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To: Constituents of Electoral Area D

From: CRD Area D Director S. Forseth

Date: June 12th, 2017

Subject: Post Event Report -- 2017 Federation of Canadian Municipalities Convention

From June 1st 4th, the 2017 Federation of Canadian Municipalities or FCM Convention took
place in Ottawa, Ontario. The theme of the 2017 FCM Convention was Shaping Canadas
Future. CRD Chair Al Richmond plus CRD Directors Joan Sorley/Betty Anderson (Areas F/K) and
myself attended on behalf of the Cariboo Regional District

Prior to the Convention on May 31st Directors Joan Sorley, Betty Anderson and I attended a
House of Commons Question Period then we joined Chair Al Richmond in meeting with
Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Member of Parliament Cathy MacLeod at her Ottawa office

On June 1st I attended the FCM 1st Time Delegate Orientation Session then attended the FCM-
BC Caucus Session where 3 people were running for 3rd VP of the FCM Victoria Councillor
Chris Coleman, Prince George Councillor Garth Frizzell and Langley Township Councillor Bob

On June 2nd CRD Chair Al Richmond and Directors Joan Sorley, Betty Anderson and I met with
Cariboo-Prince George Member of Parliament Todd Doherty. Following the meeting with MP
Doherty, we then met with Mark Holland who is the Parliamentary Secretary to Hon. Ralph
Goodale the Federal Minister of Public Safety to discuss concerns about RCMP costs including
local governments in BC being billed for DNA Costs. In one case here at home, one DNA bill was
roughly $1 million. In the afternoon, Gerard Deltell, MP for Louis-Saint-Laurent and
Conservative Finance Critic presented to FCM Delegates. Also took in a workshop on Municipal
Asset Management: Why and How to Make it a Priority. During the workshop, the following
was discussed:
How to get buy-in from your constituents? Who should be involved in asset management?
What is the role of elected officials in ensuring the sustainability of better asset management

On June 3rd we had the FCM Resolutions Debate in the morning. 4 Resolutions were
considered as follows:

Site Selection Criteria for Federal Offices this resolution was the result of the closure of an
Immigration Canada office in Vegreville, Alberta
Federal Leadership on Cost-Share in Infrastructure Programs this resolution was put forward
by the FCM Executive to ensure fair/full cost share by Province/Territory for Federal
Infrastructure Dollars, matched with Provincial/Local Dollars

Intergovernmental Dialogue on Poverty Reduction This resolution was put forward by the City
of Prince George to have a full/collaborative discussion by ALL parties on the topic of poverty
reduction and steps necessary to get there
Memo to Area D Constituents re: 2017 FCM Convention, cont. Page 2

June 3rd Resolutions Debate cont:

Free and Fair Trade Softwood Lumber this resolution was put forward by the Quebec
Caucus of FCM. With the ongoing dispute with the US over Softwood Lumber, they were
looking for Federal Government support on this.

All resolutions received nearly unanimous support of FCM Delegation, constantly receiving 95%
support. All voting was done by electronic devices. I wish this was done at UBCM Conventions.
It would speed up significantly our Resolutions debate there.

Later in the day We heard from Tom Mulcair, the current Leader of the Federal NDP. Ive
always admired his speaking skills, particularly in the House of Commons, even when I dont
always agree with his partys policies.

Later in the afternoon, I took a Workshop on How Young Elected Officials Are Changing Our
Communities. We heard from:

Xavier Lger, Councillor, Longueuil, QC

Lindell Smith, Councillor, Halifax, NS
Yolaine Kirlew, Councillor, Sioux Lookout, ON
Sarina Gersher, Councillor, Saskatoon, SK

Finally, in the evening with Chair Richmond, I took in the Hospitality Suite in support of Prince
George City Councillor Garth Frizzell for his bid for 3rd VP for FCM along with the Hospitality
Suite for Metro Vancouver

June 4th The AGM for FCM took place including annual reports and a farewell address from
the 2016-17 FCM President Clark Somerville. Later in the day, the election for 3 rd VP for FCM
was done and it was announced that Prince George City Councillor Garth Frizzell was officially
elected as the 3rd Vice-President of FCM. The 2017-18 FCM President will be Winnipeg
Councillor/Deputy Mayor Jenny Gerbasi. Well done, Garth!! We also heard from Elizabeth May
of the Federal Green Party another well respected speaker that I admire, even when I dont
agree with her partys policies

In the afternoon Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty took local elected officials in his
federal riding on a private tour of the Parliament Building including a look inside the
Senate/House of Commons. Thanks, Todd! Finally the day wrapped up with the Banquet
Dinner with my Cariboo RD colleagues. During the FCM Convention I was able to speak to
many delegates and trade notes/best practices

The FCM Convention would not be something I would attend every year but once every 4-6
years. Once FCM returns to Western Canada (Vancouver/Edmonton), I would consider
attending once again which is anticipated by 2024-2025
Costs to attend:

Hotel unknown at this time as my room was part of a CRD group booking but is generally
cheaper than booking on my own

Flight - $1,000
Taxi from Ottawa Airport to Ottawa Hotel - $32.00
WL Airport Parking Fees (7 days) - $55.00
FCM Daily Attendance Fee (3 Days) - $360

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Forseth
Director Electoral Area D (Commodore Heights McLeese Lake)
Cariboo Regional District