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Josh Harris 2nd Grade

Title of Lesson: Prime and Multiples for 2nd grade

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills/Standards:

6) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to connect
repeated addition and subtraction to multiplication and division situations that involve equal
groupings and shares. The student is expected to:
(A) model, create, and describe contextual multiplication situations in which equivalent sets of
concrete objects are joined; and
(B) model, create, and describe contextual division situations in which a set of concrete objects is
separated into equivalent sets.

Objective/Purpose: To reinforce multiplication in word problems by using objects to

create a multiplication sentence.

Introduce Lesson: When solving word problems, you can use pictures or objects to help
create a multiplication sentence and solve your problem. To review, who can tell me what we do
first? (Students should respond by stating that you read the problem for to find out what you are
asked to solve). Next, write down what you know. Draw the information given and then solve
the problem. See example below to use.

Example: Noah has 2 sheets of stickers. There are 5 stickers on each sheet. How many
stickers does he have altogether.
What we know is that Noah has 2 sheets of stickers and each sheet has 5 stickers.
We want to know how many stickers Noah has total.
We then, draw the problem:

Once the picture has been drawn, have students write the number sentence.
Noah has a total of 10 stickers.
Lesson: Students will go to stations to reinforce concept. They will do a worksheet
independently, small groups with teacher and computer game.
Explain the worksheet as a whole group. To build on concept, the worksheet will give a problem
for the student to choose a number sentence from the model given or create a model from the
number sentence . Use this as the following example: 4x4=16. Student will draw picture to show
how 4x4=16. The second example is when given a picture and students must create the number
sentence for the problem.

The worksheet will be done independently.
In small group, you will use counters to help solve problems. Use the following problems to
create the objects.
1x4, 5x4, 6x2, 2x3, 3x3, 4x3, etc. Students can create their own problems, but must write the
number sentence.
Other groups will be at computer using the following website:

If you have checked for understanding and students are having problems, use the following
example to go through the steps once again:
Luke can play xbox for 10 minutes each day for 3 days. How many total minutes will he play?
What step do we need to do first to solve the problem? Find out what we know: Luke can play
for 10 minutes each day.
He can play 3 days.
Model drawing 3 circles to represent days and 10 dots in each circle to represent minutes.