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Time is a Factor: Research Unit

Task 3

Choice A: What are some of the aspects of the Greek gods/goddesses/monsters that
are in The Odyssey that continue in culture and art?
You will research a god / goddess /monster from The Odyssey. (Or, if your teacher
approves, you can expand your options to more of the Greco/ Roman divinities,
demigods, monsters etc.)
You will research and write a paper on a god and a goddess and how they are
portrayed in art.
The paper should contain:
o Origin myth (many locations had different myths regarding this)
o Siblings (if any) Marriages (if any)
o Powers / Skills / Talents Problems / Weaknesses
o Responsibilities
o Famous family members (if any) This means did someone famous claim them
as ancestors
o Symbols for them
o Any other pertinent information
o What are three representations in art of your choice?
You may create a presentation based on your research. (Ask your teacher for
a template of expectations)
Choice B: What are some of the aspects of the Ancient Greek civilization that are
themes from The Odyssey that continue in our society?
You will research morals, values, traditions, and beliefs from The Odyssey and its
You will research and write a paper on three of these concepts that still can be
found in todays American culture.
The paper should contain:
o Evidence of theme/ concept in The Odyssey and Ancient Greek
understanding of concept
o Modern evidence of idea and modern American understanding
o Explain any discrepancies, and surmise reasons for similarities or changes
You may create a presentation based on your research. (Ask your teacher for
a template of expectations)

Scoring Guide Task 3

Advanced Proficient Progressing Beginning

Meets at least 4 of Well-constructed informative essay includes Meets 3 of the Meets fewer
all of the following:
the "Proficient" criteria "Proficient" criteria than 3 of the
o Introductory paragraph with
plus: appropriate background information and thesis Fewer than 3 "Proficient" criteria
more than 3 body statement body paragraphs, but Inferences
paragraphs o Thesis statement is clear, well- contains an intro and drawn are weak and
written and reflects essay prompt.
inferences drawn conclusion can be inaccurate
o Body paragraphs are well-
show significant insight organized, include appropriate and sufficient Inferences drawn Commentary is
and evaluation of the time evidence and commentary/explanation are weak but accurate absent for the most
o Concluding paragraph provides
period analysis of emphasized details and ideas in each Commentary is part
work discussed and speculates on why certain
commentary is attempted, but weak Numerous
details are emphasized while others are not
reflective, insightful and Inferences drawn regarding and lacks insight errors in grammar,
adds to the readers emphasized details in each work are accurate and Transitions are sentence structure
understanding appropriate and clearly discussed not used or are and conventions
Commentary is appropriate and
transitions are well inappropriate limit the readers
clear and adds to the reader's understanding
executed Appropriate, varied transitions Sentences are ability to
may have few, if any, are used simplistic and reflect comprehend the
minor/insignificant errors Sentences are varied in structure errors in construction analysis
but may reflect minor errors.
in grammar and Has many errors
conventions May have few minor errors in
in grammar and
grammar, and conventions, but errors do not
interfere with a clear understanding of the essay conventions