/15/1980 06/30/2017 Engineer, FS-112C
Phillip E. Clark 05/10/1987 05/31/2017 Helicopter Pilot III, Pilot III
Richard Vallin 04/16/1987 05/30/2017 Firefighter III, FS-101B
Ralph G. Guerrero 04/12/1986 06/30/2017 Firefighter III, FS-36B

July 2017 41
at beautiful Lake McClure in Snelling CA


Gary Maga
(661) 755-6072

Dale Shrode
(661) 713-7664

Dane Jackson
(805) 523-3289

42 July 2017
Daniel L. Kaminsky, Firfighter III.
Appointed June 12, 2006. Actively on duty at FS 37-A.
Passed away May 15, 2017.

Jerry L. Fitzgerald, Fire Inspector.

Appointed January 2, 1962. Retired on a service pension June 30, 1990 from Valley Industrial unit.
Passed away May 17, 2017.

John E. Scholfield, Engineer.

Appointed November 24, 1962. Retired on a service pension May 31, 1992 from FS 109.
Passed away May 26, 2017.

Bobby R. Mc Clellan, Engineer.

Appointed February 3, 1958. Retired on a service pension July 8, 1984 from FS 50-C.
Passed away May 31, 2017.

Kelly K. Wong, Firefighter III.

Appointed April 6, 2015. Actively on duty at FS 92-B.
Passed away June 5, 2017.

Jean Latham, surviving spouse of Carl A. Latham, passed away May 5, 2017.
Emmie T. Wells, surviving spouse of Walter C. Weis, Jr., passed away May 14, 2017.
Jean M. Rooney, surviving spouse of John F. Rooney, passed away May 18, 2017.
Beverly Nagy, surviving spouse of Stephen Nagy, passed away May 19, 2017.

July 2017 43
44 July 2017
On April 22-23, 2017, the Fire Hogs As usual, the hotel offered great ac- through Hwy150 to finish up at The Deer
once again ventured out on a ride to Solvang commodations and service, secure covered Lodge in Ojai. It was then ADIOS until next
for a relaxing weekend of comraderie. This was parking for the bikes, and even complimentary time.
the 14th year for this ride. This years group breakfast! With the iron horses secured, the This scenic, coastal ride again proved
of about 25 bikes (couples & singles) started group boarded their private shuttle for dinner to be a weekend favorite for LAFD/LACoFD
out with a morning meet n greet at Cronies at A.J. Spurs Steakhouse in Buelton. After a riders. Thank yous go out the riders, fam-
Sports Grill in Newbury Park. The route was great meal, it was back on the shuttle for some ily, and friends that participated in this years
set for an easy ride along the coast through friendly nightlife. Some went wine tasting, oth- event. Nice weather, fine scenery, great friends
Santa Barbara and on to Solvang. ers to the local casino, but most ended up back and good times all made for an excellent ridin
The first stop was at The Cold Springs at the Maverick for live country music and weekend. All riders are always welcome on this
Tavern in San Marcos Pass. Since 1865, this more camaraderie. ride, so join us next time for our 15th year.
has been a favorite stagecoach watering hole The next morning it was breakfast at Fire Hogs events are posted at
for weary riders. The group then continued on the hotel, or at world famous Paulas Pancakes Members interested in
Hwy 154, past Lake Cachuma, into the Santa in Solvang. All then saddled up for a morning joining the Fire Hogs can contact any of our
Ynez Valley. Next stop, The Maverick, in San- country ride through the Santa Ynez Valley. board members. As a national organization, we
ta Ynez. At this old West saloon, BIG TOM The route went past beautiful farmland, ranch- are also accepting applications for new Fire
was there to serve up the best tri-tip sandwiches es, vineyards and wineries. We passed through Hog chapters from other agency riders. Join us
in the valley. Nothin like sittin on the front historic Los Olivos (est.1897), and ended back on Facebook @Fire Hogs M/C. Like our Face-
porch there, havin a cold one, watchin the oak in Santa Ynez. book page@ L.A.F.D. Fire Hogs.
trees and fields blow in the wind. A tough place On the way home, many riders stopped
to leave . . . but then it was on into Solvang to for lunch at Longboards on the pier in Santa
get a room for the night. Barbara. Some riders continued on inland

July 2017 45
Welcoming our new CEO at Firefighters First, Dixie Abramian
After several years of succession planning and a national Development, Brand management, Product Development and
CEO talent search and interview process, it is my pleasure on Change management. Her formal education includes a Bachelor
behalf of the Firefighters First Credit Union Board of Directors to of Science degree in Finance and an Executive MBA from the
introduce Dixie Abramian as our new Chief Executive Officer. George L. Graziano School of Business and Management, Pep-
Dixie first joined us in 1992 and over the past 25 years perdine University.
has risen through the ranks from Teller to Collector, Marketing/ The FFCU Board of Directors understands and appreciates
Training Director, VP Marketing, Chief Strategy/Operations Of- the trust you place in us as your Financial Institution of choice.
ficer and finally to Executive Vice President for the past two years We accept this responsibility with great care. We are uncompro-
before being selected by the FFCU Board of Directors to be our mising in our pursuit of legendary service and believe you are in
CEO. good hands.
Among our top priorities for the CEO position is the ability
to understand our unique Firefighter culture. Dixies long tenure Respectfully Submitted,
and deep understanding of our culture is unmatched by anyone L. Scott Gribbons
in the credit union world. Additionally, Dixie has demonstrated
expertise in Asset Liability Management, Strategic Planning,
Employee Development, Marketing, Member Service, Business

46 July 2017
Our buddy Dave Moorman is greatly
missed. Most of you know Dave from work -
always willing to work, knowledgeable, fun,
easy going. But for many of us he was more
than that.
I met Dave back in 1993 when we first
worked together at 20s. We hit it off from the
beginning and became good friends on and off
the job. Softball, camping, Super Bowl parties,
Vegas, New York 9/11, river house. We were
never assigned together again, but we still
did everything together. He was the guy that I
could always count on.
We had played softball together for the
department since we put together our team in the bowling team won the trophy with Dave in 2012
1997. One of the big annual tournaments that
we had always gone to is the Las Vegas Fire
Games, now called Fallen Fighters Games. We
had given up playing softball but continued
going to Vegas for the bowling that is played
in conjunction with the softball. We now have
more bowlers than softball players.
Dave has been a big part of that and will
always be there with us. We wanted to make
this a special one! With Daves picture on our
new shirts and a lot of toasts and drinking, we
did our best to have a great time on behalf of
As Dave always said, Its all good! . . the bowling team won the trophy for Dave in 2017
. words to live by.

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July 2017 47
Send your letters & comments to the editor at:

nical advisor and safety officer for the movie

Dear Editor: Relief Association, Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. His knowledge of
the fire and horse drawn fire equipment was
The article submitted by Frank Borden My name is Scott Hamilton from FS greatly appreciated by the director.
in the February issue of the Grapevine about 98-B. I was honored to receive Firefighter of You will be missed old buddy.
the dam breaks was great. I commend him on the Year from the American Legion Post 43 in
his accuracy. Hollywood. I was at 27s for 13+ years and just Harry Morck
The rescues at the Baldwin Hills dam recently transferred to 98s. Helendale, CA
collapse would be considered crude by todays Enclosed is the check the Post gave to
standards but the bravery of the pilots was me in the name of my requested charity, The
huge by any standard. Of those LAFD pilots, Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund. LAFRA
only Howard Payne survives. He was known Thank you for all you do for the membership.
as a masterful helicopter pilot. Following his When I made A/O back in 1981, I was
fire department service, Ross Reynolds went Sincerely, assigned to FS 16 (yes, they had a truck back
on to a successful career as a movie helicopter then) and Jay [Ellington] was one of the fire-
pilot. For his actions in the Baldwin hills Dam Scott Hamilton, FS 98-B fighters. What a turd stirrer he was. My first
disaster, Bud Nelson was awarded the Helicop- shift Jay had thrown a few red nuts and bolts
ter Pilot of the Year for the whole world by the under the truck and when I was going over my
Helicopter Association International. He was Relief Association: new ride I was quite nervous to find these
the founding pilot of LAFD Air Operations. parts. Needless to say, he continued with the
In the 1971 Sylmar earthquake, I was To the Board of Trustees, Officers and ruse well into the morning, keeping me on
a helicopter pilot and first on the scene at the members of the Los Angeles Firemens Relief edge.
Van Norman dam. I reported that the dam was Association, thank you for the beautiful flag, Jay was ornery, cantankerous and al-
damaged but seemed to be holding. I was off picture of the fire station where he worked and ways stirring something up. But he was a good
doing rescues and other things and when I re- the flower arrangement. Walter [Matthews] firefighter. Im glad he enjoyed many years on
turned, the dam was in danger of collapsing. loved working at the fire department and we pension.
Thank goodness that someone on the ground loved to hear some of his experiences while
had reported the situation. That still bothers me working. A special thanks to James Dolan for Craig Evans
to this day. his much needed phone call. Temecula, CA
The receding flood waters from the St
Francis dam collapse of 1928 left a large field Sincerely,
next to Santa Paula. This is where the local air- Dear James,
port was placed in 1930. This became my hang- Dorthe Matthews & family
out when I retired and has remained so for the Longview, TX I thank you for the support. I write this
last 23 years. the morning of Wendells memorial. I thank
you again because I am truly facing the most
Pat Quinn, LAFD Air Operations, (retired) Dear Andy: difficult day of my life.
Please accept this donation in the name Wendell was such a good man with a
of my good friend Larry Schneider who I met loving heart. Pleas thank the fire station for fly-
in 1958 at Engine 17. He was a great firefighter ing the flag and everyone at the Relief Associa-
and a lot of fun off and on the job. After we tion.
went three platoon and Larry made captain, we
kept in touch.\ Marsha Simms
When he was B/C at 27s he contacted Proud firefighter wife
me in Fire Prevention and wanted to tour the North Las Vegas, NV
motion picture and television studios in his dis-
Pat is a Wright Brothers master pilot having no accidents trict. He was interested in hazardous areas, how
or violations for 50 years. He invites all firefighters and to open stage doors, how the sprinkler systems LAFRA -
friends to visit him at Hangar 8, Stearman Taxiway at the worked, etc. This was very time consuming.
historic Santa Paula Airport. Only once before was I ever approached by an I worked with Ron [Dorn] on many oc-
interested chief officer in 17 years. casions and we were both assigned to FS 73 in
I recommended Larry to be the tech- Reseda for a couple of years. Ron was a dedi-

48 July 2017
cated hard worker and he had a big heart. He
was a fun guy to have a beer with when I would
see him up in Ventura where he lived. Rest in
peace Ron!! You will be missed by many of us.

Vance Boos
Carlsbad, CA


I had the good fortune of working for

Larry Schneider at Fire Station 66, 33 and 9s.
Frank and Laura thought they had plenty of time to get an
We also worked as reliefs in Battalion 18.
The years that I worked for Larry were
Estate Plan. But when Frank passed away unexpectedly, Laura
the most enjoyable that I had on the job. He realized they were not prepared.
was a very special man of great character and
dedication to the fire service.
I feel privileged to have known Larry Five Key Steps:
Schneider and treasured his friendship.
1. Pick a planner. Word-of-mouth references are a good place to start, but you
Ken Gunderman
Lake Arrowhead, CA should always take time to research credentials, experience, on-going education
levels and select the Estate Planning professional that best suits your needs. When
comparing costs make sure you know all the documents included and services
provided so you compare apples to apples. Each planner may break it down
I am just learning of Alicias [Mathis] differently.
passing this second. My heart is broken. I met
Alicia at City Hall, in 1994, when we were both 2. Assemble a team. Your estate planning professional can advise you about
pregnant with our sons. Micah was born just contacting a tax expert, an accountant and someone who can give you advice about
a couple of weeks after my son, Austin. I am
truly shocked and saddened to read that Alicia
charitable giving.
has passed away. Prayers for her family.
3. Compile documents. Ask your attorney or other Estate Planning professional
Rosemary Nord what you'll need to bring to the first meeting. Its usually just a few simple
Springfield, OR documents and could include the deed(s) to your property, insurance policies,
retirement accounts and a proper I.D.
LAFRA 4. Ask for guidance. When you meet with members of your team, describe your
I had the pleasure of working with John
goals and ask about the best way to reach them.
[Haver] at FS 8-C when it became a paramedic
engine company. John was a highly competent
5. Cover all the bases. Understand the options when considering a will or trust,
and skilled engineer. He was also a great source durable power of attorney, a living will, a health care power of attorney, trusts for
of fun and laughter. Off-duty, he was equally your children, your charity and even yourself.
skilled as a bass fisherman. He will always
have a place in my LAFD memory bank.

R.I.P. Mr. Wheat. For your Getting Started Kit contact

Vince Marzo Marlene Casillas, Development & Marketing Director, at
Glendale CA
(323) 259-5217 or email
July 2017 49
50 July 2017
Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD History - Pioneering Underwater Firefighters

By Mark Howell, LAFD Engineer, Retired

The Los Angeles City Fire Department At the time of the Matson dock fire, better. Depending on the height of the tides, the
is charged with the responsibility of the pro- Los Angeles Harbor had more than 28 miles of streams of water from a fireboat would often
tection for the leading port on the west coast, wooden wharf. The construction of a wooden have difficulty reaching the seat of the fire be-
Los Angeles Harbor. Today the LAFDs unique wharf presents a nightmare from a firefighting cause of the maze of lumber beneath the wharf.
Underwater Firefighting Team consists of 18 standpoint. Built up against a concrete or rock After the infamous Markay and Mat-
front-line divers and six reserve divers. bulkhead on the land side, a wharf is made up of son dock fires it was obvious a more effective
In the years following WW II several wood pilings closely set. They support a maze method was needed to attack underwharf fires.
major fires confirmed that a well involved of heavy timbers and stringers all capped with Two circumstances set the stage for under-
wooden wharf fire was very difficult to extin- 4 wood planking and paved over with con- wharf firefighting. First was the popularity of
guish. In April of 1947, the tank ship Markay crete or asphalt. All this timber is creosote or scuba diving by 1960. Barely ten years from its
exploded. She split in half spreading gasoline oil impregnated to retard deterioration from the introduction, scuba diving had passed the pio-
across the water and igniting the substructure marine environment. This open construction neering era and was now a very popular sport.
of several docks. In March of 1960, berth 20-A invites rapid spread of fire beneath the decking Second, the LAFD had a readymade team of
is accidentally set ablaze. Losses from these where it can travel out of reach of hose streams divers in its ranks. Members of the LAFD Nep-
two fires alone were in the millions of dollars. from above, and depending on the tides, from tunes Club were young, energetic and ready to
The genesis of Underwater Firefighters fireboats on the water side. apply their scuba diving skills to firefighting.
goes back to St. Patricks Day, March 17, 1960. Conventional methods for attacking un- Assistant Chief W.W. Johnston was in
On that day a spark from a welders torch set derwharf fires involved getting well ahead of charge of overhauling the Matson Dock fire.
ablaze a lumber barge tied up at Berth 200-A. the fire and cutting several holes through the An avid diver with over 15 years of experi-
The fire spread to the adjacent wharf burning decking starting from the bulkhead and work- ence, he reasoned that it might be possible for
more than 1100 feet of dock. Also threatened ing across the dock. Cutting these holes with scuba divers to attack a wharf fire from below.
was a huge gantry crane and an adjacent ware- jack hammers and chain saws was a long and Scuba divers had a ready supply of fresh air on
house. This disastrous fire, known as the Mat- laborious job considering the acrid smoke and their backs and swimming in the water they
son Dock Fire, resulted in over $3 million in tremendous heat billowing up from below. were protected from the heat above. Members
damage. Cellar nozzles could now be lowered through of the Neptune Club were utilized to recover
the holes and when equipment dropped in the water during the
charged, a water cur- Matson Dock fire. While the divers were under
LAFD Fireboat 2 attacking the wharf tain would be formed the wharf, Chief Johnston decided to see if it
fire across from the Markay in 1947 across the underside would be possible for them to swim through the
of the dock. Often the pilings with charged hose lines and extinguish
fire would advance some hot spots still smoldering beneath the
so fast firemen work- dock. To the divers surprise, the charged hose
ing from above had lines easily snaked around the pilings without
to abandon their posi- hanging up and when turned on, the nozzle
tions and move further reaction could easily be overcome by tying a
down the dock trying strap from the nozzle around a piling.
to stay ahead of the Chief Johnston and several other offi-
inferno below. Even cers were pleased with the way the divers were
under ideal condi- able to handle themselves and their equipment
The Matson Dock fire in 1960 burned 1100 feet of tions this method only beneath the wharf. They envisioned a radi-
the dock. The multi-million dollar crane was saved stopped the fire from cal new plan of attack for future wharf fires.
spreading. Extinguish- Use trained firemen attired in scuba gear to
ment was very difficult make direct attacks to the underside of a burn-
because water applied ing wharf. A committee was formed. Neptune
from above could not members volunteered to test and suggest ways
reach the seat of the to float firehose and attach nozzles to floating
fire. platforms so they can be operated in the water
Fireboats attack- and directed where needed.
ing a burning wharf As the new program developed nearly
from the water side of- 150 Los Angeles City Firemen were given the
ten did not fare much L.A. County Life Guard Basic Scuba Training

July 2017 51
Course. A scuba training manual was written Develop a bet-
describing the various new drills, diving evolu- ter system of commu-
tions and new procedures. nication between div-
Drills were scheduled to refine the ers, fireboats and fire
divers new skills. Simulated wharf fires us- officers
ing smoke bombs were commonplace in the
harbor. However, these drills did not tell them The wharf was
what they really needed to know. How much set ablaze using JP4
fire and heat can an underwater firefighter jet fuel. Three test
endure? What about protection from falling fires were needed and Underwharf divers off of Fire-
objects? Will the newly designed equipment as a result it was con- boat 4 with floats and hoselines.
work under fire conditions? Can a diver stop cluded that underwater
a wharf fire from spreading by setting up a wa- firefighters can make a
ter curtain from below rather than rely on the direct attack and extin- Fireboat 2 deploying divers at Berth 174.
old method of cutting holes from above and guish any wharf fire.
lowering nozzles down through the deck? The Some modifications
answer of course was to experience a real fire. would be necessary
The opportunity presented itself when it was to the newly designed
learned that the old wooden wharf at Berths equipment. Drills were
128 130 was to be razed. Permission was scheduled to work out
granted by the Harbor Department to burn up the bugs and further
to 300 feet of wharf. Some of the objectives of refine the divers new-
the burn were to: ly acquired skills.
Prove that trained firemen with scuba On Septem-
gear could make a direct attack to the under ber 25, 1963 the Un-
portion of a burning wharf derwater Firefighters
Determine if the newly developed had a chance to prove
equipment worked as well in heat and smoke themselves - a fire broke out on an abandoned water Firefighters were again put to the test.
as it did in the simulated drills. cattle loading dock next to the Catalina Termi- Berth 174 was set ablaze by a welders torch
Determine the effectiveness of set- nal. The alarm sounded in the boathouses and near a can of gas. The fire quickly spread to
ting up a water curtain from below to stop the immediately fireboats and divers got underway. several hundred feet of wharf. The Texaco Ma-
spread of fire The billowing clouds of smoke on the horizon rine Oil Terminal was immediately to the south
Test basic attack plans to coordinate intensified as the divers suited up in their scuba and was a major concern along with the Texaco
both divers and fireboats gear. Upon arrival a few last words were ex- Louisiana, a tanker ship with 30,000 barrels of
Gather fire behavior data such as tem- changed as the Underwater Firefighters gave crude oil on board. Land companies along with
peratures at the water surface, smoke densities the thumbs-up and went overboard to deploy fireboats and divers immediately responded to
at various levels and draft conditions under a the water curtain. The divers quickly swam the blaze and made a coordinated attack. The
burning wharf the hoselines and floating nozzles deep be- Underwater Firefighters quickly set up two wa-
neath the burning dock skillfully snaking them ter curtains, one at each side of the blaze and
between the maze of also advanced firefighting lines to the under-
pilings. After securing side of the wharf. Fireboats 2 and 4 pumped
the floats to the pilings a combined 25,000 gpm for the better part of
they signaled for the six hours. With the final knockdown of the fire,
lines to be charged. In the Underwater Firefighters once again proved
seconds a solid curtain their value on the waterfront.
of water was spread I n addition to their firefighting duties
across the underside and station responsibilities, the divers are of-
of the dock to keep ten called upon for various waterfront related
the fire from spread- incidents - its not uncommon to have a dock-
ing further. Swimming worker or a vehicle end up in the bay. The div-
Divers jumping off Old Fireboat 3
back to their fireboats ers can be called upon to use their underwater
the divers next ad- rescue, or search and recovery skills as neces-
vanced firefighting sary. They also respond to boat sinkings to plug
lines. They swam cau- leaks in hulls or dive down and stop leaking
tiously between the fuel and oil tanks. Divers also play an impor-
burning pilings, often tant part in maintaining the five fireboats in the
ducking beneath the Harbor. Regular hull cleanings, along with zinc
surface to escape the plate inspections and replacement are all part
heat and falling debris. of a divers responsibilities..
Their aggressive attack Since 1960, the LAFDs Underwater
resulted in an immedi- Firefighters have proven themselves again and
ate knockdown of the again to be a valuable tool in the protection of
Divers swimming under a burning fire. the Los Angeles Harbor. Todays divers carry
wharf. A dangerous job! On December on the traditions pioneered by those who came
28, 1967, the Under- before them.
52 July 2017
A car in the water with
victims involves boats,
divers and land com- An LAFD Diver brings a mannequin
panies in the rescue to the firefighters on Fireboat 2
operation. during a training exercise.

Franks note: Thanks to Mark Howell horsepower pump motor that can pump 125
and Bill Dahlquist for the information and pho- gallons per minute at 90 psi.
tos for this article. The truck is powered by 5.7 liter 350
Mark Howell was an Engineer on Fire- cubic inch gasoline engine with 190 HP. It has
boat 4 for over 20 years and now volunteers a four-speed automatic transmission and a top
at the Harbor Museum and on the restoration speed of 83 mph.
of the Ralph J, Scott Fireboat. His hobby is It weighs 8,117 lbs. without water in the
hard hat diving and with his divers club puts on tank and 10,800 lbs. with a full tank.
many demonstrations and lectures.
Bill Dahlquist was the Pilot on the
Ralph J. Scott for 17 years and one of the origi-
nal dive team. He is now volunteers as our su-
pervisor on the fireboat restoration project.

The LAFDHS 1995 Hummer Fire

Patrol Truck
This custom built vehicle was one of The Hollywood Museum is
two the LAFD used to patrol the brush areas located in Old Fire Station 27 at 1355
and now belongs to the LAFD Historical So- No. Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA 90028.
ciety. It has a 200 gallon water tank and 200 The Harbor Museum is located in San
feet of 1 inch hose on a reel. It also carries an The LAFDHS Hummer on display at our booth at Pedro City Hall at 638 S. Beacon St., San
additional 400 feet of 1 hose. It has an 18 the Battleship Iowa. (Photo by Gordon Briggs Pedro CA 90731.
Anyone interested in joining our
Calendar for JULY 2017 great cause by becoming a member, or
volunteering to work, or make a donation
of money or an LAFD item may contact
us by mail:
LAFDHS Museum & Memorial
1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember we
are currently staffed part time, so leave
a message and we will return your call.
The fax number is 323-464-7401. Our
E-mail is: Web
site at If you want
to look at some great LAFD history check and check the LAFD
web site for information and events at We look forward to
hearing from you and seeing you at the

The Los Angeles Fire Department

Historical Society is a non-profit 501 (C)
(3) organization.

* Fridays from 0800 to 1200 are work days on the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat July 2017 53
May 10, 2017

CALL TO ORDER RATIFICATION OF performance and how it 7) Dave Wagner referred to

MINUTES affected the LAFRA portfolio. the Health Fair and indicated
President Bob Steinbacher that they were under budget
called the meeting of the Board Bob Steinbacher entertained He informed the Board that for the event. Bob Steinbacher
of Trustees of the Los Angeles a motion to ratify and Beacon Pointe is in the process indicated that there was lower
Firemens Relief Association dispense with the reading of of interviewing for a Chief than expected participation for
to order at 10:35 a.m. the minutes of the Board of Investment Officer and will the day and indicated that there
Trustees meeting held April 5, make a decision in the next were around 200 members in
ROLL CALL 2017. David Peters so moved. month. He also mentioned attendance.
Craig White seconded. There that they hired an expert in
MEMBERS PRESENT: was no further discussion or Asset Allocation and Portfolio 8) Bob Steinbacher referred
Bob Steinbacher, President objections. construction. to the Pechanga Reunion and
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President indicated that they are almost
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary Motion carried to ratify and John Jacobsen reported on full with the RV reservations.
Trustee Steve Berkery dispense with the reading of the Morningstar Investment He thanked Steve Domanski,
Trustee Tim Freeman the minutes of the Board of Conference he and Jeff Juan Albarran, Tim Larson and
Trustee Rick Godinez Trustees meeting held April 5, Cawdrey attended. Doak Smith for all their efforts
Trustee John Jacobsen 2017. in planning the reunion.
Trustee David Peters PRESIDENT REPORT
Trustee Steve Ruda REPORT 1) Bob Steinbacher presented REPORT
Trustee Joe Vigil Angie Herrera and Tiffany Trac
Trustee Steven Domanski - Tonetta Connor from the with plaques and thanked them 1) Jeff Cawdrey informed
Pension Harrington Group presented for their long-time service to that the Colorado Springs
Trustee Gene Bednarchik the 2016 Financial Audit LAFRA. Memorial will be held on
Trustee Mike Sailhamer Report. She indicated that September 16th. He indicated
Trustee Tim Larson Pension the audit is performed in 2) Bob Steinbacher and that Darrayle Prosser and
Todd Layfer - Executive accordance with auditing Rick Godinez presented Wendy Cummings will be
Director standards. She indicated that two Scholarship Awards to placed on the wall this year.
Liberty Unciano Controller- they reviewed LAFRAs the winning recipients and
Treasurer Policies and Procedures, as indicated that the rest of the 2) Jeff Cawdrey indicated
well as the internal controls, scholarship winners will be at that the Sacramento Fallen
MEMBERS ABSENT: and have issued an unmodified the next Board meeting. Firefighter Memorial will be
Trustee Frank Aguirre and clean opinion. held October 14th.
Trustee Chris Hart 3) Bob Steinbacher referred to
Trustee Tyler Tomich Joe Vigil presented the the Boyd Celebration of Life 3) Jeff Cawdrey referred to
Trustee Chris Stine following motion. and thanked everyone involved the Annual IFEBP Conference
Trustee Danny Wu with the planning. and indicated that we must be
Trustee Doak Smith Pension The committee recommends registered by September.
Trustee Gayle Sonoda and I so move to accept the 4) Bob Steinbacher informed
2016 Audit Report as presented the Board that David Ortiz EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS
GUESTS: by the Harrington Group. has resigned as Trustee. He REPORT
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor indicated that there is an active
Tom Stires, Retired Motion carried to accept Trustee position available. 1) Todd Layfer informed the
Ken Buzzell, Member the 2016 Audit Report as Board that we are adding a
presented by the Harrington 5) Bob Steinbacher provided Marketing & Development
INVOCATION & Group. an update on the Pension Associate to assist the
FLAG SALUTE Board meeting. Marketing Director. He
INVESTMENT indicated that this is currently
Tim Larson led the invocation. COMMITTEE REPORT 6) Todd Layfer referred to the a temporary position for a
Rick Godinez led the flag Board Educational Offsite possible permanent hire.
salute. Garth Flint presented the and indicated that he will
Quarterly Performance send an agenda with parking 2) Todd Layfer referred to
Review ending March 31, instructions and a list of Hope for Firefighters and
2017. He reviewed the market speakers who will present. asked Trustees to sign up
54 July 2017
for their volunteer role. He Motion carried to accept all $4,992.61 to the Widows, and was able to get them to
indicated that they have room applications to the Medical Orphans & Disabled Firemens increase their sponsorship for
for two more fire stations for Plan. Fund. There was no discussion this years tournament.
food booths. or objections.
3) Todd Layfer reported on REPORT Motion carried to accept the
Open Enrollment and indicated donations in the amount of 1) Board Educational Offsite
that we have added 40 new Steve Berkery presented the $4,992.61 to the Widows, - May 18th
members with 115 dependent following motion. Orphans & Disabled 2) Pechanga Reunion
and four members terminated. Firemens Fund. May 22nd May 26th
The committee recommends 3) Hope for Firefighters
4) Todd Layfer informed that and I so move to pay: The committee recommends June 1st
the LAFRA staff will have and I so move to approve 4) Colorado Springs Memorial
Business Communications The Sick & Injury benefits in the financial assistance September 16th
Training. He indicated that the amount of $18,317.23 applications for surviving 5) LAFD Golf Tournament
the seminar will help enhance The Estate Planning benefit in spouses, active and retired September 25th
business writing. the amount of $6,599, members. There was no 6) Sacramento Fallen
The Life & Accident Death discussion or objections. Firefighter Memorial
ADMINISTRATIVE Benefit in the amount of October 14th
COMMITTEE REPORT $72,000 Motion carried to approve
The Relief Death Benefits in the financial assistance RETIREMENT DINNERS
David Peters presented the the amount of $63,000 applications for surviving
following motions. spouses, active and retired 1) John Vidovich Wednesday,
There was no discussion or members. May 24th B @ City Club
The committee recommends objections. (Kuljis/Bednarchik)
and I so move to pay the ADVANCEMENT 2) Ernie Ojeda Saturday,
usual and customary bills in Motion carried to pay the COMMITTEE REPORT May 27th C @ Ports OCall
the amount of $1,117,476.92. above Relief benefits. Restaurant (Kuljis)
There was no discussion or The committee recommends 3) Alicia Welch Thursday,
objections. Steve Berkery read the names and I so move to advance June 1st C @ The Reef
of members who recently funds for both active and (Steinbacher)
Motion carried to pay the passed and asked for a moment retired members. There was no 4) Eric Strode Saturday,
usual and customary bills in of silence from the Board. discussion or objections. July 8th B @ Marina Del
the amount of $1,117,476.92. Rey Marriott (Vigil)
MEMORIALS Motion carried to advance 5) Thomas Moore Saturday,
The committee recommends Michael P. Reddy funds for both active and July 29th C @ FS 69
and I so move to approve Jack A. Teufel retired members. (Berkery)
$200 for the LAFD Civilian David T. Moorman 6) John E. Sullivan Sunday,
Employee Award Luncheon. Alicia L. Mathis YEARBOOK COMMITTEE August 20th B @ South End
There was no discussion or Dennis L. Mendenhall REPORT Racket Club (Steinbacher)
objections. Norman E. Fehle
John F. Rooney Dave Wagner reported on ADJOURNMENT
Motion carried to approve John J. Haver the status of the photography
$200 for the LAFD Civilian Donald E. Sampson schedule and indicated they are Bob Steinbacher entertained
Employee Award Luncheon. Lawrence M. Gimenez short several hundred members. a motion to adjourn. David
Billy J. Miser Make-up photography sessions Peters so moved. Craig White
MEDICAL COMMITTEE Sterling T. Johnson have been scheduled for June. seconded. There was no
REPORT Jerome A. Boyd discussion and no objections.
Walter F. Matthews MARKETING &
David Peters presented the DEVELOPMENT REPORT Motion carried to adjourn.
following motion. ASSISTANCE The Board of Trustees meeting
COMMITTEE Rick Godinez reported that adjourned at 12:50 p.m.
The committee recommends they are currently working on
and I so move to accept the Steve Berkery presented the a Body Scan video that will Bob Steinbacher, President
applications to the Medical following motions. be placed on the website. He
Plan. There was no discussion referred to the LAFD Golf
and no objections. The committee recommends Tournament and indicated
and I so move to accept the that Marlene Casillas has
donations in the amount of approached past sponsors

July 2017 55
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund
May 2017
THE VALLEY PROP Club in memory of in memory of
NETWORK Larry Schneider Dennis Mendenhall
R E ADAIR in memory of in memory of SHIRLEY MISER in DOROTHY MATICH in
Shorty Almond Larry Schneider memory of Billy J. Miser honor of John Vidovichs
HOLLYWOOD POST in memory of in memory of LILLIE VEHLING/
#43 proceeds from the Larry Schneider Sterling Johnson CHAMINADE
Law & Order Program COLLEGE
Year Award awarded to memory of Clarence W. in memory of
Scott Hamilton Scott & Donald G. Wyse Larry Schneider JERRINE REICH-
MURPHY in memory of
WEINRICH in memory in memory of
of Dennis Mendenhall TRUST Larry Schneider NANCY SANDS in
memory of
CHRISTOPHER N. GARY BOWIE in memory JILL SILVAS in memory Robert Bobby Fullove
WEINRICH in memory of Ron Dorn of Larry Schneider
of Ron Dorn Good guy WILL SNYDER
gone too soon DONNA CAMPOBASSO JACK & VALERIE in memory of
in memory of SIMPKINS in memory David Moorman
DAWN HROMADKA Larry Schneider of Larry Schneider
in memory of my wife memory of in memory of Monica Fire Department
Marilyn Wahlers Sterling Johnson Larry Schneider
the Firemens Breakfast in memory of Larry Schneider memory of Betty Stepan
@ Mimis Restaurant in Larry Schneider
CHARLES DEBOER in in memory of Jerry in memory of
NETWORK FOR FOOD memory of Tenny Tenhundfeld David Moorman
Dave Moorman
memory of Billy Miser JOSEPH FELANDO in memory of COBOS proceeds from the
in memory of James A. Rogers sale of LAFRA belt buckles
KIRK P. BINGHAM in Larry Schneider
FAWN HALL in memory WARBLERS in memory in memory of
GARY D. HIGHT of Larry Schneider of Larry Schneider Harold L. Scott, Engineer


- LOCAL 27 in memory of in memory of Kelly Vancamp in memory of my husband
David Moorman Larry Schneider Mike Brumbaugh
BILL WEIR in memory of
in memory of in memory of BRUMBAUGH in honor of
Larry Schneider Larry Schneider JODI KATSOURIDS LAFRA Pechanga Reunion
in memory of in Temecula
SCOTT L. AMES from PETE KELSEY in Larry Schneider
the Antelope Valley memory of Ron Dorn

56 July 2017
generous donation, at close of REC COVERS DIRECT - Spe-
escrow to Adopt-A-Station. cializing in RV, boat & golf cart
Cal-BRE License 01794244. covers! We have quality and
durable covers to meet all your
BUSY BEAVER TREE AND needs. We offer discounts to all
LANDSCAPE. Tree trimming active and retired firefighters,
For advertising information, please contact: and removal, stumpgrinding, and law enforcement, and military.
Eric Santiago - (323) 259-5231 - firewood sales. Mixed firewood, Email: info@reccoversdirect.
Dave Wagner - eucalyptus and oak. Delivery com or call (949) 429-3029 for
available or pick up. Licensed your discount code at checkout.
and insured. Dwayne Kastor, FS Visit our website:
63-B - (818) 535-6368. RECCOVERSDIRECT.COM
MERCHANDISE Blue Yellow White Stripe
Robert August Surfboard 9, LAFD retired - Les Hunt
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parade trailer, roof ladders, dual 527-7246.
water tanks, hose, reel, siren, HOME FOR RENT IN
bell, small enough to fit in home CHATSWORTH $3400.00 per
MANAGEMENT: Introducing
garage. Asking $18,000. Contact month. Near Plummer and WINDOWS & PATIO DOORS
My Deferred Compensation
Bill or Marilyn Grim Winnetka. Close to malls, movie - vinyl replacement windows
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(661) 297-7387 theaters, grocery stores, and & Patio doors. I also carry
FEE-ONLY Financial Planning
restaurants. Quiet neighbor- aluminum, wood and entry door
and Investment Management
2001 CLASS A MOTORHOME hood. Beautiful home. Fully systems. Rick Brandelli, Capt.
Firm, offers Comprehensive
26. V-10 engine with Banks gated property. Five bedrooms. LACoFD, FS 8-C (800) 667-
Deferred Compensation Man-
Power Pack. Original owner. Two baths. Remodeled garage. 6676.
agement using Elite Institutional
79,500 miles. Many extras Must see. Call Desiree (fellow
Money Managers. Personalized
$25,000. contact Jack Chell FF) for details (818) 621-5075
portfolio selection and ongoing
(949) 492-2535 management of your deferred
compensation assets. Invest-
FIRE DEPARTMENT 2200 sq ft single family home
ment Management of other
ANTIQUES AND COLLECT- in Meadowview Community. 3
retirement and non-retirement BASS LAKE. Lake view 2 story
IBLES Pismo Pickers, located BR 2.5 Bath with 3 car garage.
assets is also available. We cabin, 3 bedroom 21/2 bath, rec
in beautiful. Pismo Beach Ca. Access to private 360 acre
charge a fixed flat advisory room, forced air, sleeps 7-9. Fully
has recently added a wide meadow with horse equestrian furnished, big screen cable TV/
fee to manage your deferred
variety of antiques and collect- center, two heated pools, tennis WIFI, red wood deck, gas BBQ,
compensation plan. We do NOT
ibles from the private collection and basketball courts, spa and walk to Marina/Pines Viilage. No
charge a percentage of assets
of a retired LA City fireman. community clubhouse. Call smoking or pets. $200/night. 4
under management. (800) 573- night minimum. Larry Harris LAFD
There are alarm boxes, axes, Arnold for info and pics (951)
4829. retired (805) 509-5739
badges, toys, apparatus parts, 204-7024.
tools, extinguishers, collectibles, FIRE FAMILY ESTATE SALES BIG BEAR - Beautiful decked
decanters, etc. Pismo Pickers is REAL ESTATE Call us when a loved one two story cabin. 2 bedroom, 1
located at 537 Five Cities Drive, FOR SALE passes, moves to a nursing facil- bath. Sleeps six. Pets OK. Near
Pismo Beach. (805)773-3777 ity or downsizes. Our profession- lake, slopes, shopping. Fireplace/
COLORADO MOUNTAIN al staff can handle every aspect wood, cable/WiFi. Fully furnished
FIREFIGHTERS TOYS FOR of estate liquidation. We have
PROPERTY. 35 acre. Owner Fi- except linens. Winter $110/$650.
SALE. See IG links for photos/ worked with many fire families
nanced. $500 down. 3% interest. Summer $100/$550. 2 night
prices. Desiree 818-621-5075 and are here to help. Rebecca
Financed over 10/15/20 years. minimum.
2015 Lance 855s Truck Martin, LAFD wife (818) 216-
Join 36 other firemen and
Camper, $29,500, fully loaded. 3637
friends that have bought in the Call Donna/Beep (760)723-1475.
same area. Contact Ron Massie,
LACoFD (661) 313-7339. BIG BEAR CABIN. 2 bedroom,
2003 Yamaha Roadstar 1600 GARAGE DOOR INSTALLA- 2 bath, 2 story. Sleeps 6-8.
Midnight Star, $8,500 OBO, TION & SERVICE. Garage About 6 miles from ski slopes
7K miles SERVICES doors and openers. Need to & lake. Fireplace/wood, cable, replace your broken springs? full kitchen - furnished. $100
BQB4x-9DkiE/ ARE YOU LOOKING TO or does your door need repair, per night M - Th. $110 per night BUY, SELL, INVEST IN A even replaced? We do it all from F-Sun. Weekly available. Sheri
BQBvvP6Diue/ HOME? Call me, Diana Fuen- new product to repairing old. (909) 851-1094 or (760) 948-
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ramax Diesel 2WD, $25,000 Captain 56A at 661.373.6569, Garage Doors, Inc. Lic# 950020.
OBO, 120K miles, Son of 35 year veteran fireman. BIG BEAR LAKES FINEST- I also Deluxe lakeside townhouse, 2
vSGZDFa1/ specialize in Probate Sales. A

July 2017 57
bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable TVs, Grocery/Meat Market, Launch MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bedroom satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4.
HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood burning Ramp, Marina with Boat House, & large loft, 3 full baths, sleeps 8. Winter $110, Summer $85 plus
fireplaces, laundry room, tennis Gated Community. No pets/ 5 minute walk to Canyon Lodge. cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark
court, indoor pool, sauna, spa, smoking. $350 Dan Cook 310 Fully furnished, TVs, VCR/DVD, (818) 371-6722
boat dock. Fully equipped, includ- 418 1577. pool, spa, rec room, sauna, lin- Email:
ing all linens. Sleeps 6. 310-541- ens included. Winter $175 week-
8311 or LAKE HAVASU BEAUTY FOR days, $195-weekends/holidays; MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET:
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 summer $125, plus cleaning. No Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
BIG BEAR CABIN. 4 Bdrm, 2 sq.ft. Fully furnished with all smoking; no pets. Craig Yoder sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR,
Bath 1,850 sq ft home on the amenities- Laundry & BBQ. (909) 948-3659. DVD. Garage parking. Walk to
Eagle Point peninsula. Very 13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3 car boat-deep Canyon Lodge. Ski back trail.
close to the lake, ski slopes, garage. 3 miles from launch MAMMOTH CONDO - 2 bdrm, 2 night minimum. Winter $100/
downtown and grocery stores. ramp. Close to downtown shops 2 bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, nite, $125 Fri, Sat & Holidays.
Sleeps 9 comfortably. 50 cable & restaurants. View of the lake. pool, jacuzzi, fully furnished - ex- Summer $60/nite. Plus $120
TV, DVD, VHS, WiFi, wood Quiet street in good neighbor- ept linens. Near shuttle/chair 15. cleaning & linens. Jeff & Lisa
burning stove, fireplace, fire pit, hood. No pets. No smoking. Winter $125/night. Weekends Moir (661) 254-5788.
fire wood, BBQ, laundry. 2 night Snowbird rates. Call Mike (661) and Holidays $110 midweek.
min. Winter $160/night. Sum- 510-6246 Summer $95/night. $495/week. MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET:
mer $130/night. +$90 Cleaning. No smoking. No pets. Jim John- Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio
(4 days+ = no cleaning fee) LAKE HAVASU LANDING son (818) 992-7564, FS 80C. loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full
Some holiday rates apply. Tony RESORT. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen, 2 baths, garage parking,
Zermeno (805) 625-1192 waterfront house, boat, moor- MAMMOTH CONDO NEXT TV, VCR, DVD. Winter Sun-
ing out front, fully furnished, TO THE GONDOLA VILLAGE Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat $115/
CATALINA BEACH COTTAGE laundry, gas BBQ, launch ramp, Fully furnished, three bed- nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block gated community, grocery room, two bath with towels and smoking complex. Joel Parker,
to beach, view, fully equipped store, hardware store. No pets, linens, newly remodeled kitchen, LAFD retired.
housekeeping unit. Marci (818) no smoking. Email Kathy at internet and cable TV, pool and email:
347-6783 or Clarence (310) 510- or call Jacuzzi. Walk to the gondola, or (213) 399-6534.
2721. (760) 858-4470 shops, restaurants and ski in on
the new comeback trail. Parking MAMMOTH SKI AND RAC-
CATALINA CONDO - HAM- LAKE HAVASU LANDING RE- at the front door. Winter: $250/ QUET CLUB CONDO - Up-
ILTON COVE. Ocean front, 1 SORT BEACHFRONT HOME night. Summer $150/night. per floor with great views!!! 1
bed, 1 1/2 bath, sleeps 4. Steps with boat mooring. Swim, ski Holidays $300/night. Cleaning is Bedroom + Loft (queen bed and
to beach, pool, gym, putting or fish from front yard. 4 bed/2 included. Call Mike Whitehouse, 2 bunks) + sofabed and 2 full
course, tennis and more. Newly bath, fully furnished. DirectTV/ Retired, 805-987-6122, email: bathrooms. Pool, hot tub, tennis
refurbished, fully equipped. DVD/WiFi, pool table, laundry, courts, BBQs. Summer/Fall:
Includes golf cart, WiFi. Contact BBQ. Gated community with ca- or Bruce Galien, Retired, 661- $100-$125/night and Winter/
Bart @ (310) 510-0190. Ham- sino, groceries, marina, launch 645-7448, email: luvbaja2@aol. Early Spring: $200-$250/night Ask for LAFD ramp and off-road trails. No com (non-holiday) plus cleaning.
8-89 discount. Owner active pets, no smoking. $350 Bowen/ Email:
LAFD. Garner email: MAMMOTH CONDO Cozy 2 or Call (805) 699-5591 bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully fur-
MIRAGE (near Palm Springs). 2 LAKE NACIMIENTO. Oak walk to shuttle, Old Mammoth SONS FOUR RESORT.
bed, 2 bath. Fully furnished condo, Shores gated community. 3 area. Winter $115, Summer Charming and cozy furnished
TV, internet, pools and spas. bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, large loft. $90, plus cleaning fee $139 and 1 Bedroom sleeps 5. Updated
Gated community from $115/night. 3minute drive to main marina in 14% city tax. Includes linens. unit with amenities including
3 bed from $125/night. No smok- Oak Shores. Large flat driveway. No pets, no smoking. Call (310) wifi, sauna, jacuzzi, phone,
ing. Barbara (626) 798-2484. Fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, 540-4648. rec room, 2 flat screens , DVD
washer/dryer, TV/DVD. No players. W/D on site. Shuttle
JUNE LAKE CABIN - 2BR/2BA cable. No pets/smoking. $185/ MAMMOTH CONDO AT MAM- stop. Walking distance to village.
cabin with Carson Peak night. 3 night minimum. Call Ben MOTH ESTATES, 4BR/3BA, $120/night + $80 Cleaning fee
view. Close to fishing & ski- (805) 444-2264. sleeps 10, fully furnished, 2 Bobby@310-350-5552.
ing. Furnished, wood deck, TVs, DVDs, WiFi, towels/linens,
equipped kitchen, wood burning MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Sum- fireplace. Full kitchen. Walk to MAUI BEACH FRONT CONDO
stove, tree swing, cable /DVD/ mit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient Gondola Village and shuttle. ON NAPILI BAY - 50 from
phone. Garage/ample parking. underground garage parking. Ja- Complex has pool, spa, sauna, water. Studios and 1 bedroom.
$100/night plus cleaning fee. cuzzis, gym (pool/tennis in sum- laundry. Winter $335/night, Sum- Luxury furnishings + full kitchen.
Email for pictures. Jeff Easton mertime), shuttle right outside! mer $215/night, plus cleaning. All the amenities! Mauis best
LAFD retired (805) 217-5602. Across from Eagle Lodge, Win- Includes city bed tax. No pets, snorkeling/beach. All island ter $110 per night, Summer $80 no smoking. Dory Jones (310) activities & Kapalua within 4
per night plus $65 cleaning fee 918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran minutes. 5-day minimum, from
LAKE HAVASU LANDING- and 13% tax. All linens included. (310) 619-5355 $150 per night (regularly $310/
Waterfront, steps to the water. Drew or Nancy Oliphant (661) night). Call Sherrie or Bill for
Boat mooring out front, off-road 513-2000 or mammoth241@ MAMMOTH LAKES - One info/reservations (805) 530-0007
desert behind house. 3 bed/3 bedroom, extremely charming or email:
bath, fully furnished w/linens. wildflower condo. Full amenities, or visit:
Direct TV/DVR, BBQ, Casino, close to shuttle. Antiques, art,
58 July 2017
MAUIS MOST BEAUTIFUL PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath, dates large groups. Amenities:
BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful one level. New re-model, fully pool, AC, billards, TV, fishing, pet
furnished condo that sleeps 4. furnished w/linens. Cable TV/ friendly. Nearby golf, casinos,
Lanai/balcony, full kitchen, king DVR, Private Patio, BBQ, Laun- ATV riding. Also, Premier lodging
bed, flat screen TVs/DVD, ACs dry, Garage, Gated Community, for Coachella music festivals.
free WiFi (internet), complimen- two (Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis *Seasonal duck hunting club.
tary maid service, complimen- Courts). Near College of the See website for rates and info: For advertising
tary coffee every morning and Desert. $175 Dan Cook 310 418 information,
breakfast on Fridays. Special 1577. or call Nick Davidson
firefighters discount - Best value (424) 237-4121 please contact:
in West Maui! Nice pool & BBQ SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Ro-
area - Close to beach! (800) mantic Chalet Family getaway.
336-2185 3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps
VEHICLES Eric Santiago 810. Cable TV, washer/dryer,
Don Sprenger - retired LAFD microwave, woodburning stove. (323) 259-5231
(949) 929-0989 7 minutes to casinos and Heav-
Several Class Cs & Class As for or email:
enly. Located in Tahoe Paradise.
MAUI CONDO 1 AND 2 BED- $115 per night plus cleaning.
rent. Serving family and friends or visit our
for over 15 years. LAFD, LASD,
ROOMS. Centrally located on Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at
beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent (661) 250-9907 or (661) 476-
IPD, OXPD, OXFIRE, LACO, website at
swimming and snorkeling; white 6288.
Visit us at
sandy beach. Minutes from golf,
or call 661-297-2398 as for
tennis, fishing, shopping, airport SUNSET RANCH PALM DES-
Jeff. Make money with your
and resort areas. Marsha Smith ERT. 163 acre ranch private ski
motorhomes to offset your pay-
or Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800) lake. Perfect for Family vaca-
ment. We sub-lease RVs.
367-6084. tions. Ranch house accommo-

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July 2017 59
7470 North Figueroa Street, Los Angeles CA 90041

60 July 2017
Bottom Row, L to R: Capt. Nobel A. Swanson, Arthur P. Handley, Ross H. Reynolds, Doyle R. Ohlwiler, Clyde Neff Jr., Capt. Wilbur F. Bryan,
Capt. Ray C. Beegle, Raymond E. Tyler, Carl R. Seifert, William S. Dillon, Richard W. Gramlich, Capt. William G. Merkel
Middle Row, L to R: Walter H.E. Hixson, Lowell E. Young, Robert W. Kirkpatrick, Winifred C. Coultrup, Calvin S. Rasmussen, Loren D. Prohaska,
John L. Sellman, William B. Hermann, Clark E. Shaver, James C. Allnut, James H Shern, Warren G. Pietro
Top Row, L to R: James R. ONeil, Reid D. Skinner, Robert B. Morrison, Leonard H. Jacobsen, Harold L Daily Jr.

LAFD Photo Archive

July 2017 61
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

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