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Pre-Camp Crew Gets MAH-KEE-NAC Into Shape

By ALEX CHAMBERS Photography Advisor

As you stepped off the bus on your first day here at Mah-Kee-Nac, you probably got quite an eyeful. From the new shower houses to the lush landscape, everything looks wonderful. .. right?

Well, it didn't start that way, oh no! Before campers arrive for a funfilled summer here at Mah-Kee-Nac , a group of hard working and dedicated counselors report to camp early to help get things in order. This is what's known as Pre-Camp and the counselors who show up early are known as the Pre-Camp Crew.

Just how early do they. how up?

Mo t of the Pre-Camp Crew arrived on May "18 and worked through June 15 to make sure everything was perfect for your stay at Mah-KeeNac.

Pre-Camp was a lot of work.

The Pre-Camp Crew did everything from painting, raking leaves and cleaning to preparing the tennis courts and baseball fields. MahKee-N ac is a large campthatreq uired much work, and I must say, as part of the Pre-Camp Crew myseJf, we literally turned this place upsidedown. However, after all was aid and done, all of our hard work had paid off and created the beautiful camp that you see around you today.

Page 2 The Camp Mah·Kee·Nac Totem

All Work and No Play.

NO· WAY!!!

• •

Pre Camp Crew has Fun, Despite Work

By ALEX CHAMBERS Photography Advisor

Not every waking moment of the Pre-Camp Crew was occupied with work. Most of the PreCamp counselors followed the old saying, "All work and no play makes the PreCamp Crew very dull."

There were many things that the Pre-Camp Crew could do in their time off. Some counselors involved themselves with indoor games such as pingpong, bumper pool, playing cards and just chatting amongst themselves. Other ways the Pre-Camp Crew would spend their time was reading or writting letters (a novel idea). Sleep was al 0 a popular activity-when they could get it.

Indoors was not the only place the Pre-Camp crew would spend their

time. Many of them enjoyed outdoor sports such as volleyball and basketball. Fun and adventure was also found ou tside of camp.

the crew ventured into Boston to see a Red Sox game. Some others enjoyed shopping at the local mall. The Pre-Camp Crew was not only fond of their free-time, but quite creative with it as well.

A few members of

Su~day , June 25,1995 Pa e 3

Nature:Something to Thi,nk About

By DAVE WHITE Fishing Instructor ALEX CHAMBERS Photograph'y Advisor

As you go about your daily camp activities this summer, you may see and hear many of the animals that live here year-round. Some of the animals you may encounter are squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, deer, racoons, woodchucks, mice, geese, badgers, owls, doves, fish, frogs, toads, salamanders and campers! Yes, nature can be beautiful, however, there are some important things to remember when you encounter wildlife.

1) Never try to feed any of the animals you see. They have plenty of food in the forest and if they become dependent on people for food, they will not be able to survive on their own when we are not around ..

2) DO NOT try to catch or pet any of the animals you see. They may be cute and fuzzy, but they do bite!!

3) S orne of the animals around here are nocturnal, which means they onlycome

out at night. So don't get scared if you hear scratching or shuffling at night. (not to worry, none of the animals around here eat people)

4) There are bats that fly around here at sunset. Don't worry, they won't hurt you, they are just out eating dinner (mostly bugsl).

5) If you see any animal acting strangley, tell a counselor immediately! The animal is probably sick and could possibly make you sick if you get bittten or scratched by it.

Remember, we are guests in these animals' home. Feel free to watch and learn about them, but try not to bother them. This way both the animal s and us can have a pleasant summer.

Geoff Madey, Tennis Instructor

Counselor Quotes ..

What are Your Expectations for the summer?

"To pass on my knowledge of tennis to the players, with the hope that they take it on as a life long sport."

"That every camper will learn much and have fun doing it."

Matthew Viergutz, Golf Instructor

"We're gonna glue you, glitter you and amaze you in art."

Bren Bondoc, Art I Instructor

"For all of the campers to improve on thier already acquired skills and that all of the campers go home with great swimming skills

that they can enjoy for life. 11 I

Matt Bednorz,

Swimming Instructor

Page 4 The Camp Mah·Kee·Nac Totem

A Picture is wornh a thousand words.



New facilities bring welcome changes to MKN. Page 4 Mah-Kee-Nac Games 1 hit campus. Page 6

Totem Top Ten. Page 11

mticipation Builds As Mah-Kee-Nac Opens

By RYAN SLOANE Cherokee 35

We're finally here! Campers attempt to. find their belongings at opening day arrival on Sunday, June 25, 1995. Mah~


campers came from surrounding areas such as New York and New Jersey as well as distant locales such as florida. Photo by Frank Nguyen.

Kids from the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) and all over the country join with counselors from all over the world including England, Scotland and Poland for eight weeks of fun. Eight weeks can be a long time, but we have things to pass the days like Danny's newest additions to Camp Mah-Kee-Nac: water slide and the new shower houses.

I come from Long Island, New York, and it's a long ride up here. I gotta tell you it's worth every minute--even if you have to sit with Jim Gardner for two hours at a time (sorry Jim).

I really don't want to say this, but I'm going to do what my grandfather has done for years: complain. All you first year Apaches have it easy. When I was your age (now I've lost it), I didn't have a pool or a water slide or even a beach volJeybaU court. Oh man, that was scary. I'm not going to subject you to anymore of this. Just remember these few words of wisdom:

Have fun, stay safe, don't drink the purple stuff in the cafeteria, and most importantly change your under-


Page 2 The 1995 Camp Mah~Kee~Nac Totem

Cam er of the Week

Daniel. Damaghi, Navajo 21

Totem Howmanyyears have you been atMah~Kee-Nac? Damaghi This is my first year.

Totem What is your favorite activi.ty?

Damaghi Tennis.

Totem What is the most important thing you brought to camp with you? Why?

Dama.ghi My tennis racket because l love tennis and this is my favorite racket.

Totem Who is your favorite counselor at camp? Damaghi Bick, Steve and Judd.

Totem Tell us something about yourself.

Damaghi I'm going into junior high school. My favorite subjects are math and science. l like to listen to music and read.

Totem What are your favorite sports?

Damaghi Soccer and tennis because they are fast moving sports.

Totem What do you like most about your bunk? Damaghi The people because there's always someone to come to for help.

Josh Lerner, Mohican 5

Josh, who currently resides in Middleton, New Jersey, is an 8-year veteran of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac and currently teaches at the waterfront.

Totem Do you go to school? Where? Lerner Yes, I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Totem Whatl s your Favorite activity besides the activity you teach?

Lerner Basketball.

Totem What is the most important item you brought to camp and why?

Lerner My broom to ploy the air guitar.

Totem Describe your bunk area here at camp. Lerner It's cool, comfortable and cozy ..

Totem Tell us something interesting about yourself. Lerner I like to go to concerts. I also like to travel. Totem What is your favorite camp meal?

Lerner Pizza, but I'd eat lots of anythi ng at camp except for the meat loaf.



6 Hawthorne Road

Lenox, Massachusetts 01240 413/637-0781


Mohican BEN TULlS









Cherokee RORY LEVINE Cherokee ROBERT SHAPIRO Cherokee RYAN SLOANE Cherokee BRIAN ZELLER Photography Adviser ALEX CHAMBERS Assistant Adviser DOUG SANKEY Adviser FRANK NGUYEN

WINTER OFFICE Camp Mah-Kee-Nac 190 Linden Avenue

Glen Ridge, New Jersey '(}7028 201/429-8522

Owner/Director DA NY AND NA cv METZGER

The Totem is the weekly journal of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, a summer camp for boys located in Lenox, Massachusetts. The Totem is printed by Quality Printing Company of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

All stories reproduced in The Totem was written completely by Camp Mah-Kee-Nac students. All artword reproduced in The Totem was drawn by Camp Mah-Kee-Nac students. General body text is set in Times 12pt, caption

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Saturday, July 8, 1995 Page

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac 1995 Gets Rave Review:

By RORY LEVI N.E Cherokee 38

"Two thumbs up!" yell all the campers.

"A great thri 11 ride! " cries Mah-Kee-Nac's new visitors.

"Don't miss it! 11 says Danny Metzger.

No, it's not the latest summerrnovie.It's Mah-Kee-Nac 19951

Mah-Kee-Nac, an all-star summer camp located in the beautiful Berkshire Moun-

I tains, has become better.

They have done this with this year's new additions .. Longtime MKN camper Ryan Sloane, who is now a Chero-

kee, said, ''The water slide is pretty cool."

"They're the best things to happen to this camp since the pool," second-yearMKN Jacob Levine said of the camp's newest acquisitions.

"The new shower houses are great! You actually have someprivacy," Alex Feldman said.

"I think the camp is more organized this year then last year," he continued. "I was very excited to come back to camp, to see all my friends from last year, and to have some new experiences. The new counselors are great, as

are the returning counselors. I particularly like the archery program this year."

MKN this summer is certainly the cool place to be! People already love it, and the summer has just begun. There is so much more commg up: day hips, socials, Mah-KeeNac Games, big trips, Olympics, etc. MKN is getting rave reviews, and the fun has just begun!

Welcome to the Funk Bur Campers arriving by bt are greeted a they arri ve at Camp MahKee-Nac. Counselors a staff, such as Brian McGui and Scott Tokonitz, prepared sigr for the start 0 the camp's 67th season ( operation. Photos by Frank Nguve:

Page 4 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

New Facilities Bring Welcome Changes To Campus

By ALEX FELDMAN Cheyenne 33

The new facilities which were part of the annual improvements at Camp MahKee-Nac

include a new waters I ide on the lake, a putting green and separate showers.

Photos by Alex Chambers.

Each start of summer "I like the new showers because they

at Mah- Kee- N ac brings sur-give us more privacy and are a lot nicer than

prises around every comer. the old showers," Jacob Levine commented.

This summer we have new In addition to the showers, the camp put

shower houses, a new put- in a new goLf putting green. The green took a

ting green, a scoreboard and week to make and is made of synthetic grass.

even a waterslide, Underneath the grass is 52 tons of gravel,

"We always try to put Twelve tons is also brushed into the green.

new and different things in Adding to the list of new things, a

every year to get the campers waterslide was put in on the waterfront. The

excited about camp," Mah- slide also took a week to build and is the first Kee-Nac Administrative Di- waterslide ever built on a floating dock.

rector Alan Friedman said. "The waterslide is very refreshing and

"We get very excited to see the campers fun," Brett Goldslager raved.

enjoying the summer."

A new scoreboard was put into the field

The new shower house to help keep score during indoor games ..

houses are one of the favorite

In my opinion, the new facilities should

new facilities here at camp. help make the summer more exciting. If you

Construction of the houses would like to make a suggestion for a new

started in the Fall and contin- facility, please tell the office. They will be

uedintotheSpringwhenthey happy to take it into consideration.

were finished.

Saturday, July 8, 1995 Page 5

MKN Family Reunion

By BRIAN ZELLER Cherokee 40

Brother/Sister Luncheons.

Each summer, Mah-Kee- The girls from Danbee arNac and Danbee hold their rived at Mah-Kee-Nac at

Brother/Sister Luncheons. 12:00. The brothers met with

On a weekly basis, the broth- their sisters and then escorted ers and sisters meet at each them up to the dining hall. otber's camp. The luncheons They enjoyed a lunch of let the boys and girls catch up chicken nuggets and chips. on anything happening dur- The brothers and sisters did ingthe week or throughout whatever they felt like from the summer. It is a great way then on. At 1: 15, the Danbee for the brothers and sisters to girls were called back to the spend quality time together. steps of the Kruger Lodge.

On July 1,Mah-Kee-Nac The brothers and sisters said hosted the first of many their goodbyes and looked forward to the next luncheon.


Together again. Algonquin Ben Cohen was just one of the many campers who got the opportunity to have lunch with their Camp Danbee sisters at the first 1995 Brother/Sister Luncheon. Photo by Josh Eichenbaum.

First Night

By BEN ruus Mohican 5

0" Sunday, June 25, the first night of camp, the Mohican leader Anthony Richards shaved his head into a mohawk. Before the summer, he promised he would shave his head bald. But instead, more people wanted

it to be a mohawk. Three kids that Anthony picked came up to shave it. Some hair was still stuck to his head, so he went inside and shaved it so it would be a little more straight. But then on Tuesday night he shaved the I rest off.

After Anthony's haircut, there was

a belly flop contest later on that night. There was a three-way tie. The top three were Jenny Bingmann, Craig McKee and Rodgers Allison. Thewinner was Jenny. Jenny is the only girl counselor here on staff and the instructor of WCM. WCM is the camp I radio station. The channel for WCM is 640AM.

After the first big day at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac for the Junior Camp, they went back to the i r bunks, wrote to there pGlrents and got ready for the next big day at Cam p , Mah-KeeNae!

Page 6 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

The Mah-I{ee-Nac


The first Mah-Kee-Nac

Games started one week after the first day of camp. These games started Sunday evening as the Evening Activity. This event involved a11 of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, and each indi vidual camp had its own games.

This annual event IS a game which involves two teams: the white team and the green team. After the games and activities for each night are over, there is a focus event that is different for each individual camp. The third night is the last night, and the focus event is held In the fieldhouse where the whole camp will meet together. That night campers find out which team won, and the number of points that each team got.

Go White lightning!

Junior White Jester Dave White and members of his White Team celebrate the opening of the Mah-Kee-Nac Games 1995.

Let's get ready to rumble! The Lower Senior Generals Evan Fuchs and Tony Owens begin the feud between Green and White.

Photos by Alex Chambers.

Saturday, July 8, 1995


Go Green Machinel Lower Senior

, General Tony Owens and his Green Team challenge the White during opening cermonies. Photo by Alex Chambers.

Part I: Greenfaces off against White

By RYAN VASS Navajo 21

On a cold summer night at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, loud music burst out from Junior Camp. People dressed in green suits, and others in white, ran out from different directions. Names were called dividing people into different sides: the "Green Machine" and "White Lightning.' ,

First-year campers won-

dered what the commotion was .. Veterans to camp knew whatitwas:theMah-Kee-Nac Games.

Each person participated in sports like badminton, basketball, archery, pool relays, tennis, newcombe, soccer, cricket and hockey.

In Lower Senior badminton, Green was badly defeated by White. In basketball, White again defeated the Green 44-

40. In archery, Green again lost to White. At the pool relays, it was tied two events to two events, The rest of the events, Green won except for hockey.

At the hockey rink, White won in the relays and Green General Tony Owens got to taste the pie in his face.

Overall, it looked as if Green was winning, but White took charge with 325-275.

Page 8 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Hockey Fever

By BRIAN LINDE Cheyenne 33

The first day ofleagues for lower seniors

was on Monday. I was in the roller hockey

league. However, the surface was wet, so we

could not play on rollerblades. However, the action looked good. Every team played ev-

erytearn.My team, Team 3, came in last with

an 0-2-1 record. Team 4 had the best record

of 2-0-1. Team 1 went 2-1-0. Team 2 was 0-


The leagues meet every Monday and each league is three weeks long.


Go ahead, try to get past me!

Upper Seniors playa

scrimmage match a:t the hockey ri n k. Campers got

many opportunities to practice their puck skills , during regular class hours, leagues and tournaments.

Photo by Beau Shaw.

MI(N Sports

By GREG STEIN Iroquois 8

Hockey The Camp Mah-Kee-Nac hockey rink is the bluestond the best. We have great hockey teams--from Junior camp through Upper Senior camp. The hockey rink has big spotlights for night. So if it is dark out, it's light there. The Upper Seniors are great intercamp players.

Soccer Camp MahKee-Nac soccer is great. It's our best sport at

camp. The coaches are great. The fields are like pro fields, just a little bumpier. Mah-Kee-Noc plays Winadu in soccer sometimes, as well as Greylock and Kenmont.

Basketball is a great sport at Mah-Kee-Nac. It's fun with our basketball coaches. They are great. Wewin a lot. They teach us things that other camps never even heard of. The coaches are very nice to everybody.


Saturday, July 8, 1995 Page 9


9 he op S

Campers Challenge New Heights (And Themselves)


:y DAVID KWITMAN .hevenne 33

If you like climbing, workig as a team or challenging ourself, you should probably e on the ropes course. With ew additions during the past ~w years, ropes has become auch more than just dim bing .ees in the woods.

At the ropes course there re several different types of sings to do. For instance, there s a low course. This consists

if lots of low wire and low opes that different activities

hard, the class does trust games to build trust. For example, there is trust fall where you depend upon others to keep you from falling. This helps when you are walking across a wire on the high ropes course.

Everything at ropes is safe-from the wall to the zipline. Campers are taught to put on harnesses, one of the new things this summer, that will support them a they are climbing.

All of these activities re-

be 'sed with 5t . d • d t R . st eta R b rt G e ' t quire sreat skill, but are ex-

an ,U ' " • ' rap In annger rea y 0 go. opes In tru ' roe re n assis S o'

Seneca Jeff Wachtenheim for his climb on the high-ropes course. Photo

The high course has simi- by Alex Chambers, tremely fun. I recommend that

ar activities as the low, but it is wall with three different sides that runs across the upper soc- if you haven't tried ropes benuch higher off the ground. for different skill levels. cer field. fore, try it-· tell them I sent

'The Wall' is a climbing

The zipline is a wire line

Before starting anything you.

Evening League Competition Begins


Each summer, Mah-Kee~ac campers participate in eague play which takes place mce a week with two games ach night. The team s play two en-minute halves.

At the end of the summer, there are playoffs. The best team plays the worst team and then the winners play each other in the next round, The

the Finals. The winning team in the Finals. gets a pizza night.

Currently, in the upper seniorbasketballleague, Wichita State and Kentucky are tied for firstplace with a record of 2-D. There is a four-way tie for

second between Oregon State, North Carolina, South Carolinaandl'ennsylvania-all with a record of 1-1.

Look for a key matchup between Wichita State and

Kentucky in the second round.

teams which win all their games in the playoffs willreach

Page 10 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Shooting for the Go d

By RORY LEVINE Cherokee 38

Everyone has their own activities. For some it's baseball others tennis, swimming, water skiing, etc. The list goes on and on. But for some, it's archery. That's why there's an archery department at MahKee-Nac.

"Archery", you may say, "what good i archery?"

According to Archery Head Alan Rudolph, archery is " a great life time activity. It's also very useful", he continued, "for some kid who aren't successful in other sports to do well in archery."

Alan Rudolph started shooting when he was a camper atMah-Kee-Nac.However,he was not quite so good. In 1970 and 1974, he received training as an archery counselor. He started teaching archery in 1970. In 1976, he took a year off, as well as in 1980 and 1981 .. He has also taken other years off since then. Since the recent departure of Archery Head Steve Moss, Alan regained the position he held for so long. He continues to shoot in tournaments from time to time ..

This year he hopes to develop more of the archery talent at Mah-Kee-Nac. He also wants to have more competition available for the campers.

"I think it doesn't matter how good you are, as long as you are having fun, and improving your taLents, " Rudolph said. So keep shooting for the gold!

Ready, aim ...

Brandon Singer is one of the many campers under the

tutelage of Archery Head Alan Rudolph. Photo by Alex


Friday, July 7, 1995

Pryor Heads Up Senior Baseball


BRAUNTUCH Coach Ryan Pryor is the

Cherokee 38 new 28-yearold head of'Mah-

Overtheyears,MKNhas Kee-Nac's senior baseball had many great baseball program. He brings expericounselors. They've come ence and devotion to a camp and they've gone. This year, that lives on it. Coach Pryor the camp has obtained a new played little league baseball baseball program head that as akid. He then moved on to adds to Mah-Kee-Nac's tra- high school ball, which led dition of excellence. him to college ball. In col-

From the home office in Lenox, Massachusetts,


ways counselors are annoyed.

Here 'We go ...

10) Hanging from the rafters at 10:00pm

9) Settling traps above the door for counselors 8) Hiding candy in their sock drawers

7) When the kids get up before the su n does 6) OD ... literally

5) When the campers inhale their food 4) Bunk cleanup (or so you think)

3) "But I didn't do anything!"

2) "Well, he started it!"

1) Reveille music

By Matt Harris, Cherokee 36

lege at UNLV, he was the secnd baseman who turned double plays with the San Francisco Giants' superstar slugger Matt Williams. He finalized his college baseball career with Fresno State where he transferred for his

last 3 years.

Pryor left college and began coaching high school baseball, which he has been doing for seven years. He also runs a private baseball school in Tucson, Arizona. Why would he come all the way here? Coach Pryor came here to work with kids on teaching them fundamentals of baseball while having fun and to see the area--which he has

Pryor's goal for the summer is to let the kids have a

good experience, learn something, andhopefully improve some aspects of their game-all at the same time. He also

names the program "StrikeZone" to give the program a theme for the summer.

Coach Pryor says he's enjoying his summer, he's got a good group of kids that hustle, are motivated and learn, and he likes the staff (Danny, Nancy, Steve, etc.) He also appreciates and would like to thank: all of the baseball staff and the people involved with the program that get the field ready for the kids. Ryan Pryor: oneofMahKee-Nac's finest.


Nature Center

The Nature Center is a fun place to be. You go on salamander hunts. Some people in junior camp have got over twenty salamanders. They have four or five animals in the Nature Center. When they go on the nature troii, they go fora walk along the lake. We go halfway along the lake. When you go that for, you can see all the boats cind the water slide. When you go near the water, you find a lot of fish. One time when people went on the trail, they cut a fish in two.

, never been to.


Page 12 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem


By Jacob Levin-

Detroit Mter Game 4


Green and White meet again. Page 3

Talent Show sparks up July 4th. Page 6 Upper seniors take tennis tournament. Page 8


hat a Show!

Talent And Fireworks Shine On July 4th

RYAN SLOANE erokee 35

On July 4th, all of ih- Kee-N ac assembled the Fieldhouse for the inual Fourth of July Talt Show. To kick off the erring, radio personal-

Jenny Bingmann and rdinand "The Drama in" Torres sang the Na-n al Anthem. From ig ic tricks by Mark hoenfeld and Chris Fault to the Entertainer Alex Feldman, we saw erythin g including ihican group leader Anmy Richards singing ircle of Life" from the In King. After the longnding tradition of the .r-popular "If I Were t a Counselor" sketch. ended the evening with

whole camp singing ips."

Later that night after hts out, nearby iglewood had a tremenis fireworks display l laser show. It was .y a night to remember.

Pick a card,

any card ... Matt Kahane helps magician and Upper Senior

counselor Chris DuFault with a trick involving playing cards.

Dufault's magic act was only one of numerous other

skits presented at the annual Fourth of July Talent Show.

Photo by Alex Chambers.


Page 2 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Jordan Gelllis, Cheyenne 33

Totem How long have you been at MahKee-Nac?

Gellis This is my first year.

Totem. What do you like best at camp? Gellis My friends.

Totem who is your favorite counselor? GelUs I. like Dave and Scott the best. Totem Why did you choose Camp Mah-


Gellis A lot of people from my town go here. Totem What is your favorite food at camp? Gellis I like the cereol.

Totem What is your favorite sport?

Gellis I like baseball, soccer and water skiing. Totem What is your favorite evening activity? Gellis I like the Mah-Kee-Nac Games.

Gordon Read, Cheyenne 33 Swimming

Totem How many years have you been at Mah-Kee-Nac?

Read It's my first.

Totem Where are you from?

Read l'm from Dorchester, Dorset, England. Totem Why did you decide to come to


Read Because I ilove to travel.

Totem What's the best joke you have ever heard? Read It can't be printed.

Totem Who is yo.ur favorite music group? Read R.E.M.

Totem! Have you ever had a life-threatening experience? What was if?

Read Yes, when II was doing aid work in other countries. Totem Welt it has been great falking to you, are you ready to be publicly embarassed in the T olem?

Read No.



6 Hawthorne Road Lenox,Massachusetts 01240 413/637-0781


Mohican BEN TULls





Cherokee BIUAN ZELLER Photography Adviser ALEx CHAMBERS Assistant Adviser DOUGLAS SANKEY Adviser FRAI'[[( NGUYEN

WINTER OFFICE Camp Mah-Kee-Nae _ 190 Linden Avenue

Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028 201/429·8522


The Totem is the weekly journal of Camp MahKee-Nac, a summer camp for boys located in Lenox, Massachusetts. The Totem is printed by Quality Publishing Company of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

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Corrections from 7/8/95: P3, cou nselors pi ctured are David McGrath and Scott Tokonitz; Pl 0, photo by Jason Feld.

Friday, July 14, 1995 Page 3

Games 2


Tradition kicked into high gear this past Sunday, July 9, as the Mah- Kee- N ac Games jumped into its second week. Campers battled it out on all three campuses for the lead and respect from their peers going into Week 3.

After one week of dueling, White had a 325 to 275 point lead over Green .. The Green juniors were determined to change that. They fought it out in events from Ultimate Frisbee to One Pitch. Despite the icing that Green Jester Josh Manton took from Dave White, the Green team won the overall competition in Junior Camp.

Things weren't as sweet in Senior Camp for Green, however. In Lower Senior Camp, White campers took it upon themselves to knock six runs off of their posts. They gave it their all in events from Cricket to Swimming. White General Evan Fuchs shoved a whipped cream pie in Green General Tony Owen's face to further spring a White victory.

Let's get

I pumped! Pablo Isales cheers on the White during MKN Games' activities such as the Upper Senior kneeboard challenge. Photo by Alex Chambers.

Things went much the same way in Upper Senior Camp, Hockey and Bombardment were among the events that the White Upper Seniors took. White King Pablo Isales smacked Green King Jim Gardner with a creamy, white pie to cap off a White win.

When all was said and done, White came out with an overall victory and a ninety-point lead going into Week Three. However, everything is still up for grabs in next week's I5DO-point round. Things are heating up here at camp over the MahKee-Nac Games.

Page 4 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee~Nac Totem

- - ---- - - -

Let's go, group

hugl Josh Lerner, Daniel Rosenberg, Jeff Goldberg, Ben Wesley, David Brantuch, Mike

Gorin, Eric Mausner and Zaeh Tasher celebrate with the Pittsfield Mets' mascot.

These campers were among the Mohicans who went to watch the single-A Pittsfield Mets take on the Hudson Valley


Photo by Anthony Richards.

Navajos Hold NFL Day


Navajo21 kicking field goals.

On Wednesday, July 5, the We played twenty-minute

Navajos he1d a full day of NFL. games. Then we ate lunch. After We woke up,. ate donuts by our rest hour, we hada double elimibunks, cleaned up and then got nation tournament. Four teams into our teams. got byes to the second round of

There were about fourteen the winner's bracket. When it

players on each tearn. In the was narrowed down to just two

morning, we had two games, teams, the Super Bowl was

then we had a skills competition. played .. The Bowl went into the In the skills competition, there overtime, but AndrewSchwartz

were things like throwing foot- saved the daybymaking atouchballs through hula hoops and down for the Steelers to win it

Hit The Big Leagues

By BEN TUUS Mohlcan S

On Thursday, July 6, the Mohicans went to a single-A baseball game between the Pittsfield Met~ and the Hudson VaHey Renegades. The Mets had two quick errors in the first inning. But stilt after one inning, the score was O~O. In the second inning, the Mets pifcherwalked three guys and the Renegades got 1wo runs. In that inning, a 91J)' on fhe Renegades got injured. The pitcher for the Mets tried to pick off tne guy. But instead,

he hit him in the head! Also in the inning, Fletcher Bates hit a stand up triple and tnen was knocked in. So the score was 2~ 1 Renegades. I n the bottom of the th i rd, the Mets had a big two out rally~-they scored 9 straight runs.' Counselor Josh Lerner from Bunk 5 got a ball. The final score was 10-4 Pittsfield. They played a great game. There is one great player on the Pi1tsfield Mets who is going pro some day. His" name is Fletcher Bates. It was a fun day!

Friday, July 14, 1995 Page 5

Tan 10 at Ianqlewood

Privileged Naoajos Vz,slt Nationally-Known Landmark ... By RYAN VASS

Navajo Zl

What a sight! Fifty-nine Camp MahKee-Nac Navajos took the opportunity to attend a classical music

concert for children at nearby Tanglewood, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, on July 9. Photo by Alex Chambers.

On Sunday, July 9, many N ava jo campers volunteered to see the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood. The concert started off with a song called the "Infernal Machine." It sounded like an automobile .. The second song was a whistling song. People in the song whistled a written tune from their seats, The third song was a great finale. It was the longest, the oldest and the best. It was called "Pictures at Exhilation."

The Navajos walked back from the concert with music on their minds. The concert, in my opinion, was awesomel

R· er sid A' F·' ,- p., ,-'1, F' . AlII

IVerS,} Ie: . ,un ar ~ : or '_II


chusetts, is about one hour away from Camp Mah-KeeNac. This amusement center consists of waterslides, shops androllercoasters. One of the more known rollercoasters there is the "Cyclone," which consists of ups and downs that makes the ride a favorite among the Cherokees ..

The park also has a log flume in case one should get hot and tired walking around. Speaking of walking, if one

should get tired of walking, there is a sky lift that takes a person from one side of the park to the other side with a view of the entire park.

There are also many games that you could win different prizes. Each of the Cherokees split into different groups so they could do what they wanted.

At the end of the trip, many of the kids bought souvenirs, candy and drinks .. Riv-

Wednesday=atrip day for Upper Seniors. On Wednesday, July 5, it was the day when the Cherokees went to the Riverside Amusement Park. The day started off with the usual donuts and hot chocolate breakfast. Then it was on the bus and off to the park.

Riverside Park, in the town of Springfield, Massa-

erside has a wide variety of shops, especially the allcandy store with almost every candy one can think of.

After four hours of funfilled games, rides and shops, it was time to go back to camp.

Riverside is a truly fun place to be, and a good excuse for getting away from camp.

Page 6 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

The July 4th Talen

By RORY LEVINE Cherokee33

The firework were as bright and as incredible as ever. They lit up the sky as nearl y all of camp watched. We were all very impressed with the quality of the fireworks. But that's not the only thing that lit up the dark blue sky.

Every year, for as long as anyone can rememeber, MahKee-Nac has held a talent show. This show is open to all campers and counselors and is an event that everyone looks forward to. This year

Belting out the tunes. Dan jackson performs "Dan's Clarinet Concerto," an ensemble of


pieces, at the 1995 Fourth of July Talent Show. Photo by Alex Chambers.

was no exception.

AllofMKN gathered for evening activity in the annual location: the fieldhouse. This year, a precendent was set. Out of the two co-hosts, only one was male. This year's hosts were the Drama Head Ferdinand Torres and the voice of WCM Jenny Bingmann. They brought a whole new look to this annualevent.

The evening started with the national anthem. This patriotic song was performed by the hosts Jenny and Ferdinand. They recieved a large applause for their impressive singing. The next act was Alex Feldman playing "The Entertainer". Alex certainly was the entertainer while playing the piece. Magic has always amused camp Mah-Kee-Nac. This year, Chris DuFault and Mark Schoenfeld were "Mystical and Magical" as they shuffled their way through a

, collection of tricks.

The music business was extremely busy . The performers included Dan Jackson with "Dan's Clarinet Concerto" and Andrew Horowitz with "Boogie Woogie." The performers weren't all musicians=they included people of all talents. An example of this is Michael Gorin, Jr. He used his Devils sticks to amaze the crowd. He was able to perform many tricks with them. The Kahane family brought their presence to the stage as Jake Kahane, Jr. played a

song on his violin. Max Leibowitz was another musician who used his musical talent to bewilder the crowd. He played a recorder song.

The entire evening wasn't just musicians. It included

some comedy routines. The firstof these was a very funny act entitled "The Human Vegamatic". This routine,

performed by Brad

Humphrey and Matt

Bednorz, brought laughs to


Friday, July 14, 1995 Page 7

t Show

Annual event showcases campers and counselors

let's party! An assembly of MahKee-Nac campers cheer for the opening of the July 4th Talent Show. The event was hosted by Drama Head Ferdinand Torres and WCM Head Jenny Bingmann. Photo by Alex Chambers.

all of MKN. What a laugh!

The next act was a MKN tradition and one well-waited for. Scott Brandwein, who is now a Seneca, has been playing and singing his way through many years here at

MKN. He has previously been performing someone else's music, but this year was an exception. His song, "Warn Bam B", was written by himself-both the lyrics and the music. His act was

waited for and was a big success. Another famous tradition is the singing Junior Camp Head Anthony Richards. This year,Anthony sang "Circle of Life" from thehitfiIm "The Lion King." He has previously sang songs from James Taylor, Marc Cohn and now Elton J ohn .. What an artist!

The evening ended in its

$49.95? $1'9.95? $9.951 No, it's free! Brad Humphrey stuffs Matt "The Human Veggie-Matic" Bednarz's face. This skit and "If I were not a counselor" were favorites among the campers. Photo by Afex Chambers.

usual format. Steve Rubin made his usual speech about what it means to be together as an entire camp, and we sang "Taps" together. The talent show was a success as always. All the performers were great. and the evening was enjoyed by all.

- - ----------

Page 8 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Competitive Swim Takes Kenmont Tournament


On Friday, July 7, the

Mah-Kee-Nac competitive

swim team went on their first

meet which took place at Camp Kenmont, The team has been preparing for this meet from the start of camp.

I am glad to say that the

team representing Mah- Kee-

N ac came in first place out of

four camps. The other teams were Greylock, Scatico and

Kenmont. We won most of

the freestyle, breaststroke

and butterfly, but we had

trouble in the backstroke


After the last morning fi-

nal, it started to rain. We

were hoping to continue af-

ter the rain bad passed, but

the weather had different

plans--the meet was eventu-

ally canceled. Mah - Kee-N ac

was in the lead at that point

and was therefore awarded

lust like a fish in water .. Swim instructor Rocky EuJo lifts Adam Kusovitsky .. All campers were required to take a swim instruction class to help hone their water skills .. Photo by Alex Chambers.

the victory trophy. In second stop at Friendly's, and the place, Kenmont was just 10 team got Fribbles.

points behind. On the way

Good job, swim team!

back, the team took a quick


Friday, July 14, 1995 Page 9

The winning team. Dana Rodriquez, Mike Metzger, Danny Frishman, Michael Reed, ER Borger, Seth Gaffney and counselor Jim Gardner were victorious at

the Upper Senior Tennis Tournament against Scatico on Thursday, July 6. Photo by Alex Chambers.

Mulligan Takes Charge Of Senior Soccer


Totem Why did you pick soccer here at Camp MahKee-Nac?

Mulligan Soccer is the greatest sport in the world, and Mah-Kee-Nac gives me the opportunity to coach some great kids. Totem How did you get started coaching? Mulligan I played soccer all my life and then had a couple of injuries that kept me from playing competitive soccer, so I decided that I would go into coachmg.

Totem How did you find out about Mah-Kee-Nac? Mulligan [Lower Senior Head Counselor] Greg Bloom and I worked together at Indiana University where he presented me with the idea about coaching at Mah-Kee-Nac, Totem What did you do before you started coaching soccer?

Mulligan I go to school and work in addition to coaching soccer.

Totem What do you do during the rest of the year? Mulligan I teach Spanish at Indiana University

where I'm also a graduate student. Tot e m What do you think about Camp Mah-KeeNac? Mulligan The best thing about Camp MahKee-Nac are the campers. Totem What do you think could be improved at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac? Mulligan Putting a "Friendly's" up on the soccer field.'S Pele. Soccer Head Robert Mulligan enters his second year at Camp MahKee-Nac. Mulligan also coaches and runs soccer clinics in Indiana where he is a graduate student at Indiana University. Photo by Alex Chambers.

Page 10 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

J u n i 0 r s

Mohicans Challenge Greylock At Intercamp

lost 24-' 0 and 14-' p. In baseball, Greylock led 5-0 before Mah-Kee-Nac had a big A-run hitting streak. However, the Mohicans just carne up short with 5-4. And that was the end of the fi rst half of the intercamp. At lunch! Greylock ate where the Iroquois usually eat because the Iroquois also had on intercamp with Greylock at therr camp. When they came in, everyone cheered for lhem. In the second half, MahKee-Nac fought herd in soccer, and they won both

On Wednesday, July 5, the Mohicans had an intercamp against Greylock. The first game of soccer was rough for Mah-Kee-Nac, they lest 7-0. However, in the second game of soccer, Mah-Kee-Nac was able to' held on to the lead and won 1-0. The only goal was scored by Derek Frankel. In the morninq for basketball, the Mehicans just couldn't hold onto the win. They

By BEN runs MohicanS

games 2-1 thanks to' coaches Mike Malloy and Jason (??). In basketball, Mah-Kee-Noc olso wen the first game. But in baseball, Mah-Kee-Nac was downed by the score of 19-0 in three innings. The pitchers Eric Mausner, Ben Tulis, Brett Goldberg and Josh Ludwig pitched greatJ but Greylock's hitting was toe goed for them.

But then to decide who won the intercamp was the final basketball game. If Mah-Kee-Nac wen this game, then itweuld be a tie.

IfGreylock won, then they would win it all. It was Greyleck 14, Mah-KeeNac 6 at the half. Then with one minute left it the game itwas 16-10. Then Jon 5pirak scored to make it 16- 12. Then Mah-KeeNac had some big chances but Greylock kept stealing it. So the Final score was 16-12.

Then all the Mohicans went back to their bunks and get rea.dy fer free swim. During all that, Greyleck left. Overall, it was a great day!

- - -

Friday,July 141 1995 Page 11

WCM RoclisMah-I{ee-Nac Airwaves

From the home office in Lenox, Massachusetts,


reasons why your candy disappears.

Here we go ...

10) You eat it

9) Bugs (not the rabbit)

8) a melts in your mouth, not in your hand 7)' Your bunkmates steal it

6) Your counselors eat it

5) Three meals a day just aren't enough 4) The Birthday Bird has a craving

3) You forget where you hid it

2) Greg Bloom has a sweet tooth

1) Danny brings it to an old-age home saving Chicklets are replacement dentures

By Gil Kruger, Navajo 24 Jesse Sackin, Navajo 2'5 Matt Weiler, Navajo 24

By BRIAN LINDE Cheyenne 33

ing rest hour.

I interviewed Jenny Bingmann, the head of WCM:

Totem Why did you come to Mah-Kee- Nac to run WCM? Bingmann Because I like working with kids and radio .. Totem How did you get involved with radio?

WCM is Camp MahKee-Nac's radio station. You can choose it as an activity. You usually can get a half an hour on the air. However, this is usually in a group of three orfour people. You can DJ or host a talk show. The

This is WCM 640AM coming to YOIl from Camp Mah-Kee-Nac ... Navajo Aaron Nessel and Navajo David Gimbel are to of the many campers who OJ for WCM. WCM students not only get the opportunity to do live music sets and talk shows, but also prerecorded commercials and projects. Photo by Lee Bressler.

radio station is on 640AM... Bingmann I was involved Because it is not a powerful with choir throughout high radio station, it can only be school, and I wanted to be a heard in certain areas of the singer, but Ichose something campus. If you do a good job more stable. I also wanted to on the air, you can get a show stay in the entertainment busiduring rest hour. During rest ness,

hour, you get longer shows. Totem What job is the most Also, there are certain songs important thing about radio? which cannot be played too Jenny They are all imp oroften that can be played dur- tant, but very different.

The 19

Po e

- ee- oc Totem

By Jacob Levin:

By Ben Brucker

:: f4ise aM ~h'

__ II/e

. catnptf1$!

By Gilly Kruge

. JJAtt ~

By Jacob Levir



Volume 59, Issue 4

MKN counselors take on Harlem Wiza.rds. Page 3 Long-anticipated Parents' Weekend finally arrives. Page 6

MBA action heats up in Junior Camp. Page 9

July 22, 1995

~ah-Kee-Nac Welcomes Parents With Open Arms

By DAVID KWITMAN Cheyenne 33

Welcome to Mah-Kee-Nac! Camp Owner and Director Danny Metzger chats with Danny Frishman and his parents. Many families drove into the Berks hire area before visiting weekend to get a headstart on the planned activities, but were met instead by an early morning storm on the first Visiting Day forcing many families to spend their visiting time off campus.Photo by A/ex Chambers.

My visiting day started the same as many other campers here at Mah-Kee-Nac, Within seconds of getting up, I was boarding up the windows and holding the door shut to keep out the torrential storm that hit early Saturday morning. After fourteenminutes of pouring rain and howling wind, we were sent to breakfast in our raingear.

With an of the facilities on camp soaked and the camp without electricity because of a downed tree, Danny permitted us to go out of camp for the day with our parents. Here at camp, we had indoor games and activities in the morning and a regular schedule in the afternoon.

More on the positive side, Danny invited all of the parents back for a second day of visiting, S unda y. Tins day ran normally and on schedule. All the parents were impressed with. the facilities and how clean the bunks were .. During the day, rockets were launched and soccer balls were shot. The sight at the waterfront was of skier coming around the lake and sailors trying to flip over in front

continued on Page 6

Page 2 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

BreH Kaye, Apache

Totem What do you like best about camp? Kaye Ropes.

Totem Who is your favorite counselor? Kaye Josh Cohen.

Totem What is your favorite sport in camp? Kaye Basketball.

Totem WhatdoyoulikebestaboutbasketbaJJ?

Kaye Scrimmaging.

Totem Are you having fun at camp? Kaye Yes, a lot.

Totem How do you like your bunk this year?

Kaye All my bunkmates are being nice to me. I like them. Totem Are you doing any waterskiing and other things at the lake?

Kaye Yes, I went waterskiing yesterday.

Pablo Isales, Seneca Baseball

Totem How many years have you been at Mah-Kee-Nac?

lscles This is my second year. Totem Where are you from?

Isales Originally, I'm from Puerto Rico. Now, I live in Florida where J've been for the past eleven years.

Totem Do you go to school? Where?

Isales I go to the University of Florida--home of the Fighting Gofers.

Totem Why did you decide to come to Mah-Kee-Nac? Isales The kids.

Totem Who is your favorite music group? Isales None in particular.

Totem What is your favorite camp meal? Isales The stir fry.

Totem Describe your bunk here at camp. Isaleslt's phat.



6 Hawthorne Road

Lenox, Massachusetts 01240 413/637-0781





WINTER OFFICE Camp Mah-Kee-Nac 190 Linden Avenue

Glen Ridge, New Jersey 0'7028 20 I /429-8522


The Totem is the weekly journal of Camp MahKee-Nac, a summer camp for boys located in Lenox, Massachusetts. The Totem is printed by Quality Publishing Company of Pittsfield, Massachusetts_

All stories reproduced in The Totem were written completely by Camp Mah-Kee-Nac students. All artwork reproduced in The Totem was drawn by Camp MahKee-Nac students. General body text is set in Times 12pt, caption text is Optima 9pt, headline text is Bodoni 36pt or Bodoni 72pt, and sidebar text is Futura 12pt

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Corrections from 7/14/95: P1, P6, P7, Ferdinand Torres should be spelled Torrez; P2, Gordon Read is Cheyenne 34; P6, Rory Levine is Cherokee 38.

, Saturday, July 22, 1995 Page 3

game! MahKee-Nac counselors

from the Juniors, Lower Seniors and Upper Seniors took on the visiting Harlem Wizards Basketball Team on Sunday, July 16. Photos by Alex Chambers.

Harlem Wizards Kick Counselors' @#$%s

By RYAN SLOANE Cherokee 35

After a long rainy wait, ten periods of activities and a very special goodbye, Camp Mah - Kee-N ac was fortunate enough to see a more entertaining show than watching Jim Gardner get yet another pie in the face (sorry again, Jim): the Harlem Wizards Basketball Team versus the Camp Mah-Kee-Nac counselors.

At the end of the first half, the score was 19-62 (try and guess which is which). The wizards did manage to put on a heck of a half-time

show. Al Resiman was the played college ball for one lucky little camper who won year and has been with the the "magical" Harlem Wiz- Wizards for about two. Beards T-shirt. At the half, the lieve it or not, "Lady Magic" Wizards felt bad, so they is a psychologist, and the only evened the score to 62-62. It helpful hint she has for kids did Mah- Kee- N ae no good who want to play professional because the Wizards everrtu- ball is to stay away from teleally won 100-78. Congraru- vision, video games and to lations to Smiley and Brad start with the basics ...

Humphrey. The "Elevator Man" has

We were fortunate been with the Wizards for enough to get a profile of four years .. He enjoys going some of the players who around the world with the played that night. "Lady team and having fun. His tip Magic" Sandi, the first and for kids who want to play only female Harlem Wizard, basketball is to stay in school attended the University of .and stay away from drugs.

Missouri for four years, And the newest Harlem

Wizard is 6'9" "Big Jack" Curtis. While attending DuPaul College for five years, he played college basketball for each of the five years. His tip is to start with the basics .. He believes the only way to get good in the sport is to practice .. Start with the basics and work your way up from there.

Hey kids, you can join the Harlem Wizards Fan Club by writing to this address:

Harlem Wizards Entertainment Basketball, Inc., PO Box 7264, North Bergen, NJ 07047.

Page 4 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

----- --------------

First Visiting Day Ends With Danbee I

By RORY LEVINE Cherokee 38

Parent Visiting Days

were great. People visited

with their parents and even I

got to leave camp. During

these two extraordinary days,

great evening activities are

always planned. There is the traditional Sunday night

Harlem Wizards game. This

year, Saturday was also great-

-the Mah-Kee-Nac boys got together with the girls from

sister camp Danbee for an

exceptional evening.



How did they do that? Junior and Lower Senior campers went to sister camp Danbee to enjoy a magic show performed by Illusionist Lynn and her assistant Mark on Saturday, July 15. Photo by Alex Chambers.

very cool," basketball instruc- Danc:ing wasn't the onl y event

"It's a great way to both

The Juniors and Lower tor Bob Fetheroff said.

keeping this social busy. bave fun and keep your mind

Seniors, along with little

The Upper Seniors, Games of basketball, tennis off your parents," Joey

brothers who were sleeping which consisted mainly of and volleyball also sprung Fabiani explained.

over, went to Danbee for a Cherokees because the up.

The next day, Sunday,

magic show .. Illusionist Lynn Algonquins and Senecas

"It was fun because you was another great Visiting

and her assistant Mark baffled were out. of camp, had a big didn't just have to dance," Day with the Harlem Wiz-

the co-ed campers.

social irithe Game Room and Mark Berenson said.

ards closing out the festivi-

"It was amazing and fun," outer fields... The boys Besides the fun, these ties that night. It was great

Craig Rowin said of the show. mingled, danced and hung special post-Visiting Day night for all.

"Some of the tricks were out with the lovely ladies. events were also well-timed.

Saturday, July 22, 1995 Page 5

Cheyennes Make A Splash At Mt. Tom

By BRIAN LINDE Cheyenne 33

Navajos Host Social

The center of attention. Seneca Matt Fogel mingles with a group of Danbee ladies. The Senecas and the Algonquins had the privelege of hosting the very first Mah-KeeNac/Danbee social of the summer. Photo by Alex Chambers.


with a girl. The social had all

Well, what a time the different kinds of music with

Navajos had atthe social with all different kinds of dances.

Danbee Monday, July 10. It ended with juice and cook-

With a great DJ and the per- ies. Then we said goodbye to feet setting, almost every all the girls, waiting patiently Navajo was found dancing for the next social.

On Wednesday July 12, the Cheyennes went on a trip to Mt. Tom. It took about an

hour and a half to get there. When we got there, we ate lunch. Then we were given money, and we were allowed to go wherever we wanted to go. Mt. Tom has fOUT waterslides and a wave pool.

The wave pool was up to six feet deep. The wave pool had the waves turned on and

off. The first two slides were

not covered, and you did not need a tube. One slide had a

pump to make you go faster at the beginning but was slow at the end. The other had no pump but was better all around.

The other two slides were

covered and you needed a tube to ride on them. One of them

had a lot of curves and did not

go straight down. The other one had two long drops.

Overall, the trip was okay but you cannever have enough rides!


Page 6 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Campers welcome family and friends to Par e n t Mah-Kee-Nac family

continued from Page 1

of their parents. Many parents found the time fora quickdip in the pool during rest hour. At the end of the day, everyone went up to the tent to enjoy some cookies and juice, then campers walked their parents up the hill and watched them drive away.

While the parents were here, the Totem took a poll of what activities parents thought their kids liked the most. The number one answer (drum roll please) was water skiing. Congratulations to the Ski Staff. That's it for Mah-Kee-Nac Visiting 1995.. See you in five weeks!

Saturday, July 22, 1995 Page 7

V· siting Weel{end


Cherokee 38

The weekend that parents and campers alike look forward to has come and gone. Let's take a look back, shall we?

Parent Visiting Weekend started off with a bang, but not the right kind. A huge storm hi t the B erksh ires early Saturday morning, and Camp Mah-Kee-Nac took a blow. So rather than have everybody do rainy day activities, parents were allowed to take their children out until 4.:30pm and come back the next day for more visiting.

Most parents took advantage of this option. However, later on Saturday, the weather took a tum for the better, so regularly scheduled activities for campers were available as welL The Berkshire Mall was a Mah- Kee-Nac hot spot that day. Campers could be found in nearly every store.

While this was going on, counselors

and program


were work-

ing as fast as they could to get the fields ready for activities. That work turned

outto be well

visit their children on Sunday. The people whose parents weren't here on Saturday were allowed off of campus until 4:30pm, but the majority of campers were attenclingto their regular schedules.

All day long, parents were treated as thei r kids perfanned to their best abilities in all activitie . Lunch under the infamous Visiting Day tent was as usuaL Parents had to try to keep up their children who scampered around all day. Finally, to top it off everyone was invited for cookies and iced tea under the tent to close out the day.

There were some teary good-byes, but all were erased as the Harlem Wizards put on their show on Sunday night For some, the countdown continues until they can see their parents again. For others, camp is

worthwhile as activities resumed ..

So after a day out on Saturday, most parents returned to

back to normal, All in all, visiting weekend was a success, and we can only hope for the same next summer.


Page 8 The 1 995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem


Navajos Visit Major Amusement Park


Navajo 21


Thoughts On Danny

By BRYAN ASSAEL Iroquois 9

Danny Metzger the owner of Mah-Kee-Nac, is a nice guy. He is a kid in his own woy. Even if you are in trouble, Danny never ye.lls but straightens you oul, He spends as much time with all the kids in Mah-Kee-Nac cs he can. Here are some opinions about Danny:

III like Danny because hewill play with you and heownso cool camp. He has a good sense of humor. He knows how to be with kids. He had ogood choice of birthdays." Corey Cummins said.

111 think that Danny's work over the years reaUy shows strong in the camp. His dedication and enthusiasm makes the Mah-Kee-Nac experience most enjoyable," drama counselor ferdinand Torrez said,

"He gives you free time, and, during camp, the sports are great and

everything is great. II

"He hos CI good sense of humor. .. 1 think, and his moin concern is the enfoymentofoil the cornpers. He can always find time for the kids to make sure they are having the best times of their Jives," head [unior bosketbalf coach Brad Humphrey said.

111 think he's 0 great guy. He owns agr':6C1t camp. He is really nice. He also has an awesome doq," Josh Toperoff soid.

"Danny is a great man. His main concern at camp is the kid's safety and enjoyment. He always seems to make campers smile and I like thata lot, II baseball counselor Jon Bloom said.

And here is myopinion:

He is n~ice/, has a great sense of humor, loves kids ' and, while kids ere at camp, hewcmfs us toth~nk he is our real fother.

Cheyennes Meet Mets

By AL.EX FELDMAN Cheyenne 33

On Wednesday, July 12, the Navajos went to Riverside Park, home of the nationally-known Cyclone roller coaster. The park is located in Springfield, Massachusetts, right near the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Campers split up into different walking groups, each armed with $5 spendingcash .. There were enough different roller coaster rides and water rides to last for two days. A couple favorites were the Cyclone, Black Widow and Thunderbolt. The Black Widow went upside down, while the Cyclone and Thunderbolt zoomed down steep

tracks and made people float out of their seats.

As for the water rides, the Pipeline and the Water Rapids were favorites.

"It was a very fun and exciting park," Navajo Ben Brucker said. Indeed, it was.

There were not only rides, however, but there were also shops, skylines, monorails and restaurants to visit as well. There was even a bungee fall, but it cost $120. They had a Gravitron that whirled in a stationary circle, and the fl oar dropped w hile you stuck to the wall.

The park was fun--one of the many things planned ahead of us for the future.

-which were frequent stops between innings.

As for the game ...

The visiting Cardinals scored two runs in the top of the first, but the Mets came back in the bottom of the first to score four runs, The game went back and forth between the two teams. After eight and a half innings of 'baseball,' the game ended with the Mets on top 7-4.

Wahconah Park, north of downtown Pittsfield, was where the Cheyennes visited on Friday, July 14. Mr. Met, the Pittsfield Mets' mascot, greeted us at the gate, and we

, were ushered into the upper bleachers to watch the game against the New Jersey Cardinals. The major attractions at the game were the concession stand and the bathroom-

Saturday, July 22, 1995 Page 9

MBA Action Heats Up In Junior Camp


Come on, you can do it.

Junior Basketball

instructor Bob Fetheroff comforts junior basketball player John Gold.

What a great defender! Junior Basketball

instructor Eric Patterson is defended by (or is defending?) Apache Matt Kahane. Photos by A/ex Chambers.

Cherokee 38

Yes, it's that time of yea again. No, the Mets aren't in ( pennantrace, It' the Third An nual Junior 3-on-3 Basketbal Tournament This year titled as th~ MBA (Mah Kee-Na< Basketbal Association) the league tournament i: b e c o m i n g more popular than ever.

The teams have been di vided into two conferences the West and the East. Then is no interconference play There are four rounds 0: league play. The final league standings determine positioning for the playoffs. All teams make the playoffs ..

In the Western Confer ence, after six games, the Suns and Sonics are tied fOJ the lead with 5-1 records. The Lakers are next in line with ( record of 4-2.

Over in the Ea t, after so games, the Celtics remain un defeated at 6-0. The Bulls have taken over second place with, 5-1 record. The Hornets anc Hawks are even at 4-2.

The MBA is run by the Junior Basketball prograrr staff and legendary referee Mike Malloy. There will b€ an All-Star Game at the em of the season. 1£ you heal rims rocking in Junior Camp you'll know that the MBA i~

running strong,

Page 10 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Hole In One For Mah-Kee-Nac Golf Program

By ALEX GOLDBERG country clubs? Totem What are the trips

Navajo 22 Viergutz It is a reward and like?

Mah-Kee-NacGolfcame also it is a test for their abili- Kraus It is interesting and

into the 1995 season swing- ties. very cool.

ing--literally. To l~am more Totem What golf course do Totem What do you think

about the you usually play at? the golfprogramhere at Mah-

program, the Kraus Egremont. Kee-Nac is like?

Totem talked Totem What is the course Viergutz It involves skills

to golf in- like? and competition.

structor Matt Kraus It is beautiful on most Totem What do you think Viergutz and of the holes. can be improved with the Navajo Matt Totem How do you feel Mah-Kee-Nac golfprogram?

Kraus. about being the youngestper- Kraus I think they should Totem Why son at the course? make the golf course bigger do some Kraus I felt lucky to get to and make the putting green's

campers go go with a lot of older kids. It grass real. to real golf also felt cool that I was the

courses at youngest one there.

Hole in onel Matt Weiss attempts to sink a putt on the Mah-Kee-Nac putting green ..

The new green was just one of a number of facilities which were added in 1995. Photo by Alex Chambers.

Let the Good Times Roll!

Mah-I{ee-Nac Cycling Up On The Go


Cycling is one of the more

challenging sports at Mah-

Kee-Nac. Each day there are more challenging rides than

the day before. It is always

fun though because of the

friendly counselors that run

this program. They are Andy Bikofsky, Mike Sainz, and

Mark Kuropatwa.

Off the front. Cycling instructors Andy Bikofsky and Mike Sainz lead Upper Seniors on a ride out of camp. During the summer, Camp MahKee-Nac purchased a new fleet of mountain bikes for both camper and counselor use. Photo by Ryan Sloane.

the Upper Seniors, but for it's worth the wait.

This program is only for Juniors and Lower Seniors,

trip, the campers will go to

Lenox, Stockbridge or Great


At the end of the year,

more advanced campers will

go on a special trip through the three states of New York,

Verrnont and Massachusetts.

This trip consists of 150 miles

of bicycling.

Cycling is a tough pro-

Some day on the cycling gram, but it is sure fun.

Saturday, July 22, 1995 Page 11 I

Apollo 13 Blasts Off At Local Theaters

Jy AL:EX FELDMAN =heyenne 33

you're helpless and alone. Into a galaxy where a single problem can be deadly. That's how director Ron Howard made me feel when Iwatched Apollo 13. Based on the true

Imagine yourself shootng through the atmosphere nto a deep dark galaxy called .pace. Into a galaxy where

From the home office in Lenox, Massachusetts,

things counselors do after dark.

Here we go ...

10) 9)

Throw a party at WCM

Raid the fridge in the dining hall and eat all the good food

Hop the fence to Tanglewood and try to get through the maze

Dress up sleeping campers as favorite literary characters

Launch rockets



6) 5) Row across the lake to Madonna's 4) Switch graves in the graveyard

3) Play with all the campers' toys

2) Fingerpaint in the art shack

1) Synchronized swimming in the pool

By Alex Feldman, Cheyenne 33 Jenny Bingmann, WCM

story of the thirteenth Apollo mission which is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. The movie portrays astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Raise and rookie Jack Swigert, as their "routine" mission to the moon tums into a disaster. Two days into the mission, an explosion in the oxygen tanks sends oxygen leaking out of the ship .. With a lack of oxygen and the level of carbon dioxide


Steales special effects help the movie make its point: "never give up."

Towards the end of the movie, minutes seems to go by as you wait for something exciting to happen. Long scenes seem to fill in space .. These scenes make the movie a very long two hours and fifteen minutes.

Otherwise the movie seemed to have its fill of ac-

rising quickly, the moon mis- tion and suspense. Apollo 13 sionis quicklyabandonedand is rated PG, and I recornis turned into a mission of mend it.

MKN Shoots A Bullseye


Behind the pool lies the Senior Riflery Range. Last year, when I was a Mohican, I thought the junior range i

was hard, but now what a challenge!

Moshe, the head di-

Championship which consists of the top shooters at camp.

I think riflery is a great activity to have for someone

rector at Riflery, was

I an officer from Israel who learned to be a pro at riflery. There is onetournamentheldwhich who likes to concentrate and is called the Mah-Kee-Nac have fun.

What a shot! Mah-Kee-Nac campers shoot on the Senior Riflery Range .. Using a point system on the targets, campers were able to gauge their progress after each practice session. Photo by Spencer Shere/.

Page 12 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem I


By Jacob Levine

M>'OU ~R "~~~e~. ~~.~~I II \J~ '?\.ti\\ \.~b 't C> r;:,€.<st~o i (~I( . .. ~G \)\ ~. ~\} '\ \-'t'B

tnP\'.t\1 ~l"~ btl ()N~ \"q~~6 ...

: ~-- - -


... ~-


Your idea of saying, "Can I see the ball?"

My idea of saying, "Can I see the ball?"


_1- __ .. _

Campers make a run for the money.. Page 3

MKN Games 3: The Finale.

Page 4

Jon Kahane returns to lead Senior Tennis. Page 7


Mah-I{ee-Nac Brings Home Berkshire Cup

By ROBERT SHAPI RO Cherokee 36

On Monday, July 17, eight campers from MahKee-Nac went to Camp Watitoh to participate in the 1995 Berkshire Cup Regatta. These eight campers were Jon Cedar, Harris Brown, Yale Klat, Robert Shapiro, Mike Brawer, Mitch Reisman, Dan Jackson and Zack Cooper.

There were ten camps in total that raced. For each race,

each camp had two boats race with two people on each boat

The weather and winds were good for the first race and so was Mah-Kee-Nac's positioning. Our team came in second and fourth in the first race to give them 26 points. Only Camp Lenox was ahead by the margin of one-fourth of a point.

Things turned around in the second race. Mah-KeeN ac took first and third while

Lenox took second. The score was now 62-1/4 points to 58- 1/4 with Mah-Kee-Nacin the lead. Host Watitoh was in third.

The last race, the wind died down and the last race would decide everything. Thirty minutes into the race, Mah-Kee-Nac's Jon Cedar and Yale Klat took first position while Harris Brown and Mitch Reisman took second. At this moment, the team led

by James Hart and Marcin Grodek knew the next Berkshire Cup would be on MahKee-Nac's very own lake in 1996.

After the race, there was a ceremony for the trophies. Mah- Kee- N ac took eighttrophies home and a total of96- 1/2 points while Lenox took only two trophies with 89-1/ 4 points.

It was definitely a good day for the Sailing Team ..

Page 2 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Josh Levine/ Apache 14

Totem Who i.s your Favorite counselor? Levine My favorite counselor IS Brian Heath because he is very nice to me. Totem What is your favorite activity? Levine My favorite' activity is baseballl because you I'earn a lot.

Totem What is your favorite meal? Levine My favorite meal is pizza and


Totem How many years have you been here at camp? Levine W'ell, this is my first year staying oll summer at camp, my second year as an Apache, and my fourth year here at camp. You know my Dad is camp doctor!

Totem Where do you live?

,Levine West Nyack, New York,

Totem How old are you?

Levine I am seven years old.

Totem Who is your favorite superhero? Levine My favorite superhero is Batman.


Counselor of the Week

David McGrath/ Cheyenne 33 Hockey

Totem How many years haveyou been at Mah-Kee-Nac? McGrath This is my first year.

Totem What do you teach?

McGrath First period I have hockey. Third period I have hockey, hut fourth period I have hockey, There's a big change fifth period: I have hockey.

Totem Why did you come to Mah-Kee-Nac?

McGrath Because every time I see a kid smile, it's worth a million dollars.

Totem Where do you go to college? McGrath Boston Colleqe,

Totem /fyou could change anything aboutMah-Kee-Nac, what would you change?

McGrath Danbee social's every night. Totem What is your .favorlte music group? McGrath Extreme.

Totem If you could be any hockey player, who wouldyou be?

McGrath I would be Blaine Lacher.


6 Hawthorne Road

Lenox, Massachusetts 01240 413/637-0781










Cherokee BRIAN ZELLER Photography Adviser ALEX CHA!VIBERS Assistant Adviser DOUGLAS SANKEY Adviser FRANK. NGUYEN

WINTER OFFICE Camp Mah-Kee-Nac 190 Linden Avenue

Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028 201/429-8522


The Totem is the weekly journal of Camp MahKee-Nac, a summer camp for boys located ill Lenox, Massachusetts. The Totem is printed by Quality Publishing Company of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

All stories reproduced ill The Totem were written completely by Camp Mah-Kee-Nac students. All artwork reproduced in The Totem was drawn by Camp MahKee-Nac students. General body text is set in Times 12pt, caption text is Optima sot, headline text is Bodoni 36ptor Bodoni 72pt, and sidebar text is Futura 12pt.

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Photography was produced by Camp Mah-KeeNac students and staff under the direction of the Photography Adviser.

Corrections from 7/22/95: P3, Harlem Wizards interview by Ryan Sloane, Harlem Wizards story compiled by Mark Berenson.

Saturday, July 29, 1995 Page 3

Run, Forrest, tun! Eleven campers and five counselors participated in Matty's Run, a 5K CrossCountry Race and l-rnile Fun Run put 011 to benefit the Berkshire Special Olympics, on Friday, July 21. Photos by Mike Dale.

Campers Run In Cross-Country Race

By RORY LEVINE Cherokee 38

"Run, Forrest, Ru:n! " And that's just what eleven young runners and five counselors did. On Friday, July 21, these athletes participated in "Matty's Run," a cross-country race at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield. This run's proceeds went to benefit the Berkshire Special Olympics.

These runners went to dirmer right after fifth period, met atthe Kruger Lodge and drove to the race ready to run. The run was a5K (equal t03.1 miles) race .. Now, this was no easy course. You had

to be ready to climb hills, jump streams and leap logs. This was no baby jog! In order to make it through the run, compasses, flashlights, or anything else needed to help were allowed ..

As usual, Mah-Kee-Nac was extremely well represented and did very well. Seneca Yale KIa! was the first Mah-Kee-Nac finisher. He ran the race in 22 minutes and placed third in his age group (which was 14 and under). Yale won a commemorative mug for finishing third in his age group. Congratulations, Yale!

All runners who entered

this race should be commended, Campers that ran were Michael Lewis, Andrew Horowitz (NY), And r e w Horowitz (NJ)., Troy Goldberg, Brian Nunez, Yale Klat, Lee Goldblat, Adam Goldberg (NY), Grant Greenberg, Brett Kassel, and Anthony Libecci, Rocky Eulo, Chris Pesce, Jonathan. Berry, Don Smith, and Troy Vaughn were the counselors that ran.

Says Brett Kassel of the race, "It was a challenging course, but a very good expe-

rience. I had a lot of fun running."

If you are interested in running, you can sign up for jogging if you a Junior or Lower Senior and Fitness if you are a Upper Senior.


Page 4 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem


The tradition came to a close on Sunday, July 23, as the Mah-Kee-Nac Games went into their final week. The action had heated up in the week before when White took a 90- point lead. However, 1200 points (400 per campus) were at stake in the third week.

Everybody in camp ate dinner early that day to get ready for the games, When everything finally got started, the two teams started fighting it out with all of their might In events such as soccer, tennis, archery, basketball, volleyball, one pitch and hockey, Green and White butted heads to come out on top with the sweet taste of victory.

Whenallofthe games were done, aU campers and counselors assembled in thefieldhouse for the focus event. First, the Mohicans from each team pulled flags from their opposing jesters' belts and traded them in for letters to spell a word, After their word was finished, the Cheyennes had to toss tennis balls into their general's coned hat They then got letters and spelled out a word. Both words together


The Green Machine lives on! Green Generals Jim Gardner, Tony Owens and Josh Manton stand united desp ite Green' 5 loss in the final Focus Event.

The White not only got the privilege of giving the generals consolation pies for the night's event, but also were rewarded with

the overall victory in the 1995 Mah-KeeNac Gaines.

Photos by Frank Nguyen.

The Grand

Saturday, July 29, 1995 Page 5

l ~ , ina I e Green tries to overthrow White in last round

The thrill of victory. .. The White Lightning celebrate after learning of their overall victory over the Green in the 1995 Mah-Kee-Nac Games. After three rounds of competition, the final score was 1450-1250 .. Photo by Frank Nguyen.

Making breakfast? Not quit.e. Seneca Jordan Kaplan digs into a bucket of oatmeal to pass onto his White teammates. The final part of the Focus Event involved passing chocolate pudding and oatmeal among a line of Senecas. Photo by Frank Nguyen.

spelledout, "TripleJeopardy," which was the state which the generals were in that night.

Then came the fun part, The Senecas had to first pull a stocking full of chocolate pudding through their clothes .. When that was done, they had to pass oatmeal back to fill up a coffee can. It was a sight! White finished first, and their generals, Dave White, Evan Fuchs and Pablo Isales, shoved

crearny white pies inrothefaces of the Green generals, Josh Manton, Tony Owens and Jim Gardner.

Afterwards, the scores were announced. By a score of 1450to 1250,thewinnerwas ... WHITE! The campus went crazy and started yelling and screaming. All in all.the MahKee-Nac Games were a success and we can only hope for the same next year.

Page 6 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Strike Zone: Navajos Challenge The Cove


On the night of Friday, July 21, the Navajos went I

to the best to place to have fun: the Cove. You can do bowling or miniature golf. I had the most fun bowling with my friends. There also was a small video arcade and refreshment stand.

At the end, we departed from the Cove on a school bus talking about how much fun wehad. The nextmoming, the best scores for bowling and golf were announced.

The winning putt. Steven Gardner was one of the many Navajos who spent an evening playing miniature golf and bowling at the Cove on Friday, July 21.

Photos by _

Frank Nguyen. ;;"'dI".iiI.II!!!~_ ••

Go Grease Lightning!

By ALEX FELDMAN Cheyenne 33

Last year it was "Joseph."

This year, it's "Grease." The play between Mah-Kee-Nac and Camp Belvoir that is .. The play is based on the Broadway smash which has starred many different famous people such as Brooke Shields, lady Fisher, Rosie O'Donnell and Jon Secada.

Fourteen different Navajos and Cheyennes volunteered to be in the play along with two veterans from last year, Evan Shyer and myself. This version of the play

is shortened but still has the same excitement as the original Broadway performance ...

The fourteen lower seniors who participate in the play are sent to Belvoir every Monday and Friday to practice the play. Brice, the director of the play, helps make practices more enjoyable by playing different theater games that help us with our coordination and our acting.

"Grease" will be performed on Saturday, July 29. All lower seniors will be attending a performance of the play.

- - --




On the nineteenth of July, the Iroquois went to Sturbridge. Sturbridge is a village from the 1800s, and it is a colonial village. We saw a sculptor that mode over five thousand pots. The man let me make a pot. It was fun. After that we saw machines moving really fast. It was cool. We also saw a horse moving reany fast about 20 miles per hour. We then bought a lot of junk From the gift shop.

On the way home to camp we stopped at "Friendly's" and got Fribbles. Thaf was the best part of the trip.

Saturday, July 29, 1995 Page 7

"Big Daddy" Kahane Brings Life To Senior Tennis


tennis, playing game after game. At Camp Mah-KeeN ac, tennis is often overlooked, but it is definitely worth acknowledgement.

In his fourth glorious year, Jon "Big Daddy"

Tennis is a lifetime sport.

It presents a challenge that involves constant thinking and planning. People of all ages can enjoy the game of

From the home office in Lenox, Massachusetts,


most embarassing things that could happen to you at camp.

Here we go ...

10) Having your counselors make your bed for you

on the basketball court while you're still in it

9) Breaking out in zits right before a social 8) Working for The Totem

7) Your pants being pulled down in the cafeteria 6) Dropping the trays in the cafeteria

5) Having gas at a social

4) Living with Andy Saperstein 3) Working for The Totem

2) Your Grandma calling you her+little dumpling"

1) Being called the son-in-law of Greg and Tony Bloom

By Gil Kruger, Navajo 24 Jessie Sackin, Navajo 25

Kahane is in charge of Senior Tennis. Jon is a licensed psychologist in the off-season, and his presence is felt way beyond the confines of the tennis courts. From dying quails to his wonderful hat with flaps, Kahane has proven himself to be among the Mah-KeeNac elite.

Jon's tennis experience began back when he played #1 in singles at Clark University from 1962-1966. He was the captain in his senior year back in the days when they used wooden racquets that had one string across and one string down and there were no tiebreakers. Jon then moved on to play in local tournaments here in New England in which he did exceptionally well. Afterwards, he became the head pro at an adult tenniscampinNew England. He worked as a pro for a decade before moving on to coaching a high school varsity team and teaching ..

Jon says he comes back each year because "hope

springs eternal that my staff and I can significantly raise the level of play here at MKN." His goa] is to help as many people as possible enjoy and appreciate the game of tennis.

This is how you do it ... Jon Kahane shows Derrick Green the correct way to return with a forehand volley at the net.


returned to camp for his fourth season on the MahKee-Nac tennis courts. Photo by Malt Aptekate.

One of Kahane's most recognizable traits is the lectures he gives at the beginning of every class. His repertoire includes such famous speeches as: the wonderful "sultan" lecture, the "wimpleton-Wimbledon" lecture, and the early, sharp, and crisp radish. Jon also runs a day of the cup competition and a day of triples.

All in all , Jon Kahane does a superb job of teaching a sport that is definitely not easy to teach. As Jon once said, "tennis has been very very good to me."

Page 8 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem


By Jacob Levine

.,.._.,...---.._..,,~ .......

\II \ "t\-\ ,,~ IE . . . . (. \!\'i\t' \.J \ L L I

. 14' ~;: ON L\1TLe . \'t~\J~I\ t"\€~l lr't,,:t

l.\o..\)\t),,-e\nROc,e.N_. - .. '\'\'\I!i W\LL. 't\J€\le~ !

I ~e%(\ __ ~

By Brian Hathhun



• Annual carnival brings booths, games and excitement. Page 4 Upper Seniors venture to Jiminy Peak for Champion's Cup. Page 7


Mah-I{ee-N ac Turns Into Giant Midway

By ALEX FELDMAN Cheyenne 33

Despite the many things that change here at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, year to year one thing always remains the same: CARNIVAL!

Last year, it was great.

This year, it was even better! Some of the newest additions to Carnival] 995 were

the Velcro Olympics, an ob- There were also some restacle course where you try turning favorites from last to beat an opponent while year: a surfing simulator, a wearing a velcro suit; Air moon bounce and the allJousting, an event in which time favorite Bungee Run. you joust an opponent unti1 At the food court, one of you falls off the joust- McDonald's seemed to be a ing platform; and the big hit.

Spaceball, where you're TokickoffCamival this strapped in a seat aii,i;!.'spun . year was the Pittsfield Eagles around inside a ball .. 'AI Marching Band who opened

the midway with tht Apaches. Each bunk's bootl seemed to have creative ideas.

Carnival every year turn. out to be a big success. Thi: year was no exception. So a the end of the day, everyone was exhausted and happytwo signs of a very successful Carnival.


Page 2 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Cam er of the Week

Jonathan Lerner, Navajo 25

Totem How many years have you been coming to MahKee-Nac?

Lerner This is my third year.

Totem What is your favorite activity at camp? Lerner Basketball.

Totem Who are your favorite music groups? Lerner Offspring and Nirvana.

Totem Are your brothers insane?

Lerner No, they are very cool guys.

Totem What is your favorite meal at camp?

Lerner My favorite food is everything even though the meatloaf is a ,little nasty.

Totem If you were a basketball player, who would you be? Lerner I would be Michael IIAirli Jordan because he is amazmg.

Steve Gorten, Navajo 21 Tennis

Totem How many years have you been at Mah-Kee-Nac?

Gorten This is my first year. Totem Where are you from?

Gorten The Swamp: the University of Florido where the partying never ends. Totem Why did you want to come to Mah-


Gorten I wanted to help kids improve in tennis and to experience camp Ilife.

Totem What is your favorite thing to do at Mah-Kee-Nac? Gorten Kayaking.

Totem What is your favorite type of music? Which groups?

Gorten Grind music. Boys 2 Men and 69 Boys. Totem Who is your favorite camper?

Gorten The eleven awesome Navajos in bunk 25. Totem Well it has been a great time talking with you. Are you ready to be publicly embarassed by The Totem?' Gorten Sure, why not.



6 Hawthorne Road

Lenox, Massachusetts 01240 413/637-0781




Navajo BREll' HORNBY











Cherokee BRIA ZELLER Photegraphy Adviser CRICKET SAUREL Assistant Adviser DOUGLAS SANKEY Adviser FRANK NGUYEN

WINTER OFFICE Camp Mah-Kee-Nac 190 Linden Avenue

Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028 201/429-8522


The Totem is the weekly journal of Camp Mah-Kee Nac, a summer camp for boys located in Lenox Massachusetts. The Totem is printed by Quality Printin:

Company of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

All stories reproduced in The Totem were writte: completely by Camp Mah-Kee-Nac students. All artwor reproduced in The Totem was drawn by Camp Mah-Kee Nac students. Genera I body text is set in Times Up' caption text is Optima 9pt, headline text is Bodoni 36ptc Bodoni 72pt, and sidebar text is Futura 12pt.

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Saturday, August 5, 1995 Page 3

"West Side Story" Production Is A Hit!

By RORY LEVINE Cherokee 38

This year at Mah- KeeNac, there has been a 10t of drama taking place. With the Juniors doing "Li1' Abner" , the Lower Seniors doing "Grease," and the Upper Seniors doing "WestSide Story", the boys at Mah-Kee-Nac have been dancing, singing and acting their way through the summer.

To perform the famous show, "West Side Story", MKN got together with the girls at Danbee. This has happenedmany times before, with such shows as "Into the Woods" in 1994 and "Pippin"

in 1993.Perfonning a show like "West Side Story" takes a lot of hard work and effort. The how features a lot of dialogue, plus singing and difficult dancing.

The show "We t Side Story" features music written by the famous composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein .. "West Side Story" features a very interesting storyline. On the West Side of New York City are two rival gangs, the Jets (the Americans) and the Sharks (the Puerto Ricans). It tells the story of the fighting and violence between the two gangs. It also features a love

interest between young Puerto Rican, Maria, and American teenager, Tony, and how they are not allowed to love each other because of different gang membership.

M a h - Kee-Nac'ers having lead roles in this musical were the guitarplaying, singing Scott Brandwein as Riff, the leader of the Jets Adam Koss as Tony, and Josh Kornbluth as continued on Page 7

Jets and Sharks showdown. Upper Senior campers teamed up with sister camp Danbee in their rendition of "West Side Story" on Thursday, july 27, and Friday, July 28. Photos by Frank Nguyen.

Page 4 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem


By RORY LEVINE Cherokee 38

The day was hot. Hot bright, sunny and very clear. Not a cloud in the sky. Couldn't be a nicer day. Perfect day for a carnival And that's exactly what happened at Mah-Kee-Nac.

Camival1995wasonSW1- day, July 31. As usual, each bunk, Apache through Cherokee, was responsible for setting up and running a small booth. The Algonquins ran the professional machines and games while the Senecas were in charge of the food court.

The bunk -run booths were fun and well-run, as expected. There were endless supplies of card games, as well as weightguessing booths and fortune tellers. However, people did come up with some more creative ideas such as lipsynching, identifying objects by touch alone, and killing Barney the "very annoying" dinosaur.

The afternoon started with the entire camp assembled on the hill in front of the Dining Hall. The Eagles Marching Band, fresh off their appearance in the Fourth of July Parade in Pittsfield, performed in the Mah- Kee-N ac Parade, and Junior Camp Heads Anthony

he Good Times

The things people will do for fun ...

Camper-run booths, such as this donuteating contest manned by Greg Hayim, were a big part of the carnival I excitement.

And the winner is ... The allnew Velcro Olympics obstacle course was a bit hit at the 1995 Carnival.

Campers and counselors had the opportunity race each other

through the inflatable

obstacle course while wearing a sticky, velcro suit. Photos by Cricket Seurel.

- --

Saturday, August 5, 1995 Page 5

R 0 II ! Carnival 1995 brings fun, food and excitement

What did I win? Navajo Stephen Gardner tries his luck at a carnival booth run by Cheyenne bunk 33. All Mah-Kee-Nac bunks spent hours in preparing signs and materials for their particular activity. Photo by Cricket Saure/.

Richards and Brian Heath became Sparky and Spunky the clowns. It was a good way to start such a great aftemoon.

Soon afterwards, Alan Friedman announced the opening of the midway. Campers and counselors went running to their booths and tried others. Andy Bikofsky keptthe music coming as both the heat and the fun poured on.

Starting at 3: lSpm, people were called to the food court by tribe. Last year, it wasTaco Bell. This year, Mah- Kee- N ac brought in McDonald's. This meant burgers and fries for all. But that wasn't all.! The Senecas served snow cones, cotton candy, nachos, hot dogs

and drinks. It was quite a spread! All ate, drank and were merry.

The Algonquins got the job of managing the professional stands. This year there was the traditional Moonwalk and dunk tank as wen as the new Velcro Olympics, Javelin and Bungee Run.

There was so much to do and only so much time. And like all good things, they must come to an end eventually. At 5:00pm, Alan Friedman announced it was the end of the 1995 Carnival and time to clean up. But, as usual, a great time was had by all, and thoughts were all turned to looking forward to next year's carnival.


Page 6 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

'learning from the pro. Many Mah-Kee-Nac

campers had the opportunity to participate in a tennis cI inic taught by Elise

Bergen, formerly #19 on the womens' professional tennis circuit, on Friday, July 29. Photo by Frank Nguyen.

Mah-I{ee-Nac Waterfront Makes A Splash

By ALEX FElDMAN Cheyenne 33

It's August and it's very hot. A perfect time to cool off at Mah-Kee-Nac's superb waterfront. Every since it opened, Mah-Kee-Nac has been improving its waterfront with new skit boats, sailboats and this year even a waterslide.

Recreational swim has been on everyone's schedule ever since the waterslide was put in. It's a very refreshing way to get coo 1 after a long day.

Sailing not only teaches how to sail, but also some very important skills you need to know. Navigation and rigging will get you out on the lake

before the summer is over.

Fishing teaches you to cast, bait, can and reel. Who knows, you may even can one of Stockbridge Bowl's big catfish!

Canoeing is a relaxing period if you wa to catch a cool breeze.

Kayaking is great for getting wet. It's al of fun racing around the lake in those sma one-man boats ...

Windsurfing is very popular especial on very windy days. Keeping your balance very hard especially with a lot of wind.

Waterskiing must be on everyone's sche ule. I learned to waterski this year, and I' having a great time in the new ski boats.

So if you want a challenge, some fun just to relax, Mah-Kee-Nac's waterfront w always provide one cool summer.

Saturday, August 5, 1995 Page 7

Upper Seniors Attend Champion's Cup


It was a slightly overcast weekend at Jiminy Peak where the Champion's Cup kicked off. There was a women's singles bracket, a men's singles bracket and a mixed doubles bracket.

The tournament was highlighted by an appearance from former #1 women's

Tennis is one ofthe most well-known and popular sports in the world. People of all ages and races can enjoy match after match. At the Champion's Cup Tennis Exhibition, the age factor was hardly noticeable ..

From the home office in Lenox, Massachusetts,


reasons why Carnival was awesome.

Here we go ...

10) The DJ Andy Bikofsky 9) The booths

8) No regular classes

7) Sunday morning cartoons 6) The heat

5) The Danbee Brother/Sister Luncheon 4) Missing a movie to prepare for carnival 3) The dunk tank

2) Lazy Day

1) McDonald's

By Jordan Traister, Navajo 24

singles star Tracy Austin. Tracy is a two-time U.S. Open Champion. Another big name was Tim Mayotte. Tim was #7 in the men's single division at one point. He reached the semifinals in three out of four Grand Slam events during his career, and he had won the Champion's

Cup the year before.

The day of fun for the Upper Seniors ended after a men's single and a mixed dou bles match with many autographs from the participants. As most people will tell you, it was a worthwhile trip, and we can only hope for the same next year.

Advantage Mah-Kee-Nac. Upper Senior campers traveled to Jiminy Peak on Friday, July 28, to attend the Health New England Champion's Cup Tennis Tournament. Photo by jim Gardner.

continued from Page 3

Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks. Robbie Shapiro also starred as the policeman Officer Krupke, and David Shaw a1so made an appearance as Doc, the owner of a popular hangout.

On Thursday, July 27, the Lower Seniors went to go see the show on its opening night. The show was performed again for·the Upper Seniors to see, on Friday, July 28, after they returned from the Champions Cup Tennis Toumament and a barbecue at Danbee. Many enjoyed

seeing friends starin thisrnusical masterpiece.

The head director and choreographer was Katie Ley-Wilson, along with MKN's own head of Drama, Ferdinand "The Drama Man " Torrez, who was the assistant director. Both worked hard to produce such a well done play and were pleased with the outcome.

As always the Upper Seniors showed the rest of camp how to put on a play. They worked hard and should all be very proud of the final show.


Page 8 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem



The Maze

Ben Brucker



Mohicans win Camp Sing competition. Page 3 MTV Night brings rock In' roll to campus. Page 4 1995 Olympics break out with a bang. Page 8

Volume 59 tissue 7

Clean Sweep

11.6 Haskethall Team Wins Home Tournament


August 7th marked the date for the Annual Mah-Kee-Nac 11.6 Basketball Tournament. Other camps brou ght their top players to match up against OUT best eleven. There was action on Upper Senior campus all day long with teams running back and forth between the outdoor and indoor basketball courts.

Winadu, Greytock, Crane Lake, Taconic, Scatico, Wahnee, Kenmont andMah-Kee-Nac were the eight teams that participated. All players gave it their all to win the trophy for their OWn camp. By the end of the morning, the tournament was down to four teams:

Winadu, Wahnee, Kenrnont and Mah-Kee-Nac. The teams broke for lunch and Came backrefresbed for an afternoon ofrunning.jumping and scoring.

Despite the great effort from Wahnee and Kenmont, Winadu and Mah-Kee-Nac advanced to meet in the Finals of the tourney. By this time, most of Lower Senior camp had come to cheer their friends on ill their quest for the trophy. It w,as a fight to the finish, but Mah-Kee-Nac prevailed by a score of32- 29.

A big congratulations goes out to all of our 11.6 Basketball Team, We can only hope for success like this next year.

The winning team. The 11.6 Basketball Team won Mah-Kee-Nac's own home tournament held on

Monday, August 7, 1995. The team consisted of:

FIRST Brian Scordato, Evan Stopol.

SECOND Justin Raphael, Andrew Cedar, Dean Wayne, Daniel Goldweit, Stephen Gardner.

THIRD Adam Metzger, Scott Bronner, Coach Barry Aldridge, Jonathan

Lerner, Andrew Spicehandler.

Photo by Cricket Saurel.

Page 2 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Tote

Josh Ludwig, Mohican 6

Totem How long have you been at MahKee-Nac?

Ludwig This is my second year.

Totem What is your favorite activity at camp?

Ludwig I like sailing and basketball. Totem Where do you live?

Ludwig Westchester County, New York. Totem How do you like your bunk this year?

Ludwig lt' s awesome.

Totem Who is your favorite counselor? ludwig Josh Lerner.

Totem What do you think of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac so for? ludwig lt's awesome.

Stuart Powney, Mohican 6 Junior Riflery

Totem How many years have you been at I Mah-Kee-Nac?

Powney This is my first year. Totem Where are you from?

Powney l'm from Flamshere, England. Totem Why did you decide to come to Mah-Kee-Nac?

Pown.ey It was a great opportunity to travel: to the United States for free.

Totem What is your favorite camp meal? Powney Hot dogs and fries.

Totem Describe your bunk area at camp.

Powney lt's clean in the morning, but a bomb hits at rest hour.

Totem Whafisyour favorite sport besides riHery. Powney English football.


6 Hawthorne Road

Lenox, Massachu etts 01240 413/637-0781







Navajo GIl .. KRUGER


Navajo CRAIG Rowi»

Navajo Jssss SACK1N




Cherokee BRIAN ZELLER Phetography Adviser CRICKET SAUREL Assistant Adviser DOUGLAS SANKEY Adviser FRANK NGUYEN

WINTER OFFICE Camp Mah-Kee-Nac 190 Linden Avenue

Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028 201/429-8522


Tfle Totem is the weekly journal of Camp Mah-KeeNac, a summer camp for boys located in Lenox, Massachusetts. The Totem 1'5 printed by Qual ity Pri nli ng Company of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. All issuesofthe 1995 Totemarealso ornpiled and printed as a yearbook by Quality Printing Company.

All stories reproduced in The Totem were written completely by Camp Mah-Kee-Nac students. All artwork reproduced in Tfle Totem was drawn by Camp Mah-Kee-Nac students. General body text is set in Times 1 2pt, caption text is Optima 9pt, headline text is Bodoni 36pt or Bodoni 72pt, and sidebar text is Futura 12pt.

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Correctionsfrom 8/5/95: P2, MisquoteofSteveGorten should read "The eleven awesome Navajos in bunk 21."

Friday, August 18, 1995 Page 3

Mohicans Win 1995 Mah-I(ee-Nac

By RORY LEVINE Cherokee 38

One of Mah-Kee-Nac's traditions is the Camp Sing. In this annual event, each tribe is responsible for a plaque, a cheer and a song.

On Sunday, August 6, all of camp assembled in the Sing's annual location: the fieldhouse. Steve Rubin announced the sing and introduced the highly esteemed judges: Administrative Director Alan Friedman, Head Nurse Bobby Vail and Head of Scheduling Mike Dale.

Plaques were carried around the fieldhouse for everyone's viewing pleasure. Every year, each tribe is responsible for decorating a

wooden plaque. Each camper signed their tribe's plaque which is then displayed in the Dining Hall forever.

The cheer competition soon began. Everyone yelled, screamed and cheered.

Soon after the cheer, it was time for the singing. Songs this year included "YMCA," "In the House of Light ," "Wild Flowers" by Tom Petty and "Hold My Hand" by Hootie and the Blowfish.

When this was over, the judges tabulated the results and found out the winners. While all this was being done, the Senecas added their traditional rendition of "Wacky N acky, Wacky, Mah-Kee-Nac" which brought laughs to all. This song

requires its singers to come up with original verses that describe Mah-Kee-Nac' wackiness.

In the cheer competition, the Mohicans came out victorious forthe junior camp while the N avajos, swept both the seniorcheerand song. Meanwhile, the Mohicans tied with the Apaches for junior camp song.

It was "nip and tuck all the way, however" the Mohicans edged out the Navajos for the overall victory in the 1995 Camp Sing. Nice job, guys!


Mo ... hee ... can. The Mohicans, led by Josh Manton, perform their tribal cheer. They later went on to win the 1995 Camp Sing with "In the House of Mohicans." How we love our ... Seneca Scott Brandwein shows his affection for Lower Senior Head Counselor Greg Bloom during the final skit performed by the Senecas. Photos by Frank Nguyen.

Page 4 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Tote

Rocl~in' & Rollin'

By RYAN SLOANE Cherokee 35

Mike Malloy and Matt Bednarz hosted Junior MTV Night 1995. MTV Night, for those of you who don't know, is where bunks choose a song to lip sync and act out to .. After a special act by "The Beatles," Mike and Matt kicked off a grueling fourteen acts ..

At the end of the night, Mike Dale, the head judge announced the scores. Bunk 12 won among the Apaches with a double-header act featuring the "Brady Bunch" theme and "Sunshine Days." Moving up to Iroquois row, Bunk 8 won with "Hotstepper." In Mohican row, there was a tie between Bunk 4's "Hold My Hand" and "Thriller" by Bunk l--one of the first ever ties in MTV Night history. The overall winner for MTV Night 1995 was bunks 1 and 4. Congratulations to all of you.

That night as I walked into the Kruger Lodge, I said to myself, "Gee, I never got this big a deal when I was a junior." It was then that Josh Manton said something to me I'll never forget. "Yeah, that's because Bic andI weren't DJing. "There might actually be some truth to that. Good going you two!

Up and coming sta rs ... Scott Cohen, Zach Schaffran, Matt Carples, Max Leibowitz and Andrew White of Iroquois bunk 10 perform at Junior MlV Night on Thursday, August 3.

Heeere's .. Matt Bednarz cohosted Junior MlV Night with Mike Malloy .. The pair were just two of the many people who helped

prepare signs, ban ners, lights and equipment

for the two night show.

Photos by Frank Nguyen.

did a very well played out Batman skit performed t.o a song by U2. Bunk 32 did "Jailhouse Rock" which was excellent. Adam Kushner was really Elvis! Bunk: 31

did "Cotton Eye Joe" I Rednex. It was very we done, and it was definitely big hit Bunk 29 did Jam Bond versus Tweety. But 28 performed "Smells


Well, MTV Night 1995 for the Lower Seniors was awesome! Bunk 34 did REM "Everybody HUl1s." Bunk 33

Friday, August 18, 1995 Page 5

MTV Night 1995editionrockscampus

Teen Spirit." They acted like Nirvana and headbanged like

I the real band. Bunk 27 did the theme song to "Friends" by the Rembrandts .. Bunk 26 did a mix of Queen. Bunk 25

did Louie Louie which was extremel y funny. Bunk: 24 did "Here comes the Hotstepper" with almost all women. Bunk 23 did a song by Real McCoy which was excellent. Bunk

Jammin'! Jesse Bruck and Aaron Rosenberg dance while Adam Greenfield plays the lead guitar during Cheyenne bunk 28's rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. Photo by Brian Rathbun.

22 did "Buddy Holly" by Weezer. Bunk 21 brought down the house with Offspring "Corne Out and Play ."

In the end, the winners were Bunk 25 for the Navajos andBunk31 forthe Cheyennes. However, Bunk 32 won it all.

Happy, happy sunshine day! Apache Cory Warheit plays the saxophone during Bunk 12'5 doubleheader act featuring the "Brady Bunch" theme and "Sunshine Day." The group went on to win the Apache competition. Photo by Frank Nguyen.

Page 6 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Cheyennes Venture To Lake George For Annual Trip

By ALEX FELDMAN Cheyenne 33

On Wednesday, August 9, the Cheyennes climbed on to two coach buses bound for Lake George. The itinerary was fun and exciting: first a trip to a waterpark, then some shopping in Lake George village, the next day was outlet shopping and then a couple of hours at Great Escape Amusement Park.

Waterslide World was

stayed. The hotel was just a couple minutes from Lake George village where we ventured next.

There were many different restaurants in Lake George, so everybody seemed happy with their different kinds of dinner. Lake George has many different varieties of shops ranging from gift shops to sports outlets.

At 8:30, we headed to a

our first stop and it definitely local movie theater. We had fit its exciting description. four movie choices: The Net, There were waterslides of all Bushwacked Free Willy 2 kinds: twisty slides, tube and Under Seige 2 .. No matslides and vertical drop slides, ter what movie we saw, we

Our next stop was a Best were all happy and very tired Western Hotel where we when we got back to the ho-


The next morning, we woke up to find that Brett Hornby, a Navajo on the Cooperstown trip, was the 1 O,OOO,OOOfh customer at the Baseball Hall of Fame and was in USA Today.

After we had breakfast, we headed to the outlet shops. All of the outlet shops were great and had very good prices. Champion, Converse, Bugle Boy and Levis were some of the brand name outlets there.

Our final stop on our trip was Great Escape Park. This amusement park was much more exciting than Riverside. Its two rollercoasters, Comit

and Stearnin' Demon, seerner to be almost everyones' fa vorite rides.

The Cheyenne trip was i great success. "I thought Laki George wa a great place tc visitbecau eoftheplace WI vi ited and the things we did, Jacob Levine said.

Not only were the camp ers pleased, but al 0 the coun selors seemed to have a grea time. "I didn't see any Iak: and I didn't see any George but I still had a great time, Dave McGrath commented

Overall, the trip wa ter rific and every Cheyenn: came back with more stuf then they left with.

Navajos Visit Cooperstown And Other Sights


Wen, whatatriptheNavajos had at Cooperstown, New York The trip started off in the coach buses for a long ride, but it was worth it They arrived in Cooperstown at Doubleday Field to have lunch. Then we broke up into walking groups and went straight to the Baseball HaU of Fame.

On the way in, a lucky camper named Brett Hornby was the 10,000,000th visitor to the halL He won a $500 shopping spree at the Gift Shop, a free tour and got to be in. all different kinds of newspapers and even on TV.

With all the neat exhibits, the Hall ofFarne was very in-

teresting. After the hall, all the groups went around the town, into the shopping areas and bought souvenirs. The day ended with everybody meeting back at the buses and departing for our motel. Before settling in to the motel, we ate

What a sight!

The Navajos visited Howe Caverns on Thursday, August 10, as part oftheir

annual trip. The cavern itself is a natural cave carved out by

water during the last Ice Age some 150 feet under the ground. Photo by Frank Nguyen.

across the street at the Ponderosa. We then went back to our rooms and relaxed for a little while.

Later on, we got back on the buses to go to the movies. We had a choice between "Waterworld'' and "The Net."

When the movie were done we went back to the motel an had a pizza party ..

The next morning we Iel on the buses to see Howe Cav ems and then slide around < Zoom Flume waterpark to fin ish off our great trip.


UK: British Bulldogs 1st

Italy: Italian lee 2nd

Australia: Aussie Tide 3rd Canada: Canadian Bacon 4th Spain: No Spain, No Cain 5th USA: Natural Born Americans 6th Israel: Israel Lights 7th

Mexico: Mexiconfused 8th


Volume 59, Special Olympic Feature August 12-15, 1995

Cool off! Navajo Daniel Jablon gets soaked by Olympic officials at the end of the Waterbucket Fill. This event was part of the "Almost Anything Goes" competition held on the second day of Olympics. Photo by Frank Nguyen.

Page 8 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem


1995 Olympics: Campers and counselors hear the cry to By STEVEN BRAUNTUCH Cherokee 38

Mah-Kee-Nac is a camp full oftraditions, Every year, we have the same tournaments, a Camp Sing, the Harlem Wizards, the Mah-Kee-Nac Games and the numerous other events. So, it wasn't a surprise that Olympics came knocking on the door in the last week of camp. The urpri e was when.

At 6:00am on August 12, the 1995 Olympic Garnes shot off, literally. The Pittsfield SWAT team invaded the camp and kept order while three ninja terrorists and their base was destroyed by a super ninja. At that point, the eight Olympic coaches ran out from behind a tree and circled the Junior field. Steve Rubin announceda thecoache unmasked themselves one by one. From

Sainz (Natural B om Americans). Returning coach Rob Mulligan (No Spain, No Gain), head of Senior Soccer, rounded out the amazing 8.

After the teams were announced, everybody broke for breakfast. Rain tried its best to spoil Opening Day, but failed. The Juniors faced off in events

uch a ultimate frisbee,

new com be and football. The Lower Seniors battled in mission impo sible and stratego, while the Upper Seniors went to the Waterfront in the afternoon and the volleyball court for rope pu Ils in the evening. After Day 1., Spain was in the lead with 181 points. They were followed by Italy (179) and a tie between Mexico and Australia.

Day 2 started out with aclear blue sky and more exciting competition. 111e Juniors participated in the grenade game and bombardment, the Lower Seniors went through the obstacle course and swim relays, and the Upper Seniors did the Super 8 and tennis. When all events were finished for the day, Great Britain ended up in the lead. They were followed by Italy and Spain.

On the third day of games, the Juniors spenttheirrnoming at the track, their afternoon at the Waterfront and their evening in the Super 8. The Lower Seniors

Junior camp were veteran coach Mike Malloy (British BuI.1dogs) androokie coaches Marty Walker (Mexiconfused) and Matt Bednorz (Aussie Tide). Representing Lower Senior camp were second-year coach Evan Fuchs (Israel Lights) and rookie Chris Hamilton (Italian Ice). From Upper Senior camp were second-year veteran Jim Gardner (Canadian Bacon) and Mike

went to the Waterfront first the to the rope pulls and track then back to the Waterfront the evening. Meanwhile. Upper Senior had two team tations and a basketball ment, As Day 3 closed, Britain had maintained their followed closely by Italy

Friday, August 1 8, 1 995 Page 9

The Games Beg·n!!


The horne stretch of the games began with Day 4. Campers had to reach down deep to find strength and energy to compete, butthey gave ittheir all. The Juniors and Lower Seniors had their minithons while the Upper Seniors had theirtumatthe track.

Then the excitement began: the Grand Marathon, Coaches planned their lineups all day to prepare for the race. The teams set up on the Cherokee field. before moving out to their stations. After ten minutes of running and swimming, Great Britain came out on top .. They were followed

closely by the U.S .. and Canada. However, not all was done.

Immediately after the race, the teams turned their attention to the song/cheer/banner competition. Campers and counselors dressed in matching outfits and got their voices ready. After dinner, everyone assembled in. the fieldhouse .. Each team presented their banners and then sang their songs and cheers, The officials then surprised us with their own song. Danny said some words about the summer and handed out the 8-year sweatsuits.

"l) Then the results of the Decathlon were announced. Andrew Chalson (Israel) finished third, Scott Brandwein (Australia) was second and Andy "Mother" Margolies (Mexico ) finished first, Pinally, the moment anived.

Great Britain won the banner competition .. The top 3 in the cheer were Australia, Italy and Mexico, and the top 3 in the song were Australia, Israel and Italy. When all was said and done, the final standings were Mexico-B. Israel-7, USA-6, Spain-S, Canada-4, Australia-3, Italy-2 and in first place ..... GREA T BRITAIN! After a lot of cheering, Taps was sung and the flame was put out.

All in all, this was one of the best Olympics ever, and we can only hope for the same next year.

Page 10 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Mah-Kee-Nac Hockey Brings Home First Win

The sweet. taste of vi dory.

Members of the Upper Senior Mah-Kee-Nac Hockey Team celebrate after claiming their

first victory at a tournament hosted by Wahnee on July'4, '995. Photo courtesy of Mah-KeeNsi: .Hockey.

By ERI,C DELLON game., which was versus

Algonquin 42 Kenrnont, wasgreat, We had

On July 14, 1995, four- afirstline of'Adam.Goldberg teen of Mah-Kee-Nac's best from New York, Marlon hockey players traveled to Lewinter and Andy Saltman Wahnee to take on the best who seemed to be god-like teams in the during the game.

Berkshires, Adam Goldberg ripped

Six the game open with a blisterteams were ing wristshot that s ailed right included in in. The second goal, contribthe touma- uted by Marlon Lewinter, was men t : a beauty as well.

Wah nee, At the end of the third Mah -Ke e - period, the game was tied 2- N a c , 2becauseKenmontmanaged Kenmont, Lenox, Pontiac, to SCOff.;: twice ..

and Timber Lake, In double overtime,

In the first round, Mah- Marlon Lewinter scored on a Kee-Nac and Pontiac drew beautiful feed from Andy byes. Saltman .. Justin DVOIkin put Mah-Kee-N ac's first ona great game stopping ev-


The next game was a intense as the first Adan Goldberg scored three goal and Madan Lewinter scorer the other three. Everyone wa handing out assists, Ye through all our hard efforts Timber Lake won with eigh points while Mah-Kee-Nai had six. But Justin Orlanskput up a great undying fight

All the people on th: hockey team deserve grea recognition: Adam Goldberg Marlon Lewinter, And; Saltman, David Barash, Jef Kleinman, David Parsley Justin Dvorkin, Eric DeUon Mike Levin, Jeremy Levy Mike Sussman, Craij Nyman, Justin Orlansky.


Friday, August 18, 1995 Page 11

Mah-Kee-Nac Hosts Five-Team Archery Invitational


Cherokee 38 were DavidParsly (247), Dan

Arrows flew every-

which-way on Saturday, July 29, as the Mah-Kee-Nac Ar-

chery Invitational shot on

through the heat and some rain. A day of bouncebacks,

crashes, cracks and boings

definitely deserves a recap.

The Invitational was di-

vided into six categories: 11

and under recurve bows, 11

and under compound bows,

13 and under recurve, 13 and I

under compound, 15 and un-

der recurve and 15 and under

compound. Five camps en-

tered the tournament: Mah-

Kee-Nac,Emerson, Winadu,

Ready ... aim ... shoot. Navajo Ariel Shatiel was one of the many Mah-KeeNac campers who participated in the Mah-Kee-Nac Archery Invitational on Saturday, July 29, 1995. Photo by Robert Shapiro.

got the highest score in the Manton (231).

Greylock and Scatico. Mah- entire tournament with a 15

Jacob (246), Jon Drillings (220) and David Kwitman


Our shooters also ac-

quired the top five spots in

the 11 and under category.

David Gelb won with a 239.

He was followed by Eli Danziger (232), Eric Fingerman (221), Marshal1 Marcus (220) and Dan Cherkis (219). Mah - Kee- N ac

had one compound shooter.

Justin Broderson finished

second in the 11 and under

compound category.

Mah- Kee-N ac won the

Mah-Kee-N ac got five wide margin. A big thanks to

overall tournament by a pretty

Kee-Nac entered the most and under winning 267. out of the top six spots in the all shooters, and if all goes

shooters out of the five.

Rounding out the top five 13 and under division. An- according to plan, we hould

In the 15 and under divi- were Scott Koenig (246), drew Wachtenheim took first put out another great tourna-

sian, Mah-Kee-Nac took the Adam Koss (235), Matt place with a 249. The next ment next year. top five spots .. Dan Colish Waller (235) and Andy four Mah-Kee-Nac finishers

Page 12 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Ligii,ts, Camera, Action!

Junior Camp Stages Annual Play "ViI Ahner"

By JOSHUA MATZ Mohican 3

So you want to know what's up with the junior play L 'i lAbner'! Well, I was in the play, so I'll give a few answers.

Q: Who played the character L'il Abner?

A: Brett Goldberg.

Q: What other characters are therein the play?

A: There are Abner's friends, or cronies. There are bad guys like Earthquake Magoon. There are also the half-good, half-bad Scraggs. And, of course, there is Abner's swoon Daisy Mae.

-The play itself is about the Dcgpatch Country, Abner's home. The area is about to be evacuated and destroyed because ofa project for an interstate highway .. Abner and everyone else must stop it--everyone except for Earthq uake Magoon. Instead, he tries to marry Daisy Mae.

However, the Scraggs save her from the marriage .. Then Abner jumps into the action and claims Daisy for himself.

Later, he tricks the Army who comes to remove the residents by using a fake plaque made by his father Pappy Yocum.

The show must go on ... Junior campers performed the musical "L'iI Abner" on Friday, August , 1 in the Kruger Lodge for their annual play. The play was directed by Drama Head


Torrez. Photos by Anthony Richards.

Friday, August 1 8, 1 995 Page 1 3 !

Let's talk sports ... Billy Taylor, the cohost of Sports Extra on WFAN radio, visited Camp MahKee-Nac to talk to campers about his experiences as an athlete, working professional and individual. Taylor played for the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders footba II reams. Photo by Frank Nguyen.

Totem: Behind The SClenes Of The MI(N Priess

By ALEX FELDMAN Cheyenne 33

The Totem was started in

to write with more PICTUI

There were many articles

1937 to bring Mah -Kee- N ae

(proximity, interest, conflict,

this summer on all of the ac-

news and sports' scores to the

timeliness, unusual, impor-

tivities except for one: the

campers. The Photography


Totem. Never before has the Department provides terrific Finally, I would like to

Totem staff been recognized photosfortheTotem.Iwould thank Frank, the Totem Guy,

in an article. like to thank Alex Chambers for helping us and putting up

Every week the Totem and Cricket Same! for help- with us this summer.

staff worked very hard to get ing with the Totem photos.

Thank you to all the T 0-

stories done, and articles in The Totem gives camp- tern readers.

on time (well, at least almost ers a chance to Iearn journal- Written by Alex Feldman

on time). ism, to make deadlines and on behalf of the Totem staf].

Page 14 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Bloom Revitalizes Mah-I(ee-Nac Art

By GIL KRUGER Navajo 24

For many years, people have come to get their hands on the pottery wheel or to try their drawing skills--all of this at the Mah- Kee- N ac Art Center. I had a chance to talk to the head of Art, Toni Bloom. Totem How many years have you been the head of the art departmen t?

Bloom This is my first year as head of the art department. Totem What is your favorite


Bloom Pottery.

Totem Why did you chose the art department at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac?

Bloom Because I love kids and art, so now I'm doing what I like.

Totem How did you get into art?

Bloom I'm good with my hands and I'm very creative .. I also like looking at what other people do.

Totem How did you find out

Working hard. Alex Leonard puts the finishing touches on his new knock-hockey table. Campers had the opportunity to choose from a variety of different projects which they could build including CD stands, models, etc. Photo by Evan Shyer.

Working The Woodshop

By BEN BRUCKER Navajo 25

Another exciting part of camp this summer is our Woodshop. We have nice teachers that teach us how to use tools for measuring, cutting, sawing, wrasping and filing .. Our teachers are Gary Johnson and Brian Rathbun.

We have lots of fun in

Woodshop. We make projects like coat holders, study tables and even knockhockey tables. They take at least a week or two to make.

There is a lot to do at the Woodshop. It's fun to varnish and do other things there. I hope you have had or will have a good time at Woodshop--l did!

about Mah-Kee-Nac? Bloom Greg [my husband] saw an ad in a coaching magazine.

Totem What do you do during the school year?

Bloom I'm an elementary school teacher.

Totem What do you Iik about Mah-Kee-Nac? Bloom That I'm surrounde by four hundred men. Totem If you could add project to Art, what would be?

Bloom Stained glass.

From the home office in Lenox, Massachusetts,


questions asked in the Health Center.

Here we go ...

10) When will it feel better? 9) Where's my medicine?

8) Can I have a box of cereal? 7) 11m really tired, can I rest? 6) What's for lunch?

5) Are you a nurse at home? 4) Who made the Gatorade? 3) Can I soak my feet?

2) Is it gonna sting?

.1) Is it gonna leave a scar?

The question most asked by counselors:

Do you have any headache tablets?

Compiled by the Nurses

Friday, August 181 1995 Page 15


11 \tf\'1t JW»)P\l\lTE.J l.ji'<~E~t?!~ ... ~ I

. ~kb I"\~~~ \~~~ ~1 ~~

"'.'{ 'f

Adventures of the "Coca-Cola" Bear By Robert Shapiro

A)JvcNrVR.f5 ore 7Uf: COCI'l-Cou:J (, ()t:79f2-

- ~-~-------------~

~~g -»

Stickman continued on Page 16

Page 16 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem


Stickman: The Finale


By Jacob Levine

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By Craig RowiI

Page Al

Junior Camp

Page A2 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Bunk 12 .. FIRST Bret Kaye, Josh Egert, Brandon Kessler, Michael Lehrhoff, Evan Schacter, A.J. Reisman.

SECOND Ross Green, Jordan Spitz, Cory Warheit, Michael Feld, Mick Duchon. THIRD Eric Patterson, Josh Cohen, Craig McKee.

Bunk 13. FIRST Joey Hoffer, Eli Shoham, Marc Leven, Zach Rosenberg, Jon Share.

SECOND Alex Leonard, Sam Razzore. THIRD Craig Mayfield, Jenny Bingmann, Roger Katz. NOT PICTURED Jem Smith, Jesse Olian.

Bunk 14. FIRST Ryan Adwar, Matt Kahane, Craig Meyer, Jesse Rentz, Josh Levine.

SECOND Jacob Kahane, Jon Gold, Zach Dauber, Jeremy Gerson. THIRD lodi Colletti, Matt Bednorz, Adam Hillier, Eric Chavers .. NOT PICTURED Brad Lubash.


Page A3


Bunk 7. FIRST Montana Forrest, Brent Morowitz, Matt Hoffman, Matt Cohen, Adam Kusovitsky. SECOND Jeff Silberman, Steven Horowitz, Scott Weinberg. THIRD Mark Lloyd, Marty Walker, Jason Staples.

Bunk 8. FIRST Spencer Bakal, Greg Stein, Andrew Nahmias, Brett Habermann, Adam Levy SECOND Sam Hamburger, Kyle Sloane, Greg Beaton. THIRD Scott Kinney, Ferdinand Torrez. NOT PICTURED Mike Babb ...

Bunk 9. FIRST David Jacobs, Bryan Assael, Jordan t.edv, David Warner, Corey Cummins. SECOND Josh Toporoff, Josh Weiler, Jason Meyer, Ross Goodman. THIR Mark Kuropatwa, Brad Humphrey, Jon Bloom.

Page A4 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Bunk 10. FIRST Andrew

Shapiro, Matt Carples, Eli Saline, Andrew White, Zach Schaffran. SECOND Michael Laskin, Max Leibowitz, Scott

Cohen, Ian Borg, THIRD Hilton Beddingham, Andy Townsend,

Bunk 11. FIRST Jeff Rubin, Andrew Werner, Josh Petri, Daniel Rohlman, Joel Levy, SECOND Alex Sheridan, Scott Schonfeld, Warren Spitz.

THIRD Dave White, James Hamilton, Mike McLoughlin.


Page A5


Bunk 1. FIRST Andrew Murray Ben Wesley, Jordan Weiss, David Brauntuch, Eric Duchon. SECOND Daniel Rosenberg, Dean Osofsky, Brett Goldberg, Eric Mausner. THIRD Peter Heely, Mark Henry, Bob Featheroff.

Bunk 2. FIRST Josh Fogelson, Andrew Feldman, Ricky Rosemarin, Ryan l.ippell, Derek Frankel. SECOND Douj Jacobs, Brad Rothenberg, Jon Spivak, Carl Sussman. THIRD Phil Thompson, Mike Manno, Paul Leinwand.

Bunk 3. FIRST Adam Gross, Jon Goodman, Ryan Kriser, Matt Brod, Josh Matz. SECOND Ryan Umane, Brandon Singer, Scott Kramer, Brad Glass .. THIRD Rogers Allison, Bren Bodoc.


Page A6 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Bunk 4. FIRST Sam Gordon, Ari Moskowitz, Rob Bernstein, Jason Barash, Scott Rogowsky.

SECOND David Salz, Matt Gingher, Brad Feldman ..

THIRD Jason Allen, Anthony Richards, Dan Winter.

Bunk 5. FIRST Jordan Breindel, Buzzy Cohen, Ben Tulis, Jeremy Semble, Jeff Goldberg.

SECOND Zach lasher, Josh Sherman, Mike Gorin. THIRD Neil Babb, Josh Lerner, Mike Malloy.

Bunk 6. FIRST Ryan Tiger, Paul Kraut, Jason Needles, Josh Ludwig, David Guttmann.

SECOND Josh Manton, Rob Kruger, Brandon Firestone, Stuart Powney. NOT PICTURED Eduardo Vivas.



Page A7

Lower Senior Camp

Page A8 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

-- --

Bunk 21. FIRST Aaron Nessel, Marshall Marcus, Alex Waldman, David Krupnick!

Bryan Stratt, Zach Cooper.

S'ECON D Ryan Vass, Jordan Johnson, Daniel Damaghi, David Rotman, Brett Hornby.

THIRD Steve Garten, Andy Bikofsky, Judd Taylor,

Bunk 22. FIRST Jon Borer, Andrew Spicehandler, Matt Olian, Alex Goldberg, Shaun Glassman. SECOND Adam Metzger, Mike Metzger, Josh Henry, Matt Kraus, Dan Jablon.

THIRD Frank Nguyen, Brian Rathbun, Mark Drapeau, NOT PICTURED Brian Koffler.

Bunk 23. FIRST Josh Brawer, Matt Rockoff, Gary Rubin, Stephen Gardner, Derek Green, SECOND Scott Wesley, Craig Cohen, Evan Stopol, Chad Kleiner, David Gimbel, Justin Broderson, THIRD Jason Neuman, Andy Saperstein, Steve Hill,


Page A9

Bunk 24. FIRST Justin Kantrowitz, Jordan Traister, Lane Goldberg, Josh Eichenbaum, Matt Weiler, Ariel Shaltiel. SECOND Gil Kruger, Brian Scordato, Greg Kubie, Scott Bronner, David Kahn. THIRD Tony Owens, Kent Grubbs, Todd Fry.

Bunk 25. FIRST Eric Fingerman, Ben Brucker, Josh Avidan, Andrew Cedar, Jason Feld, Jesse Sackin, Eli Danziger. SECOND Zach Sobie, Jon Lerner, Craig Rowin Adam Nelson, Dean Wayne. THIRD Matt Viergutz, Juan Vaca.

Bunk 26. FIRST Andrew Schwartz, Jared Kaye, Matt Brandwein, Billy Goldstein, Jason Kessler, Jon Hirsch, Daniel Weiss. SECOND Will Andersen, Ross Seiden, Brian Gordon, David Gelb, Brian Harris. THIRD Tim Davis, l.uke Hart, Joe Mitchell, Clay Scheitzach.

Page A 10 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Bunk 27. FIRST Brad Erlich, Josh Rosen, Justin Raphael, Ari Share, Michael Arons, Rob Varvara, SECOND Jordan Koss, Dan iel Cherkis, Danny Jackson, Daniel Goldweit, Michael Bisceglia. THIRD David Wallace, Doug Sankey. NOT PICTURED Greg Morris.

Page All

Bunk 28. FIRST David Adwar, Sam Stolzar, Dan Rosen, Greg Morganoff, Adam Greenfield, David Pinke. SECOND Maurice Burd, Dan Jacobs, Jesse Bruck, Aaron Rosenberg, Rob Margolies. THIRD Eric Sanderson, Scott Welsch, Alex Chambers.

Bunk 29. FIRST Michael Weintraub, Craig Hschgrund, Michael Lewis, Andrew Horowitz, Zach Jacobs, Jesse Krinsky. SECOND Jon Golder Ben Waller, Drew Cohen, Russell Rubin, Matt Aptekar. THIRD Chris Wadhams, Pete Falk, Chris Hamilton.

Bunk 30 .. FIRST Mike Leonard, Mark Guterman, Andrew Wachtenheim, Jeremy Carples Daniel Spicehandler, Scott Schaffran .. SECOND Daniel Sherman, Daniel Haykin, Adam lrlando, Jon Sinaw, Max Razzore. THIRD Rocky Eulo, Barry Aldridge, Lance Hunter.

Page A 12 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Bunk 31. FIRST Jake Sokol, Matt Rothstein! Eric Hruska, Jon H irschtritt, Evan Shyer, Brian Nunez. SECOND Jon Stern, Andrew Horowitz, Gregg Havim, Troy Goldberg, Chad Geartner. THIRD Josh O'Dear, Evan Fuchs. NOT PICTURED Daniel Koffler.

Bunk 32. FIRST Sam Cutler, Zach Aarons, David Shapiro, Adam Kushner, Michael Kaplan, Aaron Epstein.

SECOND Robby Luchow, Brett Wayne, Michae.1 Lavipour, Matt Waldenberg, Seth Egert.

THIRD Tv Landrum, Brian McGuire, Brian Gossard. NOT PICTURED Fred Pernetz.

Bunk 33. FIRST Jordan Gellis, Jacob Levine, Alex Feldman, Jon Maisel, Brian Linde, Brett Goldslager. SECOND Jon Linden, Greg Sossin, David Choyne, David Kwitman.

TH,IRD David McGrath, Scott Tokonitz, Steven Dentler.


Page A 13

. I< 34. FIRST Jeff Gold~arb,

:~:,~ Kessler, Sh,u~E~~~~

Ben Lantos ..

Lazare, M tt Weiss,

P ul Rothenberg, a .

a . h feld Justin Sossin,

Mark Scan '. ad

THIRD Juan Alvarez, K

Kiefer, Gordon Read,

Page A 14 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Upper Senior Camp

Page Al,5


Bunk 35. FIRST Dan Colish, David Barash, Howard Herscl Scott Koenig, Michael Brawer SECOND Neil Dall, Justin Dvorkin, Ryan Sloane, Michal Elkin, Adam Waldman, John Polanski.

Bunk 36. FIRST Jon Drillings, David Share, Rob Shapiro, Eri Beaton, Michael Reed. SECOND Matt Harris, Ben Brad, Rob Bader, Beau Shaw .. THIRD Chris DuFault, Jeremy Morton, Dan QUinn.

Bunk 37. FIRST Alex Sherman Dana Rodriguez, Lee Bressler, Mike Sussman, Brett Baker. SECOND Oren Goldenberg, Oren Bernheim, Blake Weinberg, Jon Berry, Adam Warren. THIRD Ty Webb, Marcin Grodek. NOT PICTURED Adam Pally.

Page A 16 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Bunk 38. FIRST Derek Krebs, David Parsly, Mark Berenson, Brian Schaitki n, Brett Kassel. SECOND Steven Brauntuch, Mike Levin, Eli Levine, Rory

Levine. THIRD Joe Smith, Jon Keighley.

Bunk 39. FIRST Mike Marino, justin Pollak, Stuart Schultz, Steven Fisher. SECOND Rue Hough, Jason Pruzansky, Jeff

Kleinman, David Haber ..

THIRD Ari Grinspan, Jeremy Levy, Rob Green. FOURTH Cory Zimmerman.

Bunk 40. FIRST Ryan Borg, Joe Fabiani, Ben Meyer, Jacob Auger, Danny Frishman.

SECOND Jesse Pauker, Scott Lustig, Josh Fishbein, Brian Zeller, Mike Nahmias. THIRD Chris Pesce, James Hart, Jeff Solan.


Page A 17


Bunk 41. FIRST Ross Feitlinger, Mitch Reisman, Seth Gaffney, Craig Nyman, Jon Stopol. SECOND ER Borger, Lee Goldblatt, Chris McLoughlin, Matt Waller, Ben Fischer. THIRD Jody Mitchell, Ryan Walsh.

Bunk 42. FIRST Eric Dellon, Mar.lon LeWinter, Andy Saltman, Jeff Mi Iler, Scott Golden. SECOND Chris Bloom, Grant Greenberg, Crail Cummins, Michael Metzger. THIRD Jim Gardner, Ed Smith, Craig Nervig.

Bunk 43. FIRST Spencer Stiefel Brad Gimbel, Sam Duncan, Adam Cutler. SECOND Geoff Madey, Adam Koss, Adam Goldberg, Brian Grant,

Page A 18 The 1995 Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Totem

Bunk 44. FIRST Andy Manton, David Feinsmith, Justin Orlansky, Jon Cedar, Jordan Barry. SECOND Don Smith, Adam Goldberg, Ben Cohen, Anthony Libecci, Troy Vaughn.


Page A 19


Bunk 50. FIRST Stu Caplan, Alex Oren, David Shaw, And, Margolies, Phil Sklaw, Doug Cohen, Jeff Wachtenheim. SECOND Pablo Isales, Harris Brown, Kyle Stein, Chris Kypriotis, Jeff Arons, Nathan Kahn, Jordan Kaplan. NOT PICTURED Danny Kempler.

Bunk 51. FIRST Josh Kornbluth, Yale Klat, Dan Rosen, Jared Weissman, Matt Fogel, Scott Brandwein, Matt Rosenzweig. SECOND Andre Chalson, David Lerner, Mike Sainz, Steve Corridori, Jon Saltzburg, Dan Marx, Humberto Izgnierdo.

Camp Mah·Kee·Nac Danny and Nancy Metzger 190 Linden Ave.

GI R~idge. HJ 07028 (201) 429·8522

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