A Night at the Docks by Mike Loniewski

Based on the Characters from the Mirage Studios TMNT Created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

A NIGHT AT THE DOCKS Script for 5 pages PAGE 1:4 PANELS Panel 1: Wide, high angle shot of a dock yard in New York City at night. We are right along the East River. Tugs and barges limp on through the water. We focus on a warehouse situated along the rotting docks. Everything about it is rusted and grimy. It’s as if it was washed in filth. NO COPY Page 2: Wide, high angle shot inside the dilapidated warehouse. Inside are crates and shipping containers that stretch to the ceiling. In the center of the floor are two vehicles, an SUV and a Mercedes. Their head lights shine on a elderly Asian man and a young Asian woman, each tied to a rickety, wooden chair and blindfolded. The two look exhausted, the elderly man more abused than the woman. He’s slumped in his chair, bleeding. Standing along the vehicles are several well-dressed Asian men armed with assault rifles. One of the men is talking to the two prisoners. He’s clearly the leader of this whole operation. He’s wiping blood from the katana he is holding. LEADER Now, that was a little messy. LEADER (CONT'D) I’m not sure how much more your father can take of that. LEADER (CONT'D) I know it may not seem like it, but believe me, I’m quite capable of mercy. Panel 3: Angle on the Leader as he approaches the two prisoners. The woman paralyzed with fear, the elderly man struggling to stay conscious. The leader taunts the woman by rubbing the edge of the sword against her throat. LEADER (CONT'D) Simply give me the access code and you will see. ELDERLY MAN She’ll...never give it to you. You’ve...disgraced your family...for the last time.


Panel 4: Angle behind the elderly man on the leader as he slashes the elderly man’s neck with the katana. GLACK!! PAGE 2: 4 PANELS Panel 1: Angle on the leader as he wipes the blood spatter from his face with a handkerchief. The old man slumps dead in his chair. His daughter screams out with grief. LEADER Hm, that’s better. Too many distractions. Let’s try this again. DADDY!?!?! YOUNG WOMAN ELDERLY MAN (CONT'D)

Panel 2: Angle on three of the well dressed thugs as several shurikens imbed into their skulls and throats. Thup Thup Thup SFX SFX (CONT'D) SFX (CONT'D)

Panel 3: Angle on the group of thugs standing by the vehicles. The three impaled men fall to the floor. The others fire wildly in a panic. They’re under attack. In the foreground, the leader points toward us in the confusion. LEADER Over there! Ninja! SFX BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA Blam Blam SFX (CONT'D)

Panel 4: Large panel. Caught in a shaft of light from the headlights is Raphael, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He’s in a defensive position, his sais in his hands, ready to strike. Bullets and tracer rounds fly all around him. Turtle. RAPHAEL


Spak Spak Spak PAGE 3: 3 PANELS


Panel 1: Angle on Raphael as he races behind a series of shipping crates, dodging gunfire. Raph is on the hunt, very animal-like. He’s in a full sprint and in full rage, like a lion encircling its prey. Splinters and shards of wood spray out from the containers as they are ripped up by the gunfire. SFX BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA SFX (CONT'D) BLAM KA-BLAM SFX (CONT'D) Spak Spak Thak Panel 2: Dynamic panel. Low angle shot on Raphael, the bullets still missing their mark and whizzing past him, as he leaps off a crate and goes airborne, his sais slashing out to strike. NO COPY Panel 3: Large Panel. Angle on Raphael as he lands with a devastating kick right into combat, slashing into the group of armed thugs. It’s a brutal mess. Teeth and blood fly. Bones snap. GAHH! THUG 1

THUG 2 There! There! Ooof! Ack! Thak Shak THUG 3 SFX SFX (CONT'D)


Shink PAGE 4: 6 PANELS


Panel 1: Angle on the Leader as he rushes forward with his katana raised. In the foreground Raphael finishes off the last thug with the butt of his sai. NO COPY Panel 2: Angle on the leader as he chops his sword into Raphael’s shell, snapping the sword. THANG SFX

Panel 3: Angle on Raphael as he delivers a devastating side kick to the Leader’s midsection, sending him flying off his feet. WUMP SFX (CONT'D)

Panel 4: Close on a pissed off Raphael, a cocky sneer across his face. His sai is pulled back and up, ready to be thrown. OK, bub... RAPHAEL

Panel 5: Angle on Raphael as he hurls the sai toward us. It flies end over end. RAPHAEL (CONT'D) ...knife to the eye. Panel 6: Close, profile on the Leader as a sai imbeds itself deep into his eye socket. SHINK PAGE 5: 4 PANELS Panel 1: Angle on Raphael as he unties the young woman, freeing her from her chair, her blind fold still on. RAPHAEL Let’s get ya outta there... SFX


Panel 2: Close on the woman as she has slowly pulled down her blindfold. Her eyes are wide with fright. RAPHAEL (OFF PANEL) (CONT'D) ...there ya go, young lady. Panel 3: Close on Raphael as he gets rocked in the chin by the young woman’s fist. Oof! FREAK!!! WHAM! RAPHAEL (CONT'D) YOUNG WOMAN (OFF PANEL) SFX

Panel 4: Wide angle shot of Raphael knocked on his ass. He sits amongst the carnage of bloodied bodies, mangled weapons, splintered wood, and spent shell casings. He’s rubbing his sore chin. The young woman runs off, screaming toward the warehouse double doors in the background. RAPHAEL Typical broad.